Where to buy Cheap Air tickets as Student in US? Discounts?

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I remember looking for deals as a student where to buy tickets and asking people and school officials where to buy air tickets for cheap. I did not know initially know where to buy and usually would just go to websites like priceline.com, orbitz.com, kayak.com to buy tickets.  But, there is another website that I missed at that time…I saved some money booking through this website.

Website Student Discount Air tickets in USA ?

If you are a student in US, obviously there are tons of discounts everywhere ranging from movie tickets to restaurants…the same is true for air tickets too. If you go to StudentUniverse.com, you will find student prices. Most of the times, they are usually cheaper than the other websites like  priceline.com, orbitz.com, kayak.com. There is a condition to buy tickets from StudentUniverse.com, you have to be a student studying at school either 2 year of 4 year University…it does not matter if you are part time student or full time student. You just have to have to be an enrolled student. You can also book group tickets here. Especially if you are travelling for conferences.

How does it work ? What should you do ?

There is nothing specific , all you have to do When you buy the ticket, you will be asked to enter your .edu email address. Make sure you register with .edu address and it should be automatic.  The only thing is, there are limited seats available for Student discounts, so you would have to book ahead of time. When you go to the website and search, it will show like “8 seats left or something like that”. So, the trick is to book early as soon as your plans are in place. Again, book at StudentUniverse.com to save money as student.  If you are not a student, maybe you should consider enrolling as a student?  Seriously, Are you going to? I do not think the tuition fee is worth the saving on air ticket  🙂

Do you know any other websites, where there are deals for Students ?

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Comments ( 2 )

  1. india_travel

    Hi Saurav

    I am looking to book tickets to india for the month of Decemeber, 2011 . My date window would be 12/26/2011- 01/12/2011. I am looking at different websites and everywhere the fare is above $1500. I am looking for a price below that.
    – Is it true that price of ticket to India lowers in october?
    – Do you any good websites that sells cheap india tickets?


    1. administrator

      As a full disclosure, I am travelling to India around those dates, and my tickets are in the range of $1500. You can compare prices on bing.com, kayak or expedia. They even have a tool that predicts if the prices are going up or down.

      I doubt if the prices would go down substantially as it Holiday season. You can still play around w/ travel dates to see if that changes the price.

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