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When should you do MBA ? Directly after Bachelors/B.Tech or Work and then ?

Many students across the global with aspirations to pursue management degree like MBA wonder when should they get MBA ? Some think :  why waste and year, just get it right after B.Tech/ Engineering or any Bachelors degree .  What is the correct decision ?  I was one of those who used to always think like that : ” I should not waste time and get it right away”. But, luckily things did not work out and it is a very good thing I did not do it right away. I feel the importance when I am in classes discussing with fellow class mates.

When should you ideally do MBA ?
Short answer, ideally, you should work for at least  3 to 4 years and then start MBA.

What difference does it make ? Why should you work ?  
Work experience makes a huge difference. I can not explain how important it is. Many concepts related to  leadership, organization management, change management need work experience. You will not make much out of those classes if you do not have experience.  For instance, the question would be: how did you deal with your team ? what conflicts did you encounter as a team manager or member.  Think about it, if you have not worked, how would you know ? So, it is very much needed to have work experience.

What point in your career should you do MBA ?
You could pursue MBA for couple of reasons, either to change careers or move into leadership roles. In first case, MBA is recommended when you plan to move into leadership roles or you started a leadership role and need help to do well. Especially for leadership roles, the Golden rule is, you have to work for few years before doing MBA. In fact, some of the top ranked business schools in the world require professional work experience.  They know the importance of it.

In the second case, where one would do MBA is to change their career path . Let’s say you are in some sort of IT kind of role and you want to make a career change to strategy roles. One of the things you can do is get admission at good school, do it full time and on the way do internships in strategy. This gives you an option to change your careers. The key is internships, if not you may end up where you were and may not be able to change easily.

What can I do during my working period after Bachelors to be prepared for MBA ?There are couple of things you can do during your prep time. First and most important thing is to make sure you do well in the tests like GMAT, GRE, or any other test that you would take for admission. So, focus on the important areas that are part of these tests like Verbal,Quantitative, Writing skills, etc. You need to start to research about schools that could fit your passion and goals.

Now, second thing, these things may not directly help you with admission, but will help you be knowledgable and can help you in your MBA classes or after that for your career. Depending on your background, you can start studying books in finance, leadership, Innovation, articles in Economist, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, etc. You can do many of the online courses on leadership on Coursera or LinkedIn that can help you increase your business acumen.

 My Personal Experience :
My background is from engineering and I always had the perception that I should not get break in education and I will lose the track…but, my perception was wrong…I could only realize the value of work experience when I started to do the pre-requisites of MBA and then fully appreciate the value of work experience when I was doing MBA…Having said this, there are many successful students from elite schools, who get done with MBA from top Universities and come out with flying colors right after engineering…but, this does not apply to majority of the students…
What are your thoughts ?  What is your experience ? Do you think, it is important ?
 If you are stuck between decision to do MS or MBA in US, you may read this article on  MS vs. MBA in US – Coursework, Cost and Funding “


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  1. dear sir,
    I am a B.Tech Computer Science background student,i stood merit in all my academics from school time onward, i had actively participated in my activities. I had good leadership and Management skills .I lost my dad at my early age i have been studying with the help of an education funding group.Recently i had completed my b.tech ,got placed in CYINET as Software associate ,parallely i had admission in WOXSEN B SCHOOL too.,as one of our trust member and my major sponsor suggested to apply i had did it and got admission in PGDM course .Now i am in a big confusion state whether to proceed to job or to go on with my PGDM.I had good business plan too sir…
    i don’t wan be myself sir…i have to help the need based students like me sir..
    kindly suggest me sir..
    your reply means me a lot sir..

  2. Sir,
    I am in final year electrical engineering. As our college doesn’t provide placement for electrical engineering and also i dont know coding.Which kind of job should i search right now i am in in dilema

    • Dear better try MBA in reputed institution and placement oriented institution (LPU -MBA student) . yes leave your worries and spend again 2 years in study and after that jobs in your hand!!!! (selection of the college is the important ).

      All the best dear.

