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Campus Placements in US Universities – Jobs, Internships Recruitment

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Many of the international students are used to the concept of Campus placements or on-campus recruitment for getting Jobs, especially in counties like India.  It does not exactly work the same way in America. This article will focus on some facts about campus placements in USA universities. Are there Campus Placements in American Universities? Do they Offer Job offers directly …

What are Mentoring Programs in US Universities for Students ? Help Internationals ?

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Moving to a different country for higher education and getting accustomed to the new education system in America can be a challenge for many students. Most of the Universities offer various mentoring programs  to help new students.  I have been part of many of these programs in all the universities that I studied and got a lot out of mentorship.  Let me share some thoughts on this.   What are these …

Students Rights – Policies in American Schools – No Discrimination, Sexual Harassment

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One of our readers recently expressed concerns about harassment in our Q A Forum, let me explain you some of the rights and policies in US schools and how they protects students. What are Students Rights in Schools ?  What are these Student Policies ?    To prevent abuse of power by university staff/ officials/professors, federal laws in America have laid down some policies that …

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How to get Graduate Assistantship in First Semester – Student Experience, Tips

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By Guest Author Getting funding can be a big deal for international students as it helps them focus on education without any financial concerns.  Typically, you can get funding by proper planning in second semester, but if you are proactive, you might get it in first semester. Mradul is one of those proactive guys, who took initiative and got funding in …

Borrow ANY book in the World ? Inter Library Loan Department in US Schools ?

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Often times as a student you are looking for various books for classes and sometimes for personal use…Not all books are ideal for purchasing either because of price or need…also, if you are a researcher you may be specifically be looking for some articles from reference books, old news papers, journals, etc…you may look up the library catalog and if …