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Welcome to the RedBus2US blog!  Thank you for stopping by to know more about us…

What’s RedBus2US.com all about?

RedBus2US Blog is all about information and user experiences aimed to help international students, working professionals, and many others aspiring to study, work, travel, and live in America, including a few other countries.  We have been the trusted source of providing reliable information over the past 10 years, starting from 2009. We have reached over 36 million users since we started our blog. 

What’s Our Mission?

To empower international students, professionals, and travelers with knowledge from official sources and personal experiences from our user community to make informed decisions. 

What are things we cover on the blog?

On RedBus2US we write articles and news updates that address questions like the below…

As a student aspiring to come to the US you might think…

  • How will it be here once you land in America?
  • How would your MS life be here in the US?
  • What does everyone think of you back in India?
  • Where to work when a student?
  • What every student should know?
  • What every student can enjoy?
  • What is an on-campus job vs off-campus working as a student?
  • How to get a scholarship?
  • How is the education system in America?
  • Should I come to the US in a recession?
  • What kind of jobs will I get after MS?
  • How should I choose an employer for work?

As a professional aspiring to come to the US on H1B or work visa you may think…

  • What are the immigration issues?
  • What is an H1B visa?
  • How to choose a consulting company?
  • How to negotiate with employers?
  • How are interviews different from India?
  • What can I bring to US ?
  • What is the lifestyle there? Clothes?
  • What should I learn? How to talk on the phone?
  • Should I buy car after I go ?

After getting a job and having some money in the US, you may think…

  • Where to invest? US or India ? Why?
  • What can you enjoy after you get a job?
  • What can you do in the USA? What are the opportunities?
  • How to network with the Desi community?
  • Should you date someone?
  • Should you do social drinking ?
  • What sports should you follow ?
  • Lifestyle, dress sense ? Brands?
  • How to network with others in America?
  • Should you learn to dance? What is your edge with dancing?
  • Where to go during breaks to have fun?
  • How to plan finances here in the US?
  • Should you call home every day ? Why?
  • How is American society ? What do people care? Etiquette?
  • How to impress someone ?
  • Philosophy of Life in US and what good you can get out ?
  • Why should you enjoy life ? How much to spend? Why?

Tons of questions no one writes about… We have embarked on a wonderful journey many years ago and it has been so wonderful and we all cherish every minute of it…. we have learned so many things down the road…. we always wanted to write our experiences and help others understand and learn…

We also have a YouTube Channel with over 20,000 subscribers and we share videos on various topics.

How it all started ?

Weird name for the website huh? Have you ever wondered how the experience would be traveling to the US from a small village of 25 houses?  Kumar’s (founder of the blog) journey is from a RedBus  (Govt. Bus connecting villages painted in Red Color in India ) to the US…Over the years, there is so much knowledge, Kumar and the team has acquired on their journey to live in the US as students and professionals, including travel to other countries…This blog is our attempt to share our knowledge, honest opinions, and experiences … Over the years many of us have come together as a team with the same vision to help others…If you want to be part of the team, write to us!

Will we be able to help everyone with this blog?

There is a well-known story, A boy was running across ocean shoreline and throwing starfish into the ocean to save them from sunlight. A man approached the boy and asked,  “what are you trying to do here?  You cannot save all the Starfish, the ocean is big and the shoreline is never-ending.” The boy replied, “yeah I know I cannot save every starfish, but it does make a difference for the starfish I hold in my hand !” That’s our philosophy…we may not be able to help everyone, but we can make an impact on the users who visit our blog…

Would you like to share your experiences with the larger set of readers? You can send it to redbus2us@gmail.com


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  1. Hi guys i just got informed from employer that my h1 application got picked.AD/RP regular processing.Thanks to all of you for information.Good luck to you all.

  2. Hi Saurabh,
    I am working for TOP MNC company in IT firm, i have around 9 year of Experience, i applied for H1 B this year and last year too, i am not lucky last time, i do not know this time, my company not sharing info yet,
    I applied H1 B for my wife last year and she got selected and working for good company in US now, if i am not selected in lottery this time, i would like to purse MS computers from US universities and would like to work on CPT/OPT while doing my MS.

    Let me explain my background, i am basically BA background completed in the year of 2002, and completed my Bed in 2005 and joined good MNC company and provided training good technologies and completed my MS computers from Sikkim Manipal university in the year 2010 thru Distance eduction.