  3. Hello

    I have done my B.tech with 72% and now i want to pursue MBA ,i want to know how can i persue that ,which exam i have to crack because i feel more confident in managing ,handling people rather then technical things ,so please guide me regarding that.

    • neelam,
      You need to first look at where you want to do MBA, then look at the required steps. Globally GMAT is considered for most of the decent schools. But, some schools are specific on others…Once you identify the schools, then you can start to look at what exams to take.

    • I done my MBA in LPU, Jalandhar. LPU education is worthy as well as placements. I got placed end of my semester and very happy to share . 100% placements and some of my frienz placed in international companies also. And some of friendz placed even though they are not interest to go companies and planning to do own business with help of LPU entrepreneurship training . It is the best place for study as well other entertainments like participated lot of events one world , one india and lot of departmental events. Enjoyed lot !! Job Offer . Dear just visit the LPU site and apply definitely you will also feel happy!! All the very best.

  4. Hello sir,

    I have done Diploma in ECE and I am working as a design engineer from past 3 years.
    I have yet to complete my btech(part time ) in 2017.

    My question is

    Will I am able to study MBA..? Because through my friends I heard like BTECH par time students will not be allowed to study MBA. Is that true..?

  5. Hello sir,

    I have 2 yrs experience in Supply Chain Management (process Executive),thought my company doesn’t asked for my 10th marks as I have 53% in my 10th,Now I wanted to join MBA because I need a higher level of education,as I was interested in SCM,Is there any % criteria while getting job after doing MBA?

    • Avinash,
      Yes, usually they do not look at your 10th grade percentage, do not worry. What matters is your most recent education and experience. They will consider your Bachelors degree acads, Entrance test scores and work experience for MBA.

  6. I am in second year of bms..and i have just given my Sem 4 exams in BMS…so it good to start preparing for CAT now or should i start preparing for it after completing my entire graduation in BMS? Is it so that due to gap of one year after my graduation and just sitting at home n preparing for CAT will not give me admission in good college?pls help

    • Sam,
      Everyone has a different view and situation. Some take a year break to prepare and succeed, some do not…The best thing to do, in my view, is to take up a job instead of taking break and then study for CAT in parallel…it may be tough to balance, but you can do it, if you have the will….In that way, you get both work experience and can also get into to good school….the worst case situation, if you do not get good scores in CAT, you will still have something at hand as job…if you sit at home and you end up not getting good scores in CAT, you will be stuck with one year gap and may not have good chances to enter workforce as you lost an year.

  7. hello sir,
    currently iam persuing btech 3rd year, can i take up mba after my btech or should i have to work for couple of years and then take up mba.

    • sandeep,
      You can take up directly, but I highly recommend that you work for few years before you take up MBA. The above article explains it why…

  8. Hello Sir,
    Thanks for the well informed article , I understand that you have expertise in the field of education when it comes to the US.

    I’m currently in my final year of BBA , should i work for a couple of years and then do my MBA abroad, or do a MBA as a fresher. My research states that all my classmates in Canada will be 28 years old with heavy work experience. I’m extremely confused with great pressure from my parents.

    Any input is highly appreciated,

    • Rohan,
      I highly recommend you work for few years and then take up MBA. Do not worry about age and other aspects… Many people do MBA after 4 to 5 years of work experience…It is ok to get married and then do MBA as well, you just have to plan…I was in your shoes many years ago and I can tell you, you have to make a calculated decision and go for it…

  9. Hello sir ,
    I have done my graduation in BBA i wanted to ask should i go for a job first or MBA first ?
    And what type of job can i get and would it be beneficial for me or not ?

    • komal,
      I highly recommend you work for few years before you take up MBA. Regarding Job, it is up to your passion, pick up anything that is of your interest. Where do you see yourself working in 10 years ? Try to pick something that aligns with your long term plans.

  10. Sir

    I am working for CA from past 2 years and now i am thinking about doing MBA. I want to ask whether i should opt for regular mba from G.N.D.U or P.T.U or should i opt for distance MBA ?

