I-94 Extension in USA with Passport Renewal Experience

I-94 Extension in US at Canada Border – 4 Experiences[2020]

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Many of the US non-immigrant visa holders would get shorter duration on the I-94 than the visa expiration or I-797 approval notice due to expiring passport, when they enter US and go through Port of entry Process. In general, it would have been a straightforward process to Extend I-94 after Passport Renewal in US. But, now with travel restrictions in place due to COVID-19, it is very different, and tricky situation.

Couple of our readers, Vinod & MS were in similar situation. After much research, they were able get his I-94 extended by not flying out of the country. They was kind enough to take time to share his detail experience. Thanks a lot to them for taking the effort and sharing it with our community. We really appreciate it ! You can also share with our readers, by emailing it at [email protected] or by adding the same in comments, we will update it in article.

Below is first Experience at Canada Border by Vinod

My Situation – Passport Renewal, on H1B Visa, I-94 Expiration

  • I have recently renewed my Indian passport (in Chicago Indian Consulate). But, my current I-94 is valid only till my old passport expiry date which is June 2020.
  • In general, CBP officer will issue I-94 end date either petition/VISA end date or passport expiry date when you enter US. In my case, I have H1B I-797 approval notice and H1B Visa stamp on old passport, which is valid till 2021 August, but my passport was expiring in June 2020. Hence, I got I-94 till June 2020.
  • Now with the new passport in hand, I need new I-94 with the validity matching to my VISA stamp and the I-797 petition end date. I live and work in Michigan.

Options for Extending my I-94 after Passport Renewal

After my research I realized that there are only three options to renew I-94.

  1. Travel outside of US, re-enter : Travel outside US and Re-enter by holding both old and new passport. CBP POE will issue new I-94 based on new passport and VISA expiry date
    1. Travel to India and Re-enter to the United States is the best option. No consequences, you are legally re-entering with new passport, VISA stamp on old passport & approved I-797.
    2. Travel to Mexico ( Indian citizens holding US H1 VISA can travel to Mexico without Mexican VISA) and Re-enter to the United States.
    3. Travel to Canada ( Indian citizens require Canada Visitor VISA) and Re-enter to the United States.
  2. SENTRI Enrollment Center : Go to SENTRI enrollment center in Laredo-Texas, San Diego ( Otay Mesa or San Ysidro) or Arizona. Sentri enrollment centers are there in only Texas, California and Arizona state.
    • Process is very simple. You just walk into the enrollment center, pay the $6 fees at PERMITS section and attend POE interview. Better to fill and pay online “New I-94 request form” and carry the printout.
    • This SENTRI enrollment centers are inside US, so no question of crossing the border.
  3. CBP Locations : Go to the one of the below three CBP location and renew your I-94 – Need to cross the border and re-enter. All are pedestrian crossing locations in Mexican border. Pay online fees for new I-94 and attend the POE interview to get new I-94.
    • a. Laredo-Texas ( gateway bridge 1): Enter the bridge walk mid-way and walk on yellow line back to US line ( per different forums online, this is legal so no worries). Up on meeting CBP officer, you will be called for an POE interview and officer will issue you a new I-94.
    • b. San Ysidro East and West – San Diego CBP POE office: Go to the CBP office and request for I-94 renewal, if you are lucky you will get new I-94 based on your online payment receipt without crossing the border. However if the CBP officer asks you to cross the border then just cross the pedestrian border line, return and join to the US line. Crossing the border is easy, just a pedestrian crossing so no need to go to the Mexican side to meet Mexico officers. Just a walk, cross the line and U turn kind of deal.
    • c. Otay Mesa – San Diego CBP POE office: Same rule applies here as 3.b above.
    • I have called all above a, b & c locations and the CBP officers confirmed me that I-94 renewal is a valid case and they will issue new I-94. But the condition is you have to cross the border and officer will guide you back to join the US line. As long as you have proper I-797, living in the US legally and a VISA stamp on old passport you are good to Re-enter to the United States in all the three pedestrian crossing locations.

How I Extended my I-94, Process followed with COVID-19 Travel Issue.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic and all international restrictions in place, my options were limited. Option no 1 and 2 were not possible for me. I was left with CBP option. Below is the process I followed.

