ECR vs Non-ECR (ECNR) Indian Passport Application. Meaning?

ECR vs Non-ECR - ECNR Indian Passport Meaning and Info

Many of you applying for Indian Passport will come across this question “Are you eligible for Non-ECR Category?”. It can be very confusing with ECR and Non-ECR as many of us are not sure what they mean. Also, you may be asked for emigration clearance for employment in certain foreign countries for ECR passport holders. …

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Studying Abroad, Apply for Indian Passport Renewal in India– 2018 Experience

Indian Passport Renewal Experience living outside of India 2018

Thanks a lot to Jyothi Rao for taking time to share their experience. Background : currently studying outside of India and visiting India for passport renewal/re-issue. Apply in Tatkaal for renewal of Indian Passport ? If you want to do Renewal in Tatkaal Processing,  first thing first no more Annexure B For Tatkaal… So no …

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Lost Indian Passports in Europe – Experience – FIR, Emergency Certificate. How to handle?

Sample Emergency Passport - Certificate Copy

Imagine you plan a nice two week trip to Cover Best of Europe and you lose your passports on 3rd day of your trip in Europe. Quite scary right.  Suruchi and her husband were in same situation. Thanks to her for sharing their experience with us, so that we all know how to handle such …

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Indian Passport for New Born Baby or Minor – Photo, ECNR, Education – FAQs

New Born Baby Indian Passport or Minor Education ECNR Appointment FAQs

We have written an article in the past with on Process to apply for passport for a minor or new born baby in India. There are many questions asked by users that one would encounter during application process, thought of putting them as FAQs for everyone’s benefit. Do you need to take appointment online for …

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