I-94 Extension or Update at Port of Entry Process USA

I-94 Extension, Update after Passport Renewal in US – Process, CBP vs. PoE ?

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Depending on the type of US visa you get, you may get visa issued beyond your passport validity.  When you enter US at Port of entry, your current passport details are captured by CBP officer and has the same details on your I-94 as well and most likely your I-94 validity is typically tied to your passport validity (Check :  I-94, Sample, how to fill ) .   Now, when you are in US and your passport is about to expire, you will go to either your country’s high commission or embassy and get your passport renewed, but one step remains, which is your I-94 that you got at US Port of Entry still has your old passport information and its validity is still tied to your old passport. Now the question is how do you either update or extend your I-94 to reflect your new Passport details.  We will try to share few options to get the I-94 updated, when you renew or re-issue your passport.

Before you understand options, it is important for you to have all your documents ready. Below is check checklist

Documents Required / Checklist for I-94 Extension / Update after Passport Re-issue / Renewal in USA:

  • Passports : Both Old and New Passports ( including the one that has US Visa Stamp)
  • Approval Notices of Your Visa Status : USCIS approval forms tied to your visa status. E.g. I-797 Approval Forms, if on H1B, H4, L1, L2 approval notices
  • Address Proof : Your current proof of address in US, where you reside like Rental Agreement, Utilities Bills, etc.
  • I-94 Card : Your Current I-94 Card/ Info printed from I-94 Online System
  • Supporting Documents based on Visa Status : Depending on your status in US, you need to carry additional supporting documents.
    • If you are on H1B Visa : Current LCA that is tied to your H1B.
    • If you are on H1B, L1, or other work visa :
      • Employment Verification letter from Employer
      •  3 to 6 most recent Pay Slips / Stubs showing your proof of employment in US
      • (optional ) Copy of I-129 from your employer
      • (optional ) Your Resume
    • If you are on H4 or L2 and working on EAD : 
      • If you are on H4 or L2 and working on EAD, you should carry : Employment Letters, recent 3 to 6 pay stubs.
  • Cash : $6 USD Cash to pay for the I-94 update. You may pay online ahead of time, but need to carry that print out and confirmation.

What are the options to get I-94 Extended with Re-issued or Renewed passport ?

There are few options to extend your I-94. While there are mixed opinions and answers, we will try to give all of those so that you can choose what works for you.

Option 1: Cross Border by Land and Return Back  :

This one is probably the one that has little controversies and always works. All you need to cross the border at any of the border checkpoints by land and come back. If you have vacation planned for other country, that works as well. The goal is to exit US and re-enter. Many just try to go to their nearest border checkpoints  and get it done.  If you are going to Mexico border, you do not even need a visa, you can just go by land and come back. You will be asked to pay $6 USD fee for updating the I-94.

Option 2 : Visit Nearest SENTRI Enrollment Centres :

With this option, you do not really need to cross the border, but you can get your I-94 update done at the US side itself at the border checkpoint by visiting SENTRI Enrollment Centers. This option also probably works well all the time. The only catch is that SENTRI enrolment centres are only in states of  Arizona, Texas and California and you probably need to drive or fly to the nearest one. You can check for the nearest SENTRI Enrollment Centers at CBP Website .

  •  Process : It is very simple, you need to walk into the enrollment center and go to the Permits section. But, before that you can pay $6 USD at the cashier ( Carry cash ). Depending on the line, your name will be called by the officer and he may ask questions on your status and tell that you need to extend your I-94 as you got new Passport. They will ask for the documents, you show them and answer basic questions they ask and your I-94 should be updated. Many users shared their experiences in the past updating I-94 positively at “SENTRI / Global Entry – Otay Mesa Enrollment Centre, 2500 Paseo Internacional, San Diego, CA 92154 “

Option 3 : Visit Port of Entry CBP office at Nearest International Airport :

This option has mixed opinion, some have got success, some have not got success. When you call the airport CBP office, sometimes they say, they cannot update I-94. While some have reported that I-94 was updated when they visited in person. It all varies by state and location.  You can look up for a Port of Entry on CBP website that is nearest to where you live and go to their office and get the I-94 update. As I said, there are mixed opinions here.

