Indian Passport Renewal for NRIs in Home Country

Passport Renewal Process in India for NRIs living in US, UK, Others.

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We have an article that talks about Indian Passport Renewal Process without an Agent, but it does not talk about process for NRIs ( Non-Resident Indians) that plan to renew passport in their home country when they are on vacation or for some other reason. Below are experiences shared by our readers Udita and Krish. Thanks to them for sharing their experiences. You can share your experience here
Passport Renewal in India for NRI Living in UK 
By Udita – Background : I renewed my Indian passport (as it was 8 months to expiry date) in India (Delhi) via Tatkal mode. I currently live in the UK but hold an Indian passport.

List of Documents submitted for Passport Renewal in Tatkaal Option :
* Old passport
* ID proof (Voter ID)
* Address proof (Aadhar card) – my permanent address in India had changed
* Class 12 marksheet and pass certificate (for ECNR)
* Annexure F
* 1 photocopy of everything (I carried 2 copies, needed only 1)

Step by Step process for Passport Renewal for Tatakaal :
I applied for Tatkal passport on 20 Dec
My new passport arrived by Speed post on 22 Dec
(The following is for those whose permanent address in India has changed)

Police Verification Process :
Police came to verify at home on 23 Dec (asked questions about where I live etc – I told them I live in the UK and have come to India on holiday). He made me handwrite and sign a letter stating where I live and what I do in the UK and the dates of my last 2 visits to India. I also put my current permanent address and signed it.
I got my police verification is clear confirmation on 29 Dec.

Passport Renewal in India for NRI Living in USA  
By Krish – Background : My passport was going to expire in Dec 2017 and had to get a new one issued. I had been living in the United States for the past 8 years and decided to get it done while I was visiting India (between April and May 2017). I decided to go for tatkal re-issue since I had my return flight to US in 2 weeks.   So this was my situation: no change in address, but change in marital state, got my Aadhar card made as soon as I reached (since I was visiting India after 2 years).

Process for Indian Passport Renewal for someone living in Another Country :

  • I filled out the application on the PSK website which was fairly straightforward. I entered my Aadhar Card # and agreed to have my print records retrieved for verification.
  • Like many others here, I was mighty confused as to what documents to carry due to conflicting information – do I need an Affidavit for tatkal? Do I need to produce my 10th school leaving certificate (i don’t even have the faintest idea where I put it!) for non-ECR status? Do I need to enter my overseas address in the application? I spent several hours searching for answers and decided to go with what the Doc Advisor came up with below Document Checklist.
    • copy of the front / back page of the passport,
    • copy of my Aadhar card & Marriage Certificate (even though it wasn’t listed).
  • I paid Rs. 1500 for the application through NetBanking and scheduled an appointment for the next day – 2/5/17.

Process at the Passport Seva Kendra ( PSK)

  • I was supposed to reach by 11:30AM for my 11:45 appointment but got there at 12:15 (yeah, I am a big late-lateef). When I got inside, I stood in the q for 20mins to get a token, only to realize that tatkal applicants had a different Q.
  • I went to the tatkal counter and the person at the counter took my application, passport and aadhar card copies and asked me to wait in the waiting area (he did not give me a token #). I waited there and realized that normal quota applications were getting processed quite rapidly and normal quota tokens were getting called each second.
  • I must have waited for about 45 mins (which felt like hours) when finally the guy called me and gave my documents back along with a token number.
  • Process at Counter A :
    • Within 2 minutes, my token # was called and I went to one of the ‘A’ counters where the officer took my photo and entered my application details into her system and asked me to self-attest the copies. I told her that my marital status had changed and asked if she wanted to see my marriage certificate; she shook her head. She then got my fingerprints and asked me to pay Rs. 2000 cash for the tatkal service. Then she asked me to proceed towards the ‘B’ counters
  • Process at Counter B & C :
    •  My token number got called immediately in one of the ‘B ‘ counters instead and the officer again, verified my documents against the originals. I waited for about 5 more minutes and my token number got called again in one of the ‘C’ counters, this time, the granting officer. She again went through my application and finally said “granted”. Phew, a sigh of relief. I then proceeded to the exit counter and got the confirmation which indicated that no police verification was required. Yay! I then went home, mildly surprised how smooth it went. Within a couple of hours, I got an SMS with the tracking number for the new passport. Amazing!

 What was needed and Police Verification :
Passport re-issue in tatkal (expiring in 8 months) – only needed copies of first and last 2 pages of passport & aadhar card. In and out in 1 and half hours. No police verification required since no change in permanent address. Got the new passport next day.

