USCIS Removes Biometrics for H4, L2 Visa I-539 form filings

USCIS Suspends Biometrics for H4, L2 and E Visas until 2023

In early May 2021, USCIS mentioned as part of H4, L2 Processing Delays Lawsuit that they plan to suspend Biometrics for H4, L2, and E Visa filings for a couple of years. USCIS released an official press release on May 13th, 2021, confirming the same. Also, on April 19th, 2023, USCIS released another press note …

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USCIS Biometrics Appointment Experience at ASC during COVID

Biometrics Appointment Experience at ASC during COVID-19

As most of you know, Biometrics is required as part of the New I-539 form and you need to visit Application Support Center (ASC) for the same. Before COVID-19, it was a very straightforward process, but since COVID-19, USCIS has given many updates  that also includes changes to process on how they handle Biometrics. As …

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Sample H4 Biometrics Rescheduled Notice during COVID-19, AIW Form

Sample Biometrics Notices with COVID-19 for H4 and AIW Info

Since USCIS closed their offices and Application Support Centers (ASCs) with COVID-19 many are not able to give Biometrics for H4, L2, B2 or other types of applications that are submitted using Biometrics required I-539 form.  Recently, USICIS announced that they will open ASCs in July 2020 in phased approach and send out rescheduled Biometrics …

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