Auditing Courses in USA – Why should you Audit more Classes in MS, MBA?

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Many professionals like to expand their knowledge by auditing classes at a local university. Some of you may want audit classes from Stanford or Berkeley, just to have an experience of what  those classes look like. Some of you may not know what I am talking about…I have audited so many classes in MBA—In fact, repeated some classes as the class was taught by different professor and material was different…let me share few of my thoughts on this.

What is Auditing Courses in USA?

Auditing a class means, “attending all class sessions of a course, but not getting credit for attending classes…”. Typically, most of the times, you do not take any exams or you do not have to do any assignments or projects too as you are not graded and you do not get any credit for work…. Most of the times, students who want to learn something that they are interested in, but that does not count towards their degree audit classes…

How to Audit Classes in US ? Can anyone audit classes?

Well, it varies by school…but the fundamentally, it is up to the instructor or professor of the class to take you as an audit student. Instructor has to agree that it is ok for you to sit in their classes and audit.  Sometimes, instructor has to sign a piece of paper saying that you can audit the class…if you are an enrolled student, you can audit classes…some schools have restrictions that you have to be an accepted students to audit classes, but some do not have any restrictions and anyone can audit classes

Do you have to pay extra ? How much does it cost ?

Well, it depends on your status as a student. If you are a full time student, you do not need to pay anything extra….but if you are just auditing instead of a full time student you may have to pay extra…again, it totally depends on the school.

Why should you Audit? What are the advantages of Auditing Graduate classes ?

Some of you may be thinking like, “that does not makes sense, why would someone audit classes, if you do not get any credit for it ?”.  Think about it for a second, when you are studying MS or MBA, you are not trying to get a piece of transcript saying that you studied something….you goal is either to be proficient in that field( if you are doing MS) or you want to be a good administrator(if you are doing MBA)…the main point is, learning knowledge is more important.

If you have read article : Why not to skip classes , how much money lost, you would get an idea of how much money you need to pay to get and listen to a class…imagine you doing that for free ? Yes !!! When you are auditing a class, you are getting the same education as someone who has paid $200 or $500 per class session…isn’t that cool ? Why NOT take advantage of the golden offer when you are in School. In fact, I audited many classes in MBA, some were just repeats but they were taught differently…I learnt so much in the classes, I even took tests and did all the homework….some looked at me as crazy guy, but I have to tell you I learnt so much stuff !  Some other advantages are :

  • you get to network with some more students
  • you get to know the professors more as you are unique and trying to learn.
  • you get to be part of discussions with students
  • you get to learn all the knowledge shared by other students

All of this could be free 🙂  (if you are a full time student)

Every school has their own policies and you should talk to professors and then proceed. Check out different policies at few top schools below :

Anyways, if you have an option and have time, you should definitely consider auditing classes, you learn so much…the good thing is, there is less pressure on you and you will be more productive!

Did you ever audit any class ? Any other thoughts on Auditing ?

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Comments ( 3 )

  1. Vicky

    Someone suggested this option to me from a forum for people emigrating. What a great resource. Once I have entered America I will not be able to work or study for up to 3 months while I adjust my status — I am marrying an American. I was a psychology student here in the U.K . I completed just under 2 years of a 3 year undergrad degree before we decided to marry. I transferred my credits to transcript and posted it to my fiance. Anyway, I plan to resume with my studies once I am out there, and auditing classes at the Uni I wish to attend will give me a great opportunity to see how the psychology course is taught there, meet the professors and begin networking.

    I really hope the University I want to attend offer this?


  2. Easwaran

    @Mr.kum r,
    i only can say, what a lucky ppl who are studying in usa, MS OR MBA
    the photo looks really awesome,
    one doubt , how can a student who is enrolled in one university can participate in another university for auditing classes.
    is it possible , what about the distance , can you guide me please
    thanks for the information

    1. administrator

      Well, I am not sure if you can audit in other schools, unless there is a tie up between schools. About distance education, yes…but you will not be able to have interactive session and be recorded. It is called open-courseware. For instance you can technically audit classes from schools like MIT. Not all schools provide this and you will not have all classes online too. You can check few of these here : MIT Open Courseware
      UC Irving Open courseware
      Harvard University Extension

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