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How to get I-94 Extension in US – 5 Options, 18 Experiences

Depending on the type of US visa you get at US Consulate, you may get it issued beyond your passport validity.  But, when you enter US at Port of entry, your current passport expiry date is used by CBP officer to issue your I-94 Expiration date. If your passport is expiring before the US Visa expiry, then you will get I-94 validity until end of your passport expiry. You may read  I-94, Sample, how to fill, if you are not familiar with I-94 

Now, when you renew your Passport in US, you need to make sure you update your I-94 expiration as well to be in valid legal status in US. Just having valid visa in old passport is not sufficient. In this article, we will review all the options to get the I-94 updated, when you renew or re-issue your passport and also share User Experiences.

Before you understand options, it is important for you to have all your documents ready. Below is check checklist

Overview of all options to get I-94 Extended

There are about 5 options to extend your I-94 in US, when you renew or re-issue your passport. While there are mixed opinions on some of these options, we will try to give all of those so that you can choose what works for you. Below are the all different options.

  1. Cross US Border by land and return
  2. Visit nearest SENTRI enrollment center
  3. Visit CBP office at a US Port of Entry
  4. As your attorney to file Extension with USCIS
  5. Call CBP Deferred Inspection Sites, send email, get updated.

Let’s look at each of these options in detail.

Option 1 : Extend I-94 by Crossing US Border by Land

The option to exit and re-enter US at the US border is probably the most straightforward one and seem to work most of the times. It is also confirmed by many of our readers. The process is simple and as below.

  • You go to any US Port of entry or border checkpoint, where there is land crossing like Otay Mesa.
  • Cross the US border by land
  • Get immigration stamp on your passport from the country you are entering, like Mexico by telling the reason for your travel is to update I-94
  • Re-enter US by land.
  • Once you re-enter US, you will fill out respective paperwork for new I-94 and then enter US with the same.

If you have vacation planned for other country or you live close by state to the border, this works well. The goal is to exit US and re-enter.

You can join I-94 Extension Community Telegram Group to share, exchange

Option 2 : Extend I-94 by Visiting Nearest SENTRI Enrollment Centre

SENTRI stands for Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection. SENTRI enrollment centers do a variety of things related to US-Mexico border CBP processes. You may be also able to update or extend I-94 at a SENTRI enrollment center. This totally depends on the center and some had successes and some could not update I-94 due to closures or the officer not allowing it. So, it depends on the officer and your luck.

If you use this option, you do not really need to cross the border, but you can get your I-94 update done at the US side itself at any of the designated SENTRI Enrollment Centers. The only catch is that SENTRI enrolment centres are only in the states of  Arizona, Texas and California and you probably need to drive or fly to the nearest one. You can check for the nearest SENTRI Enrollment Centers at CBP Website .

Process to Extend I-94 at SENTRI Enrollment Center :

  • First, before you go to any center, call them before hand and verify, if they are allowing I-94 extensions or updates.
  • If they allow it, it is very straightforward. You need to walk into the enrollment center and go to the Permits section. But, before that you can pay $6 USD at the cashier ( Carry cash ).
  • Depending on the line, your name will be called by the officer and he may ask questions on your status and tell that you need to extend your I-94 as you got new Passport.
  • They will ask for the documents, you show them and answer basic questions they ask and your I-94 should be updated. Many users shared their experiences in the past updating I-94 positively at “SENTRI / Global Entry – Otay Mesa Enrollment Centre, 2500 Paseo Internacional, San Diego, CA 92154 “

Option 3: Visit Port of Entry CBP office at Nearest Airport

This is probably the best option to extend I-94, if it works out. But, this option has mixed opinion, few have got success, many have not got success. When you call the airport CBP office, sometimes they say, they cannot update I-94. While some have reported that I-94 was updated when they visited in person. It all varies by state and location.  

