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Will there be any Ragging or Hazing in MS or MBA in US Universities?

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When I was planning on my US trip for MS, I was thinking would there be ragging or hazing (In America, people do not call ragging, they calling Hazing) when I come to US. Some of you might be in a similar mindset thinking about and may be worried at times…Let me share some thoughts on this.

Will there be any ragging or Hazing in American Universities in MS or MBA ?

Short answer NO!!! It is illegal in most of the states. There are anti-hazing laws to prevent ragging. In reality, you do not see hazing in a Graduate program level setting.  Honestly, every senior I met was very helpful. They take care of you, you are in a different country and trying to adjust, they support you. Often after you come to US, you call them Bhai, Anna or Sir…but I was told not to call like that from Day one and told to call by name casually.  In my undergrad, it was a rule to call seniors by Sir and Madam, but not in US my friend… It was tough first few weeks to call by name, slowly I got used to it…I have studied in almost 4 Universities, I have not heard of any hazing or ragging done to a masters level student.   I think the reason there is no hazing is because, there is no concept of Senior or Junior. You can take the classes you want, it is not mandatory, so the students keep changing based on class and not tied by year. Overall, conclusion, no ragging in MS in America.

Hazing is sometimes observed in undergraduate fraternities and sororities. It is done under the cover and probably no one knows as it is illegal… Typically, when you want to be a part of a Fraternity or sorority, they may do some hazing. But, it is illegal and I do not think it comes out. Personally, I have not seen it anywhere or heard about it in all the schools I studied.

Is Hazing or Ragging Illegal in all US States?

No. Not all of them. Except 6 states (Alaska, Montana, South Dakota, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Wyoming) hazing is illegal in rest of the 44 states. For specifics of each state Anti-Hazing law refer to the page : All State Anti-Hazing Laws in US

Did you ever heard of Hazing in any US school? Any Hazing stories?

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Comments ( 5 )

  1. Easwaran

    My Beloved Kumar
    greetings and i welcome you and the visitor to the blog with great love and great respect.
    it is passion that makes one excel, i am a witness to your passion , u are really going extra mile to live life fully.yes i feel so friend. I was worried about this when i was opting to send my boy to usa,but later a friend of mine has said there is strict law in US which protects the new student.
    now my son is in usa , Missouri S&T ,Rolla, Mo. and he is really happy to be there as the university is emerging one for research too. to maintain this blog and responding to new quires one should be really committed , Mr.Kumar i am so thankful to you, i am doing my best to spread this blog service to many of friends who is interested in sending their children to US.
    By the by do you have any option for the visitor to be member , i mean paid service
    so that it will help me to be at ease with my self.
    since i feel you are doing this great service with love and zeal.it must be taking your precious time ,thanks Mr.Kumar’
    with gratitude

    1. administrator

      Easwaran, Thanks for spreading the word. I never thought about plans to provide any paid premium services… I will try to help and guide as much as I can just like now….My goal is to create a platform for others to share and guide one another that’s why we have forum too.

      1. great reply kumar!

        Great reply kumar!
        its great to know that you are committed to providing quality content to your readers . I have been following your blog pretty ardently and i can say with confidence that you provide quality content to anyone aspiring for education or work in the United states .

        As for Mr easwaran , with all due respect sir,please stop trying to a** kiss the owners of sites,you follow . I truly appreciate your interest and ideas but please refrain from directing ideas such as the one you have suggested in your post. Don’t we need to realize as “Indians ” that information as in this case provided by Kumar is of prime quality irrespective of the whether it is “premium paid” or free to all.. OR are we in a haze where the ” price ” of the information is more important than the information itself?

        With best regards,
        An ardent follower

      2. Easwaran

        it is nice to see you that your goal is to create a platform for others to share and guide one another that why we have forum too>
        good kumar
        i appreciate this
        keep it up
        sincerly yours

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