    Now my question is if i have not selected lottery in this year, i would like to come to US on H4 and purse to MS Computers again from US universites,

    Is it required to complete the GRE, TOFEL ?
    Are they any universites accept with out GRE, TOFEL ? this should not be problem for OPT, CPT ?
    if i have not writtern GRE, TOFEL , Is there any internal exam i have to pass before getting the seat in Universites ?
    if i go for GRE what would be least score school could accept ?

    i know these would be silly question , but for me those importanat question .
    because think of the person who came from different back ground as non IT education background would like to do the MS from US universites with out GRE and TOFEL.

    Please could you advise me


  3. Dear Moderators / Ravi, I don’t have words to express my gratitude for developing and sharing these precious information through this site. I am 40 and god bless you and give you all the best things for a peaceful , healthy and wealthy life. Take Care and continue doing this. Cheers Sowmi

  4. Hi Saurabh,

    I am Senior Software engineer (15+ years) working and living in UK. I was wondering if one is a Bristish citizen, would the process of getting an H1B visa by a potential empolyer that is willing to sponsor me be a lot easier since I am from UK?

    Many thanks in advance.


  5. Hi All, I’m currently working in India, My husband is in the US. I have a valid H4 Visa which is valid since October 2012. As I’m currently employed in India with a reputed firm I did not want to go to US as I cannot work there. As I was giving some Interviews for a new Job I came across this employer who is very reputed in India who liked my Profile and want to sponsor a Visa to work in US which is L1 visa as they have Blanket approval for the same. This company is ready to Produce my appointment letter dated a year ago. While I was working in the current organization. Let me be more specific this Company XXX who is suggesting to apply for my VISA is one of the fortune 500 Companies and is well reputed. I’m little skeptical about this as have not been their employee for the past one year. Also to be more specific they have offered me a job which is exactly the same as the applications that I’m working on currently. Pls could you advise if I should go for this.

    • Recha,
      That’s strange. The employer is reputed and still wants to do visa fraud by back-dating the letter.

      Do not go for this.

  6. Hi,

    I have graduated from my Master s this month and i had applied for my EAD-OPT card on March 22, 2012. I checked the status online and it says that my EAD card has been denied and they have mailed a physical notice regarding the reason for denial. I have a job offer already and my employer has filed my H1B and it has been approved. But the H1B kicks in only from October 1, 2012. Can you please let me know what is the future procedure i need to take. I have no idea what to do now. Any suggestions would be good.

    Eshwar N.

    • Eshwar,
      Assuming your OPT was denied, you were in 60 day grace period when applying for H-1 petition. This puts you in cap-gap status which allows you to stay in US but not work until Oct 1. Let your school DSO know about the H-1 approval so that they can update the SEVIS record. You can either continue to stay in US on F-1 (you cannot work) and be on H-1 from Oct 1 or leave US and enter US on stamped H-1 visa (around Oct 2012).

      BTW, I am assuming your H-1 was approved w/ COS. Let me know if that didn’t happen.

      • Hi Saurabh,

        Thanks a lot for replying to my query!!
        This is the statement mailed to me by my employer attorney regarding H1B filing – “We are pleased to advise that the H-1B change of status petition filed on your behalf has been approved by USCIS. Your H-1B status will be valid from October 1, 2012 until September 30, 2015.” – Does this indicate H-1 was approved w/ COS ?

        I graduated on May 20,2012 . So my 60 day grace period will be till July 20,2012. My H1B was filed before this graduation date(filed on May 9,2012 and approval notice I-797 received from USCIS on May 21,2012) . Is this ok for cap-gap?

        I just want double check with the cap-gap – Is this cap-gap applicable to me also with no OPT card or is it applicable to only people who have got their OPT card for 12 months and exhausted the 12 month period(POST OPT extension period).

        The employer attorney also mentions that traveling outside US before Oct 1, 2012 can jeopardize my H1B status. What does this mean? Will I not be able to get my H1B stamped if I go back to India before Oct 1, 2012?

        I asked my school DSO to check my SEVIS and it is still active. What do you want me to do now with my SEVIS? My DSO told me to wait for the denial notice to arrive and then we will proceed with further action. Ill also mail you the denial notice once I get it.

        Eshwar N.

        • One more Q – Should i apply motion to reopen/reconsider my OPT denial ? how much time does this procedure take to get my OPT approval? My joning date with the company is June 1st,2012 – i have to negotiate with my manager to postpone the joing date. So i need a rough figure by when i will be able to get my OPT-EAD card.

