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Enter US with Valid B1/B2 Visa in Expired Passport ? Other Visas ?

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I was traveling to US after 4 years with my B1/B2 visa, which was valid, but in expired passport. I did a lot of research to ensure I do not have issues at Port of entry (POE). Thankfully, I recently entered US using the same valid B1/B2 visa in old expired passport, successfully without any issue. Thought it was worth sharing with everyone.

Background Info : I had valid B1/B2 visa of type regular ( R ) from 2012 to 2022 and it was in old expired passport that got expired in 2013. I got a new passport in 2013. My old and new passports are from India and of same type ( regular ). The B1/ B2 US visa in old passport was in undamaged condition.

What is the rule of any Valid US Visa in Expired passports ? US Dept. of State Rule ?
It is very straightforward, you can enter US using the same US visa, as long as it is valid and your passport issuing country are same, including the passport type.  This rule applies to all types of visas, including B1/B2 visa. Below is the exact rule taken from US Department of state.   It very clearly tells that you do not need to go for new visa stamping, if the visa in expired passport is valid and in good condition without any damages.  The key thing is that you will need to carry both your passports.B1 B2 US Visa in Expired Passport - Can you enter America

Does Airlines Travel Desk issuing Boarding Pass check it ?
Yes, when you at the airport in your home country, usually someone at the travel desk, who issues your boarding pass or before that the security officer will check your US Visa and ask for the same. So, you are basically screened at first place itself.

Did the CBP officer at Port of Entry ask any questions on this Expired Passport or Your Visa  ?
Not really. The CBP officer did not really ask me anything about my old passport. I gave him both the passports and he checked for himself and stamped the new passport with the entry date on it.

Is there any reason to be worried, if you are traveling with expired passport and valid US visa ?
Honestly, I was kind of nervous leaving to US after 4 years for a conference with my new passport. Though, I did my research, I was kind of thinking in my mind, if there will be any questions at port of entry on the topic. I was just thinking if the system would recognize my passport and visa, etc… I was asked only few questions as listed below, but none of them related to visa validity or passport.

  • Where are you traveling to ?
  • What is the purpose of your visit ?
  • How long will you be in US?
  • Where do you currently live ?

Where can I check the official rule on US Dept of State Website ?
You can check under “Visa Validity” section at US Dept of State website for official information and updates, if any. I always recommend checking US Dept of state website as visa rules can be subject to updates very often and the above information may change anytime.

Overall, though I had some questions in my mind, until I got to Port of Entry, there is nothing to worry as long your US visa ( not just B1/B2 visa) is valid and in undamaged condition in same kind of passport given from same country.
What was your experience entering with valid US visa in Expired Passport ? 
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Thanks to Bhaskar for sharing his experience

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  1. Vinay

    Last time when my mom visited US, she had her VISA in her old passport. We presented both old and the new passport and they had no issues letting us in.

    And if you see, the new passport has the old passport’s number in it. And I believe all this would be automatically updated in their systems???

    Finally what matters is whats shown in their system. If its all green for them, they most probably will let us in, unless they have something to suspect.

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