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As many of you know, USCIS changed the form I-539 for Extensions, added Biometrics, which delays overall processing of H4, even if it is filed with H1B in premium processing. Many are waiting for experiences and wanted to have a look at sample Biometrics Notice as well. One of our awesome readers, anonymous for privacy, shared a copy of the Biometric Notice as part of the new H4 and H4 EAD processing and shared his timeline. Thanks a lot to him for taking time to share his experience. We also have many users, who shared their experiences in the article and in comments.  In general, biometrics is not required, if you are  applying for H4 EAD only and not using I-539 form for H4 Extension.

Background of H4 Extension with New I-539 form filed with USCIS for Biometrics:  Applied for H1B, H4 and H4 EAD together in Premium Processing at Vermont Service Center.

H4 Extension with USCIS – New Biometric Process

  • You file the H4 application with New I-539 Form that includes additional fee for Biometrics
    • Most of the cases, you file along with H1B. If H1B is filed in premium, you will get the H1B approved, and then H4 processing happens as it needs biometrics. USCIS guidance is that they will adjudicate it soon after biometrics are done.
  • You get H4 Application Receipt along with H1B and EAD receipts
  • You get the H4 Biometric Receipt physical copy in snail mail to visit Application Service Center (ASC) that has date and time
    • If you cannot make it on the given day, you can request for re-scheduling.
  • You visit ASC on the given day and time and give Biometrics.
  • Your H4 Biometrics may go through criminal history check of FBI
  • Decision on your H4 application with USCIS
  • Physical copy of H4 Decision Notice mailed to your address.

The process is as it stands today, we will update it based on general users’ experiences as we go along.

H4 Biometric Documents Required at the Application Support Center :

  • The Biometric Appointment Notice sent to you by mail
  • Photo Identification Document issued by Government like below
    • Passport
    • Driver’s License,
    • National ID
    • Military ID
    • State Issued Photo ID.
    • If you fail to get Photo ID, you will not be fingerprinted / allowed to take biometrics.
  • It is recommended that you review that H4 I-539 application form that you submitted or sent to USCIS, so that you can confirm, if all the details are the same.
  • Any additional Biometric forms : USCIS does not have any special biometric forms and there is no need to fill out any separate forms related to Biometrics to visit the ASC.

H4 Biometrics – Timeline with Premium Processing Petition – Based on Experience – #1

  • Documents sent to USCIS Offices : March 26th, 2019
  • Documents Received by USCIS at Vermont : March 27th, 2019
  • All three (H1B, H4, H4 EAD ) receipts generated : March 28th, 2019
    • Processing time – 1 day from documents received by USCIS
    • H4 Biometric Notice was generated as well.
  • H1B Petition Approved : April 3rd, 2019
    • Processing time – 6 days from receipt generated date
  • H4 Biometric Letter Received : April 5th, 2019
    • Processing time – 8 days from receipt generated date
  • H4 Biometric Appointment : April 19th, 2019
    • Appointment date – 21 days from H4 receipt generated date
  • H4 Biometrics Given : April 11th, 2019
    • Walked in to a Application Support center, as they gave out of state location, ASC accepted it and gave biometrics.
  • Travel out of Country in Ship –  H4  I-94 updated : May 20, 2019
    • Traveled out of Country and re-entered with valid H4 visa ( previous H4 stamp valid till mid July )
    • CBP officer at port of entry gave I-94 with H4 on it until end of new H1B approved in April 2019.
    • Technically H4 status is extended until end of H1B expiry.
  • H4 EAD Decision  Online :  June 11th, 2019
    • Online Status of H4 EAD Changed to “New Card is being produced” ( see below screenshot )
  • H4 Visa Application I-539 form Approved : June 12th, 2019
    • The status of I-539 Extension shows “Case Was Approved” on USCIS website.  Yet to receive the notice. See below. We need to see what happens to I-94 number.
  • H4 EAD Card, Physical Copy arrival [ Waiting ]
    • Waiting for the physical approval copy and card.

H4 Approved Status Online

H4 Visa Approved after Biometrics USCIS Status

H4 EAD Status updated to Card Ordered

H4 EAD Approval Card Status June 2019 after Biometrics

Experience of Giving Biometrics at Application Support Center

Giving Biometrics at ASC by H4 applicant is a very straight forward process. As mentioned above, you need required documents : Government issued Photo ID and Appointment letter. Below are the high level steps at ASC for biometrics

  • Step 1 : You are given a Token Number and will be asked to fill a basic form
  • Step 2 : You need to fill the form given to you, where you need to fill in information like Name, Date of Birth, Eye and Hair Color, Height and Weight, etc. Below is the sample shared by another user. Thanks to the user (anonymous for privacy) for sharing the form with the community. H4 Biometrics Form at ASC- Sample - To be Filled
  • Step 3 : Your token number is called and they will take your Photo and Fingerprints
  • Step 4 : They stamp your Biometrics Appointment Letter after the process is complete. The stamp indicates that your biometrics are taken proof that you visited the ASC. See below sample of the stamp given at ASC. Thanks to our user for sharing the stamped letter at ASC. At the end of article we have the full receipt notice with stamp as well for your reference on how it looks. USCIS Biometrics Completed Stamp at Application Support Center
  • Step 5 : Wait for the decision from USCIS. Your Biometrics status is may or may not reflect on the USCIS status. Sometimes, you will continue to see the status “Case Was Received” , which is the status before  giving the biometrics.
    • Update : One of our readers shared that they have seen a status update on USCIS that says ‘Fingerprint Review was completed’. So, some of you may say this status
  • Step 6 : Decision from USCIS [ waiting for it. ]

H4 Biometrics Process Experience #2 – Approved H4  Timeline

Ram shared his experience  Timelines on H4 + H1B with Biometric Processing. Thanks to Ram !  

