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As many of you know, USCIS changed the form I-539 for Extensions, added Biometrics, which delays overall processing of H4, even if it is filed with H1B in premium processing. Many are waiting for experiences and wanted to have a look at sample Biometrics Notice as well. One of our awesome readers, anonymous for privacy, shared a copy of the Biometric Notice as part of the new H4 and H4 EAD processing and shared his timeline. Thanks a lot to him for taking time to share his experience. We also have many users, who shared their experiences in the article and in comments.  In general, biometrics is not required, if you are  applying for H4 EAD only and not using I-539 form for H4 Extension.

Background of H4 Extension with New I-539 form filed with USCIS for Biometrics:  Applied for H1B, H4 and H4 EAD together in Premium Processing at Vermont Service Center.

H4 Extension with USCIS – New Biometric Process

  • You file the H4 application with New I-539 Form that includes additional fee for Biometrics
    • Most of the cases, you file along with H1B. If H1B is filed in premium, you will get the H1B approved, and then H4 processing happens as it needs biometrics. USCIS guidance is that they will adjudicate it soon after biometrics are done.
  • You get H4 Application Receipt along with H1B and EAD receipts
  • You get the H4 Biometric Receipt physical copy in snail mail to visit Application Service Center (ASC) that has date and time
    • If you cannot make it on the given day, you can request for re-scheduling.
  • You visit ASC on the given day and time and give Biometrics.
  • Your H4 Biometrics may go through criminal history check of FBI
  • Decision on your H4 application with USCIS
  • Physical copy of H4 Decision Notice mailed to your address.

The process is as it stands today, we will update it based on general users’ experiences as we go along.

H4 Biometric Documents Required at the Application Support Center :

  • The Biometric Appointment Notice sent to you by mail
  • Photo Identification Document issued by Government like below
    • Passport
    • Driver’s License,
    • National ID
    • Military ID
    • State Issued Photo ID.
    • If you fail to get Photo ID, you will not be fingerprinted / allowed to take biometrics.
  • It is recommended that you review that H4 I-539 application form that you submitted or sent to USCIS, so that you can confirm, if all the details are the same.
  • Any additional Biometric forms : USCIS does not have any special biometric forms and there is no need to fill out any separate forms related to Biometrics to visit the ASC.

H4 Biometrics – Timeline with Premium Processing Petition – Based on Experience – #1

  • Documents sent to USCIS Offices : March 26th, 2019
  • Documents Received by USCIS at Vermont : March 27th, 2019
  • All three (H1B, H4, H4 EAD ) receipts generated : March 28th, 2019
    • Processing time – 1 day from documents received by USCIS
    • H4 Biometric Notice was generated as well.
  • H1B Petition Approved : April 3rd, 2019
    • Processing time – 6 days from receipt generated date
  • H4 Biometric Letter Received : April 5th, 2019
    • Processing time – 8 days from receipt generated date
  • H4 Biometric Appointment : April 19th, 2019
    • Appointment date – 21 days from H4 receipt generated date
  • H4 Biometrics Given : April 11th, 2019
    • Walked in to a Application Support center, as they gave out of state location, ASC accepted it and gave biometrics.
  • Travel out of Country in Ship –  H4  I-94 updated : May 20, 2019
    • Traveled out of Country and re-entered with valid H4 visa ( previous H4 stamp valid till mid July )
    • CBP officer at port of entry gave I-94 with H4 on it until end of new H1B approved in April 2019.
    • Technically H4 status is extended until end of H1B expiry.
  • H4 EAD Decision  Online :  June 11th, 2019
    • Online Status of H4 EAD Changed to “New Card is being produced” ( see below screenshot )
  • H4 Visa Application I-539 form Approved : June 12th, 2019
    • The status of I-539 Extension shows “Case Was Approved” on USCIS website.  Yet to receive the notice. See below. We need to see what happens to I-94 number.
  • H4 EAD Card, Physical Copy arrival [ Waiting ]
    • Waiting for the physical approval copy and card.

