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Sample H4 EAD Card by USCIS – C(26) Category – Form I-766

If you are on H4 Visa in US and eligible to apply for H4 EAD , you file form I-765 with USCIS under category C26.  After you submit the H4 EAD application package, USCIS processes the package and sends you a H4 EAD Case Receipt Notice and after the approval, USCIS  will send out approval notice of H4 EAD. Also, along with the receipt notice, you will get an EAD card that is mailed to you, it is also called as the Form I-766.  It is technically not a form, but a plastic card. This is the card, that you would use to work in US. It looks like below. Your employer in US will use that for I-9 compliance, so you need to check it for accuracy of details.

Sample H4 EAD Card by USCIS for C(26) category – Form I-766

Below is the sample H4 EAD card front and back sides. Below the sample card, all the details of various fields are explained.

Sample H4 EAD Card - C26 Category - by USCIS - Front Side
Sample H4 EAD Card - C26 Category - by USCIS - Back Side

Details on the H4 EAD Card  – Front side :

  • Surname : Indicates the Family Name aka Surname of the H4 EAD holder.
  • Given Name :  First Name, aka Given name of the H4 EAD holder.
  • USCIS # : It is the Alien Registration Number or A-Number related to the H4 EAD application
  • Category  : Category Indicates the category of the EAD or I-766 form. For H4 EAD applications, it will be C26 indicating the category that is given for H-4 dependent spouses.
  • Card # : It is the USCIS Receipt Number on the H4 Approval Notice.
  • Country of Birth : The country where the H4 EAD holder was born
  • Terms and Conditions : This indicates, if there are any specific terms. It will say NONE for H4 EAD holder. For Other categories, it will tell the purpose like for F1 OPT students, it will say– ‘Stu: Post-Completion Opt’
  • Date of Birth : Indicates the date of birth of the H4 EAD holder
  • Sex : it indicates the Sex of the H4 EAD applicant. M or F, depending on Male or female.  
  • Valid From : Start date of the H4 EAD card validity
  • Valid To : End date of the H4 EAD card validity
  • Annotation – NOT Valid for Re-entry to US : It tells that you cannot use this card to re-enter US at the bottom. It will say in caps “ NOT VALID FOR REENTRY TO U.S.” You will need a valid H4 Visa stamp on your passport for re-entering US.
  • Photo : The Photo of the H4 EAD Holder will be on the left hand side of the card.
  • US Hologram : There will be US Hologram as well authenticating the EAD card
  • Name Slant on top of photo : The H4 EAD Holder name will be in slant in a style on top of the photo followed by the date of birth.
  • Text on top of card in Caps : The top of the front side of the card will say “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” in one line and below that you will see “ EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION”

Information on the H4 EAD Card  – Back  side :

  • Photo : There will photo of the H4 EAD Card holder on the top left hand side in small size
  • Hologram : You will find US Statue of Liberty hologram next to it.
  • Machine Readable Info : The H4 EAD Holder information will be printed in Machine Readable format. It is like in the passport with the number, first name, last name, country, etc.
  • Form I-766, Bar Code : You will also see on the top of the card where it says FORM I-766 and then followed by a bar code that is readable.


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