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About Samurai

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I am a funny guy who tries to find humor in everything. I work as a software engineer. I came across redbus2us when I was searching for visa interview questions and I was amazed to see how rich the website is which provides content that can be useful for any newcomer as well as experienced. During COVID I decided to take up opportunity to handle visa slot groups during the first wave. And that was the point when got attached to redbus2us.com officially .

I have talked with ‘n’ number of people during these 2 years and surprised to see how every human being is different in nature . I am glad that I could help many families in this tough Covid period during through redbus2us.com. Thanks to Kumar for providing me this wonderful opportunity as I like to help needy people. Apart from desk job I am into sports and fitness. I like to watch movies, go on long drives and traveling. In leisure time I try to read books.Hope everyone of us will return to pre-Covid era soon 🙂

About Ranjith (Username RaNa)

I am Quirky, Savvy, and Humorous at times. Living in the US since 2013. Worked as a paralegal for about 5 years and filed hundreds of H-1Bs and other non-immigrant/immigrant petitions.
I am a lot of things – Software Engineer, Paralegal, Model, Actor, Dancer, Fitness Freak… I host a few immigration shows on TV with immigration attorneys and also bring the immigration updates on social media live shows with immigration attorneys as and when needed. I participate in active advocacy for immigration-related bills by raising awareness and meeting several representatives (congressmen, congresswomen, senators) from time to time. Most of all I love helping people and making their life easier. I take pleasure in making others’ day by sharing the knowledge I have and answering questions. Learning is a continuous process and I am a life-long learner; I love interacting with people and learning from everyone’s experiences/expertise. I love watching movies and shows, apart from traveling.

About Kumar

In general, I am a very curious guy, I bombard others with a lot of questions trying to find answers….When I entered America, I was very naive and committed so many mistakes, learnt the rules of life in US in the hard way, including my career decisions…I realized collecting all of them at one place and sharing with others could help someone…Created the RedBus2US blog to share experiences and help others to avoid mistakes that I have done in my life…I have an MS and MBA from American Schools…My day job  is at a Software company …Well, it is boring right ? Let me share some fun facts about me ….My unforgettable experience is SkyDiving (Add Direction to Life )…I love to do some latin dancing ( Salsa, Merengue and Bachata..it has been a while though since I danced 🙁 , need to get back to it…)…I watch a LOT of movies…I follow many sports like Cricket, Tennis, American Foot ball, Basket Ball, etc…I love to travel and enjoy different experiences…lot of things to cover in my bucket list….I used to write some poems….I am learning guitar ( haven’t progressed much in the last 2 years…Need to find time… ) I am obsessed with blogging…Most of my free time goes for RedBus2US Blog…

Ruchika…About me…

I am crazy person with racing mind who just can’t sit idle. I am happy wife and a doting mother of a naughty daughter. My family is my lifeline. I dream big about my life. Previously a medical writer, then a PV Scientist and now a full time mother; homemaker; DIYer and active blogger. I believe in enjoying every moment of life while creating memories for future so that one day when you sit back and go down memory lane there should not be any regrets. I travel a lot with my family to explore new places. This gives you opportunity to interact with new people and  explore rich cultures. I moved to US on H4 two years ago and now cherishing life of homemaker. If law permits or whenever my visa status changes, I would definitely go back to work. I started blogging to share my H4 story, my dreams, my life, my experiences and beliefs and gladly joined redbus2us when Kumar asked me to and see here I am.

About Bhaskar

I am a laid back guy and I love to teach. Over the years, I have taught many students and it is my passion now to help users on the blog with best content that can help them make decisions. I grew up in the country side and have a lot of time to explore the nature. I spent most of my time reading books and researching. From the blog side, I run the operations of the blog and manage the finances and everything.

About Sravani

I am an introvert and talk less, I prefer to express my thoughts through writing. I love to share my experiences traveling the world. I have two beautiful kids and they keep them busy…There are so many things that I learn by reading and I try to share my experiences and knowledge on the blog.

About Santhi

Have you ever wondered how it is to live in country side ? I grew up in country side in India and I love the calmness. My kids keep me busy, but I do get time to think and write. My passion is to cook and travel. I have traveled more than 30 countries and I capture my experiences on the blog and share with the community.