  • Contacted CBP Detroit: I have called CBP Detroit Windsor tunnel office and explained my situation. Officer assured me that I can re-enter to the United States if Canada is ready to let me in. But there is a Non-Essential travel ban in place between US and Canada. However, officer suggested me to contact Canada border agency and explain my situation to them and request for entering Canada and Re-enter to the US.
  • Contacted Canada Border Agency : I have contacted Windsor tunnel Canada border agency and explained my situation and told officer that I will be just crossing the border and will take U-turn go back to the US. Officer assured me as long as I don’t enter Canada, I am good to take U turn and re-enter.

Now the challenging and risky part 🙂

  • Drove to Detroit Windsor Tunnel : I just drove to the Detroit Windsor tunnel and entered the tunnel. Upon arriving at Canada border, officers asked me the reason. I stated the actual reason (to get the new I-94 back in US POE) and told officer that I don’t’ want to enter the Canada and my purpose of visit is just to cross the US border and Re-enter to get new I-94. I will just take U turn and go back. Officer called other officers and they pulled me to park the car in parking lot. I explained the situation and they did few paperwork and handed over my passport and a letter stating that I have travelled as Non-Essential travel category and they are sending me back to the US. Officer told me to hand over the letter to the US CBP officer and they guided me to drive back to the US
  • Arriving at US Port of Entry, Interview with CBP officer : Upon arriving at the US POE. Officer asked me the reason, I stated same like to renew my I-94 I have crossed the border. Officer did POE interview, I had filled online new I-94 request form ( you can fill this form only using old passport) and paid the fees online. Handed over the I-94 request form to the officer and they guided me to the CBP office in border crossing ( US side). I went inside and attended regular POE interview, explained my reason for the travel to Canada border and told officer that I did not step out of my car and just took a U-turn. Officer took the finger prints and issued me a new I-94 paper record attaching to my new passport.

Anything to note or Potential Issues with the above process ?  

 In general, no issues. Entry and Exit is as normal. However, you cannot enter into Canada during Covid-19 pandemic because of the non-essential travel ban. But going to the Canada border and taking U turn is feasible because they won’t let you inside and they will have to send you back to the US. But, you should have valid Canada Visitor VISA.

Key learnings, Tips for I-94 Extension with Passport Extension in US

  1. Be honest, no matter what do not try to give wrong answers or some cover up story. All we need is legal I-94 and do it at the right way. All option 1, 2 & 3 are valid cases.
  2. Fill and pay the fees for new I-94 record online. Go the I-94 website and fill & pay online take the print out. It is valid for 7 days.
  3. During this Covid-19 Pandemic, options are little tricky. Please check the travel restrictions in State ( example:  You cannot travel to Texas from other state, there is a mandatory 14 days quarantine order in place)
  4. Northern side folks can try Canada border during this Covid-19 pandemic situation as long as you have valid Canada Visitor VISA. If you don’t have Canada Visa , please confirm with Canada border agency before you enter. Otherwise you may have to face the consequences, in my opinion they will still deport you or send you back to the US even if you don’t have VISA.
  5. Texas and San Diego is the best options for other state folks.

That’s it folks.  Be prepared and Good Luck !

If any questions, leave comments, I will be happy to answer.

Experience 2 from VJ – Word of caution for above process. Thanks to VJ.

Not able to Renew I-94 at US Canada Border

Hello Everyone: A quick update on my case. I drove all the way from Chicago to Detroit (Detroit-Windsor tunnel), however, I wasn’t successful in getting my I94 updated. Felt I was a bit unlucky. I did cross the US border, entered Canada, and explained my situation. They were nice, polite, and agreed to send me back after some verification (took about 30 min).

On returning I was stopped in the Detroit checkpoint, and the officer politely admitted me WITHOUT renewing my I94. On explaining the situation, the officer said, since I was not technically Admitted into Canada (just turned back from border), I never really left US, and hence cannot be issued a new I94. The devil lies in the details. I Returned from Canada checkpoint, however since I wasn’t admitted in Canada, It is counted as , I never left US. Weird. But this is what happened. Looks like it is at the sole discretion of the CBP officer at the checkpoint.

Note: I had called the officers on both sides of the border, explained my situation 2 days ago, and was given a green signal, and hence I made the journey. However it turns out, the decision is made by the officer on duty and there isn’t a standard protocol.

So, when you plan the above, have backup plans as well, if the above does not work out…

Experience 3 – Successful I-94 extension from MS – Sep 2020

I-94 Extension Experience for H4 Child at Canada Border

Hello Hi My name is MS. FIRST of all am really thankful to everyone for sharing their experiences. I would like to share mine for my daughter I94 extension. Myself and my spouse has H1 visa and I94 till Aug 2021 but as my daughter is 5 year old and her passport expiring in October 2020 and has valid I94 only till October 2020 I had to apply for new passport at Chicago consulate and got it last week.
As we live in Detroit I tried 2 options No risk and bit risky I read the above process and followed exactly step by step.

