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US Visitor Visa(B2) for Parents – Process, Sample Documents

One of the most frequently asked questions among friends, either during graduation time, after they start working in the US, or if they are expecting a baby, is “What is the process to apply for a visitor or tourist visa(B2 visa) to parents to come to the USA? What documents do I need? How do I start ?”

The below article covers the step-by-step process to apply for a B2 visitor visa for parents or family members, including sample documents and templates.

Basic Requirements: Passports,  Funds for US Trip, Documents

The two most important things you need to plan before applying for a visa are passports for your parents and the funds required for their travel to the US.

Getting Parents’ Passports

  • The first step before you plan the B2 Visa is to apply for a passport for your parents if they do not have one. 
  • Depending on the country, the time to get a passport can vary. Consider the time to get the passport when you plan the overall time to get a B2 Visitor visa for them.
  • For example, if you are from India, in the past, it used to take 3 to 6 months; now, with outsourcing to companies like TCS, you can get a new passport in a little under 15 days.  Also, there are new schemes, such as Tatkaal, where you can get it in less than a week. If it is an emergency, you can get your passport within seven days, but you have to pay an extra fee for Tatkaal.

Bank Savings for Sponsorship

  • If you are paying for your parents’ trip, you need to have enough funds secured for the same.
  • There is no official guidance on how much money you need to have in the bank account from the US Department of State. They say the applicants must have enough funds to pay for the trip.
  • You can do a ballpark estimate of the expenses that your parents might incur based on flight tickets, local travel, etc., and come up with an amount you think makes sense.
  • As a rule of thumb, a good amount totaling up to $10,000 Dollars or more to cover their expenses would be ideal to have in the bank account.
  • It is advised to start saving for the same three months before and accumulate steadily rather than just borrowing money and putting it in the bank. Again, there is no hard-and-fast rule, just some general guidance.

Also, it is important to secure all the relevant documents about your status in the US as they would be important for the process. Let’s look at them below.

Employment Letter from your Company or Graduation Letter

When you invite your parents or family, one of the things that a US Consular officer would look at is your current US Visa status and supporting documentation for the same. You may need to get a different set of documentation based on your status as an employee working in the US or a student studying in the US.

Below are the two main options based on your situation:

Working in the US on a Visa (H1B, L1, OPT, Green Card) – Employment Letter

If you are working on a work visa, you need to get an employment letter from your current company verifying that you are working in the US on H1B, L1, or other visa, including Green Card, OPT or STEM OPT. This is to make sure you are in good standing in the US and are getting paid to support the travel of your parents.

Depending on the company, your company may ask for details of your parents or their passport copies and directly address the employment verification letter to the consulate. There is no rule or format given by the US Consulate. You are free to use what your company gives. Check the sample templates section at the end of the article, if you want a sample. All they care is if you are employed and in good standing.

The employment verification Letter should have information like when you joined them, what role you are working in, and how much salary you make. Some employers are quick, and some are slow in doing this. Plan well and make sure you have it with you.

International Student on F1 Visa – Graduation Invitation

If you are an F1 international Student inviting your parents for Graduation, you need to send your current status details like your F1 Visa copy, I-94 copy, I-20, and Graduation invitation letter to your parents. This would act like an invite as well as supporting documentation for them.

Step-by-Step Process for Parents’ US Visitor Visa (B2)

Below are the various steps that you can follow to apply for a visitor visa for parents. Some of these can be done in parallel, but below is a general step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Complete DS-160, Book US Visa Appointment

Before booking your parents’ US Visa stamping appointment, you must fill in Form DS-160, which is nothing but the online Nonimmigrant US Visa application form. Make sure you have scan copies of their passports before you start the process to avoid issues. Sometimes, your employer may also ask for the same for documentation.

Complete Form DS-160 Online for Parents   

Unless your parents are well educated and have all the facilities, such as a computer with internet access, etc., they may not be able to do DS-160 on their own. It would be better if you fill it out for them and then declare the same at the end. It saves a lot of pain for your parents to fill it out without any mistakes.

Important Info to know before you fill out Form DS-160 Form for Parents

  • Separate DS-160 Forms: You must create separate DS-160 application profiles for every visitor visa applicant. If you invite both your mother and father, you must create two DS-160 Profiles online separately for your parents.
  • Creating Family Member DS-160 from the Thank you page: When you are filling out the first DS-160 form for the first family member, at the end, when you select ‘Email Confirmation’ on the confirmation page, you will go to “Thank you” page and on that page you will have the option to create a family or group application, you can choose this option so that some of the information from your first application will be copied over and imported. Of course, you can change those details as needed.
  • Required info to Fill DS-160 form: You will need a lot of information like education details, work history, identification info, etc. We have compiled the entire list of required items for DS-160 and tips to fill the same. Read the article: Documents Needed to Fill out DS-160 Form, to get an idea.
  • Filling up the DS-160, Declaration: If you are filling out forms on behalf of your parents, at the end of the completion of DS-160 form, there is a section that reads ‘Sign and Submit page’, you should fill out your details as a third party and then inform your parents regarding the endorsement of the application by them and help them click on sign and submit button. You may check more info and discussion on sign and submit option.

