US Visa Interview Waived for certain H1B, L1, H4: GUIDE

In Person US Visa Interview Waiver for Some Visa Holders News

The US Department of State made a significant announcement in late December 2021 that eased many of the Visa stamping issues for many non-immigrant visa holders. They announced that they are expanding interview waivers for many visa types if applicants meet certain conditions starting from January 1st, 2022. Also, they extended the 48 months US …

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USCIS Selects 16,753 in H1B FY 2022 Third Round Lottery

H1B Visa 2022 Third Round Lottery

Most of the lucky ones were selected in the first and second rounds of the H1B visa lottery. As per lottery selection numbers, many doubted ( including us), if there would ever be a third round. There was never a third-round lottery conducted in the past. First time in H1B visa lottery selection history we …

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