Sample US customs Declaration forms information

If you are traveling to US, you will be given a US Custom Declaration from ( form 6059B) in the flight, sea vessel or bus by the transport provider, if not, you can pick one at port of entry. It basically tells to US government what all you are bringing in to US. You need to be truthful and declare everything as in the customs form.

Who All need to fill the US Customs Declaration Form ?

You will need to fill out physical customs form at Port of entry for most of the visas as foreigner, unless you arrive in US and use the Automated Passport Control Process (APC) Kiosk as B1/B2 Visa Holder, US Citizens, Green card holders, Canadian citizens, and users using ESTA ( visa waiver program), or D Visa.

US CBP Officer would review and stamp the Customs form. Below are samples that are not filled and that you can use the PDF forms to print and fill out as sample for your reference. Also, we have samples of the same at the bottom that are stamped by CBP officer.  Read How to Fill US Customs Declaration Form CBP 6059B

Sample US Customs Declaration Form – CBP 6059B PDF Form ( Front Page)

To download the files click on pop-out icon, you will get option to download the PDF file.

Sample US Customs Declaration Form – CBP 6059B PDF Form ( Back Page)

Sample US Customs Declaration Form Stamped by CBP Officer at PoE.

After CBP officer interviews you, they will review the form and stamp the customs declaration form with the date of your arrival and scribble something like in below image. Below are the samples of US Customs declarations forms that are reviewed and stamped by CBP Officer at the Port of Entry.

Sample U.S. Customs Declaration Form 6059B - Port of Entry

Sample U.S. Customs Declaration Form 6059B - Port of Entry - Back

For latest updated form, you should check out US CBP website for official customs form


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