Where to Fill out DS-160 online at the Official State.gov website

You should go to the Official US Govt State.gov website for DS-160 form Creation. Here is the link: US Govt ceac.state.gov Non-Immigrant Visa Application Website

  • If you have any questions, you can visit any of the below links to fill the DS-160 form.  

Once you complete the DS-160 form, next step is to pay the fee and book visa interview appointment.

Booking US Visa Interview Appointment, Native Language

You need to book a visa appointment at a US embassy/ consulate to get B2 Visa stamping to travel to the US. It involves paying fees, selecting a location, and interview language. Let’s look in detail.

  • US Consulate Location for Interview: Depending on your home country, there may be one or more locations in your country. You need to choose the US Consulate that is close to where your parents live. For instance, in India, each consulate has a list of states that they serve. Depending on your state, you need to select the respective Consulate. You can read US Consulates India – What states they serve, contact info.
  •  Parents US Visa Interview Language – Mother tongue vs English: If your parents are not comfortable with English, you should choose their preferred mother tongue or native language. Most of the US embassies around the world give you the option to choose the local language.
    • India Consulates – No Option to Choose Language in System: Starting from 2023 with the new system in place, in India, you do not have the option to choose the interview language such as your mother tongue like  Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, etc. You will only get the option of English. If you feel your parents are not fluent in English, then you can ask them to request a local translator at the US Consulate/ Embassy on the day of the interview. For India, depending on the consulate, some languages may not be available. So, it is important to attend the interview at a location that is relevant for your state. You can check US Consulates Contact Info, Served States for more info. You can email the consulate/ embassy beforehand to be sure as well.
  • Scheduling US Visa Interview: The US Visa interview appointment booking is handled by www.ustraveldocs.com website in most countries. Depending on your country, click on the country and choose the relevant website, where you will get the actual website that is used for booking the appointment. For instance, to book a visa appointment in India, you need to use the website USVisaScheduling.com.
    • You need to create an account and follow the process in there. You will be asked to pay the fee online for booking an appointment.
    • If you cannot pay online, you may need to go to the bank, pay it there, and get a code to use for booking an appointment.
    • You do not need two accounts, you can add your parents as family in the same account and book visa interview appointment.
    • If you are booking an appointment in India, you can read How to Create Account on USVisaScheduling.com

You can also read the complete guide apply for a US Visa Appointment for step-by-step process.

Step 2: Prepare for US Visitor Visa(B2) Interview, Documents

You will need to prepare and carry all relevant documents for the US Visitor visa interview for your parents. You will need to send them invite letters, sponsorship letters and other info. Let’s look at each of them.

Funds Proof – Bank Account Balance Letter, Sample

If you are sponsoring your parents or in-laws trip, you need to send the relevant proof to show that there are enough funds in your bank. While you can print out the Bank statements online, it is recommend that you go to your Bank and get a Bank verification or Bank Balance Statement Letter signed and stamped by the Bank officer.

Go to the primary bank, where you have your longest standing account and the bank which has your savings and ask them to give you a Bank Verification letter for Visa. Depending on the bank, the process can vary.

For instance, at Chase Bank they do it instantly. For Bank of America, or others they make take couple weeks or more. Do this in advance.  All they do is, give a letter saying when the bank account was opened and average running balance since opening.  It is just a simple letter. If possible, get the visiting card of the bank manager( not necessary, more documentation the better). Check out  Sample Bank Verification Letter for Parents Visa

Invitation Letter, Visa Officer Cover Letter, Other Documents

Below are the other set of documents that you will need to have ready for the visa interview, so that your parents or in-laws can show the same.

  • Invitation Letter: You need to send an invitation letter to your parents saying that you are inviting them to visit you and sign it. It supports your parents intent to come to the US and  you are inviting them to visit. You can get a sample template copy in the below section.
  • Visa officer Cover letter: It is recommended to send a cover letter with all the documentation addressing the visa officer. It just lets you keep in track of what you are sending and if visa officer needs to check, it is easier for him and more clear for our parents. See the templates section below.
  • Copies of W2 Form, Pay stubs, etc : You will need copies of W2 Forms for all the years, last three pay stubs or salary statements, Last three bank statements, Copy of your passport, I-94, H1B visa approval ( I797). This is extra piece of documentation to be given to your parents to avoid any issues. This is like an optional, I strongly suggest that you carry these documents.
  • F1 Student Status Documents: If you are a student on F1 visa and not working, you may not have pay stubs, so do not worry about it. Send whatever you have regarding your current status like I20, etc.
  • (Optional ) Affidavit of Support I-134 Form: This is an optional form, which is typically filed with family-based green card applications by sponsors. This is to establish that the applicant will not become public charges while in the United States. If you submit this form, you are legally signing that you take all the liability and they will not become a public charge. You may fill, sign and send the affidavit of support to your parents.  It has some basic info. Nothing fancy and tricky out there. All you are telling in this document is that you are going to support their entire trip.  You can Download the I-134 Form, Affidavit of Support from USCIS website
  • Sending Documents to Home Country: Ideally, you want to print out everything and sign all the documents where you filled forms I-134 (optional), invitation letter and cover letter. Make copies of all the documents as listed above. Send originals of Employment letter and Bank letter. You can use DHL or FedEx. It may cost you up to $60 USD.

