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Period of Authorized Stay vs Unlawful Presence vs Out of Status – FAQs

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If you live in US on a Non-immigrant Visa like H1B, F1, L1, etc. there are many situations, where you will encounter terms such as “being in lawful status”, “going out of status”, “being in period of authorized stay”, or “accruing unlawful presence”…It is important to understand the differences so that you can maintain your status in US and are …

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H4 Biometrics + EAD, Approval Samples – CSC Experience, H4 Dropbox

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With New I-539 form Biometrics process, there are delays in H4 and EAD processing. We even have H4 EAD Processing Delays Lawsuit that is filed by some. So far, many of our users have shared only cases that are from Vermont, check H4 Biometrics Experiences, Timelines . One of our reader filed at California Service Center (CSC) and got approval …

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H4 Driving License Renewal, Pending H4 – Experience : AB 60 License

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Since USCIS Introduced the New I539A form with Biometrics, many H4 Visa holders , who have filed H4 Extension using the new Biometrics process are waiting for the approvals. If your driving license expires, you may not be able to renew it in some states with pending H4 receipt notice. But, luckily California has a provision called AB 60 Driving …

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H4 EAD Processing Delays with Biometrics Lawsuit – Court Case Info

In H4 Visa by KumarUpdated : 4 Comments

As many of you know with the introduction of New I-539 Form with biometrics for H4 Holders, the processing time for H4 visa extensions and Change of Status applications has drastically increased, even if they are filed with H1B in premium processing. While, there is no legal requirement that USCIS has to process H4 and H4 EAD in premium processing, …