Service Center : Vermont

4/03 – USCIS received H1/H4 application in PP
04/08 – H1B Approved.
04/11 – Biometrics notice generated
04/18 – Received receipt numbers for H4
04/25 – Attended Biometrics.
05/16 – Received H4 Approval Notice along with H1 Copy.

  • H4 Approved after almost 20 Days after giving Biometrics or about 45 Days from filing H1B + H4 together in premium

H4 Status still shows as “Receipt Received” as of May 22nd. Since we had India plans, we have requested H1 Copy so that the my spouse can carry it for stamping. To my surprise, i received H1 & H4 approval copies from attorney.  Check out Sample H4 Approval Notice with Biometrics – shared by User 

H4 Biometrics Experience #3

Thanks to other user, anonymous, who shared their experience with the community. Below is the process.

  • Documents Needed : Passport, Appointment notice.
  • Outcome: They will stamp acknowledgement of your attendance on same appointment notice
  • Details of Biometric Process: Smooth process . No hassles. We went before they opened at 8:00 am and we got token number 3. So it was pretty quick .
  • One minor issue:  Wife did not have Alien number as she is not eligible for EAD yet. So they double checked her details and continued with process. Not any obstacle.

More experience below and in comments

H4 Biometrics USCIS Status – “Fingerprint Review Was Completed”

One of our readers, Navisha, shared that their status was updated on USCIS website after giving biometrics and it says “Fingerprint Review Was Completed ” and looks like below. Some of you may or may not see this, so nothing to worry.  Thanks to Navisha for sharing the below.

H4 Biometric Fingerprint Review Was Completed Status USCIS

What will USCIS do with the Biometrics given by you ?

USCIS may use your biometrics/ fingerprints to check criminal history of FBI. You may request a copy of your own FBI identification record using procedures listed at Title 28 C.F.R., Section 16.32. You may also get it corrected or updated as outlined within the same Title 28 C.F.R., Section 16.34.

 H4 Biometric Appointment Letter from Application Support Center (ASC)

Even though some of you may know the standard Biometrics Letter from USCIS, it is good to re-confirm the same and have a look at the same ASC Appointment Notice . Again, thanks to our reader for sharing the Biometric Appointment Letter. See below screenshot at the end of article. It has the below details  on the same

  • H4 Petition Tracking Number
  • Name and address of the applicant
  • Application Support Center (ASC) Address
  • Date and Time of Appointment at ASC

 Key info from the Biometric Application Support Center (ASC) Appointment Letter :

It says that you to process your H4 application/petition with USCIS, you need to appear at the Application Support center  of USCIS at given time and date and give biometrics. If you do not show up at the ASC, then your application/petition will be considered as abandoned.

Can I reschedule my H4 Biometric Appointment with ASC ?

Yes, you can request to reschedule your appointment, if you cannot make it to ASC on the specified data and time. The process is simple, you make a copy of the Appointment letter for your records, check the box as listed in the ASC Appointment Letter and mail the Original letter to  below address:

  • BPU, Alexandria ASC, Suite 100, 8850 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22309-1586

Also, if you have open wound or bandage/casts, when you appear for appointment, USCIS may reschedule the appointment if they believe that they will interfere with taking the biometrics.

What if I am outside of the Country ? H4 Biometrics with Travel and outside of USA ?

As per USCIS guidance, on their I-539 form instructions (page 12), you should call up the nearest US consulate/ embassy and arrange for the biometrics. It says “If you are currently overseas, instruct you to contact a US Embassy, US Consulate or USCIS Office outside of United States to setup an appointment “,  see below screenshot. USCIS H4 Biometrics - Travel and Outside of the country

What are not allowed at Application Support Center for Biometrics ?

You cannot carry Cell Phones, Cameras or any Recording Devices to the Application Support Center (ASC), when you go for giving biometrics.   Also, due to limited seating, they suggest that only person giving biometrics and who are necessary for transportation or helping with biometrics should be entering ASC.

 Any questions on the H4 Biometrics Application Receipt or process – Customer Support ?

You can call the customer support at 1-800-375-5283, if you have any questions around your Biometric appointment Notice or any of the details around the same.

Can you Travel outside of Country, with H4 Extension/ COS Pending with USCIS ?

Yes, you may travel out of US, but if you travel, your pending H4 Extension / COS with USCIS will be considered abandoned.  There are few scenarios with H4, H4 EAD and travel, read Travel out of US with H4 Extension, COS or H4 EAD Pending ? Options ?  

Can you continue to work on H4 EAD, with pending H4 EAD Receipt Notice ? Do you get 180 days automatic extension ?

No, you cannot work with pending H4 EAD receipt notice as the category of H4 EAD, which is C26 is not eligible for automatic 180 days automatic extension. For all details, official references, read Can you continue to work with Pending H4 EAD Receipt Notice ?

Sample H4 Biometric Appointment Letter (I-797C) for H4, H4 EAD Filing Together

H4 EAD Biometrics Appointment Notice Sample

Sample H4 Biometric Appointment Letter (I-797C) at ASC – Stamped after giving Biometrics

H4 Biometrics Completed - Stamped at Application Support Center

Our current reader is still going through the process, as are other readers as well. We will update the article as our readers goes through the process on timelines and the potential tips.

H4 Biometrics Process Experience # 4

Another User LM Timelines on H4 + H1B with Biometric Processing 


  • H1B + H4 Filed in Premium : April 2nd 2019
  • H4 Receipt Generated : April 3rd 2019
  • H1B Receipt Generated : April 3rd 2019
  • H1B Approved : April 8th 2019
  • Biometric Notice Generated : April 5th 2019
  • Biometric Notice Received : April 10th 2019
  • Biometric Appointment : April 25th 2019
  • H4 Approval Notice Received : June 15, 2019
    • H4 Approval took 74 Days ( 2 month 13 days ) from initial filing
    • It took 51 Days after Biometrics were done.
    • Still online status says “Case Received” after getting approval.