  11. Sir

    I am working with a CA from last 2 years and now i am thinking about quiting the job and start doing regular mba from G.N.D.U or P.T.U . I want to ask whether i should opt for only regular mba or distance mba while working with CA?

    • Panish,
      I cannot really speak for what is good for CA as I am not an expert. All I can suggest is look at your career from long term perspective like “where do you want to be in 10 years” and then try to pick up education that will help you get there.

  12. Hi
    Great article.
    You say that MBA is recommended when we want to move into any leadership roles.
    I am from an engineering background and want to do something of my own , a startup preferably. I have worked as a software engineer for around an year.
    Do I need an MBA ?

    • Prati,
      You do not need an MBA for startup. It may be nice thing to do as you get to learn some aspects of business and you may meet some good people to share ideas and find partners…but, it is not essential…If you have an idea and it is worth the risk, then go for it, you will learn the ropes of the game as you go along.

    • Lovely Professional University has dedicated Business Development mentors to assist students who are coming with the business ideas and to provide entrepreneurship training. The guidance given by mentors plays an important role to start a venture as they have to check the feasibility of the business.Lovely Professional University has industry associates giving one on one networking and self-employment tips to establish as successful entrepreneurs. Associations trigger confidence in students to take individual decision and to start their business plans. Better do the MBA programme in LPU and see the changes of your career!! all the best .

  13. sir,
    completed my btech in 2016,
    present im persuing mba distance in osmania university but iam worried about my job in future please suggest me the good way

    • amulya,
      Don’t worry too much. You have already made a choice to study. All you need to do now is work hard to find a job, you will succeed !

  14. Hello sir,
    I have completed my BE in 2015 and having 1.5 years of work experience .Along with work I have prepared for Cat .But that didn’t work for me as I prepare well along with job .Now I am thinking to quit the job .Is this right thing to do???

    • Bakul,
      I am not sure, if quitting job is the right thing. You can take a month or two off and do the prep to take the exam. It is all about balancing your work and preparing.

  15. Hello Sir,
    I am in 6th semester of my engineering from computer science .But after studying computers , I could not find interest in coding and all. So I was thinking doing MBA in HR or in marketing . Should I take a year drop for preparation of CAT examination . Please help.

    • CAT is not only option for MBA . private institute offering their own entrance exams and just try that exam and get seat in this year itself and do not waster one year your life for preparing the exam.
      1. LPU- LPUNEST mail: admissions@lpu.co.in
      2. VIT- VITEEE

    • Yes, I am also facing the same situation.
      Please explain which one would be better :- Joining a software company after btech or any HR field job?

  16. Hi Sir,

    I’m currently working with an MNC and its been only six months i have coorporate experience, I would like to complete a year with the company and then i’m planning to take up my higher studies. Is my decision right if i quit my job and then take a full time MBA? And if yes which are the institutions which you recommend ?

  17. Hi,
    Kumar sir, I am rajnish a computer science graduate passed out in 2013. Currently working with public sector bank form last 1.5 years in India itself. I want to do MBA in finance from USA. Can you tell me some of the good college for this and which exam I have to crack for scholarship??

  18. sir,
    I have complete my Electronics and Telecomm. engg . in 2016
    i want to do MBA . which field is better for me and job exp is required for me.

    • Athar,
      I suggest you take some time to work and get some experience and then pick up MBA. You will learn many things during work experience and it will help you choose your career path.

  19. Sir, I am a 3rd year student of B.Tech Mechanical branch.. I understand the importance of work experience before MBA.But my dilemma is regarding coaching for MBA..Should I begin the coaching now, and take the CAT exam after a year or two..Or should I try and take classes while working for job..How difficult would it be? ..Thanks

  20. Hello Sir,
    I am Nidhi. I am studying in final year of computer engineering(B.Tech.).
    I am confuse in between external MBA and full time MBA. please tell me which is better for girl.
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thank you.

