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Sample Employment Verification Letter for H1B Stamping

As part of applying for US Visa stamping at a Consulate or Embassy, based on your H1B approval from USCIS, you would need to carry a certain set of documents related to your employment. An employment verification letter is one of those key documents that is needed for H1B visa stamping to indicate that you are being employed by the company. You can also check H1B Visa Stamping Documents Checklist for more details

Any Official Format for Employment Verification Letter?

Firstly, an “Employment verification letter” is also referred to as an “Employment Confirmation Letter”, “Employment Certification Letter”, or ” Applicant’s Position Confirmation letter”. You might see these terms listed or used interchangeably by many, including US Visa Stamping Appointment Letter.

Now, coming to the format of the employment verification letter, it is very subjective and depends on the company. There is no official format given by the US Consulates or Embassies indicating that the employment verification letter has to be in a certain format.

The key information that needs to be in the employment verification letter is listed below :

  • Name of the H1B Applicant
  • Passport Number of the H1B Applicant
  • Status of Employment with the company with a start date.
  • Designation/ Position Details of the H1B applicant
  • Salary of the H1B Applicant [ This is optional, some indicate this, some do not]
  • Printed on the company letterhead
  • Signed by the HR Manager or someone who has the authority to sign

Below is the structure and a couple of samples that are given by a few companies.

Sample H1B Employment Verification Letter Structure

This letter has to be printed on the Company’s Letter Head and signed by the HR Manager or person in charge of HR activities in your company. Anything that is between symbols ‘< >’ has to be replaced with your or your company-related information

< Company Logo / Address on Letter Head >

Employment Verification Letter

<Date > ( Most recent date, ideally closer to when you would be interviewing)


The U.S. Consulate General,

<US Consulate General Address>

Employment Verification Letter for <H1B Applicant Name >

To Whom It May Concern :

Dear Sir / Madam,

This is to confirm that <H1B Applicant Full Name>, holder of passport number <XXXX> has been employed with <Name of the company> since <Start Date of employment> as a full-time employee. <He/She> currently holds the designation of <Designation at the company> with an annual salary of < Yearly Salary> [ <Salary in Words >]

If you require any further information or clarification on the employment of <H1B applicant name>, please do not hesitate to contact us at <Company/ person phone number > or email us at <company HR email >.

Thank you,

Yours Faithfully,

<Signature of the HR Manager / Relevant Person>. <Company Seal >

Authorized Signatory

<Designation of the person signing>

<Company Name>

Sample 1: Employment Verification Letter Template

H1B Stamping - Employment Verification Letter
H1B Stamping – Employment Verification Letter

Sample 2: Employment Verification letter on Letterhead

Sample Employment Verification Letter - Company 2 for H1B
Sample Employment Verification Letter – Company 2 for H1B

Sample 3: Verification of Employment – Letter to Consulate

Below is an actual employment verification letter that was given by one of the large companies in the US for H1B Visa Stamping. If you look at it, it is very simple and does not have any text or anything, all it has is the person’s name, position, details of employment, compensation, and when the person joined. This letter was used by the person and the person was able to get successful visa stamping as well. Thanks to our user “DK” for sharing it.

Employment Verification letter for H1B Visa Stamping
Employment Verification letter for H1B Visa Stamping

Sample 4: Employment Certification Letter

Below is another variant of the Employment Verification letter that is given by some of the larger companies as well. Below is the typical letter format and the actual sample from one of the large MNC companies. Details are masked for privacy.


Dear Sir/Madam

Employment Certification Letter

Please accept this letter as confirmation that Mr. XXXX, with employee number XXXX, has been an employee of our company in the XXXX since XX.XX.XXXX and has been in the employment of XXXX Ltd since XX.XX.XXXX.

He is currently holding the designation of Business Development Director.
Should you require any further information or clarifications, please do not hesitate to

contact +XXXXXX XXX or send an email to XXX@XXX.com.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully


Manager, HR Services for XXX

Sample Employment Certification Letter for US Visa Stamping
Sample Employment Certification Letter for US Visa Stamping

Sample 5: Employment Position Confirmation letter

US Consulate General


To Whom It May Concern:
This letter will certify that XXX is employed with XXX since on a full-time basis and currently working as XXXX using technical skills for administering and supervising systems and software development using his expertise.
His current base salary is $XXXX per annum.
We request your consideration in providing his family with visas so that they may join Mr. in the United States.
Should you have any questions regarding his employment, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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  1. Is the offer letter same as the employment verification letter? I have the offer letter which is a year old. Would that work or I need a separate new Employment verification letter??

  2. for a first time h1b applicant, what will the EVL state. i am not going to be working for a client but a new sponsoring company. should the EVL be produced by my existing employer in INDIA?

  3. Hi Kumar
    I’m very confused between Employment Verification letter and Position confirmation letter.
    I understand we can get Employment Verification letter from our Petitioner(HR from company letter head) but where can we get Position confirmation letter and how different is that from Employment Verification letter?
    Your help is appreciated

    • AK,
      As the article says, there is no format as such, you are free to add more details as needed. Also, there is no need for NIE now as there is no proclamation in place.


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