H4 Biometrics Process Experience # 5

Another User Sachu Timelines on H4 + H1B with Biometric Processing 


  • H1B transfer/extension under premium processing :  Apr 1, 2019.
  • Got a simple RFE asking for W2 from my previous employer : April 11th.
  • RFE , RFE Response (sent via fax same day) : April 11th
  • H1B Approved : April 15th
  • H4 Biometrics Date : April 26th


H4 Biometrics Process Experience # 6

Another User Anonymous Timelines on H4 + H1B with Biometric Processing 


  • H1B + H4 Filed in Premium : March 26th.
  • H4 Receipt Generated : March 27th
  • H1B Receipt Generated : March 28th
  • H1B Approved : April 4th
  • Biometric Notice Generated : April 5th
  • Biometric Notice Received : April 13th.
  • Next steps in process.


H4 Biometrics Process Experience # 7

Another User Navisha Timelines on H4 + H1B with Biometric Processing 


  • We applied an extension for H1b+H4+HEAD in PP.
  • We got receipt stating that Case was received April 9th.
  • H1B approval status updated on April 18.
  • We got Biometric receipt on 24th in our mail box stating appointment date on 05/03/2019.
  • We went to ASC center on 04/25/2019 and they accommodated us.
  • Now status for H4 is changed to Fingerprint Review was completed today as of 04/26/2019.

We have many more experiences shared by users in comment, do check it out.

Did you file for H4 Extension with the New I-539 Form? How was your experience? Share your experiences with the community by creating thread at User Experiences or post it as comment.  Share your comments, thoughts, tips.

You may also check out H4 EAD Rule Removal, Lawsuit Latest News, Updates 


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Comments ( 571 )

  1. AT

    Is it mandatory to go to the ASC given in the biometrics letter. I tried to walk but they did not work out. Can I try another ASC center? Both the ASC centers are not too far for me?

    1. Kitu

      May be the center you walked in does not do walk ins. Like the one where I live doesn’t. Try your luck in the other one.

      1. SST

        04/26 – USCIS received H1/H4/EAD application in PP
        04/27 – Email Notification received for H1 application
        05/05 – Biometrics notice generated
        05/06 – Received receipt numbers for EAD & H4
        05/07 – H1B approved
        05/13 – Biometrics notice received
        04/14 – Gave biometrics in different ASC Center (The one given in my letter, did not entertain us, so went straight to other on). Took probably 10-15 min max.

    2. Victor

      It depends on officer. I am from NYC and I have 2 biometrics center in 20 miles range from my home. I tried both and did not work. In 1 center the person was racist and she even tore the paper form which the security asked to fill in front of me at the counter. Security did not check my appointment time and gave the form to fill.

      I am planning to go for appointment date, since no one has confirmed giving early appointment has helped them to get EAD earlier. I think they would process in the order which they receive only once biometrics is there.(Guess)

  2. Sai

    Heard somebody got H4 EAD approval after bio metrics.
    I don’t have exact dates info though.

    Looks like it took approximately 2 months for the whole process.

    1. DD

      Hi Sai,

      Can you please provide the dates of H1b filing and the biometric? Looks like there EAD process started in early April.

      Exact dates would be helpful.


    2. Ram

      Can you please give more details? Did you see it on social media or someone whom you know? This is the first time I am hearing Lott’s positive news ?

    3. VJ

      Can you help with more information. There are lots of people awaiting your reply.

      2 months – > Filing to approval? i assume so as biometrics came into existence only 2 months back.
      How long after Biometrics?

      H4 and H4 EAD approved same day?


      1. Sai

        Sorry i couldn’t get more details on this as i heard it from a different employer.

        H4 was approved 30 days after bio and 60 days H4 EAD

  3. Anonymous

    04/30/2019–> Case was received- California SC. (H1+H4+H4EAD+PP)
    05/01/2019–> Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed.
    05/06/2019–> Case Was Approved.

    H4: Case Received on 04/29/2019
    H4 EAD: Case Received on 04/29/2019

    05/03/2019–> Biometric Notice Generated
    05/11/2019–> H4 Biometric Letter Received with an appointment date of 05/24/2019.
    05/13/2019.–> USCIS in my city gladly accepted bio metric walk in today.

    Waiting for H4 and H4 EAD approval

  4. H4HellLife

    Waiting for H4/EAD approval is frustrating day by day.
    Better to divorce H1B spouse and leading a peaceful and freedom life in home country is a best option.

    So much unfair and uncertainty – dealing for years for the sake of family.

    1. administrator

      Well, it can be frustrating to wait…but, not sure, if you need to even think of such drastic measures…

  5. Anonymous

    04/30/2019–> Case was received- California SC. (H1+H4+H4EAD+PP)
    05/01/2019–> Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed.
    05/07/2019–> Case Was Approved.

    H4: (Still unable to add the receipt number to the USCIS case status page. Error: There was an error syncing your case. Try again in a few minutes.)

    05/03/2019–> Biometric Notice Generated
    05/11/2019–> H4 Biometric Letter Received with an appointment date of 05/24/2019.

  6. VJ

    Are there any regular h4 petitions who got fingerprinting within 2 weeks of filing or that’s taking more time unlike petitions filed with h1b premium.

    1. ST

      My petition was filed in premium on 26th April. Till today my biometrics is not generated or sent notice. When i called uscis they said 30 days you have to wait b4 you can contact us.

    2. Kavitha

      A friend applied for H4 extensions regular processing on May 3rd and finger printing is scheduled for May 28th. Letter was received on May 17th.

  7. DSR

    H1+ “H4 and H4 EAD new” filed on April 29th in premium processing mode at Nebraska center
    All receipt got generated on April 30th. We received them on May 5th.
    Email H1 approval received on May 6
    Biomatrics notice received on May10th with scheduled date of May 23rd.
    Biometrics completed on May 10th
    Online Status “Case received”
    Waiting of next step now………

    1. Srimaan

      @DSR, Can you reschedule biometrics date to an earlier date (prepone)? I see in your comments scheduled date is MAY 23rd but you posted biometrics completed on May 10th. Did you prepone it? or was it a type? Thank You for your help

      1. DSR

        As per updates by others , you can visit ASC and request them to consider your biometrics earlier. They might consider earlier. I did the same.