Process to update I-94 at Airports

  • First call the CBP office at International Airport closer to you and verify, if they do I-94 update or extensions.
  • If they say yes, try to go there and try out your luck. If you have time, you can directly visit them as well and try your luck.
  • You can look up for a Port of Entry on CBP website that is nearest to where you live and go to their office and get the I-94 update.
  • As I said, there are mixed opinions here and most of the times, you may get a No from them.

Option 4 : Attorney to file Extension with USCIS to extend I-94

If your visa related approval notice expiration (i-797 Approval Notice) is less than 6 months for certain visas like H1B, L1 then you can ask your employer and work with your Immigration attorney to file relevant extension for the same. Also, if you plan to move to other status by COS or apply for extension on your own, you can try this as well. But, there are few things to consider as it can be risky in some cases.

If your petition is not close to expiration, your employer may or may not file. Also, if you are on visas like F1, H4 or L2 visas, the processing times for the extensions are really long like 8 to 10 months for some centers and you need to wait…This is risky option to wait for I-94 with expired I-94.

You need to speak to your Immigration attorney for this option and make a call.

Option 5 : Call CBP Deferred Inspection Sites, Email

This option had little success, only 3 to 4 users reported they had success. One of our readers had expired US Visa, so they could not travel out of the country. They called few CBP Deferred inspection sites phone numbers and eventually they had success with San Diego CBP office. Phone: (619) 491-2680 or (619) 491-2625.

  • The officer gave the user an email id and asked to send I-94 correction request to that email id. 
  • There is an automated response to that email that has a form attached that you needed to fill and send along with old/new passport info page, US visa, I-797, last US entry stamp in the passport.
  • After sometime, you get an automated response that the I-94 is updated. You can check online on I-94 website to see the update.

Some users were able to directly email the CBP Deferred inspection site and get it corrected…worth trying it.

Documents Checklist for I-94 Extension in USA:

  • Passports : Both Old and New Passports ( including the one that has US Visa Stamp)
  • Approval Notices of Your Visa Status : USCIS approval forms tied to your visa status. E.g. I-797 Approval Forms, if on H1B, H4, L1, L2 approval notices
  • Address Proof : Your current proof of address in US, where you reside like Rental Agreement, Utilities Bills, etc.
  • I-94 Card : Your Current I-94 Card/ Info printed from I-94 Online System
  • Supporting Documents based on Visa Status : Depending on your status in US, you need to carry additional supporting documents.
    • If you are on H1B Visa : Current LCA that is tied to your H1B.
    • If you are on H1B, L1, or other work visa :
      • Employment Verification letter from Employer
      •  3 to 6 most recent Pay Slips / Stubs showing your proof of employment in US
      • (optional ) Copy of I-129 from your employer
      • (optional ) Your Resume
    • If you are on H4 or L2 and working on EAD : 
      • If you are on H4 or L2 and working on EAD, you should carry : Employment Letters, recent 3 to 6 pay stubs.
  • Cash : $6 USD Cash to pay for the I-94 update. You may pay online ahead of time, but need to carry that print out and confirmation.

I-94 Extension in US – 18 Experiences by Users

Few of our users have been kind enough to share their experiences updating I-94. Below are their experiences.

Common FAQs for I-94 Extension in US

Let’s look at some common questions around I-94 Update or Extensions in US.

I-94 Extension / Correction Fee Option – Cash or Online Payment ? 

You can pay for I-94 using Cash or pay Online on CBP website. The only catch is that, you need to visit within 7 days from the day you do this online and you need carry a print out of the same. If you do not visit within 7 days, there are no refunds. You can pay online for I-94 at CBP DHS.Gov Website  . In terms of which is better, sometimes the line for Payment at Counters can be long…so, it is a better idea to pay online and carry the print out the confirmation.

What are I94 Extension Interview Questions  by CBP officer ?

For I94 extension or update, you will meet CBP officer and the interview is same as the one you have at US Port of Entry process , when you enter US either by Flight, Ship or Road.  You need to be prepared to answer questions around your employment, working, living in US, etc.

Do you get a Physical I94 Card ? Online system get updated too ?