H4 Approved Status Online

H4 Visa Approved after Biometrics USCIS Status

H4 EAD Status updated to Card Ordered

H4 EAD Approval Card Status June 2019 after Biometrics

Experience of Giving Biometrics at Application Support Center

Giving Biometrics at ASC by H4 applicant is a very straight forward process. As mentioned above, you need required documents : Government issued Photo ID and Appointment letter. Below are the high level steps at ASC for biometrics

  • Step 1 : You are given a Token Number and will be asked to fill a basic form
  • Step 2 : You need to fill the form given to you, where you need to fill in information like Name, Date of Birth, Eye and Hair Color, Height and Weight, etc. Below is the sample shared by another user. Thanks to the user (anonymous for privacy) for sharing the form with the community. H4 Biometrics Form at ASC- Sample - To be Filled
  • Step 3 : Your token number is called and they will take your Photo and Fingerprints
  • Step 4 : They stamp your Biometrics Appointment Letter after the process is complete. The stamp indicates that your biometrics are taken proof that you visited the ASC. See below sample of the stamp given at ASC. Thanks to our user for sharing the stamped letter at ASC. At the end of article we have the full receipt notice with stamp as well for your reference on how it looks. USCIS Biometrics Completed Stamp at Application Support Center
  • Step 5 : Wait for the decision from USCIS. Your Biometrics status is may or may not reflect on the USCIS status. Sometimes, you will continue to see the status “Case Was Received” , which is the status before  giving the biometrics.
    • Update : One of our readers shared that they have seen a status update on USCIS that says ‘Fingerprint Review was completed’. So, some of you may say this status
  • Step 6 : Decision from USCIS [ waiting for it. ]

H4 Biometrics Process Experience #2 – Approved H4  Timeline

Ram shared his experience  Timelines on H4 + H1B with Biometric Processing. Thanks to Ram !  

Service Center : Vermont

4/03 – USCIS received H1/H4 application in PP
04/08 – H1B Approved.
04/11 – Biometrics notice generated
04/18 – Received receipt numbers for H4
04/25 – Attended Biometrics.
05/16 – Received H4 Approval Notice along with H1 Copy.

  • H4 Approved after almost 20 Days after giving Biometrics or about 45 Days from filing H1B + H4 together in premium

H4 Status still shows as “Receipt Received” as of May 22nd. Since we had India plans, we have requested H1 Copy so that the my spouse can carry it for stamping. To my surprise, i received H1 & H4 approval copies from attorney.  Check out Sample H4 Approval Notice with Biometrics – shared by User 

H4 Biometrics Experience #3

Thanks to other user, anonymous, who shared their experience with the community. Below is the process.

  • Documents Needed : Passport, Appointment notice.
  • Outcome: They will stamp acknowledgement of your attendance on same appointment notice
  • Details of Biometric Process: Smooth process . No hassles. We went before they opened at 8:00 am and we got token number 3. So it was pretty quick .
  • One minor issue:  Wife did not have Alien number as she is not eligible for EAD yet. So they double checked her details and continued with process. Not any obstacle.

More experience below and in comments

H4 Biometrics USCIS Status – “Fingerprint Review Was Completed”

One of our readers, Navisha, shared that their status was updated on USCIS website after giving biometrics and it says “Fingerprint Review Was Completed ” and looks like below. Some of you may or may not see this, so nothing to worry.  Thanks to Navisha for sharing the below.

H4 Biometric Fingerprint Review Was Completed Status USCIS

What will USCIS do with the Biometrics given by you ?

USCIS may use your biometrics/ fingerprints to check criminal history of FBI. You may request a copy of your own FBI identification record using procedures listed at Title 28 C.F.R., Section 16.32. You may also get it corrected or updated as outlined within the same Title 28 C.F.R., Section 16.34.

 H4 Biometric Appointment Letter from Application Support Center (ASC)

Even though some of you may know the standard Biometrics Letter from USCIS, it is good to re-confirm the same and have a look at the same ASC Appointment Notice . Again, thanks to our reader for sharing the Biometric Appointment Letter. See below screenshot at the end of article. It has the below details  on the same

  • H4 Petition Tracking Number
  • Name and address of the applicant
  • Application Support Center (ASC) Address
  • Date and Time of Appointment at ASC

 Key info from the Biometric Application Support Center (ASC) Appointment Letter :

It says that you to process your H4 application/petition with USCIS, you need to appear at the Application Support center  of USCIS at given time and date and give biometrics. If you do not show up at the ASC, then your application/petition will be considered as abandoned.

Can I reschedule my H4 Biometric Appointment with ASC ?

Yes, you can request to reschedule your appointment, if you cannot make it to ASC on the specified data and time. The process is simple, you make a copy of the Appointment letter for your records, check the box as listed in the ASC Appointment Letter and mail the Original letter to  below address:

  • BPU, Alexandria ASC, Suite 100, 8850 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22309-1586

Also, if you have open wound or bandage/casts, when you appear for appointment, USCIS may reschedule the appointment if they believe that they will interfere with taking the biometrics.