      2. administrator

        In fact, few of the users visited nearest ASC before their Biometric dates and gave their Biometrics. So, you could definitely try, provided you have a proper reason like others, where they were in situations where their location was different, etc.

  8. Saurabh

    It seems that once H1b is approved in premium processing, USCIS is in no hurry to approve H4 and H4 EAD. We do not know how many months the are going to take to approve. I think one of the following two options could be better.

    Option 1,
    File H1b in premium. when it is approved, travel o home country and apply for H4 visa. After returning back, apply H4 EAD (it may take 4-5 months total)

    Option 2.
    Apply H1b, H4, and H4 EAD together in regular processing. Once the Biometric is done, upgrade H1b to premium processing and Hope USCIS will approve together.
    (This process can take 2 months)

    1. Neha

      Hi Saurabh,
      Do you aware of anybody who used option 2, I wanted to get rough estimate about processing time.


    2. Shu

      I doubt this option will work out. In regular processing, how are you assuming that the biometrics will be completed so soon as in PP? The biometrics will be done in regular after several months. So upgrading it to PP would work only after the completion and approval of h4 biometrics which again is gonna take several months.

  9. Neha

    Anyone got H4 And H4 EAD approval after 11th March biometric rule?
    Looks like everybody who shared there experiences here are waiting for approval .. 🙁

    I am trying to understand if USCIS is really following Premium processing timeline for H4 and EAD if we file all 3 together. From above experiences looks like they are not respecting premium processing at all for h4 even when h1 is filed in premium processing.

    1. Sai

      My H4 and EAD is expiring in July 13th 2019 and the renewal is still pending with USCIS because of bio-metrics.

      And I got a new contract opportunity with federal government and i need to take this position in 4 to 6 weeks , so what is the best option now?

      1. Can I wait for H4 and H4 EAD approval? If so till what date can i wait and see?
      2. Or Can i go back H1B – by COS in premium processing? If I go back , what will happen to this pending H4 and H4 EAD renewals?
      3. After changing to H1B, can i again come back to H4 and EAD with future start date?

      1. administrator

        1. You may wait, but there is no SLA thought, you can check USCIS website for processing times for general COS/ Extension applications
        2. You may…You should withdraw them to avoid issues.
        3. You have to re-apply again another COS to H4, and apply H4 EAD.

    2. administrator

      Yes, they are not processing it in premium as in the past. One of the users shared that they sent an email and they got response from USCIS stating that H4 is not processed in premium processing after the change…In general H4 was never eligible for Premium processing, but it was courtesy of USCIS in the past to adjudicate them together in premium…..now, with H4 changes they are doing that courtesy faster approvals…

  10. Bhuvan

    Applied for h1 and h4 extension on April 18 in premium in nebaraska center.h1b approved on April 22. H4 biomentrics done on 1st May 2019. Still waiting for approval for h4.

    The problem is that in myaccount.uscis, when I try to add h4 case ,it says there is a problem syncing your case. I have been trying since 30th April.h1b case gets added successfully.

    Can anyone tell if anyone got this type of issue?

    1. Deepa Kansal


      I have the same issue, my h4 receipt couldn’t be added to the case. I called uscis and they said everything looks ok and not to worry as this may be some system issue.


  11. SK

    Here is our timeline for H1B (Premium Processing) & H4 + EAD Extension {Nebraska service}

    H1B + H4 Filed in Premium : April 17′ 2019
    H1B Approved : April 19′ 2019
    H4 Biometric Notice Received : April 26′ 2019
    Biometric Appointment scheduled : May 10′ 2019
    Biometrics completed: April 29′ 2019 (through Walk-in)
    Awaiting H4 Approval.

    Current status in USCIS site: Case received April 17′ 2019

    But we have urgent travel plan to India. As H4 is still in process and is not getting approved soon, can we travel during this time? Our current visa expires in the beginning of September.

    1. SA

      Do we know any expected timelines with this new step? We gave biometrics on May 8th. Now waiting for H4 and EAD approval. My EAD expires on May 11

      1. administrator

        Many are waiting for the approvals…no estimated timelines as this is first time for H4 Biometrics…

    2. administrator

      Thanks for sharing. Do share next status info.
      Well, If you travel to India, your H4 extension petition will not come with updated I-94 as the current I-94 that you submitted to USCIS would be closed on your departure. So, there is no point. You might as well, directly take spouse’s H1B approval and get H4 stamping in home country, based on approval and re-enter…

  12. Anuj Saxena

    Filed H1 + H4 + EAD in Premium in Nebraska
    Date applied – Apr 8
    H1 approval – Apr 25
    H4 + EAD Receipt Number – Apr 22
    Bio-metrics notice received – Apr 23
    Bio-metrics Appointment – May 2 done
    Approval on H4 – Waiting
    EAD – Waiting

  13. Saravanan

    Anyone reschedule the H4 bio metric appointment with different ASC than the one mentioned in the ASC appointment letter . My H4 biometric was scheduled to the nearest ASC of my employers office in NJ. Would like to know the process to reschedule the appointment to the nearest ASC office in Dallas, Texas, Thanks in advance!

    1. administrator

      Some of the users had similar issue like yours and got appointment at their employer state or attorney’s state…in such cases, they approached the nearest ASC, where they live with their Biometric appointment letter, explained the situation and gave the biometrics directly in that ASC. As it is a real situation and it is a mistake, you can try approaching the ASC center and get it sorted out.

  14. Raj

    I see in comments that some people have applied for H1 before 1st April? How is it possible?
    Also, people who have applied for H4EAD means they have GC already filed?

  15. Raj

    H1B/H4/EAD: Filed on 26th April
    H1B Approved on 07th May
    H4/EAD Receipts received on 07th May
    Biometrics info: still waiting.