        • Eshwar,
          You should ask your employer if the 797 has an I-94 attached at the bottom. If it does, then it has been approved w/ COS. If it was filed w/ COS, then you are eligible for cap-gap.

          Can-gap is applicable to people on just F-1 as well (i.e. no OPT). It’s just that they don’t get work authorization. So they can continue to stay till Oct 1, but cannot work.

          If you are eligible for cap-gap, then you should let your DSO know about this. That’s what I meant to say about your SEVIS record.

          If you leave US, then you can return to US after getting H-1 visa stamped. If you don’t go for H-1 stamping, then you cannot return until Oct 1 as you no longer have F-1 status (your OPT was denied and you have completed the graduation).

          You should wait to know the OPT denial reason. If you think it was in error, then you can file an appeal or file MTR. It might take 2-3 months, and there is a possibility that your H-1 starts even prior to that.

          • Hi Saurabh,

            Thanks a ton for all the answers!!

            I received the I-797 form and it has a I-94 attached to it at the bottom. So i guess im eligible for cap-gap.

            One more concern regarding cap-gap – I some where read that there is a 90 day unemployment period after which the candidate should leave US.
            1. Does this apply to me when im in cap-gap ( i will be unemployed if i dont get my OPT)?
            2. If it applies, from what date does this unemployment period ticker start?
            3. Starting from now , can i stay in US till October 1st,2012 unemployed?

            Sorry for bugging you – can please explain this to me in little more detail…
            “If you leave US, then you can return to US after getting H-1 visa stamped.” –
            4. I can only return back after Oct 1,2012 right?
            5. Will there be any problem while getting the H1-Visa stamped and port of entry ? common problems as such…

            ” If you don’t go for H-1 stamping, then you cannot return until Oct 1 as you no longer have F-1 status (your OPT was denied and you have completed the graduation).” –
            6. What do you mean by this ? Is it going back to India and not going for stamping ? If so, can i return back without stamping after Oct 1,2012 ?

            Thanks again,
            Eshwar N.

          • Eshwar,
            1. Cap-gap allows you to maintain the status at the time of H-1 filing. As you were in 60 day grace period, you can extend that until Oct 1. So the 90 day OPT unemployment period doesn’t apply to you
            2. Refer (1)
            3. Yes based on your cap-gap. Let your school know about the H-1 approval and cap-gap
            4. Yes. The earliest you can return on H-1 visa is Sep 20th and can then start working from Oct 1
            5. You can always run into issues during stamping based on the submitted documents and information (just like petition processing)
            6. What I meant was you cannot return to US w/o getting H-1 visa stamped. You will no longer be on F-1 and so the only option to return to US is to get H-1 visa stamped

          • Thanks a lot Saurabh. Helped me a lot. Now i will wait for my denial notice and negotiate with my employer for my starting date. Hope all goes well. I will post my denial reason once i get it and trouble you again if i have any doubts.. 🙂

          • Hi Saurabh,

            I have one more question.

            1. My future employer has the HQ in US and a branch office in India. Can i be employed by my employer in US and work from India till Sep 30,2012 and then come back to US on Oct 1st,2012 and start working in US?
            2.Is this a feasible option to ask my employer?
            3.How much impact will this have for my HIB stamping interview – as i have an office in India, why cant i continue to work from India instead of shifting to US.
            4.Or its better to stay in US unemployed till Sep 30,2012 and then start my job on Oct 1st,2012?

            Eshwar N.

          • Eshwar,
            1. Yes
            2. Yes
            3. You can tell VO that this was just a temporarily solution as the H-1 couldn’t have started until Oct 1 and the employer wanted you to start working for them ASAP.
            4. If you can work for them prior to Oct 1, then go for it. Remaining unemployed also doesn’t hamper your chances. Discuss this w/ your employer and see what their opinion is.

          • Thanks Saurabh for patiently answering all my questions. Im now well prepared by knowing my options and scenarios to talk to my employer and DSO at school. I will let you know my future proceedings.

            Eshwar N.

          • Hi,

            I got my OPT EAD card atlast!!

            OPT denial reason : USCIS records stated that my status has been changed from F1 to H1B nonimmigrant temporary worker. Hence my OPT got denied.
            But my H1B filed by my employer would kick in only from October 1st, 2012.