What if I am outside of the Country ? H4 Biometrics with Travel and outside of USA ?

As per USCIS guidance, on their I-539 form instructions (page 12), you should call up the nearest US consulate/ embassy and arrange for the biometrics. It says “If you are currently overseas, instruct you to contact a US Embassy, US Consulate or USCIS Office outside of United States to setup an appointment “,  see below screenshot. USCIS H4 Biometrics - Travel and Outside of the country

What are not allowed at Application Support Center for Biometrics ?

You cannot carry Cell Phones, Cameras or any Recording Devices to the Application Support Center (ASC), when you go for giving biometrics.   Also, due to limited seating, they suggest that only person giving biometrics and who are necessary for transportation or helping with biometrics should be entering ASC.

 Any questions on the H4 Biometrics Application Receipt or process – Customer Support ?

You can call the customer support at 1-800-375-5283, if you have any questions around your Biometric appointment Notice or any of the details around the same.

Can you Travel outside of Country, with H4 Extension/ COS Pending with USCIS ?

Yes, you may travel out of US, but if you travel, your pending H4 Extension / COS with USCIS will be considered abandoned.  There are few scenarios with H4, H4 EAD and travel, read Travel out of US with H4 Extension, COS or H4 EAD Pending ? Options ?  

Can you continue to work on H4 EAD, with pending H4 EAD Receipt Notice ? Do you get 180 days automatic extension ?

No, you cannot work with pending H4 EAD receipt notice as the category of H4 EAD, which is C26 is not eligible for automatic 180 days automatic extension. For all details, official references, read Can you continue to work with Pending H4 EAD Receipt Notice ?

Sample H4 Biometric Appointment Letter (I-797C) for H4, H4 EAD Filing Together

H4 EAD Biometrics Appointment Notice Sample

Sample H4 Biometric Appointment Letter (I-797C) at ASC – Stamped after giving Biometrics

H4 Biometrics Completed - Stamped at Application Support Center

Our current reader is still going through the process, as are other readers as well. We will update the article as our readers goes through the process on timelines and the potential tips.

H4 Biometrics Process Experience # 4

Another User LM Timelines on H4 + H1B with Biometric Processing 


  • H1B + H4 Filed in Premium : April 2nd 2019
  • H4 Receipt Generated : April 3rd 2019
  • H1B Receipt Generated : April 3rd 2019
  • H1B Approved : April 8th 2019
  • Biometric Notice Generated : April 5th 2019
  • Biometric Notice Received : April 10th 2019
  • Biometric Appointment : April 25th 2019
  • H4 Approval Notice Received : June 15, 2019
    • H4 Approval took 74 Days ( 2 month 13 days ) from initial filing
    • It took 51 Days after Biometrics were done.
    • Still online status says “Case Received” after getting approval.


H4 Biometrics Process Experience # 5

Another User Sachu Timelines on H4 + H1B with Biometric Processing 


  • H1B transfer/extension under premium processing :  Apr 1, 2019.
  • Got a simple RFE asking for W2 from my previous employer : April 11th.
  • RFE , RFE Response (sent via fax same day) : April 11th
  • H1B Approved : April 15th
  • H4 Biometrics Date : April 26th


H4 Biometrics Process Experience # 6

Another User Anonymous Timelines on H4 + H1B with Biometric Processing 


  • H1B + H4 Filed in Premium : March 26th.
  • H4 Receipt Generated : March 27th
  • H1B Receipt Generated : March 28th
  • H1B Approved : April 4th
  • Biometric Notice Generated : April 5th
  • Biometric Notice Received : April 13th.
  • Next steps in process.


H4 Biometrics Process Experience # 7

Another User Navisha Timelines on H4 + H1B with Biometric Processing 


  • We applied an extension for H1b+H4+HEAD in PP.
  • We got receipt stating that Case was received April 9th.
  • H1B approval status updated on April 18.
  • We got Biometric receipt on 24th in our mail box stating appointment date on 05/03/2019.
  • We went to ASC center on 04/25/2019 and they accommodated us.
  • Now status for H4 is changed to Fingerprint Review was completed today as of 04/26/2019.

We have many more experiences shared by users in comment, do check it out.

Did you file for H4 Extension with the New I-539 Form? How was your experience? Share your experiences with the community by creating thread at User Experiences or post it as comment.  Share your comments, thoughts, tips.

