Sample H4 Biometrics Rescheduled Notice during COVID-19, AIW Form

Sample Biometrics Notices with COVID-19 for H4 and AIW Info

Since USCIS closed their offices and Application Support Centers (ASCs) with COVID-19 many are not able to give Biometrics for H4, L2, B2 or other types of applications that are submitted using Biometrics required I-539 form.  Recently, USICIS announced that they will open ASCs in July 2020 in phased approach and send out rescheduled Biometrics …

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H4 Dropbox Experience with Appointment: Process, Documents

H4 Dropbox Stamping US Visa with Appointment - Experience

One of our readers, Rajesh, got their H4 visa stamping done using Dropbox using the New Appointment Process at Hyderabad, India. He was kind enough to take time to share their experience with the community. Thanks to Rajesh for taking time to share their experience. H4 Dropbox Experience Hyderabad– Background Info I applied for H4 …

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