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Sample H4 Extension / COS Biometrics Appointment Notice by USCIS

USCIS introduced new Form I-539 form with Biometrics process in 2019. If you are on  H4 Visa in US and apply for H4 extension or in other status and apply for Change of Status (COS), then you will need to go through biometrics process.  USCIS after they receive the H4 Application package, they send out two notices, the H4 receipt notice and the H4 Biometrics Appointment Notice. H4 visa holder need to attend appointment for giving Biometrics at an Application Service Center ( ASC). Below is a sample of the H4 Biometrics Appointment Notice and what information it has in it that you need to verify.

Sample H4 Biometrics Appointment Notice by USCIS

H4 Biometrics notice has a lot of important information, you need to verify all the details and act accordingly, see below for those details.

Sample H4 Extension - Change of Status - Biometrics Notice by USCIS
  • Application / Petition Request Number : This is the Case number that is used for tracking H4 Case on USCIS website.
  • Notice Date : The date when the H4 Biometric Notice was generated by USCIS
  • Case Type : It corresponds to the Form filed with USCIS. For H4 it would be I-539 Extension or Change of Status
  • Social Security Number : Usually it would be blank for H4 Biometrics notice
  • USCIS A# : This is the USCIS Alien number, it would also be blank for H4 Biometrics
  • Code : For H4 Biometrics, it would be ‘3’. It means Fingerprints ( both hands 10 Prints)  and Biometrics –  Photo, Signature and Index finger.
  • TCR : It stands for Transmission Control Request. It is blank usually for H4 holders. It is used to identify a fingerprint transaction that FBI could not classify for billing purposes.
  • Service Center : It is the USCIS Service centre, where H4 is processed.
  • Page : It tells how many pages, usually it says  ‘1 of 1’ for H4 Biometrics notice.
  • Application Support Center : This indicate the address, where the Biometrics appointment is scheduled at and where H4 holders needs to be on the given date and time. You would see the time and date next to that in the same row.


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