Airport CBP Office

First no risk — as few said if we can go to Detroit or any Airport CBP in person they may entertain our request for I94 extension but it didn’t work they said we need an appointment and also said they do corrections only and all requests need to submit via email gave a slip which has the below content [email protected] (include description, error attach passport bio page,visa,stamp photo, supporting docs I797 etc., most recent I94) sent back .

Disappointed as it did not work, gathered some courage me and my spouse decided to go Windsor tunnel

Driving to US – Canda Border for I-94 Extension

I followed the same process as stated above in experience 1 by Manish.

Step1 – Calling CBP US and Canda Border offices

Called CBP USA and Canada as well explained my situation (I informed I DON’T HAVE CANADIAN VISA to Canada agency) and got thumbs up to come. — link for contact https://www.dwtunnel.com/contact/

Step 2 : Going to Windsor Tunnel – Canda Border

Entered Windsor tunnel paying $5 toll drove all the way to end to see that there is Canada CBP border shelter entered in line am little nervous but remained calm in car as my turn came there is officer (lady) asked our passports I explained my situation she was very serious and asked why you entered without visa do you know there is restriction. the officer asked me the reason for being there and also how much money do I have ? I said $25 and I said I want an I-94 extension for my kid and that is the purpose to cross the border. I don’t want to enter Canada I just need to go US POE. I was asked about multiple things by the officer she came out and told me to take U turn keeping a yellow paper on wind shield.

When I reached the other side there are 3 officers asked me to park a side and said since I have no visa they will send me back I felt OK but tensed as they took my passports to deal with some papers inside I remained in car I believe after around 15 tense minutes that officer came out and handed over the passports, as well as a letter to sign stating that for not having a visa they are not allowing us and sending us back. I read me and my wife signed gave docs he gave a copy and placed on windshield. Then, I was guided on how to get to the U.S. tunnel and I was told to give the letter to the U.S. CBP officer.

Step 3 – Entering US Border from Canada

I entered tunnel and to the US border a officer at small shelter named “all traffic” asked reason for entry and I said same for my daughter I94 extension . he asked same question like Canadian officer how much money do I have? I said $25. he called someone gave a yellow slip to enter CBP US POE office. upfront 2 guards guided me to park my car asked to open all car doors hood and trunk leaving phone and keys in car. They asked me to step out gave the docs on windshield ,yellow slip searched my wife’s hand band and to guided us to CBP office.

Step 4 – CBP Officer – I-94 Extension Process

I entered inside only one officer was there in office may be due to COVID. He asked me to come front and asked the reason for arrival I said for my kid’s I94 extension he asked to give documents we have.I gave I797 and passports and online $6 paid receipt for I94 nothing else he asked us to take a seat. He took around 5-10 min in the meanwhile he is stamping we understood that he was granting I94 and we are really happy. He called us gave passports and docs and said we are ALL SET!!!

That’s it !!!! we exited happily out from office.
we went to see all car doors ,hood and trunk open for checking I guess we closed everything and were guided to leave ..

🙂 Happily left from there. Thanks again for those who wrote their experiences we are really appreciate your effort in turn which encouraged me write mine. I apologize for any language and grammatical mistakes.

Experience 4 – Successful I-94 extension from GO – Oct 2020

Successful I-94 Extension at Canada Border Windsor Tunnel

I was able to renew my I-94 at the Windsor-Tunnel at the Canada border in US recently in Oct 2020.

