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In the last few weeks, there were some massive layoffs in the tech industry like Twitter(3000 jobs) , Salesforce(1000), Stripe (1000+), etc. The macroeconomic factors are not favorable and companies are cutting back on costs. Many people save money for black swan events like these. But, sadly, money does not help non-immigrant visa holders on …

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H1B Second Lottery 2023 News: NO Lottery(USCIS Official)

H1B 2023 Second Lottery Done

As most of you know, USCIS received 484K H1B registrations for H1B Fiscal Year(FY) 2023 season and they selected about 127,600 in the first round. Since then, many have been speculating that there is likely going to be a second-round lottery for FY 2023 season similar to the previous H1B FY 2022 season. Today, all …

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USCIS received 484K H1B Registrations for H1B 2023 Lottery

H1B Lottery Numbers for FY 2023 Season

USCIS announced official H1B 2023 first-round lottery results on March 29th, 2022 indicating that they have completed the H1B lottery first round and notified all selected applicants. What they did not announce was the total number of filings and other metrics. They quietly updated their H1B Registration page in late April 2022 with the H1B …

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USCIS Selects 16,753 in H1B FY 2022 Third Round Lottery

H1B Visa 2022 Third Round Lottery

Most of the lucky ones were selected in the first and second rounds of the H1B visa lottery. As per lottery selection numbers, many doubted ( including us), if there would ever be a third round. There was never a third-round lottery conducted in the past. First time in H1B visa lottery selection history we …

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