About Saurabh…

I have been active on immigration forums for more than 4 years now. I started off w/ closed communities and when Kumar asked me to join redbus2us around 2.5 years ago, I jumped on to this bandwagon for its openness and reach to all corners of the world (wait the world is round). When I am not active on redbus, I am either working for a cloud based company or enjoying the sun in a city where at times even the summer is colder than the winter. Several years ago, I did my B.Tech from an institute whose brand has now been diluted. Enough pointers to locate me :). Other things about me – I am an avid movie watcher (both Hollywood and Bollywood w/ movie critic being the back-up option in case this blog didn’t work out), a philatelist for several years now (fun fact: I have close to 90% of all stamps released in US) and love to travel (still lot of things to do in my bucket list, favorite place visited being Kaui, Hawai). I am often asked why I spend so much time on the blog. Hmm I guess b/c when I entered US I wasn’t aware of all the rules and could have handled things differently if I had someone to guide me. So this is my way of making life easier (???) for others and giving them an opportunity to know their rights and make more informed decision.

Past Team

  • Adi
  • Soubhagya
  • Swetha

Want to be part of our team to help ? Send us an email to redbus2us(at)gmail.com

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  1. Hi,

    My husband is applying for MBA abroad for the coming JUly/August intake. I am currently working at a Big four company in the consulting arm in India. My educational background is Bcom+MBA (from reputed Pune based uni) and almost 5 years of experience in research (market research+HR consulting research).
    The probability of transfer/L1 looks really bleak at this point. I want to continue working when we get to the US as we have a small baby and surviving 2 years with no income sounds a bit daunting.
    What are my options?

    • Vaishnavi,
      H-1 seems a better route for you. However, you will have to go through random selection where 1 in 3 get selected. If you go on F-2 (as his dependent), you cannot work so you need to get the work visa.

      Does your employer sponsor H-1?

  2. Hi Kumar/Swetha/Saurabh,

    Could you please tell me how can I delete my old message from this forum? Its very important, please help!


  3. Hi Kumar,

    I am on H1b came from India and right now my wife is on H4 who was working in IT- Testing domain. Back in India she had H1b stamping for 1 year but never came to USA and the visa got expired.
    So, is there any possibility to use the existing H1b to be used under extension from employer and if so can you please guide me to know much about the process.
    Or her H4 has to be converted to H1b.
    Though this might have been a repeated question. Please bear with my question.

    Regards – Sid

  4. Hi All,

    Can anyone provide me the list of genuine consultant for processing H1B visa for 2015-16 in Hyderabad Region…please help me…

    thx for your help

  5. Hi

    I attended H1B visa interview i got 221g blue slip. after 5 months it was Refused my 221g.
    can i apply again for next year H1B Visa.

  6. We were all super busy in other threads. I wanted to see what was happening behind screens and thank you. Thanks for all your efforts and putting it together!

  7. hey guys.. u r doing a gr8 job.
    I’m confused is it really the quality of higher education i’m after or is it the escape from archaic system in india ??
    what was it for u ? THE EDUCATED SOCIETY IN US, ESCAPE FROM INDIA, GOOD LIFE IN AMERICA OR FOR UR RESEARCH/ ACADEMIC CAREER? I don’t know but i think if i know ur reasons i can somehow reason with my brain …

  8. Hi Sourabh,
    This is rajiv reddy i ws posted my comment regarding 221 g blue on 23 rd feb. my passports retained by US consulate hyd by issuing 221 g blue AAP after 4.5 months yesterday got white one more 221 g white by mentioning case number for me and for my wife as well but not for kid.they returned our passports. but they mentioned same 221 G WHITE ” YOUR APPLICATION REQUIRES ADDITIONAL ADMIN PROCESSING BEFORE MAKE A FINAL DECISION”. so far either my client or my employer did not received any call or email from USCIS or DOS or consulate. STILL IS THERE ANY CHANCE OF GETTING H1B VISA. mines is E-C model no vendor . awaiting for your kind reply.

      • Hi Saurabh,

        I have checked the status of my replication through DOS website using 221 g white case number showing like below:
        Case creation date: 21-feb-2012 ( i haveattended for the interview on 23rd feb 2012)
        Response Date: 20-July -2012
        Application status: refused
        Your application was refused please see the letter or go through the letter which you recaived at interview date from VO.

        same i checked on the HYD CONSUL website no message and called vfs THEY SAID my application is still under admin process it is not refused.

        confused!!!!! please reply me about this whats the output. thanks 🙂

        what does it mean?

        • rajiv reddy,
          221g means visa refusal. This is what DOS website is showing correctly. Once it has been refused it goes into administrative/additional processing which is what VFS is stating. So both are correct.

  9. Hi Saurabh & Kumar,

    Background about me:
    I have 8 years of experience in IT industry, by profession i am Engineer(Computer Science). My basic intention to pursue MS, is to master the field of database management. I am not looking MS has a optition to earn money rather i want to be technically sound in the database field of work.