You may also check out H4 EAD Rule Removal, Lawsuit Latest News, Updates 


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Comments ( 571 )

  1. Ram Pedarla

    H1 Extension(I129) was received by California Service Center on – April 15th
    H1 Approved – April 23rd
    Received h4 + EAD receipt – April 28th
    Received H1 approval notice
    Received Biometrics appt – May 1st
    Biometrics appt – May 10th
    Note: Case updated in USCIS site on May 11th as “May 10, 2019, we completed our review of your fingerprints”

    Waiting for H4 + H4EAD approvals

  2. Raj

    We filed H1+h4 extension+ EAD in premium On May 23rd
    H1 Approved – June 5th
    Received H1 approval notice – June 13

    But we have not Received Bio-metrics appt for H4 yet. Is this an expected? How long does it take to get the Biometric appointment letter? How long it takes to get EAD card after giving the Biometrics?

    Please let me know.


    1. Sindhu


      We filed on 30th May and I received my biometrics letter on June 8th for an appointment at ASC on 17th. I think the usual time frame for the appointment is 17-21 days after filing date and you would receive the notification a week before that (so 10-14 days after filing). So seems like your biometrics appointment notifcation is missing or went to your attorney. I think it would be good to check attornerys and then call USCIS to reschedule (if the appointment is past, you dont want them to reject the application on the basis that the person didnt attend the appointment).

    2. administrator

      Well, based on experiences shared so far, we see that it can take about couple of weeks or so….ask your attorney to follow-up.

  3. H4 ead worker


    Read this article. They just wanted h4 ead people to stop working and they found new way. 8 to 9 months is the total time frame.
    4 months h4 visa and then h4 ead visa for next few months.
    Nobody will keep us onboard for 8 to 9 months.
    After that we will start job searching again . It means we will be out of job for 1 year.

  4. Raj

    H1 H4 H4 EAD experience

    Current H1 and H4 valid till Sep 2019.

    H1 H4 H4 EAD applied in Premium on 18 Apr

    H1 Approved – 26 Apr

    H4 Biometerics – 08 May

    No News for a month

    Started getting notifications about H4 EAD application, that its arriving, from 10 June.

    17 June – H4 EAD arrives and is valid only till Sep 2019, for the duration of current H4.
    We already have a Vaild EAD till sep 2019

    No News on H4.

    Is anyone else in the same boat?

    1. administrator

      So far, many are still waiting…nothing like your case…Seems weird that they adjudicate H4 EAD before H4 extension..There seems to be some confusion, try calling USCIS or talk to your attorney.

  5. Sindhu

    Travel to Canada?

    Hi all,

    Like everyone else here, I am also waiting for my H4 extension and EAD. I want to visit my family in Canada and return using automatic revalidation. Anyone had this experience?

    The first experience seems to have no issues with the pending applications?

    My lawyer is saying it should be fine, but I called USCIS to double check and they said they cannot guarantee 🙁

    Please help!

  6. Sindhu

    Update on Seattle ASC:

    Hi all, I wanted to update the community that Seattle ASC was very friendly and fast for the biometrics. They are also allowing walk-ins.

    Hope it helps.

      1. Harry

        H1 + H4 Extension Only (No EAD)

        Receipt Date: 5/16
        H1 Approved: 5/22
        Center: Nebraska
        H4 Biometric: 6/4
        Status: Waiting

        Wife wants to travel to India, can she travel while I-539 is pending. I will be traveling too, have scheduled consulate interview in August. What’s likely impact on I-539 application and on interview?

        1. administrator

          It is fine for travel, just that the I-539 form maybe be abandoned as you left US before adjudication. It will not have any impact on your interview or stamping. You may also send a withdrawal letter to USCIS, when you leave US stating that you are leaving and going for stamping at consulate. Discuss with your attorney on this and take an informed decision.

  7. H4 EAD worker

    LIN1912150236, march 11 case pending approval for h4 extension at Nebraska. LIN1912150238, march 11 case h4 approved on 22nd may. Don’t know how they are working. Does they don’t work serial number wise and date wise??? I even saw few h4 visa denial cases.

      1. H4 EAD worker

        March 8 —-h4 visa—–LIN1911950198….case received status

        This is driving me nuts….seriously don’t understand how they process receipts on what basis some early and some late???
        Kumar can you help!!!!

        I will loose my job in 15 days.

        1. BeingOptimist

          @H4 EAD worker

          Just wanted to make sure, since you applied on March 8th, you did not have to go for the biometric appointment right? That means Nebraska Service Center is in general slow and has nothing to do with Biometric stuff.

