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Get Visa Information of various Countries below:

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What is a Visa ?

Visa is a document issued by a country to a foreigner that gives authorization to enter their country and allow that person to stay for the purpose mentioned in the visa abiding by the border controls of that country. Depending on the country and their policies, a visa can in one or more forms like a piece of paper, sticker placed in passport, a physical card, a stamp in the passport, etc.

Types of Visas ?

Depending on the country and their policies, there are many types of visas. Visas are usually classified by the purpose of travel like tourism, meetings, business, etc.  Not all countries will have the same set of visas, it totally varies by the country and how they have designed their immigration and border control system for visa issuance. Below are some of the common types of visas.

  • Transit Visa
  • Visitor Visa / Short stay Visa / Holiday Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Study Visa
  • Temporary Work Visa
  • Exchange
  • Research Visa
  • Official visas : Diplomatic Visa
  • Asylum Visa
  • Journalist Visa
  • Refugee Visa
  • Pilgrimage Visa
  • Athletic Visa
  • Medical Treatment Visa
  • Crew Member, Steward or Driver visa
  • On Arrival Visa

Who Needs a Visa ?

Depending on the country of travel and your Passport issuing country, you may or may not require visa. The visa requirements are dependent on the purpose of your travel to the country and the visa agreements between both the countries. You need to check the requirements of visa before you plan to visit any country based on your purpose of travel.

What is Passport ?

Passport is an official travel document issued by the government of a country, that certifies your identity and your nationality. It usually has information regarding your family name, middle name, first name, date of birth, validity of passport, place of issue, birth location, passport number, family information like parents spouse and address info. Depending on the country, there are additional security measures like biometric details in passport. Usually most of the current passports have a machine readable strip, that any airline or immigration officer can swipe to read information required from the passport.

What is the Difference between Visa and Passport ? Do I need both to travel ?

Passport is an official travel document issued to you by your country of citizenship and it may includes benefits of visa free travel to certain countries depending on the agreements between your visiting country and your country of citizenship. Some passports issued by countries like Singapore, Germany, United States are very powerful as they allow visa free travel for certain purposes without need of visa.  But, in general, you need a Visa to enter a country. It may be waived based on your passport issuing country and the purpose of travel. Depending on your passport, you may need both visa and passport to travel to a country. You cannot assume that you do not need visa to travel to a country, you need to check the visa requirements based on your purpose and apply for the visa beforehand or at arrival as needed.

How do I get Visa to Travel to a country ?

Every country has its own set of visa policies to allow entry to foreign nationals. You need to check with the immigration authorities / website of the visiting country to check the requirements of visa for your nationality and apply for visa as needed. The process can be simple or lengthy based on your purpose of travel and your passport issuing country.

Get Visa Information of various Countries below:

United StatesUnited States Visa Info

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