Jobs in India after MS in USA – Job Opportunities and Prospects after MS or MBA?

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When you are planning to pursue higher education like MS or MBA in USA, you would need to first think of Why you would like to do MS in USA then decide your goals for doing MS in USA . Along the same lines, if you plan to return back to your home country, which is India in this article context, you need to also consider your job prospects in your home country.  I have worked in both the countries for a good amount of time and will share my thoughts and facts based on my conversations with my friends in recruiting and general job trends in India.

How do people perceive your  MS or MBA degree from USA ? Is it considered Fancy like degree from IIT or IIM ?

I did my MS and MBA from reasonably decent state schools…when I returned to India after MS and MBA, I was under the impression that my degrees would be valued decently. I was NOT expecting that people value it on par with IITs or IIMs. But, I was wrong, they are not perceived as of decent value, unless you have a degree from Ivy league or Stanford kind of top 10 schools.  Your MS or MBA is just equal to yet another M.Tech or M.Sc from an average school or any university India.  So, if you are going to be under impression that MS in US is of great value and will get me job here without any hassle, wake up !

How are the Job Prospects in India after MS in US ? What are the Job opportunities in India after MS in USA ?

If you are a freshly minted MS or MBA graduate from a US university looking for a job in India without any prior experience, you are out of luck. Unfortunately, you will be considered as a Fresher with M.Tech or M.Sc Degree holder in India.   Your job opportunities as a fresh MS degree holder from USA are just like any other M.Tech or MCA degree holder who could not get job in on-Campus selections and struggling to get a job off campus.   Also, most of the top tier companies, select freshers  by on-campus recruitment and you will not have the option to get picked by top tier companies, because you did not go to school in India. Another bad part is that you do not have any network of friends, who are freshers in India, who can help you with walk-ins and other information on job search…you are on your own. You need to just rely on online job application and personal references.

In a nutshell, your job opportunities in India after MS in USA, without any experience as a fresher, are very limited and you are up against a large crowd. It is not the best idea to compete against such large pool of Masters degree holders in India.  Also, if you are under the impression that I worked on-campus, here is another thing to consider…most of the times, your on-campus employment is not really considered as real work experience by many companies in India as you were studying full time. When my cousin included his RA/GA experience in US as work experience in his resume, the company just took that 1.5 years out of the overall experience and told that you were studying full time and we cannot include this experience. It is ironical, but that’s the fact.  Some small companies may consider, but many do not take it, just be cautious… In any case, as a fresh MS degree holder from America, you are just like another fresher here… So, what do you need to do ?

How to get a Job in India after MS in USA ?  What is the best way to increase your odds ?

In India, getting a job is all about work experience…to be more specific, it is relevant work experience in that field that you are applying to work !  Recruiters just look at number of years of work experience in a particular field.  For instance, if you are applying for an IT job as a Developer or Tester, the recruiter would look your experience as a developer more specifically developer of that technology like Java, C++, Android, etc…  So, what should you do to get Job in India after MS in USA ?

During MS or MBA, you would have CPT, consider working on full time CPT in Summer and part time during school as well, it will add up as experience ( of course, you may need to convince them during interview) . After MS in USA, you would get either one year OPT or for 29 months, if you are from STEM Degree , you need to utilize that time and work in US for that 1 year or 29 months to get relevant experience that you can put in your resume. It is best if you can work for 29 months because you will be out of danger zone in India.  Most of the fraud resumes in India are of students who have under 2 years of experience.  Also, you should get certifications done in your field… in IT industry there are many certifications offered by Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, etc. Pick the one relevant to your field and complete it, you can possibly use that in your job search.  Also, if you can do any courses in your area of experience, it will help as well. Many small companies are interested in hiring trained candidates with one or two year experience, you can easily crack the interview and get a job in such cases….

Also, it is no different for anyone who have completed B.S or any Bachelors degree from US and trying to return to India for job, they will be considered as freshers and will need to crack interviews off campus, which can be hard…so it is good to get some experience in US and then return to your home country.

What has been your experience? Did you come back to India after MS as fresher ? Did you come back after Bachelors from US ? How was it ?

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Comments ( 50 )

  1. Ekta Sinha


    I have total 6 years of experience as Database administrator.
    I am thinking to go to US for further studies , But I am confused between MS and MBA.
    Will my 6 years of experience as a DBA will help me after MS and MBA ?
    Also Which department I should take in MS ? MS in IS , MS in CS or MS in BA.