        2. administrator

          You cannot really tell that, it was a H4 case, unless you know it is yours. These forms are used by multiple visa types…so, making these assumptions can really confuse and mislead you…

    1. Ksramya

      Really the way nebraska center is processing the case is frustrating. Even I applied my H4 and ead in March and getting tensed day by day.

      1. Ksramya

        Vermont is processing cases much faster than Nebraska though it’s showing more time in uscis site. I don’t understand what’s going on internally.

      2. AG

        Same here. Applied for EAD extension along with H1b extension in premium processing in Apr 2019. Waiting for EAD to join a new job. Gave up two more offers because of this EAD processing time.

    2. Nandini

      It is possible that the i129 for the first application may be pending. One can’t really say. Don’t loose sleep over loosing your job, I had to go on unpaid leave from 15th June and I have no idea when I would get my ead. There are something’s that we cannot control. We can only hope that we get our ead card at the earliest. 🙂

      1. Neer

        What company do you work for Nandini? My wife’s employer won’t keep her on payroll because of loss of status. She is officially terminated and her job position is up on LinkedIn already. AFAIK there is no way for employer to keep us on payroll if I9 is invalid

        1. Nandini

          I am not on the pay roll. They have agreed to hold on to my position for a month and a half or so. So yes, if I get my card in this time frame then they will have me back.

    3. administrator

      I am not sure, how you are able to tell that it is a H4 extension. I-539 form is used by many other types…

  8. LM

    H4 Approval Copy Received on 06.15.2019

    Status online still saying “CASE RECEIVED”

    Biometric Appointment: 25th April 2019.

      1. LM

        Vermont processing center and
        Here is the timeline:

        H1B + H4 Filed in Premium : April 2nd 2019
        H4 Receipt Generated : April 3rd 2019
        H1B Receipt Generated : April 3rd 2019
        H1B Approved : April 8th 2019
        Biometric Notice Generated : April 5th 2019
        Biometric Notice Received : April 10th 2019
        Biometric Appointment : April 25th 2019
        H4 Approval Notice Received : June 15, 2019

        Still online status says “Case Received” after getting approval

        1. VJ

          Is there a way where we can find out when the H4 was approved? The approval notice can take upto 2 weeks to come in hand right?

          Would help if we can get the approval date.

  9. IG

    I completed biometrics for H4 extension on May 30th. The USCIS case status page still says “Case Received” but today I received following email update:

    “We are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time

    We will notify you when your case status changes. We last took action on your case on May 31, 2019.”

    Does above mean that they also reviewed my biometrics on May 31? Anyone else receive a similar email and can help better understand the status?

    1. Nandini

      I have received the same message on 13th. Had biometric on the 7 th of May . It said last action taken on your case 30th May .

      1. IG

        Thank you! So sounds like this is an automated message and may not mean anything … 🙁 I got my hopes up for a little bit there.

    2. IG

      Got this email today. Do these mean anything or are these just random date generators?

      “We are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time

      We will notify you when your case status changes. We last took action on your case on June 4, 2019.”

  10. Random

    @Kumar – In experience #1, if the applicant travel out of the country, his EAD application was supposed to get abandoned, how come it got approved? Are you suggesting all of us who are pending EAD’s will get appoval if we travel ?

    1. administrator

      If it was COS, then it would have been abandoned for sure. But, as it was H4 Extension, it seems to be not abandoned. Again we have no data, need to see what comes out…will let the community posted, once the user gets the card and approval.

  11. sk


    One question, my H1+H4+H4EAD was applied in PP, H1b is approved for 3 years and i am waiting on H4/H4EAD.

    However, due to change in work location, i need to file H1B amendment. immediately. Would this H1B amendment impact the validity of my H4/H4EAD? i.e. if my H1B amendment is approved and my validity reduced before H4 approval.

    Once my H4 is approved, would the H4/H4EAD validity be based on the first application (H1b extension) or will it be based on the second application (H1B amendment) ?

    1. administrator

      Yes, it will be based on the first application that you filed. In general, H4 validity is always tied to the H1B approval and status. If your spouse’s H1B ends, then H4 also would end.

  12. Shweta

    Filed H1 + h4 extension + EAD in premium:

    Received date for all – April 16
    H1 Approved – April 22
    Biometrics appointment completed – May 06

    Waiting for the H4 + H4EAD approvals: the status in the USCIS website says “Case was Received” and there is no update after the biometrics.

  13. H4EADSupporter

    What will happen to H4 Biometrics if someone is extending spouse’s H1B for the 2nd time provided 1st time H4 Biometrics were completed and got H4 extension approval also? Do the candidate needs to appear for Biometrics again although its already completed? Please help.

