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America is the largest economy in the world and a dream destination for many around the world to travel, study, work and settle down. It is home for world’s top Universities, top brands, top tech companies, top sporting teams, best movie industry, you name it…Millions of people travel to America for studying, working, tourism, business and many other reasons. It has some of the popular cities of the world such as New York, San Francisco, Orlando, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc.  Many travel to US to live their American Dream !

Travel to America is very different from other countries, they have much more stricter visa rules, port of entry processes, travel policies to ensure safety and security of everyone. When you travel to US, your first point of entry is called Port of Entry(PoE). You will go through arrival port of entry process at this entry location. Similarly, you also exit from a port of entry designated point as well.  On a high level the process looks like below.

Travel to USA – High Level Process at US Port of Entry (PoE)

Arrive in USA Flight image Fill Forms at PoE image Use Kiosk at PoE image Fingerprints - Photo Image CBP Officer Interview Stamp image Baggage Claim Customs Declaration image Exit airport after PoE process -image
Arrive at Airport / Seaport  Fill out Forms  Use Kiosk or Stand in Line Give Fingerprints, Take Photo CBP Officer Interview, Stamp Baggage Claim, Customs Officer Exit Airport / Seaport

Below articles provide you all the information required for travel to US like detailed port of entry process, forms, samples, how to guides, etc.

US Travel Requirements, Port of Entry(PoE) Process, Questions

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How to guides for US Travel Forms, Travel Documents

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Sample US Travel Immigration Forms, Cards, Documents

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