Option 4 : Ask your attorney to file Extension of Status :

This option also varies and has mixed opinions, you can always ask your attorney to file extension of Status with USCIS or seek their opinion on if they can do it for you and file extension of status with USCIS as your passport has changed.  You need to speak to your H1B attorney for this option and make a call.

Tip : You can get your I-94 updated before the expiry anywhere like 6 months before expiry. So, the suggestion is to have your passport renewed at least 6 months before expiry and get your I-94 updated before it expires.

Common FAQs on I-94 Extension/ Update / Correction in US : 

Let’s look at some common questions around I-94 Update or Extensions in US.

I-94 Extension / Correction Fee Option – Cash or Online Payment ?  Which is Better ?

You can pay for I-94 using Cash or pay Online on CBP website. The only catch is that, you need to visit within 7 days from the day you do this online and you need carry a print out of the same. If you do not visit within 7 days, there are no refunds. You can pay online for I-94 at CBP DHS.Gov Website  . In terms of which is better, sometimes the line for Payment at Counters can be long…so, it is a better idea to pay online and carry the print out the confirmation.

What are I94 Extension Interview Questions  by CBP officer ?

For I94 extension or update, you will meet CBP officer and the interview is same as the one you have at US Port of Entry process , when you enter US either by Flight, Ship or Road.  You need to be prepared to answer questions around your employment, working, living in US, etc.

Do you get a Physical I94 Card ? Does the online system get updated too ?

Yes, you will get a paper I-94 printed and given when you do I-94 extension or update by crossing border. Check Sample I-94 Cards given at US Port of Entry.  Yes, the online system is updated as well. Usually they staple the new I-94 card with your passport, you will need to show that when entering back into US at border, so keep it careful. You can check online after you come back in online system too regarding your I-94 for the recent entry, it is updated in real-time.

For I-94 Update, will I be asked to Cross the Border or will it be done at Land Port of Entry Office in USA ?

Well, this all depends on the immigration officer and the process at the Land Port of Entry. Sometimes, you get lucky and you may not be asked to cross the border and everything is done at Port of Entry office in US….but, most of the times, you will be asked to cross the border and re-enter.  Many users have shared that they ended up crossing Mexico Border and re-enter when they did this at Laredo, Texas or  San Diego, CA.

Is the I-94 Process any different for H4 Visa Holders vs H1B Holders ?  How about other visas like L1, L2, etc ?

The process to update/ extend I94 is same for everyone as described above. You can use any of the three options. If does not matter, if you are on H4 or H1B visa…You will need to carry all your relevant documents and supporting documents.

What has been your experience updating I-94  ? Share your thoughts ? Anything I missed ?


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Comments ( 77 )

  1. MaVen

    Hello Kumar,
    Thank you for an informative thread.
    Can you please help me sort my current situation ?

    Visa stamped in my old passport till Nov 2020. Old passport expired Oct 21, 2109 and along with it the I-94. I got the new passport on Oct 26, 2020.

    can I still go to the CBP at the mexican border and get it stamped ? what other options do I have ?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    1. administrator

      If your I-94 has already expired, you are out of status now…If you go to CBP center, you will be placed for deportation as you violated status. You should talk to lawyer and immediately exit the country to avoid issues as you do not have valid status. Read US Visa vs Status to know more on this.

  2. Robby


    I’m in a weird situation here that’s not been addressed in the article. My i94 expiration does not match my passport expiration. My passport expires May 2020 but my i94 expiry is set to expire in July 2021. With coronavirus lockdown in SF, if I cannot get my passport renewed in time, will I have to leave the country?

    Thanks for writing the article and helping people out.