  • My situation was basically the same like most people here. I am on a H1-B visa with a valid date till Aug 2022 but my old passport was expiring in Dec 2020, so did my I-94.
  • I work and live in Michigan, so going to Canada border was my best bet.
  • After I renewed my passport, I called up the CBP at the Detroit’s Windsor Tunnel and explained my situations. The officer told me that they did I-94 renewal all the time and gave me a green light to come.
  • I did not even call the Canada border and I just drove all the way to the border. Before going into the tunnel, I had to pay $5 at the toll booth.
  • I drove through the tunnel and went straight to the Canada border. The Canada officer asked for my passport and reason to enter Canada. I told him that I was there to renew my I-94 and the US officer asked to cross the border and U-turned back to US so that I could get my I-94 renewed.
  • He put a red slip at my windshield and asked my to pull up my car to the side. 2 officers came out and took the red slip and asked me why I was here and I explained my situation again.
  • They told me that they had to deny my entry because I did not have a Canada visa. I said that’s fine and that was what I wanted as well. They took my passport and did some paperwork. After 5-10 mins, they came back to me and asked me to sign two papers. I kept one and the officer took the other one. The papers are basically the proof to show to the US officer that I did entered the Canada border but got denied because I did not have the Canada visa.
  • I took the paper with me and drove back through the tunnel again and reached the US border. The US officer asked for my passport, I-797 and the paper that the Canada’s officer gave me. He asked me why I was denied and told him I crossed the border to get my I-94 renewed. He called 2 officers and asked me to pull my car to the side.
  • The 2 officers asked to step out from the car and left my phone in the car. I was only allowed to take my wallet and documents/passport to the office. I went into the office by myself while the 2 officers were inspecting my car. When I was in the office, the officer at the counter asked me why I was there.
  • I explained my situations again and provided all the passport and documents he requested, + $6 for I-94 renewal fee. He also took my fingerprints and photo. He asked me to take a seat while waiting for him to process the documents. After 10-15mins, I was called and he handed me my passport with the updated I-94 form attached in my passport. It all set!

My experience was pretty much same as what the first and third experiences shared above! It was smooth, easy and fast. I was worried at first before I decided to take the Canada’s option. But after seeing successful experiences from above, I think that really gave me the confident to do that. I shared my recent experiences here so that you would not need to worry about it when crossing the Canada border to renew your I-94.


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Comments ( 70 )

  1. GO

    Thanks for sharing the above 3 experiences. I was able to renew my I-94 at the Windsor-Tunnel at the Canada border in US recently in Oct 2020. Read experience in above article.

  2. Prasad

    Thank you Manish for quick reply. Only thing I am worried is Canada border closed. Somehow I also feel I may have best chance at west coast .

    I do have Canada visa so let me try to call them and see if that can help

  3. Manish Kumar Varshney

    I think it is a good idea to try at peace bridge near Niagara falls, I believe that is land border near you (I’m on west coast, so not much aware of it). If the choice is between Texas Laredo or San Diego, I would suggest Otey Masa, San Diego as I could get it done there. Generally also, I would think west coast may have better chances on such matters.


    1. Ananya

      Can anyone please share any experience incase you extended your i94 at Laredo,Tx in last one month after passport renewal.
      I am planning to travel this week from Dallas.

  4. ss1122

    How to deal the situation with I94,visa & passport expired but have valid i797?

    I recently travelled to India in Dec-2019 with active new i797 ,CBP stamped i94 with admit date as per my old i94(valid until feb 2020) but not provided i94 date neither based on passport expiry date(June-2020) nor based on new i-94 (valid until september 2022) at the port of entry.And my visa expiry date was Feb-2020 as i did not attend visa interview with new i797 (valid until september 2022).

    Actually,I traveled to get married and returned with my spouse(H4 Visa) and she got the correct i94 dates(valid until Sep 2022).

    I have sent my passport for renewal on July -2nd and I have just understood that the most recent i-94 determines the valid stay and i’m in a panic situation now…

    1)Can you please help me with the best solution to fix my i94 dates so that i will not lose my legal stay.

    2)Although my wife was provided with i94 dates by CBP as per my new i94(valid until Sep-2022).Does my i94 expiry issue impact her visa(H4-EAD) as well?If yes,can you please help me with the way to fix it.

    1. administrator

      Well, you are in really tricky situation, I would suggest you speak to an attorney immediately.
      Ideally, you could have got it fixed as an error if it was before June 2020. Now, you have passed that date too.
      Yes, your stay defines her stay, so may have impact as well…. Talk to an attorney.
      You maybe asked to exit the country to avoid these issues…unfortunately, you do not have visa, so cannot get it stamped until end of this year…So, it is tricky.
      Do update on how it goes for community benefit…

        1. administrator

          We not really have any recommendation, it is purely a matter of choice. You cannot go wrong working with popular firms like Murthy, Fragomen, RNLawgroup, etc.

  5. Samridhi K

    My h1 is valid till August 2022, but my i94 was issued till July 2020 (based on my passport expiry date). I recently got a new passport & was looking to get the i94 extension.