    1. Raj

      @Kumar, have you seen anyone whose biometrics is getting this delayed. I had filed in premium. Still have not received any biometrics information. USCIC call center says, it will take up to 1 month to schedule for biometrics.

      1. administrator

        Most of them, as you can see in above experiences, usually get it in 8 to 20 days from the date the application received by USCIS. Some may take time, so don’t worry…

    2. YS

      Filed H1 + H4 + EAD in Premium in Nebraska
      Date applied – Apr 18
      H1 approval – Apr 23
      H4 + EAD Receipt Number – Apr 22
      Bio-metrics notice received – Apr 29
      Bio-metrics Appointment – May 9
      Approval on H4 – Waiting
      EAD – Waiting

  16. Wow

    Filed H1B + H4 + EAD in Premium in California
    Date filed – Mar 28
    H4 Receipt Notice – Mar 28
    H4 Biometrics Appointment Notice – Mar 30
    H1B approval – Apr 6
    Biometrics Taken – Apr 17
    Approval on H4 – Awaited
    EAD – Awaited
    (Note: no EAD receipt notice received yet, but the EAD filing fee has been cashed)

  17. SD

    Filed H1 + H4 + EAD in Premium in Nebraska
    Date applied – Apr 11
    H1 approval – Apr 23
    H4 + EAD Receipt Number – Apr 22
    Biometrics notice received – Apr 23
    Biometrics Appointment – May 6
    Approval on H4 – Awaited
    EAD – Awaited

    1. Wow

      Thanks for sharing your timeline. Did you receive separate receipt numbers for H4 and EAD? We only got one receipt notice for H4, even though the check for EAD filing fee has been cashed as well.

      1. Victor

        Yes. We received seperate Receipt notice for H4 and H4 EAD. But nothing for biometrics. Nebraska service center.

  18. DK

    Here is our timeline for H1B (Premium Processing) & H4 (Extension to Stay)

    H1B + H4 Filed in Premium : March 29′ 2019
    H4 Receipt Generated : April 1′ 2019
    H1B Receipt Generated : April 1′ 2019
    H1B Approved : April 29′ 2019 ( Had an RFE)
    Biometric Notice Generated : April 5′ 2019
    Biometric Notice Received : April 14′ 2019
    Biometric Appointment : April 24′ 2019
    Awaiting H4 Approval.

    1. Vaibhav

      Could someone please confirm if they got an H4 + H4 EAD approval, within a reasonable time in a PP application after biometrics? I still haven’t seen a person getting approved after biometrics on these forums. Would be a useful datapoint.

  19. Ram

    Can we travel after H1 approval and H4 biometric appointment . We are planning to apply H1, H4 and H4 EAD this week in pp. We have travel plans next month. As H4 is not getting approved sooner, can we travel during this time? My current visa expires November

    1. administrator

      Updated : Couple of things. If you travel out of US, your I-94 is closed on departure…So, your extension would not come with new I-94…Also,during the processing as it is not really a Change of Status… but, if there is any issue with your application and they need more information, then you need to have someone to take the letters and respond or make arrangements for the same….plan for such things…Also, you need to have valid visa for re-entry to US..

      1. Ram

        Thanks Kumar .. it’s really helpful .. Also, thanks for putting all this together ..

        This is the only place I found to be very useful in detailing about biometrics process

        1. administrator

          I would like the correct the above/ add more info : If you travel outside of US, your H4 extension petition will not come with updated I-94 as the current I-94 that you submitted to USCIS would be closed on your departure.

          1. administrator

            Technically the application is abandoned and would be considered denied. But, it does not really impact your ability to come back to US, if you have valid H4 stamp on passport and valid H1B approval of your spouse with you.

          2. SK

            Does that mean H4 will be approved as per spouse H1 extension dates, but it will not come with an updated i94 ? so if the current visa is valid we can travel outside US and renter to get the new i94 ?

  20. Mohsin

    I have a quick question regarding this.

    It is like H4 bio-metric appointment notice will be received only after H1B transfer/extension get approved?

    1. Victor

      Yes. I also think the same. Today I got the H4 Receipt notice and don’t see any biometric information details on that. It seems they are generating biometric after approval for H1B Approval just to slow the process and I think they want to avoid the number of biometrics by denying the H1B.

      1. administrator

        Not necessarily, there were few users, who reported that they got biometric before the approval…

    2. administrator

      Not necessarily, we have seen both instances…for some, Biometric appointment came after the H1B approval, for some it came before the approval. In general, Biometrics is a requirement for H4 processing and done as a process and may not be directly tied to H1B approval…The H1B approval decision is tied to H4 approval…but the biometrics may not be.

      1. sree

        Yes this is correct I applied my H1b extension and h4 and h4 ead together in premium my application is still in process but i received biometrics appointment for my wife on May 17th

  21. Kiran

    Applied for H1 Extention and H4 Extention regular on 04/24/19. My wife first name has spelling errors on the receipt notice (Our application has correct name but USCIS missed a letter in the receipt notice). Bio-metrics is scheduled for 05/13. We raised ticket to correct the first name and it is in in progress. Can we proceed to Bio-metrics when the correction is in progress? any thoughts are appreciated.

    1. administrator

      Yes, it should be fine to go for biometrics. As it is a clerical issue, they can either update the details either at Applicant Support Center during Biomettrics or later..

  22. Raj

    Do we need to pay for the biometric appointment? Do I need to carry a check with me? The notice I have received does not say anything about fees.

    1. Raj

      Just to add to it. I am on STEM OPT and have applied for H1B+H4 and I received notice from my lawyer on 11 April that lottery has been picked. And when I check my receipt number on https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do it shows “Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed”

    2. jaya

      Hello All,
      Quick question,
      How many days will it might take to get H4extension applied in Premium processing. H1 got approved and gave biometrics on APRIL 30th can anyone suggest what are the timelines for getting H4Extension approval?