    • Nidhi,
      It does not change either if you are girl or boy…I always recommend doing full time MBA as you will get more value out of it and the whole experience will be better…

  21. Hi Sir,

    My name is Raj and I am on a H1B in US and working for a MNC in US for the past 3 years.I have a total IT experience of 6 years. Now I am planning to pursue MBA in US. Will it be possible to work full time with MNC and pursue full time MBA in parallel? If yes, could you please suggest on the in-state tuition fee exemption. Initially for the first 18 months i stayed in Ohio. Later i moved to PA state and worked for 12 months. Currently i am working in RI state for the past 6 months.If i would like to pursue MBA in Ohio, will that be considered for In-State tuition fee exemption now (Since i am in RI state now but i paid taxes for more than 16 months when i worked in Ohio).

    Also, could you please suggest if GRE/GMAT is mandatory to pursue MBA in US. Or it can be waived off since i have IT experience of 6 years (includes 3 years work experience in US)?

    Thank you in advance

    • Raj,
      Yes, you can study MBA part time, while you are working full time and get in-statue tuition, if the state allows it. Unfortunately, for in-state tuition every state is different and you will need to specifically check based on your current state, with the school, if they can offer you in-state tuition or not. Usually, if you are not citizen, the state expects that you are living in the state for the past year or so and paying taxes, I am not sure, if they will give you in-state, if you moved out…again, you will need to check.

      Well, GRE or GMAT requirement is also based on school. Most of the good schools require you to take one of these tests. You can always speak to the school you plan to apply and ask for a waiver, but it is up to them. My experience is that, you will be asked to take it, if you are applying to a decent school.

  22. Hi Sir.. Thanks for your guidance..

    I am a Chartered Accountant and started working from this month(Nov 2016). Would it be good for me to take my MBA in 2018-20 batch or should I complete my B.com and M.com for the next 2 years(and adding valuable work experience in my cart) and then plan for MBA.

    I want to be strategic person with a specialization in corporate finance and looking for a great career in investment banking. I am 21, and my family is planning to get me married off by 24.

    So given the above situation, which would a better option.

    • Hema,
      You will need to complete your Bachelors for sure, if you want to apply for MBA. Ideally, it is recommended to work for few years before you apply for Masters like MBA. Also, if you are looking for US schools, some of them look for 16 years of education, in that case, you may be required to do something like M.Com. You can also look at MS in Finance, if you are looking for finance based career. Your marriage plans look tight and I highly recommend finding someone who understands your career aspirations and let you study or work after your marriage. Given the short three years you have got before your planned marriage, you can get your degree, but it will be rush and you may not get much value out of it as you will have less work experience. Take time to think, discuss with your parents and make an informed decision.

  23. Sir,
    I’m currently in my 3rd semester doing mechanical engineering. I aspire to study in the top B-schools such as harvard, stanford or the iims in India. Should I start preparing for CAT after 4th semester? And for work experience, suppose I work in the technical field after graduation, will it be sufficient for the B-schools to consider that as a work experience?

  24. Hi Kumar,

    I am Rini Banerjee working in IT as an insurance software content developer with an experience of 4years. However I have interest in the HR role and wish to pursue MBA in HR , I am B. Tech in computers as my highest qualification. I am thinking for CAT, SNAP, XAT in 2017 but am not sure how it would be for an IT developer with an experience of almost 5years to switch to HR role?
    Please provide your inputs here.

    • Rini,
      It is absolutely fine. Students pursue higher education for couple of reasons, either to progress in their area of interest or switch careers. When you are in MBA, you should do internships to gain some experience, so that you can get a job in HR area. Thats the critical part ! You need to carefully plan and go for it. if you know precisely what you want to do, you can speak to MBA admission at the universities you plan to apply and get their suggestion as well. It is counter intuitive to think of IT to HR change, but I know many people, who switched from IT to investment banking after MBA…it was the internship that made the difference for the switch.