Yes, you will get a paper I-94 printed and given when you do I-94 extension or update by crossing border. Check Sample I-94 Cards given at US Port of Entry.  Yes, the online system is updated as well. Usually they staple the new I-94 card with your passport, you will need to show that when entering back into US at border, so keep it careful. You can check online after you come back in online system too regarding your I-94 for the recent entry, it is updated in real-time.

For I-94 Update, should I cross the Border or will be done without it ?

Well, this all depends on the immigration officer and the process at the Land Port of Entry. Sometimes, you get lucky and you may not be asked to cross the border and everything is done at Port of Entry office in US….you may be asked to cross the border and re-enter.  Many users have shared that they ended up crossing Mexico Border and re-enter when they did this at Laredo, Texas or  San Diego, CA.

Is the I-94 update process different for H4 vs H1B Holders ?  L1, L2, etc ?

The process to update/ extend I94 is same for everyone as described above. You can use any of the three options. If does not matter, if you are on H4 or H1B visa…You will need to carry all your relevant documents and supporting documents.

What has been your experience updating I-94  ? Share your thoughts ? Anything I missed ?


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  1. Thanks team. My daughter i94 expired along with her passport. Though we renewed the passport we did not see the i94 expiry and totally missed it. Saw that only after few months. Tried to extend at cbp location but did not work out so traveled to Canada border and I was able to fix it there

  2. Hi

    I got my H1B renewed. The USCIS prints I-94 data on H1B approval document at the bottom.

    I renewed my passport. After reading this blog/information it seemed like one need to renew I-94 number if the passport is renewed. I called CBP office at Newark. I was told that there is no need to update the I-94 if the passport is renewed. CBP does not require one to update I-94, if the passport is renewed.

    The CBP office at Philadelphia also gave similar information that USCIS extends the I-94 as reported on H1B document.

    So it appears that, as long as one has valid H1B, the I-94 is valid for the duration mentioned on the H1B document. There is no need to update, or in other words, as per CBP Newark office, they do not update I-94 number.

    Please, anyone could let me know if the information that I got as above is correct? Just to be double sure.


    • Hi Atul,
      Here is the catch, When H1B get approved, while inside in the U.S (i.e received I-797A ), I-94 update automatically till the approved date as per the latest H1B . However if H1B get approved while outside of US and received I-797B , and received I-94 shorter than than I-797B valid date due to passport expiry, I-94 wont update automatically, need to travel outside of US, to get new I-94 as per new passport.

    • Hi Atul,

      So if you are in USA and applied for extension and approved(where you have -194 at the bottom, after that if passport renewed no need to go for i-94 extension.


  3. I am so glad that I read RedBus2us.com suggestions. Option “6. Option 5 : Call CBP Deferred Inspection Sites, Email” worked so well for me!

    My last stamped H1B visa was from a previous employer which expires within 1 month.

    I had changed job 1 year ago and didn’t have new employer H1B visa stamped in my passport. New I797A is now valid for another 2 years from now.

    When I last visited travelled outside and re-entered USA around 4 months ago, USCBP officers at airport gave I-94 valid till my stamped visa only (which is valid till just 1 month from now) and rudely rejected my request to consider as per the new I797A.

    Like RedBus suggested in option 6, I did the following:

    1. Wrote an email to i.94.correction.xxxxxxx@cbp.dhs.gov
    2. Attached latest I797/Passport/H1B visa/Latest I-94
    3. Went to the “Deferred Inspection Site” office the next day without appointment and explained my problem

    The officer there must be in his 50’s. He was quite helpful and rectified my I-94 both in my passport (with new stamp/seal) and corrected it online as well. Now I have a valid I-94 for another 2 years 🙂

    The crisp and prompt help of RedBus is soooo appreciable… Else I had to leave the country, break house lease & cease employment in US since my I-94 would be invalid.

    Also, due to Covid-19, embassies in my home country are not giving any appointments at all!