Below is the checklist of B2 visitor visa stamping documents for parents.

Parents US Visitor Visa(B2) Documents Checklist

Below are the documents that Parents need to carry from their side

  • Passport
  • DS-160 Form Submission Confirmation letter
  • US Visa Appointment Confirmation Letter

Below are the documents parents need to carry related to their sponsor(son or daughter) in the US or if they would be staying with them.

  • Copy of work visa approval notice from USCIS ( H1B/ L1 Approval Notice Form I-797).
  • Copy of Passport, US Visa stamped on passport.
  • Copy of I-94.  (Check How to get I-94 Online )
  • Current Employment verification letter
  • Copy of Bank statements from the last six months.
  • Bank Account verification/ balance letter.
  • Copies of last three salary statements/ pay slips.
  • Copies of previous years Tax Returns –W2 forms ( if applicable).
  • DS forms (if you have filled it and signed the same)
  • Copy of Green Card ( if you are not working on visa )
  • Form I-134 ( Optional )

US Visitor Visa(B2) Documents Checklist for in-laws

If you are sponsoring for your in-laws like mother-in-law or father-in-law, in addition to above checklist of documents, you need to include spouse’s details and documents as well along with the package.

  • Your Spouse’s Passport
  • Spouse’s approval notice I797
  • Spouse’s US Visa Copy
  • Any other supporting documents like marriage certificate to prove the relationship.
  • Spouse Birth Certificate

Thanks to Rajesh for suggesting the above after his bad experience of missing the documents of in-laws.

Additional Supporting documents by Parents for Visa Interview

Fundamentally, your parents have to prove that they have enough ties in their home country, so that they would return after their trip.  Some of the ways that can be done is by good supporting documentation. The below list of documents are intended to prove that they will return to home country:

  • Notarized documents of land/ sites, buildings ( any kind of property).
  • Bank Statements with enough balance
  • Pension / employment benefits letters, if applicable.
  • Fixed deposits, any financial related documents.
  • If there are Tax returns, then carry them as well
  • Any other documents that shows your financially strong and you will come back.

If you do not have all documents or big property back home, it is OK. No big deal. Because, you are the one in the US, who is sponsoring the visitor visa for your parents. So, do not worry. Also, if your parents are older, then they are fine.

You may join our Telegram B2 Visa Community Group to ask questions or share your experiences.

Sample Document Templates for Parents US Visitor Visa

Below are some of the templates that you can use. Make sure you change the content to fit it for your situation.

  • Parents US Visitor Visa Invite Letter Template: You need to send an invitation letter to your parents saying that you are inviting them and also specify, if you plan to pay for their expenses when in US. We have given a sample letter, but I recommend you edit it with your own flavour and make it unique : Invitation Letter Templates for Visitor (B-2) / Parents Visa
  • Employment letter Sample Letter Template for US Parents Visa : You should also send an employment letter that tells that you are employed in your company with your designation and salary. It can be any standard employment letter. You may use : Employment letter Template for Parents Visa USA
  • Cover Letter for Visa Officer at US Consulate: It is a good idea to put in a cover letter to the visa officer listing all the documents you are sending. You may use : Cover Letter for Visa officer – Parents visa USA

These are just standard templates that you can use, no hard fast rule that it has to be in this format. We highly encourage you to use them as guideline only and create your own letters with your own flavour, so that it looks unique.

Step 3: Attend Biometrics & US Visitor Visa Interview Appointments

Once you have all the documents ready, the next step is to attend the Biometrics appointment at a US Visa Application Center(VAC) and give biometrics on that required day. After the biometrics are taken, parents must carry all the documents listed in the above checklist and attend the visa interview on the respective date and time.

Having all the documents is essential, but the most important thing is to give your parents confidence and all the details related to you and what you do in the US so that they can answer the questions. You need to coach your parents to do well in the interview.

You can expect to see questions like the below for your parents in the visa interview.:

  • Who lives in the US? Son or Daughter?
  • What does your Son or Daughter do in the US?
  • Did they study in the US?
  • Where did they study?
  • What does your son or daughter do for work?
  • Which city do they live in?
  • Do you plan to settle down there or come back?
  • What is the purpose of your visit?
  • When do you plan to go?
  • When do you plan to return to India?
  • What is your son or daughter’s salary?
  • How long have your son or daughter lived in the US?
  • Do you currently work, or are you retired?
  • Do you get a pension? Have you paid taxes?

You can check out previous US Visitor Visa experiences at below links 

Step 4: B2 Visa Approval, Passport with Visa

If the B2 visa interview went well, your parents would be informed that their visa was approved and their passports would be collected. If the passports are collected, then they can expect the actual B2 Visitor Visa foil to be glued in their passport and delivered to their given address within a few days.