  25. Sir,
    I am B.Tech pass out 2013 and currently having 2 yrs of exp in IT sector in sugar plant. Now I want to change my job but I am not able to understand in which line I go for secure job because I don’t know about coding design and all .I have some knowledge in SQL database because I work on it .I am totally confused and depressed about my life and my job in sugar mill there is no more work so there is no opportunity to learn so plz plz tell what I do

    • Vishal,
      If you are currently working in IT, try to leverage that experience and learn something new at work or on the side. You have many online courses websites like Coursera, Udacity, where you can learn and even get certificate. Once you have knowledge on new areas, you can try to apply to roles in other companies. It is up to how you position your knowledge and experience to get knew role. Dont give up…think of the positive side of life, you have a Job ! Many do not even have a job, so be positive and see how you can overcome it with hard work and make a move.

  26. Hi Sir ,

    I passed out in 2013 , B.Tech ECE ,with a 8 pointer.
    I have around 3 years of experience with a IT firm (product) as a software developer and then joined my family business about 6 months back . I don’t enjoy coding as much and wanted to decide if i should go for MS or MBA . I wanted to work briefly in business to get a holistic view and to able to choose my field of study . I would like to know if this shift in employment will seem as a rash decision and can be marked against me . And how i can show this movement as an asset .
    Please advice .


    • S,
      If such is the case, you can do couple of things, either pick up a role as business analyst inside IT firm that interfaces with business users…once you are comfortable, you can slowly move to management roles. Also, you can pursue MBA and try to change your career. You need to plan for internship when you are in MBA, to be able to get the job offer after that…It can be done, just requires planning and effort from your side…

  27. Sir,
    I am B.Tech pass out 2013 and currently having 2 yrs of exp in IT sector.
    Now I am planning for MBA. Which would be better: correspondence or regular ?
    Is there any difference in salary packages between the two ?
    Will increment/hike differ in future ?

    • Vandit,
      I always recommend doing it regular, if you can afford to do it. The experience you get with full time MBA is quite different and you will enjoy it. Salary is always dependent on many things and does not really depend on the way you get your degree. Frankly, if you are doing MBA just with a monetary perspective, it may not help much…unless, your company insists…You should think about where you want to be in 10 years and see, if MBA will help you get there…

  28. Hii,I have a question.
    I am btech engineer doing job as a developer in a company as well as pursuing MBA distance from ICFAI university in Human resource management.
    So what is the possibility to switch the domain from software developer to HR in recent years?Should I apply it after completing my mba?

    Want to know your opeinion

  29. Hello, sir ,Completed my graduation in 2012 working for almost 15 months and till now I am preparing for government sector …Interested in doing MBA or PGDM in Environmental or disaster management …Should I go for this career as an option ..Can a mechanical engineer can apply in such type of course.

    • gaurav,
      You need to know what you are passionate about and then pursue the same. You can apply for MBA, there is no restriction on the degree background, you will need a bachelors degree. I suggest you take some time to think about what you want to do in the long run in next 5 to 10 years and then make a decision on what to study or work…

  30. sir i want to leave btech ryt now and i am not able to understand what should i do instead of that and i am a 3rd year student now can u please advice me in better way????

  31. Sir’ myself F.khan. . I’ m doing.. my hsc in commerce stream… in Fyjc I secured 83% with out maths. .. I want you to suggest me better career. .. I want to know is Mba or hotel management. … what will be much better for me..

    • Khan,
      You need to be able to decide what is better for you based on your passion. Where do you see yourself in next 10 years ? Depending on where you see yourself, you should pursue something that gives you a choice to get there.

  32. I have completed B.E mechanical engineering in 2009, right now I have 7years experience in mechanical field. Now I have interest to do MBA. Is this wise decision to do and whether it will provide good career growth after completion.
    Please suggest me your opinion.
    Thank you

    • Abdul,
      It totally depends on what you want to do with your MBA. The value of it depends on how you use it. Some use it to change careers, some use it to move higher in the same area…some just get it for the sake of getting it and do nothing about it…so, you need to have a plan on why you want to do it, then only pursue it..take some time to think about your future goals and then take an informed decision.