    I went to the cbp office in Alexandria bay NY 2 weeks ago, and was told that their office lobby is closed due to covid. I was also told to go to Canada border, u-turn & try getting it from US side border officers. However, they refused saying it is “non urgent matter”.

    I called the same cbp office this afternoon & a really nice officer answered the phone. He told me that their office lobby is closed, but if I go to Canada border, u-turn & come back – then he will do it for me. I immediately left work, drove 3 hrs & did what he told me.

    He stamped my new passport, and stapled a paper I-94 (with validity till August 2022) in my new passport.

    However, I just checked online — when I put information of my new passport, it said “no records of this traveler found”. And, when I put info of my old passport – it shows all the info with I-94 valid till august 2022.

    Did the officer make an error? Should he have linked the updated I-94 to my new passport? What do I do now??

    Please guide as I am very anxious. Thanks

    1. Luke Stevenson

      Hi there,

      Has anyone else tried updating their i94 at the Alexandria Bay crossing?
      Wondering if anything has changed? If their office is now open or not?

      Thanks for your help.

      Kind Regards,


  6. Shwetansh Gaur


    I am in the same boat with i94 expiring in September 2020 and visa expiring in 2020. Has anyone tried this on any border crossing in Arizona? I live in Phoenix and thats the closest border I can drive to.
    If anybody can help with the location address for Arizona, it would really help.
    Also, I read it in a few comments above : Are the SENTRI enrollment centers also open now? If hats the case, I can also go there and try extending the i94 right?

    1. administrator

      The only way to know is call the SENTRI centers. Yes, some of them do as well. Make sure you call the locations near to you and then plan your travel to the CBP office.
      Do update how it goes here.

      1. Shwetansh Gaur

        Hi Everyone,

        I was able to update my i94 by driving to the US-Mexico border at the Nogales port of entry in Arizona, Just a quick note, there are 2 ports in Nogales, I went to the one on 210 N Mariposa Rd, Nogales, AZ 85621, which had really less crowd with only 2-3 pedestrians walking in 30 minutes.

        One quick question on the i94 though, Now my i94 shows that it has been updated to my visa end date until April 2022, but the i94 record still shows up with the old passport number. The online i94 also still shows the old passport number. Is that expected or do I need to contact them to still update that?

        1. Manish

          I think this is fine. My i94 record is also updated with old Passport details.
          Officer stapled paper i94 to old passport that has valid visa.

          1. M

            I just managed to update my i-94 at Otay Mesa without being asked to cross the border! Thanks to this website!

            My i-94 record is also linked to my expired passport with the valid visa and he stapled the paper i-94 to the old passport as well. If anyone has anything different please let us know if we should email them to correct.


        2. administrator

          Shwetansh Gaur,
          Good to hear. Thanks for sharing.
          That is expected to show it as your visa is tied to the old passport number. Nothing to worry. Just keep all your documentation from your CBP visit to be safe.

          1. Anish

            Hello all! I’m in the same boat with passport expiring on Nov-12-2020 with a valid H1 stamp. While filling i94 application online, it asks for how I travelled – through flight/sea/road. What do input here if none of them are required to visit SENTRI office (Laredo TX) as I am already in US?

            Also, one more question – with the new executive order in place, if the officer asks me to cross border, would they allow me back into US? I have a valid H1B stamped in passport that expires in Oct-2022.

  7. Vicky


    I am also in the same boat like everyone here and my i94 is going to expire in first week of Aug.
    Has anyone tried to extend i94 through USCIS OR discussed with your attorneys about it?
    Do you know which application to be filed for extension?

    I consulted my attorney and they said they will file i102. I read about it on USCIS website and nowhere it is mentioned that it could be used for i94 extension but in i129 section it is mentioned. My attorney is not ready to listen to what I read on the USCIS website and he is saying he has lot of experience in filing i129 and it cant be used for filing i94 extension . So I am little worried now.

    I stay in NC and I didn’t want to travel to Mexico or Canada border because of Covid 19. So I don’t want to take that option.

      1. DJ

        Hi naga,

        I have old passport ending this dec 2020 and i94 is tied to that. Visa is till 2022 March. I have renewed my passport. Do you think ur situation was similar and u got it done at San Diego Deffered site via email ? I tried calling them but the routed me to deferred site in my area.


  8. Praveen

    Hi Manish,
    Thanks for your detail information. I’m also in the same boat and did try Canada border but I ran out of luck since they mentioned that I-94 can’t be renewed without technically entering into Canada (Canada didn’t gave me entry due to non-essential travel). Currently planning to go to San Ysidro location. You mentioned that it’s open 24×7 and will it be the same scenario there too (giving I 94 updated). Is there any specific reason that you went to Otay Mesa than to San Ysidro.