    Best Regards,

  4. Thank you , I was able to update my I-94 by crossing the border at Laredo TX POE. No restrictions because of Land border closure till Jul21st 2021.

  5. Hi,

    I came to US on F1 and recently got my H1b. I did not go for stamping after getting my H1b and on my I-797A my I-94 validity is till 2023. Now I have renewed my passport as it about to expire. Should I get my I94 extended in this case?

    • Hi Div,
      You don’t need to get your i94 updated as you got your passport renewed. Along with your H1B copy you will have an i94 copy on the bottom which is valid till the end of H1b.
      At any given point of time there can be only one i94 that exists and latest issued on is the valid. You can cross check your i94 status online just to be sure.

      But I am sure you don’t have to get your i94 updated.

  6. Hello,

    I changed employers last year and got my H1-B transferred to new employer 2 weeks back. However, my attorney realized that I have been given I-797B(valid through 04/21/2023) with no I-94 number instead of I-797A when he received the approval notice. My previous visa and I-94 is valid through 03/14/2022. So, my lawyer recommended me to cross the border and re-enter just like the posts above.

    Should I be worried that I would need consular processing or an interview to re-enter? What if the CBP officer asks why I was not approved for change of status(I-797A) or if something is wrong in my petition ?. (There was some confusion regarding my starting date and pay stubs for which I had provided sufficient proof)
    Is my H1-B transfer extension in the future at risk or is there a chance of my H1-B being denied at consular processing when I leave the country and come back?


    • Hi Rohan,

      As long as you have the US Visa, you should be good to re-enter using the petition. I recently travelled to MExico(Cancun) for one day, as I got the consular approved petition due to error with my I-797 and seems to be work. You may be questioned, why you traveled, but after verifying they will let you in with the updated I-94. Travelling to Mexico is easy and no questions asked. Just make sure to give Covid test before leaving to have a negative test which is valid within 72 hours of boarding the flight.

      • Thanks Naveen. I was able to update my I-94 by crossing the border at San Ysidro POE. You are correct, they didn’t ask any questions and I got my I-94 updated to the new dates. Since, I traveled by land and was fully vaccinated, they didn’t ask for a negative covid test.


        • Hello Rohan

          Can you share your complete experience at San Ysidro POE? I am in same boat with my extension approved with i797B and had to get my i94 updated.
          My i94 is valid till August 16 and I am vaccinated too. Is there anything in specific I need to take care before reaching the POR?


  7. Hi,
    I’m on H4 visa and my i94 expiring next month due to passport expiration. I’ve received my new passport now i’m exploring ways to extend my i94. My spouse employer okay to file for my h4 extension. Should i go ahead with that as presently its not feasible to do above mentioned approach as my education is going. Would it be an issue if try to do above mentioned approaches after filing H4 as we don’t want to wait for a year.
    1) If we go to SENTRI enrollment center or
    2) Cross US border by land/fly
    And when asked we tell we travelled to get i94 updated. Would they cross question why do we did that if we already had application filled for extension.
    Does these questions vary depending upon which approach we take 1 or 2. Also how to handle these questions.
    Kindly let us know at your earliest. And thanks for the great post.

    • Veer,
      Things would change with H4 as there is no biometrics now, you can get it faster than before.
      You dont have to cross, if you file it online. You can only try the border approach before the I-94 expires.
      Questions are very subjective, hard to say.

  8. Hi All,

    My H1-B visa expires in Sept, 2022 but my passport expires in Nov, 2021. I tried calling the Deferred Inspection Unit at Newark and Washington DC but I had no luck (Will call one at NY on Monday). They say I either need to file an extension or travel outside the country.

    1) Should I wait for the travel ban to be lifted?
    2) Should I just going to one of the SENTRI offices to try my luck? Have anyone been there in May, 2021? Do they still perform I94 extension? Are they open? Do u need appointments? What is the situation with COVID like?

    Thanks All!

