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How to fill Applicant Information Worksheet (AIW) – H4 Biometrics

If your visa type, such as H4 Visa requires you to give Biometrics with new I-539 form, when you apply for change of status or visa extension or even for other green card related purposes with USCIS, you will need to visit Application Support Centre (ASC) and provide your fingerprints and biometrics. As part of the fingerprinting process, at ASC they will ask you fill out a form called “Applicant Information Worksheet(AIW)”.

The applicant information worksheet related to biometrics process at ASC has questions related to your identity, your physical body related questions, etc. In this article, we look at AIW sample and how to fill the same.  Most of the times they return the AIW form after processing.

How to Fill Questions in AIW at USCIS during Biometrics

Below are the various questions and how to fill those questions in the applicant information worksheet(AIW) at ASC.  They would usually give the AIW back to the H4 applicant. But sometimes, they may keep the same as well for reference purposes.

  • Name : You need enter the Name of the H4 applicant with First Name, Middle and Last name visiting the Biometrics center.
  • List any other Name you have used : If you have used alternative names, in other documents such as your certificates, any nick names, you need to write them here.
  • Date of Birth : Need to fill out the Date of Birth in Format Month, Day , Year
  • Country of Birth : You need to enter H4 holder country of birth.
  • Gender : You need to circle the gender of H4 holder
  • Race : This is the ethic race of the H4 holder like Asian, American India, White or Hispanic, Unknown, or Black. Circle the appropriate one.
  • Country of Citizenship : You need to enter the citizenship of the H4 applicant.
  • Eye Color : You need to circle the eye color related to H4 holder. The options are Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Hazel, Maroon, Multicolored, Pink, Unknow.
  • Hair Color : You need to circle the hair color of the H4 holder. The options are Bald, Black, Blond or Strawberry, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red or Auburn, Sandy, White, unknown.
  • Weight : You need to enter the weight of H4 holder in Pounds (lbs) or you have option to enter in Kilograms too.
  • Height : You need to enter the height of the H4 holder in Fee and Inches format or Centimeters format.

Sample Applicant Information Worksheet (AIW) at ASC

Application Information Worksheet for H4 Visa USCIS at ASC
AIW form from USCIS to be filled during Biometrics

New AIW Form for Biometrics with COVID-19

As ASCs were closed and now re-opening after COVID, USCIS has put safe distancing measures in place. As part of that, they also do not give AIW forms at the ASC. They will mail in the Application information worksheet directly to the applicant along with the Biometrics notice. It is pretty much the same as above, but one addition is the signature field. Below is sample of the AIW form sent by USCIS in mail.

Applicant Information Worksheet after COVID-19 Sample
Applicant Information worksheet (AIW) form sent to applicant in mail after COVID-19

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