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H4 EAD News – Second Intervenor Brief by Immigration Voice Only

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In the H4 EAD Lawsuit, as part of the Intervenor’s briefs submitted to court yesterday, there were two briefs : First a brief was a 38 page document submitted in the evening by Chamber of Commerce of US, IT Industry council and National Association of Manufactures with Immigration Voice listed in it as Intervenor and these non-profit organization as Amici …

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USCIS News: H1B Visa 2020 Cap Reached for Regular Quota

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As you all USCIS started accepting H1B 2020 petitions from April 1st. USCIS just announced a press release indicating that they have reached enough number of petitions for the regular quota (i.e. 65,000 ).  Let’s review the news summary by USCIS. Summary of USCIS News – H1B 2020 Cap Reached for Bachelors : Regular Quota Full : USCIS announced that …