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What are Mentoring Programs in US Universities for Students ? Help Internationals ?

Moving to a different country for higher education and getting accustomed to the new education system in America can be a challenge for many students. Most of the Universities offer various mentoring programs  to help new students.  I have been part of many of these programs in all the universities that I studied and got a lot out of mentorship.  Let me share some thoughts on this.


What are these Mentoring Programs in US Universities ?  

Depending on the school you attend, there are a variety of mentoring programs that are available for all the students to get mentorship and succeed at University.  Some mentorship programs connect you with a peer of your same age, who has been in the University for some time. Some of the programs connect you with a professor, who will mentor you on how to succeed in school.   Depending on the school, these mentors are either volunteering or sometimes paid a nominal stipend.  Usually, students who have been in University for a semester or two sign up for these programs.  Typically, these mentors are trained on how to work with students and guide them.  I think many of these mentoring programs are really good as someone around the same age and on your education level are sharing their experiences and guiding you to succeed in school.  Personally, I benefited a lot from these programs as you get firsthand information on various aspects of the school.

Mentoring Programs for International Students : 

 Besides general mentoring programs, there are some specific programs for international students that are designed to help new international students to help adjust to the new environment in America and new Education system. In fact, I joined a mentorship program to learn English and understand American culture.  It depends on the school and some schools may not have such programs.    Usually, these are organized by the International students office or intercultural students center. You need to check with these offices.  You will get a lot out of these programs as international students because they are designed to help you understand American Culture and get you out of the pre-conceived notions.

Where to check for Mentoring Programs ? How to Enroll ? 

Usually, these mentoring programs are organized by Student Success Center or Student Life office. It totally depends on the school.  Also, there would be mentoring programs organized by your department, you need to check with your academic advisor or Dean’s office.   All you need to do is check with these offices and sign-up by filling a form.  You have to do this in the beginning of the semester as these are allocated during the beginning. You cannot enroll in the middle. Also,  there would be limited mentors and you may not get a mentor. So, be proactive and enroll.

Here are some programs at some schools :

What have been your experiences ? Did you enroll in such programs ?

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