Why NOT to skip any class in MS or MBA? Money lost per Lecture session?

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One day, during my MBA first semester, I was looking at my tuition fee receipt and just out of my curiosity I did a simple math on how much money I was exactly paying for each lecture session of a course. I was amazed by the calculations and it just changed my perspective of classes and I never intentionally skipped any class session and took more advantage of my classes. Let me share few thoughts and my perspective.

How much does each lecture session cost in MS or MBA in US ?

Most of the times, we know how much it costs per credit or total course, but tend to ignore the cost of a lecture session. Here is simple math.

Typically, total lectures per course = 14  (Typically a semester has  14 weeks )

Take out two lecture sessions for exams and one to two class sessions for holidays or group work, etc. Overall, you are left with 10 to 11 sessions. I would round it off to 10 sessions because; the classes are left early and break time, etc. If there are no exams, then you would still lose a class at least because students ask for time for final or take home and other stuff.

If you pay out-of-state tuition as international student or attend any private school for MBA here are some calculations. These are some very high level calculations and not perfect numbers, just trying to give you an idea.

US UniversityFee per CourseFee per Class session

= Per Course fee/10

University of Chicago


University of Houston (MS)$1860$186
University of Wisconsin(MS)$4,300$430

I do not need to do any more calculations as you get an idea. The fee per class ranges from $180 to $500 or more. In fact, I am not including the segregated fee and other stuff; it may go up by another $20 to $30 depending on school…

Why NOT to Skip any Graduate class in US ? Logical decision ?

As you can see above, logically speaking, it does not make sense for you to skip any class. If you do not attend any class, you are basically taking $200 or $500 of money and throwing in trash… or just losing from your bank account…. Sometimes, some classes may be boring and you may not like it a bit….unless you are able to do something more productive that can generate $200 or $500 value return, there is  no reason for you to skip class….As international students, you have to realize that this is a lot of money….sometimes students overlook the amount of money spent on their education and take things for granted and skip classes….anyways, this is just an analysis to insist why you should not skip any classes. I am NOT trying to say that you have to go to classes because you are paying money…I am just giving you an analysis  and perspective to show the monetary side of it…The goal of going to class should be to learn something new…if you do not learn anything, at least network with fellow class mates, they will help you succeed in many ways…

What do you think ? Any different perspective on missing classes ?

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  1. Neha

    totally agree with you. I haven’t missed a single class. Some students in my class work part time/ful time and when they miss classes . I think its ok but I fail to understand why international students miss classes. Moreover, I see some choose “easy” classes, I never do so because I really want to learn something for the fee that I pay. Same way, copying assignments or papers is a no for me.

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