    1. administrator

      One of the users reported that got Biomerics notice for second transfer as well and they had to attend Biometrics again second time. We do not have many cases to confirm the same…

  14. Ead worker

    I called USCIS today and they told nebraska is processing jan 2019 ead case now. H4 cases from march now. So if you filed in april you will get h4 in 2-3 weeks and h4 ead in 3 months more. They are taking 5 months for h4 ead currently. And h1b regular processing will be in november.

    1. ksramya

      I filed application for H4+H4 ead on march 28th at nebraska service center along with my husbands H1 in premium. H1 was approved on april 4th. My biometrics were done on april 15th. My question is when filed togeather doesn’t h4 and ead get approved at once? I see recent cases getting approved at once.

          1. ksramya

            I mean H4+H4 EAD should get approved at once after biometrics right? H4 EAD will not be processed separately is what I’m expecting.

          2. administrator

            Yes, they are supposed to be, but we do not know how it will work with the new Biometric Process. We have no data after the new biometric process to make that assumption.

    2. H4 EAD worker.

      LIN1912550870 search this case . It is filed for h4 visa in Nebraska . 15th March . Still in received status. If this case approved. We can find our status.

        1. H4 ead worker

          No not yet. I mean if this case on 15th March got approved then you can find when will April or may filing may get approved. You can estimate your timeframe.

    3. ksramya

      Hi @Ead Worker. Whom did you speak to get this info? I mean to which level officer. I just called uscis and they said they are processing January cases for H4 as well. I’m really worried about this. If that’s the case on an average they are taking 5.5 months to process an application. My receipt date was march 29th.

      1. H4 ead worker

        Don’t remember the name but he confirmed from his supervisor. Whatever questions I asked everything he used to cross checked from supervisor.

    4. AG

      How did you get hold of a representative when you call them? Every time when I enter receipt #, it is giving me the same online case status info and not able to connect to any representative to speak with.
      My petition is filed with Nebraska USCIS.

  15. VJ

    From a trustworthy source in another group:

    April 11 Biometrics – Vermont
    H1b premium with h4 and h4 ead.

    Ead got approved today. No status change online for H4. H4 EAD shows New card being produced.

    Stay positive you all.

        1. BeingOptimist

          Seems like the couple of cases which were approved had some tweaks. This one had H4 extended through outside travel. The other one from Trackit had some issue with ‘incorrect fees’. Has anyone seen a clean application with H1B + H4 + H4 EAD filed in Premium approved at all

          1. Random

            From Case tracker, I see eac1914950062, eac1914950247, EAC1914950468 & EAC1914950282 got EAD cards, but not sure it is H4 EAD’s or some other EAD’s.

          2. Indie

            @ Random

            These all receipt number has 149 which means from Feb 27, filed before new biometric rule.

  16. Kumar Saraboji

    05/15 – Premium filed H1B and H4
    05/17 – H1B approved
    05/23 – Biometrics complete
    Waiting for H4 approval notice

  17. Neer

    Looks like the first H4/EAD approval from VERMONT !!!
    Hope to get some update from @amit03 here

    Our application is at Nebraska on April 08th, but no update yet 🙁

  18. Sudheer

    My H1B is approved on May 22. My wife’s bio-metrics happened on June 3 and the H4 status is still pending. Can you suggest if I can file H4-EAD for my wife while H4 I-539 is still in progress. How long do you think the H4 approval might take if we need to wait for the approval to file the H4 EAD.

    1. administrator

      Well, to file H4 EAD, you need H4 approval, otherwise you would get RFE for the same as your H4 status is still pending…You would lose some more days, if you get RFE for H4 status…The best thing to do to avoid confusion is to get h4 approved and apply for H4 EAD. At this point, we have no data, so we dont know…only we can guess based on the previous processing times on USCIS site…

  19. sam


    HELP! Can I just use my driver license as ID for me bio collection?

    I know it better to have passport but in this case I left it home and only brought ID with me.

    If anyone really tried this, let me know plz!

    1. administrator

      I am not sure, if it would work as there is a field for citizenship in the form you fill and they may need it to verify that…
      You may give it a try and let the community know your experience.

  20. Chris

    Can someone please help me here:

    Filed new H4+H4 EAD with spouse’s H1B extension with PP on April 26. I was also on H1B so I’m doing a COS from my H1B to H4. Spouse’s H1B extension has been approved but I’m still waiting on my COS. Biometrics Done on May 21.