    1. administrator

      These are extreme situations for everyone, there can be some exceptions, but you cannot just rely on them.
      You still have about one month to renew passport. I suggest you contact the embassy of your country and start the process as it is emergency. Once you get passport renewed then you can get the I-94 corrected. You can call CBP and then ask them to update the same.

  3. Sunny

    I am in L1-B and my and my depandants I-94 is expiring on 31-Mar-2020. My employer is in process of filing my extension but it is taking time.If it pass 31MAR2020 then I will be out of status.Currently my wife medical condition are not suitbale for travlling back to India. We have medical reords too.Can we get the i-94 extension till she will be fine for travle.


    1. administrator

      You need to either file it before March 31st or apply for COS to B2 visa to stay after that date. You can submit the medical records and then request for B2 COS. Try to expedite on the employer side indicating the issue.

  4. Keerthan


    To get i-94 extenstion after passport renewal, will I need to cross border at Mexico or everything can be done inside US border at San Deigo ? My H1-B and my spouse’s H4 i-94 validity has been tied to my passport expiry though the Visa are valid till 2022.

    Apart from visiting the San Diego border, is changing an employer an option which should provide a new i797 with new i94 ?


    1. administrator

      You can do it insider border to at the CBP center. The article has all options, read it.
      Well, that is an option for sure…but, why would you do that, unless you plan to change job…It is your choice..

  5. Raj Kumar

    I recently travelled to India and got visa renewed (company change) with new i797 (apr 2022) but when I entered US, since my passport was valid till 6 Dec 2020, my i94 is valid till 6 Dec 2020.

    I am in the process of getting passport renewed. Is it safe to travel to CBP office in San Diego and get extension ? I am planning to go in the next 2 months.

    Kindly advise.

      1. Raj Kumar

        Hi Kumar,

        My immigration attorneys have suggested 2 options :

        1. Visit the local CBP deferred inspection office or contact them and request them to correct/update the I-94.

        Please note that it is at the discretion of the officer to honor the request.

        2. Travel is the another option.

        Also to remember sometime officer at the border do not update the I-94 when we travel to the neighboring countries for less than 30 days under automatic validation rule.

        Do you have any idea about option 1 ? Kindly advise.

        1. Raj Kunar

          Hi Kumar,

          How early can one go to extend i94. My i94 is till Dec 2020 and I have renewed passport so plan to go to Mexico border.

          Also, what is difference between otey Mesa sentri enrollment and San Ysidro POE ?

          1. administrator

            Raj Kumar,
            You can go do it anytime, as your passport is renewed. If you plan to travel out of the country anytime, before that no need as you will anyways leave the country and re-enter. SENTRI is a program that offers expedited clearance, that wis the Mesa center, other one is a normal POE. I am not sure, if it matters for your case. Call them beforehand and then get it clarified or email them at least…

  6. Zahed

    I’m on H1B visa, my I-94 is expiring on March 2020 according to my passport expiration date. But my visa is expiring on October 2020. I had already renewed the passport. I spoke to my attorney and they gave 2 options
    1) I have to travel outside the United States.
    2) Applying for H-1B extension before March 2020.
    Please advice what should I do?


    1. administrator

      You do not have to travel, as the article points out, you can do the I-94 update by visiting the CBP office. Give that a try before you go with others…

  7. Sanjay

    1. My Current Stamped Visa and I-94 is valid till Aug 2020
    2. Since I changed the employer I got the I797 approval till Dec 2019 and my extension is in progress and in normal processing only.
    3. My passport is expiring in March 2020, And applied for new and got one.

    My question is
    1. I don’t have approved I797 for my extension now, In that case how can i update my I-94 records.
    2. Should I update my I-94 on or before my first passport Expiry which is March 2019 ?

    Please let me know your view.

    1. administrator

      Technically, your I-94 is valid till Dec 2019 as you did transfer and you got an updated I-94 until then… what was given in the past may not be relevant as you moved employers. Now, you can ask your employer to upgrade the extension and get decision faster so that you can update your I-94. I would suggest you discuss with your employer and their attorney and take care of this.

