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Required Info to fill DS-160 Form for US Visa stamping – 5 Tips

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I have filled quite a few forms related to various kinds of visa stamping over the years, but every time I try to fill one of them, there is some sort of frustration due to factors like searching for old info and session timing out, forcing me to re-fill everything. Imagine you are filling some info after searching a lot and you get kicked out at the end…what if the system does that for over 10 times, that’s really frustrating…isn’t it ? I was in the same boat trying to fill DS-160 form for my H1B visa stamping. For instance, I had to dig up address and info about my 11th and 12th grade( junior college) address and zip code, which was quite a few years ago….anyways, Let me share my experience and give my suggestions on what you should have at hand before you start filling the DS-160 form…

List of documents / Information needed for Filling out DS-160 Form

In general, we take few things for granted and start filling out the DS-160 form, but in reality, it does not work that way. It took me over a day to get it done due to variety of reasons like missing info and session time out issues. In fact, it took two days for my friend to fill out this form…This below list is not a comprehensive list, but it has information or documents that we tend to overlook

Required list of info/documents that we typically overlook:

  • Address of location you plan to stay in United States (with zip code)
  • If you have flight ticket booked, Information about flight that arrives in US
  • If you have been to US before:
    • list of dates you have arrived in US
    • How long was your trip in US for each visit
  • If you have been in US and have Drivers license from US, its information
  • Information about your contact person in US (to verify your details), typically your supervisor
    • First name, Last name
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    • Address of the person
  • Information about your parents ( Check their passports )
    • Mother’s Full Name, Date of Birth
    • Father’s Full Name, Date of Birth
  • Current work related information in US
    • Company Name, Address
    • Your Monthly Salary in US ( check LCA for this info)
    • Description of your job duties ( check the resume you have sent to USCIS)
  • Previous work related information
    • List of previous companies names in last 5 years
    • Employment dates – Start and end date
    • Addresses of companies, Phone numbers
    • Your previous titles
    • Your previous supervisors’ names
    • Your previous  job duties descriptions
  • Previous Education details : Need everything from 10th grade onwards.
    • High School – 10th grade school details with full name and address, including dates attended
    • Junior college name( 11th and 12th class or grade), Full address with Pin/ Zip Code, Dates attended
    • Bachelors degree college name, full address, dates attended, degree awarded
    • if you have masters degree, need same info as above

I guess, the above list should be necessary for any work related visa like H1B or L1 visa. For other kinds of visas, I would guess you need most of the information, except work related info.

Basic list of documents you should have :

  1. Passport (along with any US visas issued before)
  2. Approval notice forms  I-797 form

Clarifications : Passport Book number, Visa number :
You will be asked for passport book number…if you are an Indian citizen, you do not need this. If not, check your passport for this info…check NOT applicable, if you do not find it in your passport. Also, if you have been to US before, you will be asked to enter the US visa number. If you look at the US visa stamped on your passport, it is the number on the right hand bottom in RED color.

5 Tips to fill out the DS-160 form for US visa :

  1. Your information is saved by screen as you complete it. In order to retrieve your info, you need the Application Number. Make sure you write your Application number on a piece of paper, you WILL NEED this application number and the security check question answer. It will be showed at the first time you start filling the application, if you miss it, you are screwed !
  2. The system is not so good on calculating your session time…. It will just time out your session for no reason sometimes and drive you nuts.. just be prepared ( It kicked me out over 10 times) Be patient, it can be frustrating at times due to session time outs. Have half a day allocated with all your information with you for avoiding delays.
  3. Make sure you have all the information I have listed above to be at hand and have it typed up in notepad file or on paper for easy form filling. It will save your time with session time outs.
  4. They say that you will need 75 minutes, but in reality you might need at least two hours or more…make sure you have proper uninterrupted Internet connection for extended period of time.
  5. You will need digital photo, make sure you take it with plain background. You may edit it by cropping. There is an option to test your photo before you start your application . Check this before you proceed with application.

Have you ever filled out DS-160 form ? What are your thoughts ? Any tips to share from your experience ?

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Comments ( 537 )

  1. Mayuri


    I am filing for DS160 for my H1B stamping. I have query about the length of stay in US before.
    I am currently in US on F1 visa and my last travel date to India is Nov2015-Dec2015. So now what should I write in length of stay field as from 2015 I am still in US.