    Please advise.

    1. administrator

      You need to think about where you see you see yourself in 10 years and then take a call. Your education should help you get there. MS and MBA are very different. Read MS vs MBA in USA . Take some time to think and then make a decision.

  2. Deepak Vijay


    I am Vijay, I have done masters in Information system management in US and returned back to India due to Job opportunities which are not good and tough after trumps presidential rules. The Consultancies are not supporting OPT students and they are not being hired by any firm. So, I decided to come back. Moreover, I am looking to work here in India and do MBA ( distance ). But my interest towards Business is more when compared to Technology. Please, Tell me How does MBA help after MS in US to my career? If I work here in India since I have been to the US for my studies. Is there a possibility for H1 visa or L1 visa through the company? How do you best suggest me? and Is there a possibility for applying for jobs overseas as I have a comeback?

    thank you,

    1. administrator

      I can image the pain of coming back, but that’s life. You can find a job at MNC and convince them to apply for H1B or L1. Either of these can take time like a year, unless you get a great employer willing to sponsor. Of course, there could be lottery and your h1B chances are again dependent on Luck.
      Regarding MBA, I suggest you work for few years in Industry and then take up a decision on the same. You can check when to do MBA after Engineering . You need to plan out your career and then add MBA as a stepping stone to get there. I am not sure how much distance program of MBA will add value… Take time to think, find work and then make a decision.

  3. Sai Sowjanya. V

    I have Completed my bachleors degree in the stream of EEE planning to study in abroad which course will be better for me either MS or Mba .After returning to india will i get any job oppurtunities

  4. Prabhakaran

    Hi.. Got lot info on reading all these.. Am planning to study abroad,I’ll be graduating in 2018 mechanical engineering. Am planning for Masters in Canada? Is it worth going for Canada? Aftr finishing my PG, how will be the job opportunities!!?

  5. Snehil


    I have a total work experience of 5.7 years in India. I have secured an admit for MS in Information Technology at Northwestern University, Evanston USA. The university is definitely expensive but is considered as a good university. I plan to work in US for 6-9 months after graduating and then come back to India. What are the job prospects back here in India after 5.7 years experience and a masters degree.

  6. Shailesh

    Thanks for your efforts and sharing your experience. This definitely helps people around.
    Is this the correct time to do MS in MIS now after Trump’s Presidency. I have got admits from Stevens Institute and Suny Buffalo. But I am worried about the Job scenario after MS, specially now. Is it true that now the companies are not hiring due to the H1-B rows?

    Please suggest what can be done. Thanks

  7. Sue Thumma

    I am pursuing MS in pharmacy in USA and thinking to go for MBA after completion. Is it a good option and worth of time and money??

    1. administrator

      Well, it really depends on what your aspirations are for long term. It is always recommended to work for few years and then think about MBA…

  8. Amit

    Hello Sir,

    I did my MS in CS in Silicon Valley and I have total 4 years of experience in US and 2 years in India. I am planning to move back to India for some family reasons. Can I get job opportunity in India? How is the market in india right now for MS people?

    Please let me know.

    1. administrator

      Total you have about 6 years experience, thats a lot of experience for you to get a decent job. Just start to apply from now itself, when you are in US, it should give you a head start and be prepared.

  9. Pranshu

    Hello Sir ,

    I have already started my applications for my MS in Cyber Security from US this fall 2017 . Before going for such a decision , I thoroughly investigated , about the job prospects in this domain , since I am from a middle class background . Presently I am a working employee in an MNC with 3+ years of experience . Nowadays a little bit worried about the decision . I am passionate about this field , but too many uncertainties are making me more insecure . Any suggestions .

    1. administrator

      Well, it all comes down your to your passion and if you can afford to take such risks. Read Should I apply to US with H1B lottery . You need to be prepared to come back home after your education, if you cannot find job or visa situation does not permit you do so…You have to be ready for it, if you plan to go to US…it is a decision that you need to make…

  10. Rajendra

    My son has done MS in USA and still he has not got job in USA. Because of Trups policies I do not think that he will get H1 B visa and a job. Presently he has got a job in india. My question is can he return to India and take some experience and go back to USA? If he wants to go back to USA then how he will get H1 B visa?

    1. administrator

      Yes, he can come back and work for an MNC and can go back on L1 visa to work for the same company, if the MNC is willing to move him to their US office. This is purely subject to the company your son works and their L1 visas and need for them.