  33. good evening Sir,

    I am a final year student , btech , mechanical . I have no interest in btech or engineering related stuff and I want to do managerial work and more of not the technical work .
    in which trade should I do my mba .

  34. sir,
    I am a third year computer science enginnering student.I would like to do my MBA after completing UG course..so what are all the procedures for undergoing PG course..its bit confusing that which college to select..i don’t know for what exam to prepare for?basically I am interested in business management and forward to do more in that field rather than IT field…

  35. Sir i am student of 4th year btech+mba/mtech integrated dual degree from gautam buddha university ,gr noida but i am confused in selection in course in mtech and mba in integrated degree .please suggest me btech+mba or btech +mtech.

  36. Sir,
    I am karthik persuing b tech 2 nd year in computer science engg.
    Sir I like aptitude questions.I like to solve them Sir,But cracking into CAT exam does my knowledge of learning cse engg is usefull in IIM ‘s college sir.Is cse engg is related to IIM’s subject. I mean learning b tech cse ,and studying in IIM is it correct sir..pls sir help sir give me clarity sir.

    • karthik,
      It is not about correct or wrong to do MBA from IIM, it is all about what you want to do with your career. If it is your passion to get into management side of things at some point in life, it is a better idea to have MBA. For MBA programs, your background does not matter, it is a management degree. Of course, your analytical capability will be honed with CSE, so it can help with IIM.

  37. sir,
    I just completed my BE (electronics) this year. It’s my dream of making a startup and I know an MBA coarse will help me for sure. I cracked CAT with 90 percentile last year and 99 percentile on MAT this year and planning to take CAT again in this year. So I can be into good IIM’s. But, is it good for me to move into an MBA program or move out for some work experience. Please suggest me.

    • If you have an option to work, I will highly recommend that you work for couple years and then take up MBA. Also, it is not required to have MBA for startup, if you have an idea, just go ahead and start.

  38. Sir,

    I have completed my B.tech in E.C.E in 2015 and currently working in an IT company as a tester.But now I am little bit confused whether to change job after a couple of years or to go for a MBA .Please help me with it that when should i go for MBA and in which field.

    • DEVESH,
      It all depends on what you want to do in the long run. MBA can help you get to management roles, if you do it right by positioning yourself well in your current company or can pick up a role in internship. I suggest you look your long term plans and then make a decision.

  39. Hello sir ,
    Sir am right now perusing my engineering in mechanical field , as in my internship days I could understand that technical part is not in interests , sir I had a thought of going for job a year and den do MBA , but after internship am thinking of directly going for MBA which are in my thoughts even before I did internship ,sir plz help me out , am fully confused .

    • Sreerag,
      I still think, you should work for a year or two and then take MBA. You will get more value of your education, if you do it after working for few years.

      • Sir,
        I am pursuing b.tech+mba from gautam buddha univ,grtr noida n i m in 4th yr i have opted mba rather than m.tech.I m very confused n i want to know whether companies accept students of dual degree course or not.

  40. Sir I am in 2nd year of Mtech from a reputed college of Telangana but I want to do MBA from IIM which I realised is my passion. Can you help me out in this regard

    • arshad,
      I am not sure what help you need. All I can say is anything is possible, take up CAT, prepare well and ace it. There is enough of information online or you can take special coaching from local institutes to get better.

  41. I am currently pursuing B.Tech(chem engg) and I want to be an entrepreneur
    So I decided to either get an MBA or a MS(Management engg) degree after my Btech
    But i am confused between these 2 fields so which field will provide me the required knowledge ….plz sir tell me different between both of them please help me out.

  42. Thank you so much sir that u gave me your precious advised,But sir due to lack of financial problem that i have to face now days,So its take time to overcome from these situation ,So parents suggested me to go for distance and i didn’t have an idea about distance degree whether it would be help or Not ?? So Suggest some field and distance center also…

    Anant Behera

  43. Sir i want to do Aviation ,i got 50.67% in HSC , But due to financial crisis and i think to move on to distance learning but i am confused that whether the degree is helpful in future or not f i go for B.tech in CS or plzz suggest me some Field that is helpful through distance education……

    Anant Behera

    • Anatnarayan,
      I think you should pursue something that you like and are passionate about it. Look at all the prospects and then pick something that will help you. I am sure there are many options to do it full time, if you can get some sort of funding or scholarship, try to explore options….