If your parents chose to pick up a passport, they could collect the same with the visa stamped in it. The approved B1/B2 or B2 Visitor Visa glued in the passport would look in the screenshot below.

Sample B1/ B2 Visitor Visa for USA
Sample B1/ B2 Visitor Visa for USA

If the visa were not approved, the consular officer would inform your parents and give them a piece of paper indicating the reason for Visa denial. One of the common reasons for visa denial for B2 visitor visa is 214(b). If your parents are unlucky, they can again reapply. You can read more on it at State.gov US Visa Denials reasons.

Hopefully, your parents get their US Visa in the interview. One last thing, before they go to the US, is to look at health insurance for their US Travel.

Health Insurance for Parents: After you get the US Visa and plan to arrive in the US, having visitors health insurance is important for parents to avoid any unforeseen health conditions, when in the USA. It is always a good idea to get Health Insurance from a US vendor, who can support you. We recommend Buying Parents Insurance at Visitors Coverage – Parents Insurance as they have US support and you can compare all insurance plans.

Common FAQs

Are US Consulates in India doing B1/B2 visa interviews now for first-time applicants?

Yes, US Consulates in India are doing both in-person interviews as well as dropbox appointments for parents B2 visitor visas. There are no restrictions.

Are B1/B2 appointments open for the 2024 and 2025 year placeholder appointments or real?

All the appointments that are available on USVisaScheduling.com for 2024, 2025 and beyond are all real appointments. They are not placeholder appointments like in the past.

That’s it folks…not so much complex, all you need to do is get all the list of documents and have things rolling as per plan and schedule.

Do you have any other ideas or documents that are important ?  Do share your experience and thoughts.


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  1. Hi,
    My mother has her VAC appointment (for fingerprint etc) and Consular appointment 15 days apart. What documents she has to carry for VAC appointment? I have list of documents for Consular appointment but not clear what documents needs to carry for VAC so pls help.

  2. Hi all,

    My parents B1/B2 (tourist visa) is expiring soon and I have applied for a renewal of the same with a dropbox appointment. My question is: What documents are needed apart from passport, DS-160 and ustraveldocs dropbox confirmation page (and the usual photo id, photos etc)?
    I couldn’t find any reference to any other documents required (like bank statements, invitation letter etc) that was required the first time.
    Any help in this regards is much appreciated.


    • Pritam,
      It is more or less the same. The letter would show the list. Mostly bank statements, etc are not needed to submit. You may carry it for safety.

  3. Hi
    My H1B interview is done and approved last year, I used the same profile for my parents to book visitor visa. In the appointment history, it shows my fathers name, mothers name and H1B Cancelled. Will this cause any issue as they have interview scheduled next month

    • Nikhitha,
      It should not have an impact, in general as long as all their details and DS-160 are same. It is better you check with the UStraveldocs to be sure

  4. Hi,
    Planning to invite my sister-in-law on a visitor visa. While filling ds 160, can I put self for person paying for this trip or should I enter my information?
    Also should I send employment verification letter, bank statements in this case?
    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Swami,
      If you are paying for the trip, you should enter that info. Yes, in that case, you should send the supporting information of letter, paystubs, etc.

  5. Hi Kumar,
    I am applying renewal of B1/2 for my parents via dropbox. One of the documents required is marriage certificate, they they never had. Any alternatives in this situation? Thank you for your attention.

    • Ravi,
      Well, I am not sure, if they really look for it as there is no dependent visa issued for B2. Can you clarify, where it is listed as required document?
      You could provide documents, where the spouse names are together like Voter ID, Aadhar, any others supporting documentation. If you are in doubt, email the consualte.

  6. Hi Kumar, I am filling up travel visa application for my parents(Mother, father, younger college going sister). I am have few questions:
    1. My father’s Indian passport is expiring in the last week of July 23. Should I submit the DS160 with the same passport or should I tell him to renew before submitting the application.
    2. Can I submit a group application where all my family members comprising mother, father, and sister, get the slot on the same day? Or is it just submitting individual applications for every member? How to book a slot if I add all the three members in the same ds160
    Really appreciate if you can clarify the above questions. Thank you

    • Eshwar,
      1. Well, it is best to renew it and then submit DS160. Otherwise, you may have to create a new one again.
      2. Technically, your father can add all three as dependents in a family and submit an application. The booking process is standard. All need separate DS-160 forms.

  7. Hello Kumar,
    Write is very good and answering almost all frequently asked question. Kindly help on my query. I am sending my wife to USA to meet her brother, her brother is living in USA for more than 8 years. I am spending for her travel. Whether my wife need all the documents pertaining to her brother or only invitation letter is fine. I can provide letter addressing to US Consulate about funds and my documents. Will it work, as I am sponsoring the trip as far as expenses are concerned.

  8. Hi,

    I applied B2 visa for my parent and language selected as English as i don’t find visa slot with my native language. is it possible to get the translator while they visit for consular interview ?