    Also, checking here in the forum if someone has experience going to San Ysidro location

    1. Manish

      I went to Otey Mesa as I was able to get confirmation on phone from Otey Mesa CBP office first about extending i94. I did not get any proper answer from San Ysidro CBP office. My plan was to go to San Ysidro if Otey Mesa did not work (these office are close by).

      I purposely went on a week day and at the start of normal week day working hours, hoping better response than non working hours.

      I traveled as soon as I got confirmation from CBP by booking same evening flight tickets. We do not know when admin may decide to close some offices/process for any reason (like some local covid outbreak or general change in immigration policy). Also, did not want to wait close to expiry of i94 to have back up option in case i94 renewal at CBP doesn’t work.

      Not sure if any of that helped, but that was my thinking.
      Good luck.

      1. Praveen

        Hi Kumar,
        I haven’t yet visited Otay Mesa/San Ysirdo, still weighing on the options. Sure, I will update the group after that.

    2. naga

      Hi Manish,

      I have the same issue. I tried reaching to Otay Mesa CBP but i got an answer saying to look at the website. Can you please the mention the number you called. That would be of great help.


      1. Manish

        Otay Mesa CBP number is (619) 690-7696.
        I took it from their website (https://www.cbp.gov/contact/ports/otay-mesa-california-2506)

        It will go to IVR. Listen for the options, and select appropriately. I think I selected option 4 or 5.

        Unless something has changed very recently, CBP Otay Mesa does process i94 extn, as I got it done last month. So, you can directly go to CBP even if you are not able to get info on phone.
        What matter more I think is if the officer whom you interact is willing to do or not. It seems there is not hard and fast rule and is individual officer’s discretion.
        I suggest, you go to Otay Mesa CBP even if you are not able to get phone confirmation, if it doesn’t work go to San Ysidro CBP office.

        SENTRI office in Otay Mesa and San Ysidro are also open now (they were closed due to covid). I’m told that SENTRI office also process i94 extn. You can call them as well (phone numbers is in the link).

        1. naga

          Thank you so much Manish for your reply.
          One final question, you have mentioned to fill the i-94 extension form before hand. I just what to know which one is that, are you talking about the i-539 form.

          Thanks again!!

          1. Manish


            That link has the form.
            Note: What I’ve mentioned above is just suggestion, based on my experience, it may or may not work for everyone.

  9. RAM

    Hello All,
    First of all, thank you for posting their I-94 renewal process. Same situation with I-797 and visa stamp valid until July 2022 due to passport expiry I-94 shortened to July 2020. I got my new passport and I live at texas. Wondering anyone has successfully able to update I-94 at Laredo, Tx border crossing.

    1. administrator

      so far, we have no experiences shared by users for Texas. Would be great, if you can try calling Laredo and explore it. Also, do update here for community benefit.

      1. RAM

        I tried calling, they required me to come in person with all the required documents to get it updated.I guess border crossing depends on officers.

    2. Ankita

      Hi Ram,

      I’m in similar situation and planning to drive to Laredo border from Dallas . Were you able to update your i94 at Laredo border . Please share your experience if you did .

      Thanks and good luck.

      P.S I tried to meet with the CBP officer at DFW airport and the field office in Irving . Both declined to update i94 . They asked to contact the lawyer. They didn’t comment on border crossing and said ask your lawyer again.
      Lawyer suggested to fill out i539 but in my case that will only update my H4 and not my EAD. So will have to drive to border in any case and try my luck there.


        Hello Ankita,
        My employer filed for an H1-B extension which gives updated I-94 as part of the extension. The reason I chose not to travel because my employer immigration suggested that I don’t have any backup plan If I get stuck in Mexico. I have seen a couple of posts, people were able to get I94 updated successfully in Otay Mesa/San Ysidro and no one from this border.

      2. administrator

        yes, seems many were not lucky at airports in the past too. Do update once you have got your i-94 updated by driving to Laredo for community benefit. Good Luck !

        1. R

          Hi Ankita,

          I also tried for my daughter’s I94 extension in DFW and go the same answer.
          Please let us know how it goes for you.
          Good Luck!

      3. Kumar Ravi

        Hi Ankita,

        I am also in same boat contacted CBP officer at DFW airport same answer, I am from Dallas planning to go to Laredo, TX this week.