    I know its too late to pursue the dream of doing MS at this stage. Since i am bit finically stable i thought of taking your opinion on this matter.

    I am married with no kids as of now.

    My question: Will doing MS be friutful to me or not?

    BE:- 72%
    PUC:- 78%
    SSLC: – 72%

    1) Will 8 years of experience carry any weightage, i mean Do univerties give some points for this?
    2)How much salary i would be getting once i complete my MS, will i be hired as a fresher or will i stand out as strong candidate compared to others ( becoz of my work exp….i believe it depends on the stream i select for MS, which should be relevant to my experience)? Coz ther after i need to repay my educational loan + loan that i am currently running.

    Hoping to get an answer

    Best Wishes,

    “Thanks, you guys are doing a wonderful job. Your articles are straightforward, very informative and they are simple with honest answers. Moreover your intention… it’s great “help others” through your rich experience. Thank you for taking sometime out from your busy schedule, every minute you put it’s worth.

    Keep up the good work”

  10. Hi,

    My L1B expires on Jan 2013 and I-94 Expire on N0v 2014
    1) When should i apply for extension ?
    2) Can i work on I-94 eventhough my L1B visa expire
    3) What is the % of success rate to get the extension?
    4) if the chances are less can i work on I-94 and apply HI-B in 2013
    5) If i do so any problem at that time ?


    • Shiv,
      1. It can be applied as early as 6 months prior to I-94 expiration date. You are not impacted by the visa stamp expiration as long as your remain inside US
      2. Yes
      3. Varies from case to case
      4. You can apply for H-1 in next fiscal year
      5. Varies from case to case

  11. Hi,

    I am on L1 Blanket visa which will expire on 29th March 2013. My wife is working on L2 EAD.

    1. What are the chances of L1 visa extension
    2. When should I file for extension
    3. When should my wife file for L2 extension and EAD renewal?


    • Sumit,
      1. Varies from case to case
      2. At most 6 months prior to expiration date, and as late as few weeks prior to expiration date
      3. Can be done along w/ you. However, EAD approval can happen only after L-1/2 has been extended. So you can apply for L-1/2 extension 6 months prior to expiration, which will give you enough time to get approval and apply for EAD extension.

      I assume I-94s are also expiring on Mar 29, 2013

  12. Hello, My h1b is ending in 2 months, and applied already for ext. But can I get canada visitor visa based on current i797 ? i.e Is it ok to apply with current 797?

    I want to go to canada for stamping. I have Indian MS degree + 5 yrs of US work exp. & this is not first H1 stamping. Do you think its ok to go to canada ?

    Thank you so much for your help …

    • Arpita,
      It is ok to go to CA for stamping as this is not your first stamping. Still one should have contingency plans in case things don’t turn out the way you planned.

      If you leave US while extension is pending, then the new 797 will be issued w/o I-94. You will have to rely on I-94 you will receive when returning to US, which will be based on old 797 unless the new one has approved by then. My suggestion would be avoid traveling outside US unless it is urgent.

      • Thank you, I don’t want to travel to CA based on my old 797 , just want to get CA visa on this old one so when new 797 come, i don’t have to spend one more month fo this.

        Do you think it is fine to do ?


        • Arpita,
          I went through your post again and realized I misunderstood your question.

          Yes, you can apply for CA visa on your current 797 as long as it is still valid.

          • Great…thank you so much for this information Saurabh, you’ve help me a lot from beginning to understand this stamping in CA process.

            Appreciate for that. Thank you

  13. Saurabh, My H1b is ending in this August,I already applied for extension but want to know if I can renew my indian passport based on current I797. Is it ok to do so ?

    Appreciate your support in advance. Thank you.

    • Bhavin,
      Yes, you should be able to do that. You can submit copy of old petition and 797C for the extension. AFAIK, Indian consulate wants proof that you are in valid status. Having previously approved petition and transfer notice shows that you are in valid legal status in US.

  14. Hi Guys,

    Quick Question on CAP-GAP …

    My OPT is going to expire on JUN,26, 2012, recently LCA approved and employer is going to apply for the H1b. Am I eligible to work until OCT, 1st, 2012..?

    • Rakesh,
      If your H-1 gets filed in cap prior to OPT expiration date, then you can continue to stay and work on cap-gap. If you miss the bus, then you will not be eligible for cap-gap.

  15. Hi Saurabh/Kumar,

    I have total 8 yrs of total experience & for 6.7 yrs i have all the proofs of work Experience.