  11. shubham

    Hello sir,
    I have completed my B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering in 2015 and currently working in R&D (Agri Machinery),
    I have good grades, research papers and international projects.
    i want to pursue MS in USA to further up my learning and make money too!
    but current scenario in Trump administration discourages me to pursue it as i see it as a lot of financial risk.
    Please advice

  12. mahesh

    haii sir , this is mahesh,
    i am completed my in mechanical eng in 2014, i got visa 2015 fall, but due to some health problems i postponed (that time i feel i’m cancelling my m.s program,due to job notifications in my state govt, i tried for it but lost in 2-5 marks) , can i go for this fall(2017 aug). and i hear from my friends there is less jobs in mechanical , so i want to my m.s in computer science , is it good idea? my gre is 299 and my ielts validity is over, so now i need to take test again…
    thanking you sir…

  13. sriram

    Hello sir this is sriram iam getting ready for my higher studies in USA as MS in networking.after my MS I need a job in USA is there any trouble in that (Trump) allso can u please suggest me to take other subjects to do in MS to maximum job opportunity and my GRE score 293 and my IELTS band 7 suggest me some universities suitable for my score

  14. Ashwin

    Iam 29 ywars old I have around 6.5 years of exp and have switched 3 companies by now and currently in a product based company in Bangalore with very good package of around 21 lpa .
    I would like to go for MS in US ( mostly due to peer pressure as my relatives are doing ) .
    Please suggest me if it is worth leaving such good job and going for MS .
    My main agenda would be to stay in US for 5-6 years post MS , else i feel that there is no value of return on MS fees .

    Iam confused abt new changing Trump rules (heard that even OPT and Master degree expection is going to get scrapped) .

    Please suggest me the best solution .

    Also is 29 age on higher side for doing MS , it is also worth doing at this age .
    Iam very much confused .

    1. administrator

      You will always have peer pressure everywhere…You should feel, if you want to do MS or not…It is two years of your life and lot of money, so take time to think about it. Whether something is worth or not is very relative…it depends on your goals for MS. Read Goals for MS in US
      Also, staying in US and working after MS are subject to many disclaimers like H1B lottery, and unknown rules that we anticipate in new administration. Take an informed decision…

    2. gerty91

      Hello Ashwin
      Personally as a doctoral grad student at a reputable US university,I would only say that try to take life lightly and live it in a way so as to maximize your personal happiness while making sure you have enough security and safety.
      PLEASE don’t apply for an MS just because of seeing your relatives as international travelers.Life in the US can seem envious to others but it has its own burden of huge uncertainty even though job salaries can get high at the cost of losing them any random time.
      If you feel like you want to make a statement to your relatives,save enough from your salary to take your family on a vacation to the US.
      Remember life is for living ,not for going through periods of great doubt and uncertainty.
      In short,if you feel an MS can be a change of perspective,do follow your heart and live your dream,but be wary of the ever increasing stress of jobs and worklife as one gets older


    How good are the job opportunities in Canada?
    I intend to work for 2 or 3 years there and return to India
    Is it better if i study MS in Canada ?

    Can i pls know which university you pursued MS degree?

    1. Shiva

      Job opportunities in Canada are next to nil. I don’t want to sound discouraging. I don’t mean to stop you from going there. Just want to caution you that it will be a long slog. Canada does not offer even 1% in terms of volumes of jobs and career opportunities that USA has owing to its smaller population and number of companies in any industry sector. IT might have more numbers compared to other sectors but still by no means it will be a bed of roses. A lot depends on luck and personal networking in Canada, and Indians by work culture would not have learnt the necessary networking skills because they never had to in their home country. On the plus side, there could be many who succeeded in Canada fighting against all odds with patience and perseverance. If you are one of those, there is no reason why you would not succeed. Ask yourself if you have the emotional stamina and drive in spite of repeated rejections and failure.

    1. administrator

      Working in US has couple of aspects, one is the visa and second is getting job. If you find the right internship by looking for one proactively, you can find a role…One thing you need to know is that you will need H1B visa, which has been subject to lottery in the past few years…thats is purely luck…I suggest you read Should I apply to US with H1B Lottery

  16. Shankar


    Is there a difference in salary for people on OPT vs regular US citizens/Green card holders?

    If a US employer is giving job to an Indian on OPT, will he eventually be willing to sponsor his H1B as well?

    1. administrator


      As long as employer is not paying you below labor market rate, they can offer OPT holders a bitter deal. Big corporations won’t do that though.