  9. I went to otay mesa CBP office first and they told me that I should have come 1 week or max 2 week earlier to renew my I 94.
    Anyway I went to pad east facility and decided to cross the border and come back.. Mexico immigration officer asked me reason for visit and i replied that I came for i94 renewal…then I walk around 1/2 km and reached on the road then took a u turn and entered usa CBP office. As soon as you will enter the gate you will find a yellow building on your right…enter there..that’s where your I 94 will be renewed…it is very easy to ignore this yellow building..do not enter blue building before your i94 removal.

  10. Hi Admin,

    I’m on H1B visa working for a software firm in Charlotte, NC. I have my Current I-797 and US visa valid till 25DEC2021. However, my daughter- who entered US in April 2019 based on the H4 US visa (valid till 25DEC2021) was given I94 admission until 24May2021 (based on her Indian passport expiry date). Now, we got her Indian passport renewed. However, I’m looking for options for her to extend her i94. I’ve called the Charlotte CBP office but they said they wouldn’t do any i94 extensions. What option do I have for extending her i94 alone? my i94 is valid till my H1B document date. Please help.

    • Naveen,
      As the article says, you have 5 options. Try to call or email few of the CBP officers. If nothing works, then you may have to cross the border or go to border CBP and cross the bridge and come back.

  11. Hi, My H4 visa is stamped till October 2022. My passport expired in February(in which visa is stamped) and i have my new passport which came in before expiry. my I-94 expiry date in the online system is October 2021 whereas during Port of entry CBP stamped and dated the I-94 validity till my visa expiry date (October 2022).
    Now i don’t foresee a planned travel to India in the near future so getting the i-94 aligned during a travel may not be an option. my EAD expires in October 2021 (same as my i-94). i am not sure whether i will be eligible for an I-94 correction as CBP stamped till 2022. but what should i be doing now so that i don’t end up in status issue. I need i-94 extended to renew my EAD and Driver’s license. Suggestions welcome- Thank you!

    Visa expiry – October 2022
    i-94 expiry (CBP stamped in passport) October 2022
    i-94 expiry (online system) – October 2021
    EAD expiry- October 2021

    • STG,
      What you see in the online system for I-94 is the one that you should look at. So, technically you should get that fixed. It could have been a manual mistake done by CBP officer…So, plan to get it extended.

    • Did you find a way to fix you i94 issue? My wife has the exact same problem. Kindly advise if have any solution.

      Thank you

  12. I have i94 validity based on my old passport till october this year although my visa is valid till Nov 2022. I got my passport renewed recently.

    This forum really helps me. I have two questions:-

    Option 1:

    How is it extending the I94 by filing i530 form. When I checked with my attorney he mentioned it is similar to H1B extension by submitting all the documents. Are there any chances of rejection here.

    Option 2:

    I am from Tennessee. . I would like to renew my I 94 [along with my dependent’s] preferably in Canada Port of entry as I want to take my family to Niagara. Has anyone recently renewed their I94 in Canada Port of Entry? Please advice if my approach is correct or should I not hesitate and go to Texas mexico border and complete it.

    • Athman,
      Did you mean I-539? Yes, you can extend your status by filing I-539 too. But, the issue is with biometrics and delays.
      There are few who have done in mid of last year. check the experiences to get an idea.

  13. Hi Admin

    My passport is expiring on 10/2022 and I have a valid I-797a till 09/2023( not h1b stamped in passport)
    If I renew my passport in 2022.Do i need to take care of anything else.

    -people say I need to update my I 94 when I renew my passport inside u.s

    • Rakesh,
      It depends on how long they have given you I-94. If that is valid till 9/2023, then no need. If not, you need to get I-94 extended.

  14. Hi Guys,

    due to my passport expiration date, CBP gave my I94 expiry date as 10/20/2020. I have renewed my passport and then I have transferred my H1B to another employer.
    In New I797-A, I94 expiry mentioned as 2023. But, In CBP site, I94 with old passport it is still showing expiry date as 10/20/2020. and search with new passport number it is showing “no records found”.

    what should I do now? Do I need to renewal my I94 or is my new I94 good with I797A after H1B transfer.