  10. Zan Zhan


    Thank you so much for your sharing.

    My question is do you have Mexico Visa?
    How do you get Mexico Visa in term of COVID-19?


    1. Manish

      I do not have Mexico visa. I’m told that you can travel to Mexico on valid h1b visa (not sure though).

      My focus was to NOT cross the border. So, I went to US CBP office.
      Expectation (based on what I’ve read) was that the CBP officer will either just update my i94 or ask me to cross US border and take U turn on pedestrian bridge without having to cross Mexico border and update i94 on entry to border.

      Due to covid situation I did not expect Mexico to let me enter (even if it was allowd on h1b).
      I’ve no idea how to apply for Mexico visa.


  11. Irshad Ahmed

    Hello Everyone,

    I am on H1 B VISA and got stamped. My I 94 expiry date was till my passport expires. Now I got my passport renewed and my I 94 is going to expire tomorrow, i.e, 5/18.
    What is the best option to get my I 94 Renewal . I checked with CBP at Newark International Airport and they will only make the correction to I 94 and will not renew.

    Appropriate any help to get the best solution.

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. administrator

      Irshad Ahmed,
      You should go to one of the CBP locations at the border and get it sorted out soon…above users experiences are some guidance for you on what you can try…Do update on your situation here for community benefit.

  12. Abhishek Jain

    Hi Manish,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. When did you get your I-94 extended? I thought Otay Mesa CBP/Senti office is closed because of COVID.
    We have another complication that our Visa stamp is expired , so crossing border is little risky if they do not know the rule of allowing us in based on expired stamp but valid I797 and I94. So we wanted to go Otay Mesa sentri office and get the I94 updated, we called multiple times but no one picked and then read somewhere that they were closed until June 1. So wondering which office did you go and which office did you exactly go and what are their timings.

    Thanks a lot for your help!
    Abhishek Jain

    1. Manish

      You are right. I’ll also not suggest you to do what I did. I went to the port of entry (CBP office),
      Although the officer did not ask me to cross the border, on paper, I exited US border and entered again. I did that on 5/15.

      I think it is not possible in your case with expired visa. You may not be able to come back without valid visa.
      Sentri may be the right option. It is closed due to covid-19.
      I’m curious, if you got your i797 renewed, doesn’t it come with updated i94?

      Note: I’m not a lawyer, so pls. do not take my suggestion as final.


      1. Abhishek Jain

        Hi Manish,

        We went to Cancun last year when we had valid visa stamp and renewed i797 valid till 2022. Our passport were expring in June 2020 and because of that we got short validity i94.
        If you did not cross the border then having valid visa stamped or not should not matter.
        There is also a rule where with expired visa but valid i797 and I94 one is allowed to travel to Mexico and Canada for short stay(less than 30 days) and reenter the US. Below is the link, I was hoping is someone here have used this provision.


        There is no clear date on which Sentri will open also I don’t know if one needs an appointment to visit Sentri or not or walk in are allowed. On their website it says that all the personal visits are suspended.

        Thanks again and appreciate you sharing all the details.


    1. administrator

      Thank you Manish for sharing your tips and experience. I have added it to article for everyone benefit.


      Excellently researched options worked out. You have been kind to share it and saved many others from taking trouble to spend time and efforts. Thank u very much.

    3. DJ

      Hi Manish,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Hi , Me and my wife have i94 expiring in dec this year and h1b /and h4 visa valid till 2022. We both want to extend i94. I am planning to go to Otay Mesa CBP next week. I wanted to check couple of things with you before visiting

      1. Did you go to Otay Mesa CBP or Sentri Enrollment centre?
      2. Can you send me exact address where you went ?
      3. Is the Otay Mesa CBP open 24×7 or is it opened between 6am – 10pm all 7 days or only during weekdays ?
      4. What all documents you had to take ?
      5. If they ask to cross border, are h1b and h4 both allowed inside mexico without visa ?

      Kindly let me know. It will be really helpful as I need to go with wife and small kid.

    4. DJ

      Hi Manish,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Hi , Me and my wife have i94 expiring in dec this year and h1b /and h4 visa valid till 2022. We both want to extend i94. I am planning to go to Otay Mesa CBP next week. I wanted to check couple of things with you before visiting

      1. Did you go to Otay Mesa CBP or Sentri Enrollment centre?
      2. Can you send me exact address where you went ?
      3. Is the Otay Mesa CBP open 24×7 or is it opened between 6am – 10pm all 7 days or only during weekdays ?
      4. What all documents you had to take ?
      5. If they ask to cross border, are h1b and h4 both allowed inside mexico without visa ?
      6. Were you able to travel on flight while shelter-in-place order is there right ? I am in Bay area, CA and planning to go next week so want to confirm if there is any issue with respect to travel on planes.