            This was a system error that denied my OPT, but later the immi officials acknowledged it and reopened my file.

            OPT EAD applied : March 12, 2012
            OPT denied online status : May 22, 2012
            OPT denial reason letter in hand : May 29, 2012
            Request mail from DSO and local immi office for rectification and reopen my file : May 29, 2012
            File re-opened by Vermont Service center : May 30, 2012
            OPT approved : June 4, 2102
            OPT approval notice letter in hand: June 7, 2012
            OPT card in hand : June 9, 2012

            Eshwar N.

          • Eshwar,
            That is good news. Congrats.

            Do you mind sending us a small write-up about your experience (you can strip off personal details)? We will then put an article on the blog about it, so that others can also learn about the process when there is an OPT error.


  7. Hi Saurabh,
    I’m on L2 visa ..Just got EAD….My employer who provided me training and finding a job for me. they are ready to file my H1B by this monthEnd. But our L1B and L2 and my EAD and I-94 are getting expired on Sept 4 2012. My wife is working with Company A on L1B and Company B filled her H1B and got approved. she will work with the Company B from Oct 1st. but companyB asked her to go to India for stamping.

    My questions are:
    1) If My employer file my H1B(Regular) ………..do I need to go India with my wife.
    2) As I’m dependent…If my wife will go to India…..Can I stay in US (During the H1B process)
    3)On what status I can Stay here in US for 20 days. Even if I dont get any Approval notice of H1B by that time.

    Please suggest me something and find a proper solution.


    • GMP,
      1. Yes
      2. No, you cannot. As you are a dependent, you should leave US along w/ L-1 visa holder
      3. You can decide to move to B-1/2 visa to stay during those 20 days, but it may add more complications to the case

      • Thanks saurabh,

        thanks for quick reply..
        I have one more question related that….If my employer file my H1…and if i go back to india with my wife. then H1 got approved or not how come I know….what abt my stamping….will it be H4 or H1???

        • GMP,
          You can follow the H-1 receipt status online and know whether it has been approved or not. You can go for H-1 stamping in case your H-1 gets approved, and then return on H-1 visa. If H-1 petition is denied, then you can go for H-4 visa stamping and return on H-4 visa to be w/ your H-1 spouse.

  8. Hi Saurabh,
    My employer filed the petition for H1B and sent me the receipt number.
    1.How do i know that this receipt number belongs to me?
    2.Now one more employer is ready for filing the petition for Me.
    shall i apply the one more petition for me from the second employer.

    and once we receive the receipt number what is the next process.
    please let me know.

    • Suresh,
      1. Ask them to send you a copy of 797C. That will have information about the receipt number and who it belongs to
      2. Yes, another can file H-1 petition for you. It is up to you whether to have them file it for you or not

  9. Really WEALTH!!
    I liked the way you said why some one should trust you…
    I wish I could have seen this site earlier;Thanks fr sharing!!!

    Thanks a lot.

  10. Some one help me with my situation.

    I got h-1b cap subject job and i have all the requirements except the license to practice my profession which i would get by the third week of june. My problem is cap numbers I do not want to wait until the cap numbers reach close to completion, so i am planning to apply when cap numbers reach 10000 to 12000 closer to fill out. if this happens in may last week or first week of june i will be submitting an application which is incomplete( with out license). The adjudicator may send RFE and in will reply with the license (fine) but there is a risk of denying the application too ( I know it is low) but i do not want to take that risk at all. so i came up with this thought. Please suggest me whether this souns ok or not.

    I will apply for H-1b with out my license as regular processing may be in the first week of june and will wait until i get my License and when i get my license in third week of june i would apply again with the complete application( if cap numbers are available) and by this time time the chance of adjudicatior going over my first case is very little so i will with draw my first petetion and then will proceed with the second petition?

    Does the above plan sound feasible to you guys?

    • Suresh,
      You can do this if the quota is still available. If it is not available then you can let the old one continue to process and if USCIS issues RFE asking for license, then you can submit it at that point.

  11. I am on H1 visa with my family and our visa has expired in 2009. Recently my H1 transfer & extension until 2013 is approved. We need to visit India this summer. To avoid/minimize stamping risk I am first planning to send my family for stamping. Depending on how it goes, I would plan my India visit. Can you please advise if there is any risk in this approach? What happens if their visa stamping gets rejected? Does that adversely affect my ability to legally stay here (at least for a short term to wind up / make alternate arrangements)?
    Thanks in advance.