    Now my question is – I have a new job offer. What will happen to my currently pending H4+H4 EAD COS petition, if I file an H1B transfer concurrently? Meaning, if the H1B transfer is successful, I’m ok with abandoning the H4+H4 EAD COS petition. The reason I want to do it is that H1B transfer can be done with PP, which will probably get approved before this uncertain H4+H4 EAD process. All I need is be able to start the new job asap so whether it’s under the new H1B or H4 EAD does not matter.

    Any opinion will be much appreciated!!! Thanks!

    1. administrator

      Technically, you can do that, if your I-94 is valid and you are in status. You need to withdraw your H4 and H4 EAD applications to avoid issues such that your status does not change based on last action rule. Discuss with your attorney, who will file H1B and plan out the timings and what needs to be done to avoid issues.

    1. victor

      location of biometric is based on the address given on i539 form . if you gave your hime address it will be near your city

    2. administrator

      Usually, you should get it that way…but sometimes, you may not get it that way. In such cases, you can go to your nearest ASC and request them to process it and you give biometrics there.

  21. Krishnadas Meleeveetil

    My fingerprinting was done on march 17th and I am still waiting for approval.

    QUESTION: I have to change my mailing address since we have relocated due to spouse’s new job. We did not realize it would take this long since we had done Premium Processing so had given our previous address.

    How do I get the address changed so that the approval notice comes to my new address correctly?

    Please advise.

    Thank you!

  22. H4/H4 EAD 2019

    Hi guys,

    Have some news. I am currently on H4/H4 EAD and filed my application recently along with my husband’s H1B (premium processing). We are still awaiting biometrics appointment letter, but have been very concerned like others in the group on the overall processing time. My EAD expires in Jan 2020 and I have some urgent upcoming travel plans as well.

    We had a consultation appointment with a well known immigration attorney today. The attorney mentioned he has seen within his firm, some of the approvals coming in after the fingerprinting (i.e. after March 22). He couldn’t disclose more info, but said those are some of the applications that were filed from California Service Center.
    Yes, no doubt there has been some delay and is very frustrating for people like us, who depend on EAD’s to work, but this was some good news and hope! Keeping my fingers crossed! Hope this helps. Good luck!

    1. administrator

      Thanks for the update. I wish, we had some numbers like how much percentage of the applications of H4 that they filed were approved…

    2. Shiva

      Does H4 and H4 EAD come together? or H4 approval comes first and then it takes a while for H4 EAD? if that is the case, do we have any idea how long it takes for EAD approval after H4 is approved?

  23. victor

    For the California centers (WACXXX) looks like they are processing EAD application for around April 3rd .. I could see most of the case before that were either approved /rejected or had status saying that application was moved to different center .

    1. Bhanu

      Why they gonna reject if the H1 is approved already and just based on H1 they have to process the H4/H4EAD .. did you see any approvals after biometric process or just heard from someone ?

      1. victor

        I saw in app which allows users to track cases . App allows you to see 100+ application and you can filter based on type of application .

        1. Bhanu

          Which app we can track our h4 EAD status ? When I looked up my case on Uscis website it says “at this time we cannot provide info “error message .. is their any other app or website where we can track our case ?

        2. administrator

          The USCIS case number is very generic and very hard to distinguish between cases…Not sure, how you can do that…

          1. victor

            The App has ability to filter based on type of application . I had filed h1,h4 and ead in premium and tracked my apllications.

          2. administrator

            That’s the issue. There is no way to tell for certain that a receipt number in application receipt belongs to a certain kind of application. It is used by many other types as well. In the app, they are making some assumptions, which is not true always.

  24. Ramya

    We filed H1+h4 extension+ EAD – May 1
    H1 notice sent – May 2
    H1 Approved – May 6
    Received h4 + EAD receipt – May 2
    Received H1 approval notice – May 6
    Received Biometrics appt – May 7
    Biometrics appt done – May 21
    Waiting for H4 + H4EAD approvals

  25. Sam

    Am on F1 OPT.
    Applied H4 COS + H4 EAD along with spouse H1B in Premium. Still awaiting H4 / EADapproval since Apr 23.

    My company applying H1B COS non profit next week in Premium so that I don lose work. Can the h4 and ead continue or should I withdraw? I want H4 EAD more than non profit h1b. What are issues if I don withdraw.