      1. sam

        Your article is really very helpful.But I think I made a mistake while filling ds 160 form.I only mentioned my bachelor’s degree and not about 10th and 12th grades.Also,I have booked the visa slot so is my ds 160 wrong?I am worried.
        Kindly help me out

        1. administrator

          You can always create a new DS-160 form and have all the details on it. Carry a print out of both and tell at the Consulate that you did a mistake, it should be fine. You can also call the customer service of ustraveldocs or embassy to get it clarified.


    I and my wife both are indian citizen. We are having valid passports. We are senior citizens. We were given 10 year visa by USA authorities. But the same has since expired. My wife once had been to USA. Our son has settled in USA with green card. We now would like to visit USA to meet our son and family. Will you please guide us for getting visa. I am sure the above information will be given free of cost. If not, please advise me the amount before sending the information so that I can decide in advance to get your help our otherwise.

  3. Raman


    I am currently on L1 visa which is expiring next month. I have a new H1 approved petition. I will be going to India for H1B stamping next month.

    I filled the wrong Date of birth of my mother in my DS 160 of my previous visa stamping for L1. It got approved with no issues. Can I Correct the DOB now? How will it affect in future when I will be applying my parents VISA or my Green Card.

    Appreciate your response & thanks for looking into it.

  4. Sid


    I have question for filing ds160. I have an approved petition with cmpny A, now my company rebranded as company B basically company A d/b/a company B. while filling ds 160 do i need to enter legal name which is Company A or d/b/a Company B. any other things that i should also be aware of? any help will be appreciated. my role & responsibility remain same .


  5. Aakriti Mittal

    I am an Indian Student. I’m filling the DS-160 form for getting F1 visa. In the previous education information section, do I need to fill my 10th & 12th grade details separately? Or do I fill the details considering 9th-12th as high school?
    Also, in the additional work information section, do they want the charitable organization list I have contributed to in the past 5 years or more/less than that?

    1. administrator

      If you have attended the same institution, then no need. If they are separate, then you will need to fill them separately. You will have dates attended from and to, that defines the period of study. You should always add, if you have formal working documents with the organization and they can provide the same.

  6. Haru

    I’m working under O1-B Approval Notice and going back to my country for a vacation in summer. So I have to take an interview at consulate and now I’m filling out DS 160 form to apply. DS-160 form ask me about petitioner’s monthly income but I don’t know if it asks me the gross income of his company or the amount he actually gets after he pays to his employee ( it’s awkward to ask how much he gets for himself…). Does it include tax ?? It also asks me his address. Should I write the address of his company or his home address ? I don’t even know why they ask such things….I would really appreciate if you could help me !

    1. administrator


      If you haven’t scheduled your appointment yet, then complete another DS-160 form and discard the old one. If interview is already scheduled then make the changes when you appear for biometrics. You can request the person going over your DS-160 form during the biometrics appointment.

  7. mirza

    i am filling ds 160 for parents for attending my convocation day. my question are as follows
    1. is it b1/b2 visa
    2. USA point of contact – whose details- me or university details
    3. companion travelling with you . 5 member travelling including my brother in law
    what option shall i select and also do i have to enter there names individually in this section .

  8. G.Praveen

    Hi Saurabh, while filling DS 160 for h1b visa place of work should be client address or employer address Please confirm Thanks Joseph

  9. Nilesh

    I have a question regarding Intended length of stay in Business visa. While filling the DS-160, I mentioned 1 month while yesterday my manager confirmed that the training is going to be only for 15 days so most probably i would be staying there for 15 days.
    Is there a way I can change the lenght of stay from 1 month to 15 days or I can explain the same during interview.
    I don’t know if this discrepancy can cause denial of Visa.

    Please help me what should be done here.

    1. administrator


      Usually B-1/2 is approved for 3-10 years and w/ multiple entry option. So you would be able to stay for more than 15-30 days even if you entered a lower term in your DS form. The PoE officer would grant an actual term when you enter US. Typically it is 6 months.

  10. Jimmy

    I had a question regarding primary occupation in form DS-160. I have an MBA and currently working as Product Manager, what should I fill in the field? I work for a middleware firm.

  11. Ds-160 issue

    Please help me out !!!
    Hey all,
    I have completed my masters and i have got h-1 approved .So, When i was applying for F-1 visa , I have filled put ds -160 form with experience in India . In usa , I got job without using that experience , Cause i wanted to have a fresh start . now tat i got my h-1 approved . Now my present ds-160 will be different than the previous ds-160. Will that create ant problem during interview, If so how to avoid it ?
    Please help me out

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