      1. administrator

        Still it is not fully clear on the timelines, Many are waiting for H4 approvals after biometrics. The above experiences in article tell the average timelines for getting biometrics letters and giving them, but not many have got approvals yet.

  23. Kavitha

    We applied an extension for H1b+H4COS+ H4 kids+H4EAD in PP on 3/21/19.
    We got receipt stating that Case was received 3/25.
    H1B approved on 4/3.
    We got Biometric notice for H4 spouse on 4/12 in our mail box stating appointment date on 4/19.
    Biometrics completed on 4/19
    We got Biometric notice for H4 minor kids in our mailbox on 4/24 stating appointment date on 4/29
    Biometrics completed on 4/29
    Waiting for approvals( 9 days past spouse biometrics). No change to case in respect to biometrics completion.

    1. SA

      Going for Bio-metrics tomorrow. Do we know the Approval timelines yet? Did Anyone received approval after the biometrics appointment?

  24. VJ

    Anyone gave biometrics before April 15 and still awaiting approval for h4 + h4 EAD filed along with h1 PP? If so i guess H4 + H4 EAD will not be considered as PP.

      1. Victor

        Hi Navisha,

        Could you kindly let us know if you received the biometric appointment notice along with H4 receipt? I have received only the H4 notice and there is no information for biometric on that.

    1. Ramya

      I gave biometrics on April 15th and still waiting for H4+H4EAD approval. And H1B was applied in premium. Online case status is not updated and still showing as “case received”.

    1. administrator

      Biometric is a requirement for H4 approval. Yes, it is independent as a process, but done in parallel as part of H4 process. Having said that final H4 approval is dependent on the H1B approval.

  25. LM

    Here is our timeline for H1B (Premium Processing) & H4 (Extension to Stay)

    H1B + H4 Filed in Premium : April 2nd 2019
    H4 Receipt Generated : April 3rd 2019
    H1B Receipt Generated : April 3rd 2019
    H1B Approved : April 8th 2019
    Biometric Notice Generated : April 5th 2019
    Biometric Notice Received : April 10th 2019
    Biometric Appointment : April 25th 2019
    Awaiting H4 Approval.

  26. Navisha

    I reached there at noon. Guard asked me do you have any appointment- I said yes but it’s on 05/03. He said no problem and gave me one form to fill out( general information like weight, height ). ASC was not busy and staff members were very nice and accommodating. The process took 20 mins.

  27. Navisha

    We applied an extension for H1b+H4+HEAD in PP. We got receipt stating that Case was received April 9th. H1B approval status updated on April 18. We got Biometric receipt on 24th in our mail box stating appointment date on 05/03/2019. We went to ASC center on 04/25/2019 and they accommodated us. Now status for H4 is changed to Fingerprint Review was completed today as of 04/26/2019.

    1. Shal

      Hi Navisha,

      Can you provide more details on reaching ASC, at what time did you go there? what did they ask you? how much time did it take to complete the procedure?

  28. gupta

    H1B + H4 + H4 EAD Filed in Premium : March 22th.
    H1B Approved : April 1st
    Biometric for H4 completed on : April 18th.

    After Biometrics, status is not updated in USCIS, it says “At this time USCIS cannot provide you with information for your case. Please contact the USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283 for additional information.”

    Not sure why it’s not updating online, is anyone in the same situation? Not sure how to proceed? Please suggest?

    1. Jit

      Same for me . H4 biometric completed april 18 th . No approval and case search gives error . Did you try calling uscis .

    2. Archie

      Same messgae for my wife’s case. It started showing that msg after she finished her biometric. I don’t know what happened. I am thinking to wait for a week and then call uscis to inquire further.

    1. SP


      My H1B petition for new employer (also for my spouse H4) was filed on 08-April-2019 in PP, my H1B was approved on 14-APR.

      Received H4 biometeric appointment letter on 22-APR
      Biometric appointment has been scheduled on 29-APR
      Received H4 Approval notice (courtesy copy) on 22-APR
      Received H4 Approval notice (Original) by Attorney on 25-APR
      Received H1B Approval notice (Original) by Attorney on 24-APR

      Now, just pending with Biometric formalities for H4.


      1. Harsha


        How come H4 will be approved on April 22, 2019 when H4’s biometric is pending for April 29, 2019
        What am I missing here

      2. administrator

        Thanks for sharing. Please update the community after your Biometrics on your experience, will help everyone.

  29. Trinetra


    I am planning to file my H1b extension based on approved I-140 in premium along with my wife’s H4 (I-539) and EAD extension.
    I see on I765(EAD) form there is column(29) if your reason is C -26 which ask for receipt number of your spouse most recent form I-797. As I am also filling my H1b extension the with this new number is not issued. What i should fill in the space?

  30. Sam

    H4 + H4 EAD was filled in premium but H4 got rejected as lawyer used the old from. H4 was file again with correct form and status shows as “Fingerprint Fee Was Received”, has anyone seen this status with there H4 application?

    1. administrator

      This is a status that is seen in general for other Biometrics related cases from USCIS, not something weird…so far, I have not seen users share this kind of status for H4. You may call USCIS to clarify….But, looking at the status, I feel the status seems okay…Again, call USCIS to clarify, if you are worried.

      1. Kitu

        I received this message when I applied for my H4 and H4 ead. Had my biometric yesterday. Now let’s see how long is the wait.

  31. Question_visa_transfer

    Hi Saurabh,

    I am currently on H1-B and 6 years max out is on April 23(2 days from today).We applied for H4 and H4 EAD based on my husband current petition which is valid till 29-Oct-2019.
    My husband is going to change employer and his H1 will be filed on 27-April. My question is:

    1)Can I withdraw H4 ead in process and apply new H1 , H4 and EAD together with his H1 transfer?

  32. Kavit


    I applied for H1B to H4 change of status, it was through regular processing. Does anyone have any experience how long it took to receive the biometric appointment letter for regular processing? I received my receipt copy on 4/18/2019 (filed on 4/8/2019).


