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Sample H4 Visa in Passport – Stamped after Visa Interview

If you apply for H4 Visa interview with US Consulate in your country or any other country and go for H4 Visa stamping in your passport, the Visa Officer interviews you and if approve, they will stick H4 Visa Foil in your passport. It has all the details related you and the validity of the H4 visa, date of birth, etc. It looks like below and you need to review all the details on the H4 Visa in passport to ensure, they are correct.

Sample H4 Visa glued in Passport after Visa Interview and Approval

Below is the H4 Visa that is stamped by Visa officer after successful approval of H4 visa. There are the various fields, read below on what they mean and what to look out.

Sample H4 Visa in Passport given after Visa Interview by Visa Officer
  • Surname : Family name or Last name of the H4 visa holder
  • Given Name : First name or the Given Name of the H4 Visa holder.
  • Passport Number : Passport Number of the H4 Applicant
  • Issuing Post Name : The US Consulate where the H4 Visa was issued
  • Control Number : US Visa control number is DHS internal number used to track visas
  • Sex : H4 Visa holder gender
  • Entries : M meaning multiple entry, S meaning Single entry
  • Issue Date : Date when H4 Visa was issued
  • Expiration Date : Date when the H4 visa will be expiring
  • Visa Type / Class : The letter ‘R’ stands for Regular passport. Class is the Visa Class and it will ‘H4’ for H4 Visa Approved and stamped in passport.
  • Red Color Number : This is the Visa Number of H4 Visa.
  • Annotation : This is the place, where you will have additional information of petition like spouse info, employer info,  ending date, etc.
  • PA : It stands for Principal Applicant. You will see the name of the spouse after the letters PA on visa.
  • PN  : It stands for Petitioner Name. You will see the employer or company name that sponsored the H1B Applicant next to PN on the H4 Visa.
  • P# : It is the Petition Number of the H4 Visa. You will see USCIS Case number next to it, that is tied to the H1B petition.
  • PED : It stands for the Petition Ending Date that is tied to the H4 Petition.
  • Two Lines with << : The text in these ‘<<’ character is computer generated for machine reading of the passport details.  


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