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Indian Passport Processing Delays – RPO Process, Tatkal – Experience

Since the online passport application system, you do not need an agent and you can apply for new or renew Indian passport on your own. Also, as NRI, you also do not need an agent and can apply for passport renewal as NRI using the same process. But, at times, especially as NRI, you are in time crunch and if you experience delays with getting your passport, you may need to re-reschedule flights, extend leaves, etc. which is not ideal. You may be stuck trying to figure out your options to expedite the processing and get your passport soon. Recently, one of our readers, Charan, experienced similar processing delay situation with his passport not arriving in 10 days. He was able to expedite the process by working with Regional Passport Office (RPO) . Below is his experience and tips to expedite or raise complaint for delayed passport delivery. Thanks a lot to Charan for taking time to share his experience with our readers. We really appreciate it ! You can share your experience at community forum or email us at redbus2us (at) gmail.com

Background – My Indian Passport Renewal Delay :

  • Applied for Indian Passport Renewal on Oct 16th at local Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) using normal processing.
  • I need to fly on Nov 2nd. I was expecting that I will get passport renewal done in 7 to 10 days and applied under normal, instead of tatkal.
  • Even after 5 days it was in ‘Passport application is under review at Regional Passport Office.’ status. Now, I am afraid that I may not get the passport before my departure date and I can’t fly with my current passport as it got ‘Cancelled Stamp’ on it.
  • Below were my options left :  
    • We can’t cancel the Application which is under processing so that I can submit another Application this time in tatkal
    • Tried to contact Customer Care with no luck.
    • No ONLINE option to upgrade from Normal to Tatkal
      • Well, for this option I heard that we have to visit RPO(not PSK). In my case it is 14hr travel from where I live. Even, if I visit the RPO I am sure how Should I proceed here…

After further research and advice, I proceed with below steps

Process to Expedite Indian Passport Application Delays with RPO :

I decided to visit RPO. This time I don’t want to take any chances. So called customer care to confirm below: 

Step 1 : Called Customer Service to check and verify everything :

I wanted to check if folks at PSK can’t do anything with my case like below :
– Can they cancel current Application in order to submit new tatkal Application.? (Nope, we have to visit RPO)
– Can they convert/upgrade NORMAL application to tatkal.? (Nope, we have to visit RPO)
– Is anything pending at PSK instead of RPO? (No , Application was under review at Vizag RPO)
– Why I have to visit Vizag RPO when my RPO is Vijayawada as my file number starts with VJ***?(He wasn’t sure about it, but he was sure that I have to visit Vizag. Then he gave me Vizag RPO contact number)
– Do I have to take an appointment for enquiry? (No, we can go for general enquiry between 9:30am and 1pm. For safer side, still I tried to book an appointment but with ni luck. It was giving me an error saying Selected RPO i.e. Vijayawada was not having the facility please select another location. *which we can’t do*)
– What documents do I have to carry? ( I called Vizag RPO contact for this, he wasn’t sure about the documents needs to be carried but he mentioned I may need supporting documents which proves the urgency)

Step 2: Visiting Regional Passport Office (RPO)

After traveling almost 17 hrs. finally on 23rd Oct’ 19 I was at Vizag RPO by 10:30. Surprisingly there wasn’t anyone near RPO office except few guards. They well received and helped me inside. Again wasn’t expected that.
In that building all together there is a separate floor for Vijayawada RPO enquiry cases. And I am the only visitor over there. APO(Assistant Passport Officer) invited me to his room and offered ne a seat. After explaining my situation, instead of asking any cross questions (at least I was expecting) he just asked my application number and then he was trying to explain why my file wasn’t move forward.

Reasons for Passport Application Processing Delays:

He said ‘
 • as we introduced PSKs all our RPO staff are dispersed to different PSKs and we are short of staff who can approve the normal Applications in quickly manner.
 • Another reason he said was right now the new passport booklets production is happening only at Mumbai and New Delhi RPOs. And then they are getting delivered to other RPOs.’

