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Do I need to take GMAT for MBA if I have MS from US ? GRE for MBA ?

GMAT waiver for MBA   - GRE or GMAT Some of you might be planning on doing MBA down the line after working for few years and thinking of few questions in your mind like :

  • Do I need to take GMAT for MBA  again ?
  • Should I again take GRE or GMAT for MBA ?
  • Will my old GRE work for MBA ?
  • Does schools consider MS in USA for MBA admission ?
  • Is there any way I can avoid GMAT ?
  • How to request for GMAT waiver ? Sample Waiver letter ?

I can keep on writing…I will address few of the questions and share my thoughts as I was exactly in the same boat couple years ago. I am left with last 3 classes for graduating with MBA, can’t wait to graduate!

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Do you need GMAT for MBA if you have MS from USA ?

Short answer, Depends ! Isn’t it irritating when someone doesn’t say straight answers yes or no and says, “ It depends”. I hate it…but anyways, I have to answer like an accountant here because US universities work that way :).   The decision of the school to waive your GMAT completely depends on the school you are applying to.

Few Scenarios where GMAT is waived for MBA Applicants if

  • You have a graduate degree (MS) from USA, then you do not need to take GMAT other wise you have to take GMAT. It should show in your official transcript.
  • You have professional certifications life CPA, CFA, CIA, etc, they may waive taking GMAT
  • You have immense business experience and you have been in Executive leadership positions or if you have demonstrated significant leadership experiences in an Organization.

For instance,  UW Oshkosh gives waiver for all the above three scenarios, you may check the  admissions website of UW Oshkosh MBA admissions They claim 15% of their students do not take GMAT.

GMAT needed for MBA

Some schools insist that you have to take GRE and there are no exceptions. It does not matter you have 10 or 15 years of experience, you should take GMAT. They want to assess students basic Mathematics and Analytical skills. It can be a tough sell here trying to convince the school to waive GMAT for MBA admission. I tried few schools and they were very firm and did not consider.

How to request Waiver for GMAT for MBA admission ? Sample Waiver letters ?

It is no rocket science to write a good requisition letter for waiver of GMAT for MBA admission. Here is what you should write in the Waiver letter of GMAT for MBA. I will not post a sample letter here, but explain the contents that your waiver letter should have.

Contents and attachments of GMAT Waiver letter :

  • Your area of expertise, Your role and work experience.
  • Leadership roles and other team related activities you were part of.
  • How your work experience has helped you gain leadership experience, basic analytical skills
  • Attach Unofficial / Official transcript of your Graduate Degree from US
  • Attach your resume with all the details like GPA, Leadership roles, Experience, Professional memberships, etc

That’s all, your goal is to convince the admissions committee that you have the experience and you are ready to get into Graduate school for MBA without proving the same by taking GRE or GMAT.

GRE or GMAT for MBA Admissions:

Lately, many good schools are starting to accept GRE for MBA admissions. You definitely need to check the school website for this or ETS website for this.  The GRE is changing soon and they are trying to make it stronger to be on par with GMAT for MBA admissions.  Check the ETS article below with list of schools that accept GRE for MBA

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  1. Hi,

    I am a H1b visa holder and working in IT sector since couple of years. I completed MBA from India and now
    I am planning to study PhD program in Management Science in US.
    If I don’t need this GRE/GMAT, could you please provide an information on schools which are offering it.

    Dallas, Tx.
    Do I need to still write GRE or GMAT to do PhD program in US? (I will continue my work on h1b and do for this study program as part time)

    • Kevin, It all depends on how you position yourself with the University Graduate School, if you can speak to them and get it waived, it can be 🙂


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