Can you bring prescription medication to USA? for Others?

US Customs - Carry Medicines to US Rules

Carrying over the counter medicines in our carry-on bags in flight is pretty common. Most of us may carry common medicines for fever, cold, etc.  Sometimes, we may also carry some medication that were prescribed by a doctor for emergency. What some of us may not realize is that there are strict rules for importing …

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What is SSSS on Boarding Pass ? Why you get it? How to Fix it ? FAQs

SSSS on my Boarding Pass - Security Information

I am frequent traveler and travel a lot for work and vacation as well. Recently, at the airline check-in counter, when I was flying to US from Singapore, the printed boarding pass had some additional big capital letters saying “SSSS”. I was like…what is this ? The staff told that I need additional screening as …

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Australia Border Control Entry, Exit Process at Airport for Internationals

Australia Border or Port of Entry Process

I recently visited Melbourne for work and I can tell you the immigration process for foreigners to enter Australia at airports is amazing. In fact, there is nothing that is stamped in your passport and everything is electronic. I love the process as it helps business travellers a lot by saving space on their passport …

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Flight Review – Air India – San Francisco to New Delhi ( AI-173, AI-174 – SFO <-> DEL)

Air India Flight Review SFO to Delhi 2016

Recently I had the opportunity to take Air India’s (AI) non-stop San Francisco to New Delhi flight (AI-173, AI-174). I was little prejudiced against AI and it wasn’t my first choice. Still I took it, as it was a last minute trip and I didn’t have many options left. Here is my unprejudiced review for …

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Travel in Flight – Flight Etiquette, Comfortable Dress, Ear Plugs, Moisturizer

Often I see many people not prepared for their travel with comfortable dress and do not understand the flight etiquette and what can make their flight journey comfortable…Our previous article focuses on first time flight travel : choosing set, meal preferences. This article will focus on what is a typical comfortable dress, what’s the etiquette …

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