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H1B Visa Sample Documents – Letters, Approval Notices, Forms, I-94

As part of your journey to start working in the US on H1B Visa or continue working in the US, you come across various forms that you may need to fill in and many documents that you get as part of the process. These could be documents related to the USCIS processes, applying for US Visa stamping at a consulate, going for H1B Visa Renewal using the dropbox option, submitting employment verification letters, H1B Visa stamp in the passport, etc. We have collected all of these sample documents for your review and guidance, including sample forms. We have listed them by type for easy review.

Sample H1B Visa Letters

Sample H1B Visa Stamp, Port of Entry Stamp

  • Sample H1B Visa Stamp in Passport after Visa Approval
  • Sample US Port of Entry Stamp for H1B Visa holder

Sample H1B Visa USCIS Notices


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