  33. Amin nimni

    My uncle aply my father and my uncles aply date and years 2011 april month.may know when we go usa how many days its complete

  34. Sunny


    Thanks Kumar for putting together the latest updates. And thanks everyone who has been very resource ful.

    I have another question which is not completely relevant now but will be helpful in future:
    I am about to go for H1 Extension + H4 + H4 EAD (concurrently in Premium Processing) from my current company. Once that is approved, I am planning to switch jobs down the lane in couple of months. In this case, when my new employer applies for transfer of H1, does my wife who is on H4 needs to attend biometrics again? What would happen to the H4 EAD? Do we have to apply H4 EAD again based on my new H1?

    1. administrator

      Honestly, not sure, if she needs to attend biometrics again, we need to see how USCIS handles such requests. Maybe you can update us 🙂
      Usually, when they file transfer, it is recommended to file H4 and H4 EAD together to have all the dates in sync and it is a best practice. The reason is, to have their I-94 and all dates in sync with your H1B…

  35. Suresh

    Hi ,
    I received rfe on my H1B transfer . My employer did not tell me yet weather they responded ref or any status on that but they told me yesterday that my wife who is on H4 needs to go for biometrics.
    What does that means my H1B has approved and that’s why they called my wife for biometric?

    1. administrator

      Well, it could mean that they filed for H4 extension as well, along with H1B transfer. As part of the new process, H4 extensions filed using I-539 form need to get biometrics. Speak to the attorney or employer and clarify.

      1. Suresh

        Thank you Kumar
        Yes they filed H4 extension along with H1B transfer. H1B got rfe and I am still waiting for decision but meantime my lawyer also sent me biometric appointment letter for my spouse.
        I wanted to confirm if they call H4 for biometric only after H1B approved or they can call even if decision is still pending on H1B

  36. bhanu

    Thanks for explaining the process..but I have a question here…when you apply h1+h4+h4EAD in premium process..

    H1- will be approved first
    H4- You will recieve notice first , then go for finger printing, USICS will update next
    H4EAD- what will be status of this , will it will be approved with H1 or wait for H4 and then approve ? I dont see the H4 EAD status on the above information.

    Thanks for info.

    1. administrator

      H4 EAD approval is based on your H4 Approval. So, until your H4 is approved, EAD cannot be issued. Biometrics is a requirement to get H4 extension. So, you will get H4 EAD either along with H4 approval or after H4 approval.

  37. BL

    We filed H1B+H4+EAD with premium processing on 4/5. Receipt confirmed on 4/8. My H1B got approved on 4/11 and my attorney and employer just received the approval notice yesterday. We are still waiting for the appointment letter.

    Our I-539 case still says “Case was received”, so I don’t know if it means that they have not made the appointment yet. For those who have received biometrics appointment notice, what does the “Case Status” say?

  38. Prasenjit Maity

    H4 biometric is on April 25th . That is the day when I am actually moving to different location and I cant go there. Can I go to any ASC office local and give biometric.

    1. Anonymous

      Hi Prasenjit,

      What does your online Case Status say now?

      We filed H1B+H4+EAD with premium processing on 4/5. Receipt confirmed on 4/8. And we are still waiting for the appointment letter.

      Our I-539 case still says “Case was received”, so I don’t know if it means that they have not made the appointment yet.

      Thanks for your help!

      1. JIT

        H1B and H4 extension filed in premium. 26th Marc. RFE 8th APril.
        RFE reply 11th April
        Approved H1b 12th April
        H4 biometrics notice mail received 16th April .However there is no track of the case. Case dosnt show up when i search with receipt number
        Biometrics was scheduled in a different location.

        Called USCIS. Level2 officer called back after 3 hrs and told biometrics can be done in any ASC in US on the date mentioned in the notice.

        However we went on 18th April. early morning in nashville ASC for biometrics with notice paper and passport
        No questions asked. All done in 20 mins. not busy at all.
        just asked for alien number which in our case was not applicable.

        What are the next steps after biometrics. as H4 was filed with premium H1b , does it speed up process for h4. Not sure.
        IF not, my wife’s h4 ends on 16th June. Can she stay if the case is pending after biometrics

        1. administrator

          Thanks for sharing your experience.

          As your H1B was filed in premium, it is very likely that USCIS will adjudicate your H4 soon. It is not mandatory that USCIS has to make a decision on your H4 as premium processing, but they did mention in the stakeholder call that they will process H4 filed with H1B premium soon after biometrics are done, we are yet to see results. many are still waiting.

          Yes, she can stay until the decision is made on her case, as her application was filed on time before I-94 expiry.

          1. Rajesh

            Did any H4/EAD gets processed after the biometrics. I have not heard anything about it till now.

    2. administrator

      Well, Please call USCIS for guidance on this, they have a customer support line. Also, update the community once you have any inputs from them, will help others.

    3. K

      Yes you can go-to to the nearest available ASC immediately and ask them to help with re-scheduling. I did the same for my wife and they even accommodated getting fingerprinting done on the same day at that local ASC itself.

      1. administrator

        This is awesome ! Thanks. Can you share additional details on your Biometric experience at the ASC with the community ?

        1. K

          We were pleasantly surprised with the reception at the ASC. The person who received us was very helpful and even fetched the copy appointment from the system as our copy didnt have the barcodes in scan supported quality.

          The appointment was scheduled initially for 4/22 at an out of state facility, but they ported it to the local ASC and helped capture it there on 4/16.

          One thing to note here was the ASC was pretty much empty. Two other folks there finished their business and walked out and we were the only ones there for the day at around 2:15 PM.

          1. administrator

            This is awesome. Great to hear. Thanks for sharing. Would you mind adding couple more details on the timeline like when you filed, was it all three and when you got the appointment notices, so that I can add the same to the above article for everyone benefit ? I will post a FAQ article on this as well, with your feedback.

