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Trump EO – Review Hiring of Federal Contractors on H1B Visa, LCA

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President Trump signed an Executive Order today, August 3rd, 2020 that calls for review of Federal Agencies practices on contracting and hiring of temporary workers like H1B Visa. This executive order is an outcome of recent action by Tennessee Valley Authority that planned to outsource 20% of its IT workforce to foreign companies. The goal of the Executive order is …

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H1B, H4 Visa Entry Ban Lawsuit Filed by 174 Indian Nationals

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As most of you know President Trump banned entry of H1B, L1, H4, other visas until end of Dec 2020. This is a difficult situation as many families are separated, who came for H1B or H4 Visa stamping or visiting family and got stuck in their home country due to COVID-19. There are few lawsuits expected to be filed against …

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H1B Employer Employee Relationship, Itinerary Policy(2020) USCIS

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USCIS recently lost a court case against ITServe Alliance that challenged USCIS H1B policy memos on employer-employee relationship and itinerary rules. As part of the court judgment and settlement with IT Serve, USCIS said that they will cancel the Year 2010, 2018 Policy memo and not use the itinerary requirements too. On June 17th, 2020 USCIS formally issued a H1B …

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H1B Visa 2021 Cap Count Updates – Latest News, Info

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This page will track all the latest news, both official news from USCIS and unofficial updates from community for H1B Visa FY 2021 Season Latest News Updates – Official and Unofficial (Most recent on the top) August 14th, 2020 ( Confirmed) : Today, USCIS ran second round lottery for H1B visa 2021 season. It was run on the existing H1B …

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USCIS News: H1B 2021 Petition Data Entry, Receipt Notice Delays

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As many of you know USCIS received a staggering 275K H1B registrations for FY 2021 season with the new H1B Registration Process. Also, as part of the H1B Visa 2021 Season, they also suspended H1B Premium processing for fiscal year 2021, including other visa types due to the COVID-19 situation. As USCIS is struggling as well with COVID-19 situation by …

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Total H1B Registrations Received for FY 2021 is 275k, 46% Masters

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USCIS earlier today announced a press release indicating the overall H1B registrations received by them as part of the New H1B registration process, where H1B sponsors filed H1B applications  for their employees or prospects as registrations in Online H1B registration tool built by USCIS. They have previously announced completion of H1B Registration Lottery Selection Process, now today they have shared …