Auditing Courses in USA – Why should you Audit more Classes in MS, MBA?

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Many professionals like to expand their knowledge by auditing classes at a local university. Some of you may want audit classes from Stanford or Berkeley, just to have an experience of what  those classes look like. Some of you may not know what I am talking about…I have audited so many classes in MBA—In fact, repeated some classes as the …

Where to buy Cheap Air tickets as Student in US? Discounts?

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I remember looking for deals as a student where to buy tickets and asking people and school officials where to buy air tickets for cheap. I did not know initially know where to buy and usually would just go to websites like,, to buy tickets.  But, there is another website that I missed at that time…I saved …

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Why you should NOT ask Grades(Percentage) of others in US Universities?

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International students are used to asking grades or percentage of other students in their class. The reality is, in countries like India, the results are posted publicly and everyone knows the grades. But, things work different in America. There are laws to protect your privacy and privacy issues are very serious in America. Let me share my thoughts on this. …