US Visa Interview Waived for certain H1B, L1, H4, Others – How it works?

In Person US Visa Interview Waiver for Some Visa Holders News

US Department of State has made a significant announcement that will ease many of the Visa stamping issues for many non-immigrant visa holders. They made an announcement earlier today indicating that they are expanding interview waivers for many visa types if applicants meet certain conditions. Also, they are extended the 48 months US Visa dropbox …

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USCIS Selects 16,753 in H1B FY 2022 Third Round Lottery

H1B Visa 2022 Third Round Lottery

Most of the lucky ones were selected in the first and second rounds of the H1B visa lottery. As per lottery selection numbers, many doubted ( including us), if there would ever be a third round. There was never a third-round lottery conducted in the past. First time in H1B visa lottery selection history we …

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Court Cancels H1B Lottery with Wage Levels Rule

H1B Lottery Rule based on Wage Levels Cancelled Info

As many of you know H1B Visa has crazy demand and we had H1B Lottery for the last consecutive 9 years. Previous Trump administration published a final rule during their last few months in office, where the H1B lottery would be based on wage levels. It was later challenged in court and ultimately, there was …

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What is National Interest Exception (NIE) for US Travel? How To Apply? Step by Step Guide by Country

National Interest Exception NIE How to Apply

In general, you need a US Visa or be exempt from the Visa requirement to enter America. But, when there is a presidential proclamation that bans entry of travelers to the US, you cannot enter America, unless you are exempted or fall under National Interest Exception(NIE). In this article, we will review the details about …

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