What has been your experience ?

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Comments ( 31 )

  1. Rohit

    I want to renew my passport as it is expiring this July . and I currently reside in USA. I will be visiting india for 3-4 weeks. I want to do Tatkal, however I have change of address in India. Is tatkal still possible ? So do i need to fill Annexure E ?

  2. Ani


    We applied for the renewal of my husband passport in US. It was sent to embassy on NOV 29 and there was no update after that. When we followed up with the embassy they told it was sent to passport office in India for clearance. and they do not know when it will come back..
    So, do you have any idea what we can do to expedite the process.

  3. Ram


    I am currently residing in Australia and planning for travel to India in 3 weeks for a 3 week vacation. I have less than 6 months on my passport, so will be applying for passport reissue. I am studying my Masters and living in Paying Guest accomodation, so no address proof (I have bank account proof and driving license).
    My questions –
    1. Should I provide the ‘Is your present address out of India’ in application form as Yes or No?
    2. My address in old passport is changed, I have permanent address proof in India (Voter ID). Will there be police verification? If so, is there any actions needed from our end after we get a clear Police clearance?

      1. Nikhil

        If i am entering Us address, do I need to carry address proof for my US address ? Do i have to notorize them ?
        Will the police verification still happen at my permanent address ?

  4. bhawna

    hi i am live in US and goin to india to renew my passport and for re-stamping. my passport will expire in july 7th 2018 so i am applying it before. there is an option in the form regarding the
    present address outside india-yes/no
    permanent address same as present address-yes/no

    so as i live in US i will mark present address outside india-yes
    and permanent address same as present address-No

    is that right kindly guide.







  6. Nellaiseemai

    My experience in renewing passport in India during my short visit.
    1) Was in India for a month
    2) booked online for Tatkaal process
    3) But to get appointment I was not able to book Tatkaal on Thursdays and Fridays (the website simply not allow us to book on those two days)
    4) So basically we have to wait to see when this Tatkaal option is available – on week ends (or like booking irctc train tickets). Not sure.
    5) So I read on the website and it says if one can’t book Tatkaal date, we can go ahead with whatever regular process is available (wherever).
    6) But the online only takes regular fee. The Tatkaal additional fee need to be paid in person on the center only.
    7) Select Tatkaal while filling online form – for appointment if you cant book Tatkaal chose regular appointment – it will be switched to Tatkaal when going to the center since we have chosen Tatkaal option. (But the center you go should handle Tatkaal application – In Chennai only RPO handles Tatkaal process)
    8) Went to the center in Chennai as per appointment (regular appointment which should be changed to Tatkal on arrival, thats what I thought)
    9) Unfortunately Tatkaal option can be done only in RPO in Chennai (but i could not get Tatkaal appointment there online).
    10) I was advised to go to RPO if I want Tatkaal or do normal process in the center where i went.
    11) That was on Friday, so I said I will go for regular process and the reception said it will take 2 weeks.
    12) While inside after handing over the documents and everything they said it would take 4 days max. I was surprised.
    13) But they said police verification is there after passport issue.
    14) Got printing notice on Monday.
    15) Got the passport on Tuesday.
    16) 10 days later got the police enquiry.
    17) police get copies of all documents (ration card, Aadhar card, birth certificate, old passport copy, letter from 2 neighbors stating i live there)

    For Tatkaal I was not sure what additional forms needed. The website says while selecting Tatkaal option, i need to get Annexure form which is basically from a government office or something stating that I live in that address for 3 years (CONTINUOUSLY!! which I am not because I live in abroad).
    Then we need the ID number, position of that person etc. Which is near to impossible to get.
    But I thought this is only needed for reissue with change of address or new passport. But I am not sure because I did not go through the Tatkaal process.
    My friends in Chennai also told it is near impossible to get Tatkaal documents. I heard from my friends it takes only a week to get reissue of passport in Chennai under normal process.

    But I am not sure why for reissue, with same address there is police enqiury. The website states it is up to the officer to decide.

    Hope this helps.

  7. SIJIL


    Am living in Australia for last 2 years and planning to renew my passport during my holidays to India. When I tried lodging my application in the passport seva kendra website there is a question like is your present address out of India, if i click yes on that do I need to provide any address proof for my current overseas address or is it good to click no and give the Indian address as present address. Also, my passport was Issued from Chennai but recently we have moved to our hometown Kerala and I know I have to renew my passport with my current address from the nearest PSK, will they process my application with the newly updated aadhar address which is updated and issued hardly a month ago, as I don’t have any other address proof for the present address. Any advice on this query will be appreciated. TIA.