  26. Ram

    We filed H1+h4 extension+ EAD – May 28
    H1 notice sent – May 29
    H1 Approved – May 30
    Received h1 receipt – June 3
    Received h4 + EAD receipt – June 4
    Received H1 approval notice – June 6
    Received Biometrics appt – June 7
    Biometrics appt done – June 7
    Waiting for H4 + H4EAD approvals

  27. Sindhu


    We filed H1+h4 extension+ EAD – May 30
    Received h4 and EAD receipt – June 6
    But it says these are only copies and originals will come later.. is this everyone’s experience?

  28. Anonymous

    How much time does it normally take to get the H4 extension and H4-EAD renewal approved when applied together- California ASC ?

      1. Anonymous

        Sorry. I meant to ask about those applications filed before the introduction of the new biometric process. (H4+H4EAD NOT along with an H1 Premium filing+ NO biometric)

        1. Anonymous

          I applied for H4 Cos + Ead on March8th and received approval in June 6th . It was processed at Vermont center.

          1. Ready

            There is some indication that some cases in early March are starting to get approved. These are before biometric but that would make sense anyway since these are earlier cases in the regular processing que.

  29. Prasee

    Need guidance on my current situation:

    1) H1B Transfer & Extension Approved in Premium
    2) H4 Biometrics given on May 9 and waiting for approval notice.

    Scenario : I have joined my new employer. Made plans for India travel in July and return by Aug. Dependents old H4 expiry having Nov 2019.

    1) when i travel to India, i will be going for stamping. But what will happen to my H4 dependent’s ongoing H4 extension ? Will it get Abandoned if they travel out ?

    2) If it will get abandoned, can they go for counselor stamping in India (or) should they return with their existing valid visa accompanied by my H1 extension notice ?

    3) what is the safe & convenient option ?

    1. administrator

      1. It does not matter. It gets abandoned, if it is COS. If not, it may get approved, but will have different I-94 than that you use to re-enter US
      2. It is best to go for H4 stamping in India and get H4 visa stamp, using your approved H1B. what happens with your H4 with USCIS would not matter anymore. But, you should send a withdraw letter to USCIS to be safe.
      3. Going for stamping in India. But, once you return to US, just send a withdrawal letter to USCIS stating you got stamping done in India and do not need the H4 approval anymore.

      1. Prasee

        Thanks Kumar. So until how long should i wait to take that decision of whether or not to go for consulate processing for my H4 dependents ? And if i go for the consulate processing, can it be a drop box ? Or should i go for scheduling an interview?

        1. administrator

          This is the tricky thing, we have no data on how long we need to wait…You need to make an informed decision at some point. Discuss with your attorney and then take a decision.

  30. WantToHelp

    I know that people who are applying I-539 with receipt date as March 21st are getting approvals but not sure if it is new or old application form. Some got approvals on May 30th and not after that. I did not see any approvals with receipt date after March 21st.

    I know that it is anxious waiting but I am hoping that we may see some approvals who applied on March 25 soon. I will update here even if I see one approval on March 22 – 25.

      1. Ready

        The old i-539 was accepted until March 21, but looks like biometrics started March 11, regardless of new or old form. People with old form did not have to pay a biometric fee.

  31. SReddy

    Hi everyone,
    My H1 was approved recently, and H4 and H4 EAD are still pending. I got a job offer, which i might consider. My question is what happens to H4 and H4 EAD, if my employer changes (H1 transfer)? As far i know, H$ and H4 EAD is not tied to employer, tied to H1. Can anyone please help me

    1. administrator

      If it was filed as COS, you will be on H1B status from October 1st, nothing will happen, your status will be changed automatically.

  32. Victor

    My spouse went for H4 Biometrics on May 17 . She is still waiting for H4 approval. Meanwhile i got a new job as a full time employee. They have filed my H1 transfer today along with H4 and H4-EAD today on 6/4

    Does anyone went for second time biometrics on this scenario. I am hoping that H4 & H4 EAD would get approved in premium since they already have biometrics data.

        1. Victor

          H1 notice sent – May 29
          H1 Approved – June 7
          Received h1 receipt – June 3
          Received h4 + EAD receipt – June 4
          Received H1 approval notice – not yet
          Received Biometrics appt – June 8
          Biometrics appt – June 18
          Waiting for H4 + H4EAD approvals

      1. kiran

        Do we have to carry original biometrics appointment document? My spouse didn’t receive appointment document by mail and we are planning to carry scan copy shared by Attorney for appointment. Will that work?

        1. administrator

          Usually, it is recommended to carry the original…but, You can try carrying the copy and give it a try. Worth a try for sure. Please share the experience here once you try it out, for everyone benefit.
          They will stamp on it and give it back. So, keep that for your records.

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