          2. K

            12/03/2018 H1 filed
            01/15/2019 USCIS RFE request
            04/01/2019 H4 & H4-EAD filed
            04/09/2019 RFE response and premium upgrade filed notice dated
            04/04/2019 USCIS acknowledges H4 & H4-EAD
            04/10/2019 USCIS acknowledges premium process start
            04/15/2019 H1 approved
            04/15/2019 Attorney sends USCIS scheduled H4 finger-printing on 4/22 in ASC based on H1 petition city
            04/16/2019 Visited wife’s local ASC and explained the situation. ASC folks help pull the appointment and accommodates finger-printing immediately right there
            04/18/2019 Awaiting next steps

          3. K

            Although there might be one-off cases that get processed in PP, in general H4 & H4 EAD filed concurrently with H1 will not be considered for premium processing! We mailed the email address for Vermont PP and this was their response:

            USCIS acknowledges that you filed a Form I-539 concurrently with a Form I-129 Premium Processing petition. As a result of Executive Order 13780, the I-539 filing process has been amended with the revised Form I-539 (revision date of 02/04/2019). As such, USCIS is no longer able to provide Premium Processing services for Forms that do not qualify for Premium Processing.

          4. administrator

            Thanks for sharing….H4 was never in premium processing, but USCIS did it in premium as a matter of courtesy and that what they said in stakeholder meetings as well…Seems the courtesy has changed now due to the load or new process…

  39. Anonymous

    H1B Extension/H4 & H4 EAD under premium processing : Apr 8th ,2019.
    H1B Approved : April 11th ,2019
    H4 Approved- April 11th ,2019
    H4 EAD – Status shows as ‘ New card is being produced”.”On April 11, 2019, we ordered your new card”
    No Biometrics appointment received.Wondering why there was no biometrics for me? I had it taken during the Visa interview , in Aug 2018. Could that be the reason?

    1. Krishe

      An Anonymous user who filed in Premium, got H1 extension, H4 extension and H4 EAD approved in 4 days!! Not sure why there is no Bio-metrics for H4?? Is H4 non-Indian candidate? Or is it because H4 already gave bio-metrics last year?

      Also, Those who did H1/H4/H4 EAD together in PREMIUM, what was end to end timeline right from the day petition filed to the day you got approval for H1, H4 and H4 EAD

  40. Ramu

    My present address is X and after filing H1B amendment & extention and H4 extention, I changed my address to Y.
    Question : Do they mail H4 bio-metric form directly to X address or to my attorney?
    And also do they schedule biomaetric near to my X address?

  41. sr

    My Question is my wife went to India in March 1st week now my H1b is ext is due and planing to apply H1Bext+H4ext+H4EAD ext… but my wife wont be here in USA for next 6 months…. my present visa expires 29th Sep 2019. So in this case how to proceed and can she do bio metrics in INDIA? what is the procedure and what are my options?

    1. administrator

      Yes, she can do biometrics in US Embassy or Consulate in India. You should call them up / email and arrange for the same. I have updated the above article with the details on USCIS guidance with screenshot and details. Check it.

  42. Sachu

    I applied for H1B transfer/extension under premium processing on Apr 1, 2019. Got a simple RFE asking for W2 from my previous employer, on April 11th. They gave a fax number to directly fax the response. Responded on April 9th itself. Today (Apr 15th), my case was approved. They also sent us the biometric notice for my wife’s H4 extension. The date given is Apr 26th. I will let us know how things go after 26th!

    1. administrator

      Great Sachu ! Please update. I see you faxed on April 9th, but you got RFE on 11th. Did you mean other day ? I have added your info to the main article for everyone’s benefit.

      1. Sachu

        Sorry I meant to say Received RFE on April 11th, and faxed the response on the same day. We went for completing the biometric formalities on April 26th. It was a straight forward process where they took the fingerprints and photo of my wife and stamped the date for records on the biometric appointment notice that they had sent us. We took only the appointment notice and a valid ID (in our case we took my wife’s drivers license) to the biometric appointment. The status shown on USCIS is still Case Was Received. Hopefully, they will send the approval notice soon.

  43. Sriram

    Thank you for providing the detailed information about the H4 Bio metric procedure. I really appreciate Kumar help to our legal immigrant community. Thanks to the person who shared a copy of the Biometric Notice .

      1. administrator

        Sriram, It is not me, it is about the awesome person sharing with the community and staying anonymous ! Thanks to him.

    1. KP

      Thanks much for the details Kumar, Sachu, Sriram..

      I’m working in company A and having valid petition, and company B initiated h1 transfer and got the biometric(797c) for H4 with the B address, due to personal things not joined in company B, do I still need to attend biometric or withdraw the h4 transfer with B.

      1. administrator

        Technically, if you fail to appear, your petition is considered abandoned. That’s what the Appointment letter says. I suggest you call the ASC or USCIS to confirm the same. Also, share your feedback with the community here.

        1. KP

          Thanks much Kumar,
          I sent 539 withdrawal request to service center as I’m not going with company B.. as company B said they will withdraw H1. do I still need to cancel the Biometric appointment?

          and my current company A is also submitting H1 Extn & H4., is it okay to wait for my company A bio-metric letter.

          Thanks for your time Kumar.

          1. administrator

            As I said before, it gets abandoned. But, I recommend you call the USCIS helpline on your ASC letter and confirm to be safe. Also, please share the response from customer service with the community as well.
            Yes, you can wait for the new filings related letters, but I suggest you call regarding the old one, just to be sure…

          2. KP

            Thanks again Kumar for your valuable comments..
            contacted customer care and discussed, sent withdrawal request to service center for 539 and it’s reached. (i.e., company B filings) they said it will also withdraw the related things 539, 539A and Biometric one., saved the reference number for the call..

            Thanks to the other members for sharing their comments..

          3. administrator

            Thanks KP for sharing. In summary, USCIS customer service asked you to send withdraw letter for I-539 form for H4, which will take care of H4 application and also the Biometrics Appointments. Do correct, if different.

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