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ICE Arrests 15 F1 Students on OPT for Fraud, 1100 in violation

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Today US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested 15 students on F1 Visa OPT, who fraudulently used OPT program to stay in the country. It is part of an operation called “OPTical Illusion”. The operation was part of ICE enforcement that monitors F1 students for compliance and their status. SEVP and ICE monitors over one million nonimmigrant students in F …

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Update : DHS cancels July 6th Guidance for F1, M Students. No need to leave US

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Recently The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP), which is part of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) gave guidance to schools that says In-person classes are must for F1, M students and they cannot be fully enrolled  in online only classes. If the schools do not offer in-person or mixed mode classes, then such students have to leave US. Also, no …

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New Public Charge Rule Impact for F1 Students, F2, OPT, STEM OPT?

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Trump administration published the final version of the new ‘public charge rule’ officially called as “Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds” that is expected to have significant impact on most types of US visa holders and future Green Card Applicants. USCIS announced that Public Charge rule is effective from Feb 24th, 2020 after judgment from Supreme Court in favor of implementing …

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Day 1 CPT – F1 Foreign Students Arrests in US – Univ. of Farmington

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Many of you are aware of the past issues from fake universities such as Trivalley State University, University of  Northern New Jersey that impacted many hundreds of F1 students. On the same lines, earlier today ICE arrested many F1 foreign students in multiple cities, who all were attending a fake school created by federal agents called “University of Farmington”, which …

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F1 to H1B COS (Change of Status) Denied Letter(Real) by USCIS

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F1 visa status to H1B Visa Change of Status(COS) is one of the most common application types filed with USCIS. Unfortunately, some of the COS are denied due to various reasons, couple of these are not maintaining proper status by exceeding the unemployment days allowed and not having training plan compliance as per regulations. Unfortunately, one of our reader got …