  44. sir,
    I am a BE graduate from chemical field of 2015 batch..its been more than a year and i could not get a suitable job..mba was what i thoughtto do after some work experience but after seeing work opportunities , i am thinkin to get my master done in order to not waste further time…is it still valuable ??

    • Ashwini,
      Well, it depends on what you want to do. Many a times, students fall into this trap of doing another degree and then being in same place after getting degree. If you really were to do it, pick a school that has better brand with campus placements,etc. so that you are not in same place again. You should not be just doing another degree because you did not get a job…try harder or find other ways to get a job.

  45. Hi kumar,
    I’m currently working in a MNC in India, being a computer science undergraduate I joined as a software engineer and now its around two years and I want to do MBA in top b school in USA.
    But I’m worried that my experience is not much of management related works. Should I have a job change and try for something more focused on managerial kind of work for the next one year as I’m planning to apply in 2017.

    Your advise and suggestions will be highly appreciated.


    • Archana,
      Not really, you do not need to have management related work experience. If you have a chance to get a role in management now, you can go for it, but it is not mandatory. I suggest you try to get good scores in GMAT so that you can get into top school. Start thinking about your SOP or MBA essay on your goals for MBA, this will be critical.

  46. Sir i am doing a bsc while doing a bsc course i got intrest in mba i want to know can i do mba and if i can do what are the conditions do i have to give any intrance or competition or a direct admission should be given and from when i can do it only after completing bsc or from before completing it ..plzz tell me sir

    • ankit,
      You can do MBA. Depending on where you plan to study, you will need to take entrance exams like GRE, CAT, IELTS, etc. It is recommended to work for few years before you pursue your MBA.

  47. Sir i am doing a fybsc fist year from khalsa college in mumbai (mumbai university ) i got at least 15 marks short in aipmt and then while doing a bsc course i got intrest in mba i have a intrest and knowledge as well in progrming as html,c,c++ java etc beacause i have ip in 11 and 12 so want to know can i do mba and if i can do what are the conditions do i have to give any intrance or competition or a direct admission should be given and from when i can do it only after completing bsc or from before completing it ..plzz tell me sir

    • ankit,
      As I said above, yes, you can do. Yes, you can only do it after B.SC. It is a masters degree and you need a bachelors before you go for Masters.

  48. Sir, I have completed my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with distinction in 2016 and I have got placed in 2 companies . Now am in a dilemma that , should I work or go higher studies in abroad (MBA) .and if I do what benifit I’ll acquire in the job. So sir I need a clear idea, what is the better way to go on.

    • If you would like to study MBA in future, i suggest you work for couple of years at least and then do MBA. Read the article again to understand why I suggest that work experience is important for MBA.

  49. Sir,
    I will complete my b.tech in ECE in 2017 and I am currently preparing for MBA from IIMs right after B.tech.
    However, after reading the FAQ’s above I am confused.

    I enjoy programming, know C,C++,Java ,HTML, CSS and XML.
    I have also worked on embedded systems based projects.
    I have a keen interest in coding and I have good leadership skills.

    I feel like I need to develop a business sense and gain insight into the business world as being from technical background i m kinda unaware.
    I see myself at a managerial position in the near future.
    However I don’t wish to leave my technical interest behind.

    Should I go for a technical job first or do my mba right away?
    Or is there any possible way to get the best out of this and have both the things I.e. a technical and managerial job.

    • Vednashi,
      Looking at your interest, I feel that you should take up a programming role for few years and then pursue MBA after that…you can then take up leadership role leading technical teams or even take up product management roles. You can be leading the Product side as a technology leader…It is all about how you position yourself after MBA…You have time, so plan it out well, you will be fine.


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