        • I sent an email to support@ustraveldocs.com , but their response is unclear, which has been the way they respond no matter how many times and how many ways you ask them. I am unclear if it is at the consulate, since I already have booked appointment for interview and there was no option to ask for interpreter for a specific language.

          “We understand that you have a query regarding the translator/Interpreter.
          In response to your question, At the time of the appointment request the officials for translator/ Interpreter.”

  9. Hi Kumar,

    Thanks for the detailed process.
    Could you please let me know if we really need to ship the supporting documents (like Invitation Letter, Cover Letter, paystubs, etc.,) back to India or just the soft copies should be good enough?

  10. Hello ,

    This article as such will hold true for parents B2 visa renewal also ( that means after visa expiration after 10 years) ?
    Any thing different in the sponsor documents you listed for renewal ?
    Pls reply.

  11. I have a question regarding B2 first Visa process.

    I have submitted DS-160 for my mother in-law a year back and got the her first time VISA appointment in Jan 24 2023 and 26th 2023 .

    Q1: Can you help me validity of the documents ? I mean i need to prepare the documentation before one month ( Dec 2022) and send softcopies to my mother in-law? or any specific validity period USCIS consider?
    Q2: Do i need to send softcopies or hard copies ? example employment letter , account verification letter etc

    • Lakshmi,
      If any details have changed in DS-160 that you filled, create a new one, if not you can use the same.
      Q1. The list is same as in above article. Yes. Usually, anything within a month or two should be fine.
      Q2. Usually, if you can send a hard copy, it is better as they will be original documents like your letter, etc. But, soft copies with color print should also do… All these are supporting documents only, so should be fine.

        • Good Morning Kumar,
          I have a another question for you that i need to sign each and every document that i am sending to my parents or only needed below documents

          I-134 Form
          Cover letter for Consulate for B2 Visa
          Invitation Letter for Parents Visiting USA

          Also, I am in H1B Visa. Do i really need to fill and send her I-134 form? if yes request you share me latest sample I-134 for reference .

  12. My parents got visa to attend my graduation ceremony on december 2022.I was thinking to postpone my graduation to may 2023 so that I can call them during march or april.Since they have visa,is there any possibility they would have trouble on port of entry?I am transferring my graduation ceremony becuase of my mother health condition.

    • hi vivek
      i am ratin, I need information about parent’s visitor visa for my graduation ceremony.
      can you please give me your email or any contact so that i can clear dought about documents and interview questions?

  13. Hi,
    I’m planning to arrange a US Visit for my parents. While I’m filling DS-160 for my parents I see that there are 3 options B1, B2, B1/B2 so which should be chosen?

  14. Hi,
    I filled up DS-160 form back in March 2020 as I wanted to invite my parents for graduation. Due to Covid, Visa centers got closed. Fortunately, I got an appointment for my parents for Nov 2-3, 2022. However, I didn’t have enough time to fill another DS-160 form and book an appointment – so I have booked this appointment with previous DS-160. Now, I’ve moved from my university to employer. What should I do? Fill a new DS-160 for my parents and have them to keep copy of both DS-160s?


    • Akash,
      Yes, fill new DS-160 and call the customer service to update it. If not, carry the new DS-160 and they will update on the day of the appointment.

      • Hello Mr. Kumar
        My mother doesn’t know any other language instead of her native language. Can my brother go with her to translate language when she will have interview in consulate.

        • Lipuna,
          You can request a translator at the consulate on the day of the interview, you may email them beforehand as well. They may or maynot allow your brother. Email consulate.

      • Hi Mr. Kumar,

        Thank you for your assistance. My parents got visa and got stamped their passports as well. I’m booking tickets for the next few months.

        However, my parents’ passport shows “Emigration check required”. By any chance, would you know if I should be worried for this text on their passport. The flight is through Saudi Arabia and this country requires Emigration clearance certificate if they want to work in it but I’m not sure for transiting through it.

        I’m not sure if other people has faced any issues like this. Can you please help?

  15. Hi Mr. Kumar,

    Thank you for writing this article. Very helpful. I have a question. I forgot to submit my Mom’s DS160 form and it expired. Both my parents are on the same appointment. How can I update my mom’s DS160 number as I do not have a copy of the old one

  16. Hi my grandparents have their visitor visa appointment in delhi consulate next month. Their mother tongue is Telugu but my granpa can fluently converse in English while my grandmother can’t. Is it going to be okay or will it be a problem

  17. Hi, recent B1/B2 renewals with waiver (OFC drop off) please share your drop-off experiences and visa approvals timelines.
    Q. Did you only submit the following:
    1. Confirmation page.
    2. DS-160 CEAC confirmation page.
    3. 1 photo as per US specification
    4. All available prior passports with a U.S. visa.
    5. The prior visa in the same classification which is still valid or expired within last 48 months.
    Did you guys also carry and/or submit other supporting document, invitation letter, letter to consulate, bank statements, etc?

    • Hi, I have the same question as you. I have my parents drop box appointment for Sep end. Please share your experience, if your parent’s appointment has already completed. That will be helpful.
      Also, I read in another website where it stated, for renewal Sponsor’s documents are not required. So, I have asked my parents to carry the documents that you have listed above.