      I know of employers who would offer OPT but don’t file H-1B. You have to have that discussion w/ your employer.

        1. administrator


          BITTER deal. They know that they are hiring someone who has limited employment authorization and will have to gamble with H-1 lottery. So they may offer lower salary (but still above prevailing wages). Like I said earlier, big companies won’t do that though.

  17. Venk

    hi ,

    I have two questions.

    1) My wife is on H4 Visa in USA. she want to work in any indian or any company in india from USA . can she work or not ?

    2) I am working on H1B in USA, but i want to work on weekends in any company in india from USA on weekend ? Can I work ? or its illegal ?

    Please respond ASAP.


      1. administrator

        You need to take GRE, TOEFL and apply as per requirements at each school. I suggest you check any university website to get a good idea about the process.

  18. KP

    It is indeed very true that MS in USA is not a valued degree in India.
    I came back in 2009 after my MS as a fresher to face the worst of the situations here too after struggling in USA when the recession was at its peak…. I was literally treated equal to Btechs or BSC It or MCA degrees here. I was also rejected saying I was over qualified and had no experience. The first job I had to take up was a start up company after waiting for 7-8 months as I dint find direct openings in MNC, Post to that after 3 years of experience I could get into a MNC that too with personal references.
    Now while working I feel at the same level as any other degree in India. No justice to MS from USA in India.
    Anyone has any suggestions on how to add value to your profile with MS degree?? Or should I consider going back to USA?

    1. NG

      I agree with you. I graduated in 2009 and as you said it was the recession time having no jobs even though I had 2 internships during summer and on CPT. I had to kept my mouth shut until I got my 1st project in jun 2011 during my post OPT. I was literally frustrated during that time. (Unfortunately I got only 1 yr H1B visa after RFE.) After that I worked almost 1.5 yrs with the clients (1 yr on OPT + 4 months H1B) and I visited India for the H1B stamping and I had 221G from USCIS. I have been waiting for the answers from the employer an almost 5 months went so bad, no reply at all. I had no project work and my visa got expired during the process. I absolutely had a doubt of getting the job here in India. Simply I just look for here and there and no suitability. Sometimes says over qualification, no salary as of my experience.I only had lost my energy and money looking for suitable job in India(almost I covered all hubs and tried with the references too but it didn’t work out. I think those hiring people were from such xxx top institutes where do not even teach to value the other candidates. Sometimes I think why I had valued and giving my help to those Indians people in the another countries while working with them. I regret to say that those are not the right candidates having the upper positions in India just having a degree from top institutes. Those top companies are here too I still think why they won’t hire us, all universities are there in the database.
      I would say if you have enough money and support try to get into the top institute here than wasting your extra $$ to go there and at the end zero result later at your life or try if any of the company ready to file your work visa or if you have long term plan or for life time to stay in US, you can go back. I won’t suggest for PhD, it may take to the same line. No values in India of such good candidates.

  19. avadhesh

    Does MS in engineering management comes under Stem program??? If so how are the job prospect after completion of MEM course?? Can anyone guide me??

    1. AP

      Not great per se. But you can take courses on Quality / Six Sigma and do a black belt Six Sigma certification to add credibility to your resume.

  20. Prabhjot

    I am having 2 yrs experience in India after BE, I want to go for MS in US and then come back to India after 2 yrs in US. Will MS help to add much needed weight in my profile, which I want to utilize to land in a Technical/R&D job in India?

    1. Krishna

      It depends on the university you will be pursuing your MS. Many international candidates come here. So it has become harder to get into top-notch universities. Instead of investing 2 years in US, staying in India and making your way up in the organization will be a better choice.

  21. Divya Singh

    In india it’s very difficult to get Quality jobs. I am also facing this job. Here are many jobs but salary is very low according to working profile. Thanks for posting Sarkari Naukri

  22. r2i

    Hi red2bus,

    I have returned with my MSCS from a top 50 univ and faced a lot of problems in Mumbai. I was making 65k per annum USD but now I make 8lpa rupees. Any one else facing such devaluation of their degrees?? its a shame to work here.. I would also ask anyone to suggest should I try to goto the US again and look for a job or maybe possibly try in Canada or EU how are the prospects there? what shud be my next best step?? Thanks in advance

  23. Hari

    what if we have more over 3 years of work experience with MNC in india and go for MS in USA…think if we do OPT (either 1yr or 29 months)
    later if we come back to home how it will be? does MS really helpful to us or not

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