    1. administrator

      You may need to provide the proof, if requested, to show that you are living abroad. You will need to provide the true facts, do not try to state wrong information. It does not matter, if you just moved or not. All you need is your current address proof of where you live in India, so that, if there is verification, they can reach you.

  8. Anchal

    Buddy, need your help. Working on US for 7 years visiting India for 3 months and planning to go for the reissue of passport. could you please tell me what you mentioned in the question below –

    1. is your present address in India?

    should I mention Indian permanent address (per my passport) or should I input of US address.. confused.

    Thanks for ur help !!

    1. administrator

      You should give your permanent address in India. Sorry, my mistake. You should give your current address in US where you are living in abroad.

      1. Laxman Prabhu

        Your answers are contradictory. In one of the comments for people residing in India you say, give out your actual abroad address and here you say give your permanent address. So which one is it ?

        1. administrator

          My apologies, I misread the comment above. In fact, you need to give your present address where you live. Sorry. I have fixed the above as well.

  9. Venkatachalapathi Kandasamy

    Dear Sir, I am indian citizen, working in UAE. My passport have only 5 blank pages is left, my problem is, my job nature is to go around different countries, to do that, to apply business visa, while applying business visa to other europe countries, they requires minimum two opposite sites blank pages, but currently i dont have. so i want to apply or renew (i dont know, what is the exact name) new passport. i am planning to come to india during end of this august, is it possible before that, i can apply online, if yes, which website and anything for UAE residents? any condition to apply for new passpor like lessthan or equal to 5 page like that, please advise.

    1. administrator

      Usually, you should be able to apply for re-issue at the place you live in UAE. Check the local Indian High Commission or Embassy for details on how to get new passport.

      1. Venkatachalapathi

        I believe in India same is possible. Next week I will be in India, so within that I could not able to do here in UAE. I am preferring doing in India.

  10. Krutika

    Hi Kumar,
    I am silent reader here ,
    My husband currently working in US on H1b, few months ago he changed his employer and currently working with new employer, transfer petition is yet to approve by USCIS.
    My query is , I want to go and join him with my daughter on dependant Visa and my stamping is pending , it is possible to go for stamping now with new employer , or I will have to wait for approval of transfer petition by USCIS and then opt for stamping ..
    It will be great help if you give suggestions….
    Thanks in advance 🙂 have a great day

    1. administrator

      As he is in the midst of transfer, I suggest you wait for the transfer to be approved by USCIS and carry that documents for stamping.

  11. Srinidhi


    My passport is about to expire and I am living in the UK but visiting Chennai. I have been in the UK for 9 years now and my parents have recently moved to a new place and hence the address is not the same as in my current passport. However except for a ration card, I do not have any other documents with the new address. What should I do?


    1. administrator

      You need a copy of your parent’s current address proof, the sole reason is that, if there were to be police verification, they could really verify. Having an address that do not correspond to you can create issues. You should call the customer service to get confirmation on the exact requirements.

  12. Nellai

    I totally forgot to ask one question for which I actually started my comment.

    There is a question on the form used for passport renewal about residency.

    Is your present address out of India? *
    Yes No
    Is permanent address same as present address? *
    Yes No

    I have my Indian address (Chennai) in my old passport which is still my present address as I stay in India with my parents. But I lived in USA for 8 years now with occasional visits to India. Since I like to keep the same Chennai address shall I select
    a) No for Is your present address out of India? and
    b) Yes for Is permanent address same as present address?


  13. Nellai

    I have a question. I am in a similar situation as Krish.
    This is my case:
    1. I am visiting Chennai for 40 days.
    2. My passport expiring in 2 months.
    3. i will leave USA with a valid passport and valid visa stamp to reenter USA
    4. No changes to old passport (same india address, spouse name already entered etc)
    5. can i do tatkal and my spouse is not traveling to Chennai with me
    6. Is it ok as I use old passport to leave USA and use new passport to enter USA (also I have seen it is OK for valid visa in old passport, & is it also OK for flight journey as I already booked my tickets with my old passport and traveling the return journey with my new passport?)
    Thanks a lot

    1. administrator

      It should be Ok. I am not sure, if you can do Tatkaal, you can check with Passport office customer service. You can call the airlines and update your new passport number. Anyways, when you travel, you will need to carry both passports. There will be a reference in the new passport with the old number, so nothing to worry.

  14. Karthik K

    Hi, My Passport is expired in the month of March. Now, can I renew my passport or do I need to take new passport ..?
    Also can you please confirm that even with the renewal of passport, the existing Visa holds good ?

    Thank you

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