      But, please let me know.

  18. Hi everyone,

    I needs your helps to get some information before scheduling B1/B2 visa interview appointment at Mumbai Consulate. Can anyone please answer my following questions?

    1. My dad is 81 and mom is 73, if I schedule group interview of my mom and dad together, can both get interview waiver as primary visa applicant is my dad who is 81 years old or I have to schedule their interview separately?

    2. If my dad get interview waiver then is it required for him to go for bio-metrics and dropping off documents at scheduled date and place?

    3. I have paid MRV/Visa interview fees for my mom and dad togeter 320$ and the receipt has only one number of fees payment. If I schedule visa appointment for my mom and dad separately, can I use the same receipt number for both appointments?

    4. Can I schedule separate visa interview appointments for my dad and mom in same CGI account or I have to open new cgi account for my mom?
    It would be a great help if you can reply me back with answers to my questions at soonest possible.

  19. I am planning to apply Visitor visa for my parents. Would I need an employment verification letter prior to the application? Or is it required for the interview? Also, has anyone been affected by the long wait times for b1 b2 visas? The wait time show more that a year now. Is that accurate?

    • Sandhya,
      It is good to send it to show that you are in legal status. Technically not a mandatory document. But, proof of status is must.

  20. Hi Kumar.

    Thanks for writing this article. It explains the process nicely.

    I have scheduled an appointment for my parents. They will be going together for one appointment. My Father is the primary (the account is under his email address) and my mother is added as the family member in the US travel docs.

    There are some errors in my mother’s DS 160. I want to know how I can update NEW DS 160 for my mother after scheduling the appointment.

    • Kshitij,
      You can create a new DS-160 form and then reach out to support, they can help or in worst case, just carry both the new and old DS-160, you can ask them to update it at the embassy or consulate. You can inform the same at the counter of visa officer as well.

  21. Mr. Kumar,

    First of all thanks for helping lot of ppl with their visa queries.

    luckily i got b1/b2 appointment slot for my parent, CGIFederal system allowed me book OFC appointment in chennai location and on further date i got appointment slot for Consular interview, will this cause any issue ??

    and other question is : i have submitted 2 ds-160 form and their respective MRV fee for both, i have created one account in CGFederal, my father is main applicant and added my mother as another applicant, the appointment booking details shows only my mother’s information, and my father’s details are missing in appointment confirmation …. do we require 2 appointments for parents seperate??

    thanks and awaiting for your reply and guidance

    • doddamani,
      No it will not. It should be visible on the CGI Federal Portal that tells they both have appointment. YOu should be able to generate the letter, that tells the slot includes for both. If not, email them and get it sorted out. It should be fine as long as the system shows two of them have appointment.

      • i talked to help desk after 2 hours of wait time, somehow system took only dependent details and booked only my mother’s appointment.
        they are suggesting me to cancel my mother’s appointment also and start from scratch again.
        or wait till my mother finish her appointment in feb 2023 (OFC) and march 2023 (consular appointment) and then try to schedule my father’s

        so pathetic, they are not helping me in anyway, could you please suggest what can be done in this situation

    • Hi doddamani,

      Could you please let me know when you put the application in and how long from the application did your parents receive their visa interview slot?

  22. Thank you for explaining all the steps in detail. I have two questions:
    I want to do my family b2 visa including my father and my sister’s family(her along with her husband and 2 children).
    1. Whom should I make the main applicant? Can I make my sister as the main applicant and add others as dependent? Are there high chances of rejecting my sister being the main applicant?

    2. Can I modify the applicant after booking the appointment? e.g I book an appointment with applicants such as my sister, brother-in-law, and father. Later I use “add names” to include my nephew and niece who are below 14 and pay there fees. Is it possible?

  23. I have booked my visa dropbox appoinment at Chennai. I missed adding my kids in my profile.
    1. I have created new profile for my kids. Daughter is added as a dependednt on my Son. Do we need two slot ? one for my son and another one for my daughter?
    2.Is there anyway can i add ,my kids into existing my appointment?

  24. Hi,

    Thanks for this article. I am filling DS160 for my parents visitor visa. My Dad is agriculturist and Mom is Homemaker. Should I give my name as Sponsor or them sponsoring their own trip? What documents are necessary for each of the case? And also what is recommended amount to be given as monthly income incase of Agriculture?


    • Kavita,
      I am in the same scenario. Did you figure out what documents to be submitted for agriculturist and the amount. Any information you provide will be helpful.

      • Barry,
        It is not that mandatory, but if the Visa officer asks them where they will stay, then it is worth showing the proof of your residence, it could be utility bill or anything, etc. Again, this is supporting documentation only.

  25. Hi Kumar,

    I have my mother’s dropbox appointment in January for visa renewal. For dropbox, should I still provide all these documents?
    Also, I currently have a valid H1B, but also have greencard EAD and Advance Parole. I don’t have greencard yet. In this case, should I provide just a copy of my approved I-797 (don’t have visa stamped on our passport) or should I also provide copy of EAD/AP card? Does it minimize the chance of my mother getting her visa extended if they know she is visiting someone who is on the verge of becoming permanent resident?
    She is coming for my delivery, should the invitation letter state that?