      Also, any specific precautions to take regarding covid19 like masks, gloves, etc and other things and is there any checking done with that regards.

      Kindly let me know. It will be really helpful as I need to go with wife and small kid.

      1. Manish

        1. Did you go to Otay Mesa CBP or Sentri Enrollment centre?
        [Manish]:Otay Mesa. Sentri center is closed due to covid-19.

        2. Can you send me exact address where you went ?
        [Manish]:So, Otay Mesa CBP and Sentri office are in same building. If you are using google maps, make sure it doesn’t take it across Mexico border. When I put Otay Mesa CBP address, it was taking me across the border and back to CBP office in US. So, put Sentri Otay Masa address (2500 Paseo Internacional, San Diego, CA 92154). Be careful while using google maps to not cross the border. (I’m not sure what happens if you do by mistake.)
        There is private parking lot near CBP office. I think it is called Plaza parking.

        3. Is the Otay Mesa CBP open 24×7 or is it opened between 6am – 10pm all 7 days or only during weekdays ?
        [Manish]:Only weekdays from 6am to 8pm. More details https://www.cbp.gov/contact/ports/otay-mesa-california-2506

        San Ysidro is available 24×7, all week. https://www.cbp.gov/contact/ports/san-ysidro-class
        4. What all documents you had to take ?
        [Manish]:Old and new passport. with valid visa, i797 and one more photo id (I used my California DL). Additionally I took other usual doc (latest pay stubs, petition etc) but nobody asked for it.

        5. If they ask to cross border, are h1b and h4 both allowed inside mexico without visa ?
        [Manish]:I would think so, but I’m not sure. Pls. check other sources to confirm.

        6. Were you able to travel on flight while shelter-in-place order is there right ? I am in Bay area, CA and planning to go next week so want to confirm if there is any issue with respect to travel on planes.
        [Manish]:I’m in Bay area as well. I took Alaska airline from SFO to San Diego and back. No issues.

        Also, any specific precautions to take regarding covid19 like masks, gloves, etc and other things and is there any checking done with that regards.
        [Manish]: Mouth covering is mandated by law during shelter in place at all public places. So pls. have mask/covering all the time.

        Good luck.

          1. DJ

            Thanks Manish for the responses. I appreciate your response. It will be really helpful.

            Also, is it ok if we as a family of more than 2 ( 2 adults and kids) can travel in flight all together from Bay area to San Diego ? I just wanted to assess the risk on doing so in terms of Covid. Othewise was thinking of driving but that is also risky due to shelter-in-place.


          2. Manish

            Drive or flight, it is a personal judgement call.

            I also considered driving to avoid enclosed space in air plane, but then driving would take atleast 10 hrs with many breaks in between (more with family) using lot of public shared spaces. That looked more risky.

            I was also worried if car break down happens in this almost 1000 mile journey it may be difficult to handle due to this lockdown.

            So, decided to take flight. Surprisingly, SFO and San Diego airport were completely deserted and Alaska airline purposely booked only half of the plan, so only one seat is used on each side. Basically there is 2 seat gap between all passengers . Overall I’m happy with the journey.

          3. Prasad Joshi

            Hi Manish,
            I am on L1-A based out of Atlanta. Similar case my Visa approved till Aug 2021 but as passport was expiring in Dec my I-94 date is Dec-202. I just called CBP office and they mentioned me land border are closed and only Air travel allowed. but not sure as this is non essential travel if Air travel to Canada is allowed. I was thinking of going to peace bridge near Niagara falls and try my luck. Do you have any feedback on that. Other option is to Try Texas Laredo or San Diego . What do you suggest the best option would be?

          4. Manish Kumar Varshney

            I think it is a good idea to try at peace bridge near Niagara falls, I believe that is land border near you (I’m on west coast, so not much aware of it). If the choice is between Texas Laredo or San Diego, I would suggest Otey Masa, San Diego as I could get it done there. Generally also, I would think west coast may have better chances on such matters.


        1. administrator

          Thanks for sharing all info. I have added all the above answers to your experience, so that it is clear for everyone.

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