    • HShah,
      In worst case scenario, they will issue 221g when your family goes for H-4 stamping. It doesn’t impact your legal status in US, and you can either continue to stay here, or decide to wrap-up things. However, there is a possibility that their H-4 visa gets approved, but your H-1 stamping runs into issues later.

  12. Thank you very much for such an informative site!
    I have few of questions
    1. I have my first H1 B petition approved in year 2007 (when I was in Chennai) but I didnt stamp or used that H1 until now. But I am in US for the last 4.5+ years on an L1 Visa. Can I activate my old H1 (by filing Change Of Status) and transfer my status from L1 to H1?
    2. In case I change my status from L1 to H1 (whether old H1 or apply a new H1), I heard that the max time I can be here in US is ” 6 years minus total number of years I lived in US on L1″ (i.e. in my case 6-4.5 = 1.5 years). Can you please confirm this?
    3. In case I cannot activate my old H1, I am planning to apply for new visa through some sponsors. But I can I can start working on that new H1 quota only on Oct-01-2012. But byy Oct 15th 2012, I will complete 5 years in US on L1. That means I have only 1 year and 15 days left on my new H1. Will that be sufficient to file GC so that I can stay in US without leaving the country? (i.e. Is there any min amount of days/months required to be available on H1 while filing GC?)

    • Subhash,
      1. Yes
      2. Yes, that is correct. Total time that can be spent in US on H-1 and L-1 is 6 years. In order to file 7th year extension, either your I-140 or PERM needs to be pending for at least 365 days, or I-140 should be approved. So the new employer needs to start GC process ASAP.
      3. Not relevant, as the answer to (1) is Yes.

  13. Hi,

    My husband applied for H1 and it active from Jan 16,2012 and my H4 is also active from same date. Now my husband don’t want to move to H1 but decided to go out of country and reenter on L1. In this case as a dependent I have to go out of country to change my status back to L2. Can you please suggest me on this one ASAP. Thank you.

    • Chand,
      Yes, you also need to travel out of US and enter on L-2 visa to go to L-2 visa status. You cannot be on H-4 status while your husband has gone to L-1 status.

  14. Hi Saurabh,

    Firstly great job on the blog ! Your sincere effort to help students/professionals is clearly visible.

    I am a 2nd year MBA student about to graduate in May’12. I have secured a full-time employment with a Tech company willing to file for my H1-B. I have a question regarding travelling back to India in May-June before joining the company. After some amount of research, I have realized that there are 2 ways to travel during that time:

    1. I apply for H1-B after returning back from India in June.
    2. My company files for premium processing in April and my H1-B is approved before leaving for India.

    My questions are:

    A) Should I apply for OPT now?
    I understand that for case 1 above, I MUST apply for OPT. but what about case 2? If my company agrees to file for premium processing, should I still file for OPT now? If H1-B is approved in premium processing, can I get the stamping done in June or do I still have to wait till October? In this case, I will have a valid EAD and H1-B while returning. will it cause any problem?

    B) Is there any other option besides above 2 options to travel back to India during May-June?

    I know I have asked many questions at once, but I would greatly appreciate your help.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best Regards,

    • Deepak,
      I assume you are referring to post completing OPT here. I think it can be applied 3 months prior to course completion date, and will become effective only after you graduate from school. So yes, you should apply for OPT now, so that it can get processed by the time you graduate.

      I don’t think quota will get over by May-June. So what you can do is go to India and return on OPT and once back file for H-1 (option 1). Your H-1 needs to be filed w/ COS from F-1 to H-1, and if you leave US after filing H-1, then your COS is abandoned. This means your status would continue to remain F-1 and you will have to either get H-1 visa stamped from a consulate or file COS to H-1 in order to work on H-1. In that case, option 1 is preferred.

      While traveling on OPT, make sure you have all the required documents – I-20 card endorsed for travel, offer letter, payslips, degrees/marksheets, EAD card etc.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  15. Hi
    Is F1 visa of indian international student in US, valid within the 15 days grace period, after authorized voluntary withdrawal?
    Thank you.

  16. Hi Saurabh,
    I have a question regarding revoking of approved H1B petition by old employer.
    I had a approved H1B petition for FY2006. I got to know the receipt number but i never received the i-797 .
    1. If my old employer had revoked the petition does it still appear in the “Post Decision” in USCIS databse? Or if its revoked it will not appear at all in the status check.
    Currently I am seeing a case with the receipt number in “Post decision” state. Does that mean my old employer didnt revoke my petition still ?