    For the initial 1.4 years i worked as a trainee /Developer in a Training institute/consultancy on a temporary basis then joined a company where they used to hire the candidates on contract basis from this Training institute/Consultancy (Now Training institute/Consultancy closed).The company have considered that trainee /Developer exp as work exp in all their records.

    Later i switched the job with 3 companies and then joined back to the 1st company ,which filed my H1B visa (Attorney has mentioned arnd 7 yrs of exp while H1B Filing) considering the total exp of 8 yrs even though i have exp letters for 6.7 yrs on paper.

    Now i want to shift the job in US with a different company,But during my H1B transfer will it a matter of concern abt the experience letters for that initial 1.4 yrs and also for H1B transfer’s latest CV do i need to mention abt the initial 1.4 yrs of work experience or not and also abt the attorney who filed my H1B papers saying arnd 7 yrs of exp.will it affect the transfer process? i am bit worried on these..expecting a reply at the earliest.

    Thanks in advance!!


    • VMurali,
      I don’t think they will be hard pressed on the initial 1.4 years of work experience. You should continue to submit the real work experience numbers, and it should be ok as you have good enough years of work experience.

      • Hi Saurabh/Kumar,

        Thanks for your suggestions.

        Will the new Attorney from whom i am going to get my H1B visa transferred with the 2nd company is going to contact the Attorney who had filed my H1B Petition earlier for the 1st company or any exchanges of files may occur between them?The reason being, my 1st employer from whom i am in US shouldn’t get any info about my transfer until my transfer finishes or else they can send me back to India.

        Expecting a reply at the earliest…thanks in advance!!


        • Vmurali,
          The new attorney doesn’t need to contact the old attorney. They would need copy of old approved petition and payslips from old employer. Usually no one contacts the old employer/attorney.

          • Hi Saurabh/Kumar,

            Thanks for your suggestions.

            My New employer is gonna file a fresh H1B Visa next week in Premium Processing and want to know when i can a get a reply from them on the approval/Denial status of Visa?

            The new attorney have also advised me not to resign the current job with my old employer until they confirm me on the new status and give me the approval No.with the current company i have to serve the notice of 30 days in US as per job offer.Will there be any problem if i quit job without serving notice?

            Legally will there be any problem from my 1st company if i shift the company to new employer in US or back in India the company policy states an employee can’t resign when he is onsite and he has to come back to India and serve for 6 months to get relieved from organization or can they ask me to repay the amount they spent for me to get my H1b visa?.

            Also Will there be any problem in near future if i don’t have relieving letter from Indian comp as well as its sister concern US company or Can i request to get my tax paper for next year?

            Expecting a reply at the earliest…thanks in advance!!


          • VMurali,
            Once the petition is filed, USCIS will generate a receipt number and send it to attorney/employer. They can then send the number to you, and you can track it online. Processing can take 2-4 months under regular processing.

            It is not mandatory to serve the notice period, but you will have to see what your company policies are. I don’t think there will be an issue in US, but they can sue you in India. It would better to get the contract reviewed by a labor attorney in US and India to be sure about the impact.

  16. Hi Saurabh/Kumar,
    Hope you guys are doing good. I want to clarify few things about my job in US here.
    I Entered into US on Jan 30, 2012 on H1b (Expires on 2014) Visa sponsored by a chennai company. Till date (05/24/2012) that company is looking out for a client to put me into a project/job in US. but till now no luck. They arranged couple of interviews through other vendors but it didn’t work out for me. So till date I’m in bench without job in US. my questions are
    1) Will my h1b visa expire after 6 continues months of unemployement in US? (since i dont have a job I didnt get a single pay stub till now)
    2) Since i came through a sponsor im looking out only for “contractor” position for a hourly rate basics. Can’t I look/apply for a permanent job in US?? if “NO” why?
    3) if “No” to the 2nd question how long should i work for my current sponsor before I can look out for a job of my own in US? (Permanent job)
    4) what happens to my H1b visa if i return back to India without finding any job in US? can I enter again to US with the same h1b visa again? (Shuld i want to show my pay stubs in “Customs & Borders” inorder to re-enter in US with the same H1b visa (remember I don’t have any pay stubs till now))


    • Selva,
      1. You are not maintaining legal status by staying in US on H-1 w/o pay. Your employer needs to start paying you ASAP along w/ back wage. If you stay like this for 6 months, then it may result in a 3 year ban from US
      2. You can look for permanent positions, but for that company will have to transfer your H-1, so that you become a permanent employee of that company. Transfer may not be successful as you don’t have payslips.
      3. You can look for other jobs as soon as you have payslips to show that you are in legal status in US
      4, You might be asked about payslips at PoE. If you want to do this, then return on H-1 only when you are sure that your employer will pay you regular salary this time

