Court Cancels H1B Lottery with Wage Levels Rule

H1B Lottery Rule based on Wage Levels Cancelled Info

As many of you know H1B Visa has crazy demand and we had H1B Lottery for the last consecutive 9 years. Previous Trump administration published a final rule during their last few months in office, where the H1B lottery would be based on wage levels. It was later challenged in court and ultimately, there was …

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What is National Interest Exception (NIE) for US Travel? How To Apply? Step by Step Guide by Country

National Interest Exception NIE How to Apply

In general, you need a US Visa or be exempt from the Visa requirement to enter America. But, when there is a presidential proclamation that bans entry of travelers to the US, you cannot enter America, unless you are exempted or fall under National Interest Exception(NIE). In this article, we will review the details about …

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Spring 2021 – Biden’s Regulatory Agenda – H1B, H4 EAD, F1, GC

Spring 2021 Regulatory Agenda H1B H4 F1 Other Items

Biden Administration released their first regulatory agenda last week since they took office in Jan 2021.¬† The Regulatory Agenda or Unified is the list of items that the US Federal Govt. publishes twice a year to outline their plans in the next months. These are the prioritized list of the current administration planned actions. There …

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USCIS Policy Update – 2 Year EAD for AOS, Changes to RFE, NOID, Expedite Criteria

USCIS Policy Changes on RFE NOID and Expedite 2021

As many of you know during the Trump era, there were many policy changes that were implemented, which increased issuances of Request for Evidence (RFE), Notice of Intent to Deny(NOID) for all kinds of applications. Also, the processing times have increased significantly for many of the Green Card related forms. USCIS as part of the …

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