    Please help me here, I have only 3 days left to renew my I94. Appreciate your help!.

    Thank you

  15. Friends,

    It’s time to update information from my end.. Just like others, I too tried multiple options and finally ended up in flying to San diago/otay Mesa to extended i94 of mine and my spouse (due to passport renewal).

    Smooth process it was for us.
    1. Landed in San Diego airport,
    2. Uber to Otay Mesa CBP (first bank addres)
    3. Went inside CBP office & stood near the permit room for 10 mins (officers went for lunch)
    4. Then a friendly officer came to seat & asked us to come inside
    5. We went inside & I explained about i94 extension & gave him payment receipt & i797 . Then he asked for Address details, I gave him our state IDs
    6. Then some general chit chat with officer & gave our finger prints and photo was taken
    7. He asked my occupation & that’s it .
    8. I94 was extended for both of us & said bye bye.
    9. Came out of the building & checked it is already updated in online. All Done ! Back to airport on the same day..

    • Hi All,

      Just want to check if anyone has faced this issue. I extended my & my spouse i94 at San diego (as mentioned above). I checked i94 & travel history online and it was displaying correctly.

      Now (after 3 months) if i check i94 travel history online, it says ‘No travel info found’. same issue with my wife travel info page too. Anybody has faced this issue ?. (online i94 still shows correctly but travel history disappeared)

      • Mania,
        Should be fine, sometimes the system may miss some records. Always, your I-94 is the key thing. You can write to CBP office to get details on why it is not working.

  16. How can I join the group? New to the telegram, but installed the App now and I see no option to join from this link https://t.me/i94extension

    • Hey Luke,
      If you dont mind, can you please copy paste the mail that you sent to this address. That would help a lot of us.

    • Hi Luke,

      Could you please explain the entire process along with the timeline (by when you got the reply, how did you pay the I-94 fees). It would help us a lot.


    • Hi Luke,

      I am also struggling to extend i94 for my kids(on H4) after passport renewal. Can you please help me to understand the process including email/timelines?

      Appreciate your help to the community

    • I have sent an email to above address and received below reply

      To Whom It May Concern,

      You should go through the nearest Deferred Office. As the Boston Deferred Inspections Office only handles those residing in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.


      Thank you.


      I have also called nearby CBP offices(Charlotte, Raleigh and Atlanta) and all offices said the same thing that i94 with new passport can be renewed only with two ways:

      1) Re-enter USA
      2) Apply extension to USCIS

      • Mohit,
        Thanks for sharing. Yes, most of the times the options given by them are the one that work always.
        Some CBP officers are nice enough to do it, but is purely luck…

        • Hi Kumar,
          I recently got my Indian passport renewed in USA, I am on F1 visa. My I-94 has D/S as the end date, but the issue is that I-94 is connected to old Passport number. Wondering, if I am required to get I-94 updated with the new passport number.
          Also, what are my options, since I am currently in USA, completing my Summer semester at school.
          Thank you!

          • Osmi,
            This is an interesting situation. I have not seen any F1 students do I-94 extension as there is no time limit and you can continue to stay as long as you are maintaining status. I suggest you check with your DSO or CBP office to be sure. Also, do update here.

    • Hi Luke,
      I have same case like you,Can you please let me know whether you are residing in Massachusetts or New Hampshire state,as I got reply from above email is that they handle cases residing in those states.

    • Hello Luke,

      I am also struggling to extend I-94, if you don’t mind, can you please copy-paste the email that you sent to this address?

      And, could you please explain the entire process along with the timeline (by when you got the reply, how did you pay the I-94 fees). It would help us a lot.

  17. Is it possible to go to Loredo,TX and get a new I-94 for valid B1/B2 visa.

    Visa Exipre:2028
    I-94 expire: July 27,2020

    • There is a group on whatsapp on I94 and one of the user messaged as denied for B1/B2 visitor visa at laredo last week.

