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Sample H4 Biometrics Rescheduled Notice during COVID-19, AIW Form

Since USCIS closed their offices and Application Support Centers (ASCs) with COVID-19 many are not able to give Biometrics for H4, L2, B2 or other types of applications that are submitted using Biometrics required I-539 form.  Recently, USICIS announced that they will open ASCs in July 2020 in phased approach and send out rescheduled Biometrics notices. Many have been waiting for the same. One of our readers, Manoj got the re-scheduled Biometrics Notice. He was kind enough to share the H4 Biometrics appointment notice and the Application Information Worksheet (AIW). Thanks to Manoj for sharing the details with our readers.

Safe Distancing Measures in Place in USCIS Offices, ASCs

Due to COVID-19, there are safe distancing measures in place in USCIS offices and ASCs. They have given update on Jun 29th indicating the below

  • No Walk-in Appointments. You must have scheduled appointment.
  • You need to be there only 15 min before your Biometrics appointment.
  • You should not go to ASCs, if any symptoms of cough, fever, etc.
  • You need to carry your own pen
  • All visitors need to wear facial mask or covering for mouth and nose.
  • All visitors need to answer health screening question before entering a facility.
  • No AIW forms will be given, they will be sent with appointment notice.
  • Check USCIS COVID-19 alerts page before you go, to be sure, if any changes.

You can check the page that tracks all USCIS COVID-19 Updates, News, Alerts

Sample H4 Biometrics Appointment Notice sent during COVID-19

The H4 Biometrics appointment Notice is pretty much same as the before COVID-19, there are no additional fields or any disclaimers in there.  You need to carry the appointment notice and the Photo ID as listed on the notice. The only difference we can think of is the duration from the date of the Notice.  The Biometrics Appointment is given about 2 weeks from the notice date. You still have options to re-schedule; nothing has changed there. For comparison, you can check General Sample H4 Biometrics Notice and compare the same with below current sample of the same.

Note : Original receipt date for Biometrics for March 15th, 2020. The below is rescheduled notice that was sent on July-11-2020.

New Biometrics Notice 2020 after COVID-19 ASC Re-open of Offices

Sample Application Information Worksheet (AIW) form during COVID-19

USCIS also sends the AIW form along with the appointment notice to avoid people crowding or spending more time at ASCs due to COVID.  If you look at the previous AIW sheet, it looks more or less the same. Just that the new one has header on top saying it is a I-797C notice of action and Also, there are check boxes instead of the standard circle the relevant one. There are not much changes in the number of fields. Just one additional signature field at the end to sign under penalty of perjury, which was not there in the previous ones. You can check  previous Application Information Worksheet(AIW), How to fill to get an idea of the old one and compare with the new one below.

Applicant Information Worksheet after COVID-19 Sample

Did you receive the rescheduled appointment notice? or AIW sheet ? Share your update and thoughts in comments.  


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  1. Hi
    Did anyone receive biometrics appointment from dallas north ASC. My receipt date is 24th feb and still did not receive rescheduled appointment

  2. Hi

    I have applied H4 and H4 EAD in March. Untill now there is no update on the Biometric.
    Do you know how long this would take? how long is the wait for Biometris?

    Appreciate your help.


    • We got receipt notice on 03/15/2020 for H4 extension. And after 4 months, we got Biometrics appointment letters for 7/29/2020. But we got Biometrics appointment letters for my wife and Son only. And today(08/10/2020) we got my daughter’s Biometrics appointment letter for next week. I believe because of COVID-19, service centers are operating with limited staff. That’s why Biometrics appointments are getting delaying. I believe we don’t have to worry, it will take time.

      NOTE: I didn’t contacted USCIS for expedite request.

  3. We have applied for H1B/H4 and H4 EAD Extension on April 13th, H1B approved , still waiting for H4 approval, it is been almost 4 months…is everyone facing the same situation?Any recent H4 approvals after month of April?

  4. I had my H4 COS file in april and then filed my EAD in June. I have no updates on both, but my spouse’s H1B petition was approved. I have a couple of questions

    1. Will i need biometric?
    2. Will my EAD application (looks like 2-3 months) be processed earlier than H4 COS? If yes, will they send out an RFE for approved H1B petition or will be internally handled as the H1B extension and H4 COS was filed together

    • Nick,
      1. Yes, if you not given before for sure.
      2. Yes, they may ask for the H4 approval and give RFE sometimes… Sometimes, they can pick it up from the system, but sometimes they ask, if filed separately.

  5. Did you get your notice after your ASC has been opened.
    My wife’s appointment was on April 3rd and ASC was closed on March 25. and ASC is set to reopen on 07/27.
    so wondering whether i would receive the notice after ASC is opened.

  6. Thanks for sharing this. Please provide updates after the interview. We have applied H4, H4 EAD extension along with h1b extension. h1b approved but stuck due to biometrics for h4. I would like to know the processing time from biometrics completion. Not sure if they continue processing from this point or they will process and wait for biometrics to complete.


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