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H4 Visa Sample Documents – EAD, Visas, Approval Notices, Forms, I-94

As you go through the process of applying for H4 Visa , extending H4 Visa, applying for EAD, etc. you are keen to look at samples either to understand on how the actual documents ore compare your documents with others and ensure everything is fine.  Some of the common H4 related documents would be like  H4 Visa stamp, H4 EAD Card, H4 Approval notices, etc. We have collected various sample documents related to H4 visa and H4 EAD and listed them below for your reference .

Sample H4 Visa Stamp in Passport, US Port of Entry Stamp

Sample H4 Extension / COS – Documents : Receipt Notice, Approval Notice

Sample H4 Biometrics Documents in US : Appointment Notice, Stamp

Sample H4 EAD Documents : Receipt Notice, Approval Notice, EAD Card

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