    • Ash,
      B1/B2 visas are not generally eligible for I-94 extension as they are tourist visas, you need to work with USCIS. Most of the times, user exit and re-enter the country by crossing the border. You may or may not be allowed immediately as B2 visa is not meant to be used like that. So, discuss with an attorney.
      The best thing to do is to apply for B2 extension and leave the country when flights open, unless you have an extreme situation to stay back.

  18. i am on H1B and have valid visa and I94 till sep 2022.
    My 2 minor children had I94 till 16June2020 because of their indian passport validity. They had valid visa stamped as H4 till september 2022. I went to texas laredo CBP office today.
    The process was like 5 mins and done. No questions asked and only address was asked while officer entered manually in computer and asked me to pay at cashier and all done.

    • Hi there

      I am on the same boat here but its about my kid (H4 visa). His I-94 is expiring in Oct 2020 due to passport expiry, but he has a valid visa till Nov 2021. After reading all these comments we are also planning to go to CBP office at Laredo, Texas. I tried to contact them in the phone before planning our trip but no one is picking up. As we live in NC, its risky to travel without confirmation. Would anyone please share the contact number or email ID of CBP office in Laredo.
      Thanks in advance.

  19. I just got my i94 updated on OTAY MESA crossing. I went to the permits section directly as suggestd by someone. The officer there consulted her supervisor and told me i just need to make a meaningful departure. I crossed the bridge on foot and within 3 mins i was at mexico immigration. There was a very friendly guy who asked me the reason to come. i told him i want my i94 updated. He filled the mexico permit card in a hardly readable hand writing and asked for 30 dollars. I gave him at that time without thinking. Now i am confised whether it was a legit fee or a rip off. then i immediately left the office came to the road and crossed it immediately and entered US immigration. there was a line but i got my turn in 15 mins. The overall process hardly took an hour.

    As long as you have a valid work visa or dependent visa which was valid / issued before the proclamation came out, there is no need to file an i29. Just go to san diego and get it done in an hour for $6.

    • More details: I parked my car at “Tellos parking lot” which is 5 mins walk from the cbp center and starting point of the pedestrian bridge. I went from Fremont CA which is 500 miles away. To save a day, i left at 4.30 am in the morning and reached the border at 12.20. I was back to my car at 1.30. On my return journey i got a lot of evening traffic while passing through Los Angeles. In the end i was extremely tired because of lack of sleep a night earlier due to anxiety of getting this done. I reached home at 10.30 in the night. very tired. i wont recomment anyone going from bay area to do it in one day. its very tiring.

      The other comments that i read. it looks likecrossing border at otay mesa is lesser walk as compared to san ysidro. The staff was very cooperative and friendly there. I was shit scared and all but there is nothing to be worried about. They are friendly and good people. as long as you have a proper visa and no ambiguity in your record you are good. I kept every single document i had just in case. But they did not even ask for the i797 notice. I only needed my two passports both old and new. But i still suggest to keep all the documents just in case.

      Let me know in the comments if you need any more details.

      • Zeeshan Ashraf,
        Thank you for sharing your experience. If you had valid US visa, then it seems to me that the 30 USD was rip off unfortunately…
        In any case, you got it done and all good now !

        • thanks Ashraf and Kumar. I was just worried about EO and how CBP interprets that while issuing i94 updates. But now I feel more confident on my Otay mesa trip. Thanks to Redbus2us for such an informative platform as this one. It helps out many individuals in so many different situations.
          I will sure share my detailed experience once I get it done soon at Otay Mesa CA.

        • Even if you don’t have the visa, you don’t need to pay $30.
          Its needed if your visa gets rejected and you have to fly to your home county and want to use their airports.

          • min,
            Interesting…Is there any official link or info for this on their consulate website or airports site ?

      • Kumar/Zeeshan,

        Are the otay mesa and san ysidro centers open on weekends? If so, what are the timings?

        Also, what are the timings on weekdays?



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