    • I am not sure if it still shows up in the “Post Decision” status or a different one. What is the last updated date in the online status?

      Even if the petitioner didn’t revoke the petition, it must have very well expired by now.

  17. Hi,

    My employer filed H1B on November 8 2011 and my current case status is under initial review. I am an unpaid intern on OPT in the same company.

    My question is in this situation can i travel to my home country (India) before the application is approved or denied. i plan to travel in January and return in February. My job start date on the application filed is 1 January 2012

    what to do if the application is approved during my stay in India or gets rejected within that period?
    If i return what will happen if the case is still remain pending?

    Thank You in anticipation for your reply

    My employer filed for H1

    • Most likely your employer applied H-1 w/ COS (from F-1 to H-1). In case you leave US while H-1 is pending, then COS will be abandoned. This means even after you return to US and your H-1 gets approved, your status would remain F-1/OPT. You cannot start working on H-1 unless you file for COS and get it approved, or go out of country and return back on stamped H-1 visa.

      If you leave US after your H-1 has been approved, then you will have to get H-1 visa stamped in the passport in order to return to US on H-1 and work on that visa.

      If H-1 gets denied, then you can travel out and in on OPT provided you are legally employed and maintaining the terms of OPT.

      Does that clarify?

        • Hey Saurabh,

          My h1b petition is filed on November 8th 2011 but it is under intial review. My OPT is going to expire on April 30th 2011. right now i am unpaid intern for the same company who filed the petition for me. On the petition the employment start date is 1st January 2012.

          What to do If the petition doesn’t get approved and still remains under initial review till the OPT finish date?

          What will happen to the Employment start date if the petition doesn’t get approved by 1st January 2012? Can I start working or no


          • You can still work for the employer on OPT. If your H-1 doesn’t get approve by the time your OPT expires, then you will have 60 days grace period to leave US. Your employment on H-1 will commence on the day your H-1 gets approved w/ COS.

            You also have the option of upgrading the petition to premium processing. Although it costs $1225 more, but USCIS will adjudicate your petition within 15 calendar days.

  18. Hi,
    I have a question regarding CPT and OPT. This is my last semester towards finishing a Bachelors degree. Since I don’t have many classes to take I am thinking of working (job/internship). I know there is 12 months limit for CPT. But I am wondering if I start working on CPT from January/February, can I continue it after my graduation (May 2012) as well? And later apply for OPT only when 12 months under CPT gets over?
    Shall appreciate your help. Thanks.

    • You need to stop working on CPT once you graduate from school. To continue working after graduation, you need to have an approved OPT.

  19. Hi

    I m in US under H4 visa and my husband is in H1b. We r planning to process visitor’s visa for my parents. My question is , Is it compulsory to show my passport and birth certificate? as the documents.. B’cos my mothers name in my passport and my birth certificate are different. Will it be ok if we just show the name change of my mother as notary certificate? OR is there any option that my husband can sponsor them without my passport? Wat is the best thing to do? I m pregnant and due in march. Have no much time left..and i really wish my parents come here. Plz reply and help. Thanks in advance

    • As you are on H-4, eventually you will be sponsoring the parents (and will pay for their expenses while they are here). So husband’s information needs to be furnished. In addition, VO needs to ensure that they are indeed your parents. You can submit passport and BC along w/ notary certificate mentioning the name change. If you have old bank statements that show her old name, and now the same account reflects her new name, then that would help as well.

  20. hello mr kumar,
    i am Nil Patel.
    i visited your website.i really like.i think why didn’t read not before 2 years ago.it really helpful.your thought amazing. that why i put your thought in my facebook .i try to share everybody.i have some question.you reply me i will send you.thanks once again

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  21. Hi Kumar,

    What is great about the website/you is….
    i.It identifies the topics that are useful (Saves time/money/pain) to all students and professions-Whether a person newly came or planning to come or already in US for long time
    ii.Information introduces the topic/context very well, explains the topics in a great depth but in few sentences, has a human face/emotion in narration and words used are easy to understand for a layman
    iii. One topic is well connected or referred to another topic through a close connection
    iv.Well defined conclusions to remember or act

    • Vinod,
      Thank you so much for the insightful compliments. I really appreciate it !
      If you are looking for any article/ info feel free to post it as comment or in forum.

