When to do MBA after Engineering - Work Experience

When should you do MBA ? Directly after B.tech or Work and then ?

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Many students across the global with aspirations to pursue management degree like MBA wonder when should they get MBA ? Some think :  why waste and year, just get it right after B.Tech/ Engineering or any Bachelors degree .  What is the correct decision ?  I was one of those who used to always think like that : ” I should not waste time and get it right away”. But, luckily things did not work out and it is a very good thing I did not do it right away. I feel the importance when I am in classes discussing with fellow class mates.

 When should you ideally do MBA ?
Short answer, ideally, you should work for at least  3 to 4 years and then start MBA.

What difference does it make ? Why should you work ?  
Work experience makes a huge difference. I can not explain how important it is. Many concepts related to  leadership, organization management, change management need work experience. You will not make much out of those classes if you do not have experience.  For instance, the question would be: how did you deal with your team ? what conflicts did you encounter as a team manager or member.  Think about it, if you have not worked, how would you know ? So, it is very much needed to have work experience.

What point in your career should you do MBA ?
Ideally, MBA is recommended when you want to move into any leadership roles or you started a leadership role and need help to do well. The Golden rule is, you have to work for few years before doing MBA. In fact, some of the top ranked business schools in the world require professional work experience.  They know the importance of it.

What can I do during my working period after Bachelors to be prepared for MBA ?

Well, if you are a business major in undergrad, you understand many of the business terms and jargon. But, if you are an engineering graduate, you may not be exposed to many of the business jargon or terminology. It is a good idea to read business books and start preparing for MBA by doing foundation classes and cracking your GMAT.

 My experience :
My background is from engineering and I always had the perception that I should not get break in education and I will lose the track…but, my perception was wrong…I could only realize the value of work experience when I started to do the pre-requisites of MBA and then fully appreciate the value of work experience when I was doing MBA…Having said this, there are at least about 10% of successful students from elite schools, who get done with MBA from top Universities and come out with flying colors right after engineering…but, this does not apply to majority of the students…
What are your thoughts ?  What is your experience ? Do you think, it is important ?
If you are stuck between decision to do MS or MBA in US, you may read this article on  MS vs. MBA in US – Coursework, Cost and Funding “

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  1. NL

    Hi, I’m in the USA on H1B visa. Completed 4 years of my H1B quota. I want to take up evening MBA which takes 2 and a half years. So I’ll be done with 6 years of my H1B visa quota. So, how would I continue with this?

  2. V S Anjali

    I have completed b tech in ECE in 2017. I have got placed as a software engineer in an IT firm. But , I would like to do MBA as I am very much interested in business and management section. I’m confused whether to go for the job or do MBA now. Since I am from ECE , I have very little knowledge on coding. So, I am in a doubt on whether I will be able to do my work as a software engineer in the IT firm or not as I have very little knowledge in programming languages. May be I can learn it in their training classes, but I am not sure. I’m totally confused on what to do next. Whether MBA or job. Can I attend MBA coaching classes while going for work ? Or should I just focus on MBA, leaving behind job?

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