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Indian Passport for New Born Baby or Minor – Photo, ECNR, Education – FAQs

We have written an article in the past with on Process to apply for passport for a minor or new born baby in India. There are many questions asked by users that one would encounter during application process, thought of putting them as FAQs for everyone’s benefit.

Do you need to take appointment online for new born baby or minor ? Can I do a direct walk-in to any PSK in India ?

This totally varies by the passport office. Some Passport Seva Kendras ( PSKs) allow direct walk-ins, some do not. You need to check with the specific passport office for the details. I have taken appointment to avoid issues. While some have had luck with walk-in, some had bad experiences without having appointment. I highly recommend everyone of you take appointment to avoid any last minute issues. It is better to have the appointment, than face issues at the PSK.

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 Do you need to physically take new born baby or take minor child to the Passport office for the appointment of passport ?

Yes, you will need to carry the baby or take your child to the passport office. They take fingerprints, even for new born they try to take.

 Do you need to carry passport photo for the new born baby or small baby ?

Yes, you need to carry a passport photo for baby or small child. It has to be in white background. If you read your Passport appointment letter, it will clearly tell, if you need to carry the passport photo.

What should you select for education online for minor/ baby during passport application ?

You should select “5th Pass or Less”, if the baby is new born or studying and under 5th standard. If more education, you can select the same class they are in.  Also, if you are using the PDF form or online as well, the ECNR status will be set to ‘No’, you will need to change that to ‘Yes’

Does minor or new born baby fall under ECNR or ECR ?

All minors under 18 years of age fall under ECNR (Emigration Check NOT required ). During application process, if the system auto fills the status as ‘NO’ for the question “Are you eligible for Non-ECR category?”, then you need to change to ‘ YES’. Read more on  ECR vs Non-ECR (ECNR) in Indian Passport

Do both parents need to be there at Passport Office during appointment ?

Yes, both parents are expected to be there at the PSK during submission of the passport application for your baby/ minor. If not, you will need have the right documentation for the same ( see below)

My spouse  ( wife or husband) is abroad, can I apply for passport for my new born baby myself ?

Yes, you can. But, you will need to get the affidavit signed by your spouse in front of the consulate officer at nearest Indian Embassy / High Commission in the abroad / foreign country and get that affidavit attested by them. For example, check  Indian Consulate Chicago Affidavit,  Child Passport Affidavit Singapore .   You need to carry the actual original signed and attested affidavit with you, when you visit PSK.  Also, you need to carry the original Annexure D signed by your spouse and then add your signature on it.  Update : This has changed now, there is an option to submit the passport application without the singed affidavit, you can submit Annexure C. Check with customer service to be sure.

Can Guardian Apply for Passport, if Parents are not available in India for passport issuance or extensions for Minors ?

Yes, it is possible. But, you will need to get the above mentioned attested and signed affidavit for Indian child passport from their parents and as they need to visit nearest Indian embassy ( similar to above ) and also Annexure D signed by both of them.

Do you have any other questions ? Any other tips that you would like to share ?


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  2. Hi, we will apply for passport for our baby boy which is 15months old in next week… Me n my husband have passport but the problem is My name on passport is on dad’s name I haven’t changed the name after marriage in passport yet but we have marriage certificate so my question is will they consider or not? And if not what I m suppose to do?


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