  22. Kumar ,
    This is very nice effort from you to educate our people on Do’s and Dont’s in this country. I really appreciate you for the fact that you have written about things like tipping the waitresses , basic use of american lingo etc. Our people get so involved in attaining professional success that , at times they forget the finer aspects of life. I am doing my bit to spread some awareness among my countrymen , but have found out that a lot of them stick to their own rigid ways. Once i asked one of my collegues to tip the hairdresser after getting his haircut done and what i got was a mouthful of abuse from his native language which i am guessing is Telegu . So , keep writing …..you are doing a great job

  23. Hi Kumar;

    Would you ever consider going back to India? If so, under what circumstances? What would be your expectations, especially after you have lived and worke din the US for so long. I know this may be a broad question, but I wanted to get your perspectives on the topic.


    • Sven,
      Haven’t thought about it very much…. I have shelled so much time and money for my education in US (2 masters ), it makes sense for me to stick around for few more years right to get rid of my loans and get into decent financial shape… I want to go back home someday once I am in a decent position. Things always change, you never know…you have to open to go back anytime…

  24. Hi Kumar,

    I am a VP at H1 Base and I wanted to congratulate you on your excellent efforts, dedication and committment to helping explain, guide and advise many people on their journey to the USA. We have seen many sites, blogs etc arise over the years we have been in operation – but yours is definately one of the best, most informative and the most impressive. You have a great natural talent for presenting in a very clear, concise, enjoyable and honest manner. If there is anything our organization can do to help you, so that you in turn can help more people learn and discover through your valuable experiences and knowledge, please do not hesitate to contact me personally (you have my email).

    Warm regards and and great success to you!

  25. hi kumar ,
    You are the best !!!
    your site have a answer for everything what i want to know ,
    You are the GREAT.

    Thanks a lot ,

  26. Hi Kumar!
    Really great job!!
    You are right “Information is wealth”, Sharing that wealth is great. I liked the way you inked.
    I wish I could have seen this site earlier; I would ‘ve saved lot of time.

    • Thanks for the compliments Trinadh ! If you have any hard lessons learned and would like to share, feel free to send me an email with the article, I can share with our readers.

  27. Hi Kumar,
    All i can say is that you are a awesome guy.Thanks to your parents that you have got great quality for sharing things with others.I am a new babie for this site.Your site has plenty of info which required for every individual who want to be work or stay in U.S.

    Take care.
    keep Posting.


  28. Hi Kumar, I’m someone who is planning to come and work in USA on H1B visa. Your site is really helpful for me. Apperciate all your efforts which you are putting in to share your knowledge. Great job! Thank you!

  29. Kumar,
    You are doing a great ‘second’ job.. I don’t have intentions to study or work here. But it is fun and informative to read the content you have gathered. I’ll certainly pass it on if I see a star fish on the shoreline. 😛

  30. Hey!!

    Really great work on the site. I didn’t know about this until last week.

    Appreciate all the effort that you are putting in to share your knowledge. As you mentioned — there are a number of people who could use this site for variety of information during their stay here in US.

    Good Luck again

  31. Hi Kumar,
    I only wish I had stumbled across your site around 3 years back, when I was new to the states. Over time I have learned to fit in quite comfortably, but your stuff still makes interesting reading. And I must say.. it is an impressively comprehensive effort!! I can’t think of anything that you haven’t covered.
    So kudos to you and keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for the nice words Vishal ! I will do my best. I have lot of info to share because, I did screw up lot of things in US because of lack of proper info and wrong perception of things in US and I do not want others to do the same mistakes. If you have anything to share, please feel free to send me the article, I can post it for our readers.


      • Hey Kumar!
        Sure. You are welcome!
        Now, since you asked, I remembered that a while ago, I had typed out a description of my whole visa experience at the US consulate in Mumbai with the intention of sharing it with whoever cared. I did send it out to some people but never actually got around to posting the story anywhere. I just dug around for it and found I had a pdf version of it still lying around. I’d be happy to share it with you and all your readers but I must warn you that my writing was terribly casual. So; assuming that you still would be interested in taking a look at it (I’m being presumptuous, I know), how do I send a pdf to you?


        • Language is never a problem. Content is important and the more casual the better 🙂 Please send it to email id : redbus2us [ at ] gmail dot com
          Thanks again !


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