    • Hi SK, please share your experience. Did you submit all supporting docs or just the one required on the checklist (old/new passports, photo, DS-160 confirmation and appointment confirmation)?

  26. Hi,
    I can’t seem to find any info clarifying if B2 visitor visa appointments are being given this year or next year. If they do, what is the latest date I can get for B2 visa? I am from hyderabad. I tried to book the appointment via https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/ but it says info only about Oct 2022. The reason I am asking is because I don’t want to pay fees and then find out there are no slots available for the next 6 months. Thanks, this is the following note I see on the website :

    Please Note:
    Appointment slots in October 2022 and later are just place holder appointments that will enable you to submit an expedited appointment request. We will cancel these place holder appointments at a later date. Please only book these appointment slots if you have a genuine emergency and be sure to request your expedited appointment as soon as possible after scheduling this placeholder appointment.

  27. Hi Kumar,

    Thank you for the wonderful article regarding parents visa. I have a question.
    I have L2 visa with EAD and I am working. Can I bring my parents. Is there any difference in the process above mentioned.

    Thank you again,

    • Nishanth,
      Yes, you can. Your visa status really does not matter, the process that you see above is same for everyone seeking a visitor visa.

  28. Dear Kumar,
    Thanks a lot for your initiative in giving information for US visitors and also replies on FAQ. God bless you dear.

    Sri Rama Krishna Kothari

      • Hi Kumar,
        I got my green card this year. I am trying to get a visa renewal for my parents, their visa is going to expire next month. could you please guide me? what document I need. should I still attach I- 94 and I- 797 copies with their documents? or only attach my copy of the Green card. please reply to me soon

        Thanks in advance.

        • farah,
          In general, should not be needed. But, it does not hurt to provide them as a backup to tell that you were in proper status before getting GC.

          • Hi Kumar,
            My parents got today an interview waiver confirmation letter. in this letter, they asked only for old and new passport copies, DS 160 confirmation page, one photo, and a fee receipt.
            but I am so confused that I only drop off those documents they asked for above or I still need to attach documents from myself like a copy of my green card, invitation letter, letter to consulate, my employment letter and bank statements, etc.

            please reply to me soon Thank you

          • farah,
            For dropbox, you are right, they do not need anything else. If you look closely, they only list those documents in required documents. Nothing to worry. Do let us know how it goes.

        • Hi Farah,

          Can you please let us know how was the document drop off? Did you drop off only the required documents (below) listed on the visa dashboard confirmation page or all documents listed here like invitation letter etc?
          1. Confirmation page.
          2. DS-160 CEAC confirmation page.
          3. 1 photo as per US specification
          4. All available prior passports with a U.S. visa.
          5. The prior visa in the same classification which is still valid or expired within last 48 months

          • I have the same Q. For the document drop off (in case of Interview Waiver) do we need to submit any other supporting document (like invitation letter, Proof of income, etc etc?

          • Hi,
            Sorry, for the late replying. I just saw your message. Drop off was went well. My parents got again 5 years visitor visa. They took us only below documents and all of the other gave us back.
            1-Interview Waiver confirmation letter.
            2-Current passport that has a validity of at least six months.
            3-DS-160 confirmation page.
            4-A visa fee receipt.
            5-One photograph on a white background, 2 x 2 inches.
            so no need to any other supporting documents like invitation letter, proof of income, etc etc.

          • How was your document drop-off experience? Did you only take the documents listed on the confirmation page? Or all the other supporting docs as well (Bank statements, invitation letter, etc etc.)?

  29. Hi Kumar,
    My parents’ B2 visa is expiring early next year. Based on the traveldocs website (http://cdn.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-niv-visarenew.asp), I believe they should be eligible for consular interview waiver.
    Can I start work on their visa renewal now? I am not sure if the consulates in India are processing B2 visas now (even if this is a renewal)
    Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Ram,
      They are not processing B2 visas now. You need NIE and they’re not granting the same for B2 now. So, you may need to wait. You can write to consulate and confirm the same.

  30. Hi, I am planning to get my parents along with 4 other relatives for a USA trip . I will be the one sponsoring .Is this a viable option? Should I fill all of them as a single interview application or should I fill for each of the 3 couples separately?

    Also is the us embassy taking appointments today?

    • Sonal,
      Yes, they all need separate applications. You can book the appointment together if they are couples or family with kids. For group appointment, you need 10 people. For b1/b2 currently no appointments due to the travel ban.

  31. Hello,

    I’m on an H1-B visa and applying for visiting visa for my Dad, Brother in law and sister.

    I just started filling the DS-160 form and stuck with these options.
    1. purpose of Trip to the US: I’ve selected ” TEMP. BUSINESS PLEASURE VISITOR (B)

    2. Specify: Do I need to select B1/B2 or Just B2?

    Your advice is very helpful to me. Thanks in advance!