  17. Hi, I am currently on F1 visa. However I have been reinstated and have a new I 94. But for some reasons, the SEVIS didn’t get active and the ISO at school has requested a data fix. I want to go for a stress related medical break in summer semester. I already have 18 graduate credit hours and one year of studies, while reinstatement was pending.
    1. If I provide the medical certificate, is it possible to go for a break while data fix is pending?
    2. I am also trying to get H1b sponsor to work. If I file H1b, will my pending data fix or stressed related medical break be a hindrance to H1b approval?

  18. Hi Saurabh, wanted to know if one with H4 visa can apply for EAD and work here legally. Because with H4 to H1B transfer, one has to necessarily get an offer & then file Labor and then get h1b approved.
    what are the other legal ways for a h4 to go on employment..


      • Thanks Saurabh. Can you say, what documents we need to submit for H4 to H1 (i 539) and the total cost of filing H4 to H1 (normal processing)??

        • Chandran,
          If the person didn’t have any H-1 in the past, then this won’t be I-539. It would be I-129 w/ COS. Documents include:
          – applicant’s documents (resume, I-94, passport, degrees, marksheets, experience letters)
          – spouse’s documents (H-1 I-94, payslips, W2 if applicable)
          – employer documents (wage reports, LCA, I-129, tax documents etc)
          – client/project documents (client letter, SOW, employer-employee relationship)

          Cost can be b/w 2000-4000 USD depending upon employer size and number/percentage of employees on H-1 and L-1

  19. Hi,
    I want to peruse MBA as part-time student. MBA Without GMAT Score Admission Possible? can GMAT be replaced by experience?
    I am on H1B and have 4 years of work experience. from USA.

    • Kavitha,
      Typically, good schools prefer to have at least one of the standardized tests either GRE or GMAT. Even for executive MBA, schools recommend to take GMAT or GRE. Maybe there are schools that give you admission, you will need to look around…. Email few schools or call them… You may also read this Do I need GMAT for MBA ?

  20. Dear Saurabh & Kumar,

    I am on H1B status, expiring on 6/6/2012. I want to know if I am eligible for H1B extension. I believe I had two different H1B petitions filed (2 different petition numbers in passport). The first H1B was from 2003 to 2006. Then for few months (2/06 – 12/06) I worked in India. Then again I came to US for studies under F1 visa. After studies, another company (second employer) filed in for my second H1. But my current employer (3rd employer) who continued my H1B from previous (2nd) employer is saying my visa is getting expired on 6/6/2012. I have filed for my Labor Certification very recently (it is not 365 days prior)
    I am really stressed out!. My spouse is currently studying here on F1 status. Please advise what are my options?
    Thank you..

    • Deepu,
      When the 2nd petition was filed did they go through cap again or did they use the previous petition? If they used the previous petition to file cap-exempt petition then you have 6 years – time spent in US on 1st petition – time spent in US on 2nd petition. If there is still any time remaining, then the employer can file for extension, else not. If you have reached the limit then you can move to F-2 visa but that doesn’t reset your clock. To reset the clock, you have to stay outside of US for more than 1 year and then go through the cap again.

      Does that clarify?

      • Thanks for your prompt response Saurabh!

        For the second petition, I believe I went through the masters cap. My first petition was, obvisously, not through the masters cap. Does this make a difference now. Please can you advise how much more time do I have now. Also, how can I verify it for myself that my second petition went through the cap again.

        • Also, once my Labor Certification & I-140 is approved while I stay on F-2, can I then extend my H1B ? Or, once H1B is expired I can do nothing?


        • Deepu,
          Do you have I-129 for the 2nd petition? In that you can see whether it was subject to cap or not. You should discuss this w/ your attorney. They might be asserting that you stayed less than 1 year outside US b/w 1st and 2nd petition, and so your clock wasn’t reset and your H-1 time expires in June 2012.

          Is your employer willing to file PERM and I-140 for you while you are on F-1? I don’t know if it will work out i.e. you staying on F-1 while PERM and I-140 is being processed and you then apply for 7th year extension once it has been approved.

          • Thanks Saurabh.
            I had a brief conservation with my company’s attorney. She informed that I can stay on F2 till my PERM & I-140 is approved & convert back to H1 after filing for my extension. This is at least some good news. Next, I have ensure my company does complete the PERM & I-140.

            Thanks for your valuable feedback & all the best to you! Deepu

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