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Visa Bulletin – Filing Date vs Final Action Dates? How does it work?

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As many of you know, the October 2020 Visa Bulletin is out and there is some significant movement of priority dates in Employment based category for EB3, especially for Indian nationals under the “Dates for Filing” chart. There was some confusion created by USCIS first telling you need to use the “Final Action Date” and later updating that you can …

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S386, HR1044 GC Bills News: Blocked by Sen. Scott [Sep 2020]

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We have created this page to track latest news updates related to S. 386 / HR. 1044 also referred to as ‘‘Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act ’’. If you want to know the background of the S.386, HR. 1044 bills read the below articles What is S.386 Bill ? Complete info like Amendments, Chances What is HR. 1044 Bill ? …

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Trump signs EO: 60 Days Pause for New GC Holders, No H1Bs Impact

In Green Card by KumarUpdated : 48 Comments

President Trump signed an Executive Order (EO) today as shared by him previously yesterday, including the tweet that created confusion on suspending US Immigration. Most of the executive order is in-line with previous announcement on twitter, press release, with one addition to review non-immigrant visa programs. We will look at the entire Executive Order, why it is signed, summarize the …

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Merit Based Green Card by Trump 2019 – No Specifics of Points, Policy

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Earlier today, President Trump announced their administration’s high-level Immigration Plan for 2019 and beyond, even for their future election campaign.  On a high level, it is nothing but a revival of RAISE Act – Points Based Immigration System announcement, which went dormant after announcement in 2017.  There are no specifics announced yet by the Trump administration or legislative text available …

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Immigrant vs Immigrant

In Green Card by SaurabhUpdated : 27 Comments

It is often said that your journey defines who you are. Journey for a typical H-1B immigrant is: Apply for H-1B Change job(s) until you land at your dream company Apply for green card, or return to home country when the time is up Continue to apply for H-1 extensions until green card arrives After getting the green card, apply …