      • Hello,

        By mistake I selected B1/B2 instead of B2 for my parent’s visa and submitted DS160, also paid visa fees. Is it going to be an issue?

        • Vicky,
          It is better to recreate a new DS-160 to avoid issues. If there is a question from Visa Officer like why did you apply for B1/B2, when the purpose is not business, your parents would be confused. So, better fix it.

  32. I graduated with Master’s degree in USA, and wanted to invite parents from india for graduation ceremony, is the US counsulate open in Hyderabad ? and accepting appointments for B-2 visa ??

  33. I’m on an H1B visa now and I’m looking to get visitor visa for my parents. I collected all the documents needed that I’m seeing in the post. For proof of fund alone, I do not have enough savings in my US account. I kept sending them to my Indian NRI account. So my question is, Can I show my Indian NRI account balance statement as proof to sponsor their trip?

    If yes, in form i134, I’m seeing a box asking for my US account balance. Should I fill the amount including my Indian account or excluding it?

  34. Thank you for a wonderful article. It is well written with suitable examples.
    Q: Any updates on commencing B2 visa stamping in Hyderabad/ Chennai US consulates?

  35. I am inviting my parents to visit me in USA on B2 visa. My current visa (L1) is expiring in August 2021 & hence I will be moving to H1b sometime before August 2021.
    Their interview is scheduled in the month of May. Is that going to be a problem since my visa will be expiring soon? Do I have to send H1b approval notice as well (my passport wont have the updated visa unless I go for stamping)? Please advise.

  36. Hi,

    I am submitting applications for my parents B2 visa. However, L1 B visa extension is in progress right now. I have the receipt number but not the receipt notice yet. What should I put in my parents application – should I submit my 797 or L1 extension receipt number ?

  37. I am a green card holder, i am trying to bring my mom over here in US in visit visa, my mom has some health issue which will need her to be with someone while coming, i am also hoping if i can get my sister accompany with her , do you think this will be possible for me to bring mom as well my sister which is also in aged but can help mom while coming as well here is us.

    also if you could briefly explain the process, i would be grateful.

  38. Hi Team,
    I’m preparing to invite my parents for visit, I’m on L1. While walking through the documents I found out that my mother’s name on her passport (Aneeta) and on my passport (Anita – correct name) is slightly different. Will that be an issue while applying with name as per her Passport? I understand that changing name on Indian passport is not an easy task.

    • Sumit,
      It should be fine. Just have a name reference sheet or proof that tells both are same from a notary, if you want to be safe.

  39. Great document, really helps . One quick question. you mentioned about sending original document to Home country ( I assume that the documents need to be send to parents and they have to carry the same set of documents to the consulate on the date of interview ).

    Is this understanding right Or Do we have to mailed it somewhere else . ( Note : This is for the first time Visa stamping )

  40. Hi Kumar
    I am preparing for B2 visa for my in-laws
    But my spouse VISA extension in progress
    Could you suggest if i have to wait till spouse visa get approved?
    However i have approved visa.
    Thanks in advance

    • Bikram,
      It should not matter as your visa is valid. You can ask them to carry your details and submit the receipt notice, if asked and tell the pending state.

  41. Hi ,

    I am a college student and a united states citizen. I want to invite my parents to my graduation next year. Which form should we fill.

  42. Hi Kumar

    I have a question regarding my parents visa. They arrived here last year May. We already have one extension for 6 months and now applied for second extension which is until this October. So would like to know if they can stay any longer (Like filing another extension) or should they have to travel immediately.

          • Hi there- my parents are 70 and 65 respectively and I haven’t seen them in over a year. I am currently on an H1B and cannot risk going back to India right now as I need my job/salary to pay my mortgage. Given the state of the world is there anyway I could get an expedited appointment for their b2 visa? Seems like Delhi is not processing B2 visas at all.

          • Tara,
            Yes, most of them are not processing those as they are not open for regular operations yet. You can email them, but I doubt, if they will provide option.

  43. Hello I have a question Would appreciate your help
    We r visiting US &had to apply for extension We all now got finger print appointment but my parents r 70+ & not safe to take them to the center
    Is it ok to reschedule? Can we write to them requesting them that my parents are with preconditions &isolating &not safe for them to come outside
    An answer at the earliest will be appreciated ?Thanks Stay Safe

  44. Hi,
    My H1B visa expired this May, so to extend my stay in USA I have applied for a B2 visa (It still needs to be sanctioned). Now, I am planning to opt for a Masters course in USA for Fall 2020/ Spring 2021 session. Once my B2 visa gets sanctioned, do I necessarily need to stay in USA for the applications and interviews or I can fly back to my home country and apply from there? I f I go back, will I face any problem in converting B2 to F1, if I get an acceptance from a university?
    Thank You in advance.

    • Ashna,
      You are free to fly back, when the B2 is pending. No, there is no conversion problem. You would apply for F1 visa at consulate. It is not a Change of Status, so no issues.
      Just keep all documentation indicating you applied all of them on time and left before 180 days.


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