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Emergency Visa Process to India for OCI Card with Coronavirus Advisory

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If you are an OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) Card holder, you can travel to India without need for visa.  But, with the recent Coronavirus situation, Indian Government has put in restrictions on OCI Card holders saying that the visa free entry for OCI Card holders is not available until April 15th, 2020 as per Travel Advisory for COVID-19 given …

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Studying Abroad, Apply for Indian Passport Renewal in India– 2018 Experience

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Thanks a lot to Jyothi Rao for taking time to share their experience. Background : currently studying outside of India and visiting India for passport renewal/re-issue. Apply in Tatkaal for renewal of Indian Passport ? If you want to do Renewal in Tatkaal Processing,  first thing first no more Annexure B For Tatkaal… So no running behind class 1 officers …