While explaining these he just processed my application and said ‘you will receive your new passport by Wednesday i.e. 30th Oct’19. I was like OK then I just checked the status on Passport portal instantly and status was changed from Under review to waiting for printing or something like that. Then was remembering my 17hr journey and my flight to New York on 3rd Nov, I asked him like ‘what options do I have if I don’t receive it by 30th Oct as I have to fly on 3rd Nov?’
APO: I didn’t see any reason that it will be delayed.

Process to Upgrade from Regular to Tatkal Processing for Indian Passport :

Me: I understand but If something goes wrong it is hard to come Vizag again. Is there any way we can upgrade this current Application to tatkal so that I can receive it in next couple of days.?
APO: We can do that but why you want spend another 2k bucks unnecessarily. You will definitely get it by 30th.
Me: I don’t want to take any chance.
APO: Well, do you have any supporting documents to show the urgency?
Me: Showed him my New York return tickets.
APO: what is the reason you wanted to fly by this date?
Me: Got a new job, and have to report as soon as possible.
APO: Please mention that you want to convert Application to tatkal and about new job opportunity in requesting letter and pay 2k near cash counter and get the bill.
Me: Wrote the letter with requested details and paid 2k.

I didn’t submit any document for my new job opportunity except my flight return tickets. As I did not had other letters handy, I just mentioned that details of the job and etc. in requesting letter.

Then he just upgraded to tatkal and sent application for printing then said ‘you will receive new passport by tomorrow or day after tomorrow’. He also gave me the copy of first page of the new passport with new passport number. I said thank you and left his office .

It was a corporate level experience. Everything was smooth and everyone over there were so professional.

Passport Delivered after two Days  

Today i.e. 26th Oct’19, after two days of upgrading to Tatakal, I got my new Indian passport by speed post delivered to home.

Lessons Learnt, Tips for Faster Processing:

  • Always go for Tatkal, to avoid issues. That’s the blunder I did. Tatkal wasn’t available at local PSK. So been through normal process in my case, check before hand and go for tatkal to avoid any issues like mine.
  • Keep buffer of 20 to 30 days for passport, if you plan to apply for regular processing  as there can be delays.
  • If you do not see any movement in application process after a week or so, do not delay, visit your nearest RPO and then try to expedite or convert to Tatkal. You will have better idea, if you visit them.


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  1. Hi, I have applied for my daughters passport who is 3 years old. Have applied for Normal passport on 23-Dec-22 and completed the all PCC procedure and everything is right time. However around 2nd week of Jan-2023, I got message saying there is objection with passport application and I need to submit proof of documents of Parent and apply on parents address. So immediately we submitted the documents as mentioned in objection letter. As on today we don’t have any response from RPO bangalore on the application and objection. I have tried several times to reach them over phone or email but in vain, and no one care to respond it seems. Finally I thought to atleast book for status enquiry at RPO bangalore. For that it is showing next available time slot in April,2023, which means i need to wait for almost 5 months to get my daughters passport. Made several calls to call center no resolution provided except to visit RPO in April. Even for closing the file I need to RPO in April.. Not sure what kind of timely and Transparent vision that Mr. Jai Shankar is promising on the home page of the portal.. Could anyone please help with any way to get passport of my daughters as early as possible. Also there is no option to apply for fresh application.

    • Kartheek,
      Sorry to hear about your situation. it is not friendly process. There should be grievance cell email and RPO email, you should contact them. Also, you can visit the PSK before and then inquire as well.

      • I applied my daughter’s passport for renew at psk Amritsar. Her appointment was on 20 February 2023. Police verification was done on 3rd March 2023. My husband is currently living in Canada. But I have an annexure D form with the signature of the father of my daughter at the day of the appointment. But they said I need to fill annexure C. They didn’t accept annexure D form on the day of the appointment. My daughter’s file was approved from psk Amritsar they said the final decision will be come from RPO Amritsar. I visited so many times at RPO office Amritsar. I took appointments too. RPO sir was approved my file. But It’s still pending.The status is still showing the file is reviewing at RPO office Amritsar from last 4 months. My daughter’s birth certificate verifications was already done. Could you please help me. Please tell me what should I do now. I’ll be very thankful to you.

