USCIS Policy Update – Discretion for Adjustment of Status Application Decisions

Updated Discretion Policy for AOS applications with USCIS info

USCIS has made updates to its policy manual on the way they would adjudicate Adjustment of Status(AOS) applications filed using Form I-485 on Nov 17th, 2020.  The updated policy memo has new “Discretionary Factors” that would be used to make a decision on the Adjustment of Status(AOS) application with USCIS for getting Green Card. In …

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Public Charge Rule Cancellation- Court Judgment on Hold

Public Charge rule cancelled by Court Nov 2020

Public Charge rule is one of the biggest regulations that was proposed by DHS last year. As per DHS, it impacts about 382,264 people annually. Also, it could impact about 50% or 200,000 marriage based green cards applicant as Boundless. Today, it was cancelled by a federal judge in court judgement. Public charge rule cannot …

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Filing Date vs Final Action Dates: Visa Bulletin? Guide – How does it work?

Green Card Final Action Dates vs Dates of Filing Differences

US Department of State publishes the Visa Bulletin every month that summarizes the green card numbers availability by category and movement of priority dates. It has “Dates for Filing” charts and “Final Action Dates” charts. Depending on the month of the year and movement of priority dates, USCIS suggests which charts to use for filing …

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S386, HR1044 Bills News: EAGLE Act 2021 Introduced

S 386 and HR 1044 Latest News Updates

We have created this page to track latest daily news updates related to S. 386 / HR. 1044 also referred to as ‘‘Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act ’’. If you want to know the background of the S.386, HR. 1044 bills read the below articles [Latest ] COMPLETE details of HR 1044 Bill Passed in …

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Immigrant Visa Travel Ban Revoked by Biden [Feb 2021]

Executive order Signed by Trump for 60 days Pause of Immigrants

The Immigrant Visa Ban is not in effect anymore as Biden signed a Proclamation ending the same on Feb 24th 2021. Below are the details Feb 24th, 2021 : Biden signed a Proclamation on Feb 24th, 2021 revoking certain parts of the H1B Travel Ban Executive Order 10132 that are related to Immigrant Visa issuance …

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