  2. Hi,

    My kid is 8 yrs old, he has a valid visa but his Indian passport going to expire on Nov 2022,
    he is planning to travel to the USA on Oct 1st week,
    I thought doing a renewal, it seems it will take more than 1.5 months, takkal and date are not available in their place.

    Can he travel with 1 monthly validity passport right?

  3. Hi
    Need help..
    Was trying to book tatkaal appt for my daughter’s passport. Submitted the application, made online payment, but not able to book the appt date. Everytime I select the PSK, and click next, it says the service is not available at the selected PSK. Seeing the same message past 10 days.

  4. Hi I have one question while applying for fresh passport I have given wrong local police station by mistake.I got a cause letter from RPO telling PLS your local police sation .As I have given My 10th marksheet for DOB and digital passbook for Address proof as in my Aadhar card address is of my Village and I am leaving currently somewhere else ,They asked me PAN Card and 8155 doc – which is aadhar card.

    Please help What to do?

  5. I applied passport in normal process at Ajmer rajasthan after a month it is pending at Jaipur PRO, I went to meet at Jaipur jhalana dungri office ,there was appointment system ,and book online ,daye will be available for meet is after one months, I stocked ,and no any system to upgrade normal to tatkal and no any help at office,no any help online ,this department services is worst ,I will miss my flight, Ministry will be do needful for people to upgrade normal to tatkal passport facility on-line

  6. Hi
    I submitted my passport application on 30/08/2019
    But still now I don’t get my passport I applied from PSK when I asked to PSK officer they told you have to wait more than 2 months and if I called on passport office jaipur they never pic call
    My passport application status is
    Passport application submitted with document and fee.
    I called Jaipur office more than 150 Time.
    After then I called customer service toll free number then said to that book your appointment again to Jaipur passport office.
    So please suggest me what I should to do….?

    • Ravi,
      You need to go to the RPO that is closest to your PSK and then meet the officer there to check your application. Sometimes, it can be stuck for some reason. It is the same process that was followed by user in above article to get it resolved. Get the details of the RPO by calling customer service.

    • Yes. This is very much true about the passport officials. I also went through similar problem and get the perfect solution after visiting RPO office. It was really nice to see the professional attitude in government office. I also get my passport well in time.
      Ajay Thakur

  7. I am a PSU employee, I had applied for my passport on 24 August at PSK Cuttack. I could not get any information from passport office till 27 October, so I visited RPO BBSR on 28 October.I met concerned officer who informed that your permanent address is OK with supporting documents but your present address cannot be your office address and compelled me to give a address where I am staying . I convinced him that I am staying alone at my place of posting and my family is residing at my permanent address, and I communicate at every fortnight so my present address may kindly be accepted as my office address, for which I have already submitted supporting documents but the concerned officer at RPO BBSR declined to accept my
    office address as my present address. Which I feel illogic but I had to accept his instruction, as I need a passport. So I request to describe elaborately whether a govt/PSU officials office address can be taken as his present address or not.

    • In general, they do not accept office address as your resident address. It does not matter, if you are PSU or private sector. You need to provide the details of the room or place, where you live. If you cannot get any proof of the small place, where you live, you can ask your organization to give you a letter indicating that you live there, that will work…

  8. My son, a merchant navy deck officer, applied for renewal of his passport, the initial one was issued at Jammu. He applied online on 25 July, had appointment at Ahmednagar passport office on 08 Aug, and till 2 months he kept on waiting for police verification, which finally was sent on 16 Oct after atleast 3 remainders to everyone concerned including MHA, too Pune. Every time during this period, the status reported was pending at rpo Pune. Now after verification, I hope it will be an early delivery. Luckily, he would be leaving for his next sail after another month. This shows poorly organized too.

    • I think the procedure your followed online was your mistake and also the schedule flight time you planned not passport seva , you should kept time gap between appointment and received the email. I got my passport reissued on time my PCC MEA hand to hand also I find this service on time in October many weekend holidays were there don’t blame system when it’s your planning to move out was faulty.


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