  8. Nina

    Hi Kumar,

    I just found out even I have a valid I-797 till next 09/2020, but my I-94 expired in Feb, and my H1B visa stamp expired in 07/2019. How can I extend my I-94?

    Thank you,


    1. administrator

      How can your I-94 expire, when you haveI-797 until 9/2020 ? When did you get your I-797 – when you were in US or outside ? If you were in US, you would have got I-94 slip attached at the end. Check sample H1B approval notice . Did you talk to your attorney ? What did they say ?

      1. Nina


        My old passport was going to expire in 02/2019, so when I entered the border, LA custom gave me I-94 to 02/2019. I went back to my home country last July and came back in two weeks, just because of the expiration date on my passport, LA custom didn’t give me the I-94 to match my I-797. Also, that officer didn’t tell me I need to do anything to correct it……

        And happy thanksgiving!


        1. administrator

          I-94 validity date is the key thing that defines your status. If your I-94 was valid only till Feb 2019, then you had to fix that before that expired or after you got new passport in Feb 2019. As you did not had I-94 valid, you were not in proper status all along since Feb 2019. You need to talk to an immigration attorney immediately and get this sorted out. Not trying to scare you, but the reality is you always need to have I-94 valid to stay in status in US…Do not delay…do update after you speak to attorney.

        2. Nilesh Jain

          Hi Nina ,

          Did your i-94 extended ? Whats the processed you followed..some how my case is also similar to you .

          Please help ..any input will help me a lot .


  9. Swati

    I have stamped visa valid till march 2021 .But my I797 is valid only till March 2019 and my I94 valid till May 2019. can I extend my I94 based on Stamped visa at CBP Office?

    1. administrator

      What visa are you in ? In general, you do not extend the I-94, you extend the visa tied to your application by sending extension application to USCIS, they will issue you new I-94 with extended dates.

      1. Swati

        Hello Kumar,
        I am on H4 Visa.I left to India and got my visa stamped until May 2021.But at point of entry they updated my I94 till my passport expiry.Now I renewed my
        passport and trying to extend my i94 till my husband’s visa expiry.I am trying to find out what documents are needed to get I94 validity updated.Whether can I get it updated using my husband’s I797 and my stamped visa or whether it require my I797 from the h4 extension.

        1. administrator

          They will use your H4 Visa stamp valid till may 2021 to extend it. Yes, you also should carry approval notice of your spouse supporting the same. Your I-797 is not relevant as you got stamping done based on your spouse’s H1B approval. Do update your experience here after you go to CBP office.

  10. Ashok

    Hi, I got my son passport renewed last week but I-94 is valid based on old passport expiry which is 02/20. Pl. suggest the options to extend i94 expiry date based on visa expiry date. I am living in Los angels county…

  11. Henry D

    I’m on L1B Blanket visa. My I129 expired date is Aug 2020, I94 expire date is Aug 2020 as well. But my passport expire is Feb 2020. Now, I have a renewal passport. Am I still valid stay until 2020 or I have to update I94 with new passport information.

    1. administrator

      Well, if your I-94 is valid, in general, you should be ok. But, I would suggest you check with your attorney on this to make sure you are in good state. The simple thing to do is to exit and re-enter by going to Mexico or other place, so that you get new I-94 tied to the new passport.

    1. Manoj A

      Hi Srilak,
      Could you please provide more detail, I need to go for my son’s i-94 update. I went today to San Francisco BP office, They didn’t do it 🙁

      -Manoj A

  12. Swetha

    I have my I094 given till August 2020 as per the current passport at Detroit Windsor border. I got my new passport now and have valid I797 till 2021. Can i cross the border and extend the I-94 as per I797 date or I am required to attend a visa interview in canada as my US visa expired on Spet 9,2019?

  13. kanika

    Thankyou for sharing this article.
    Option 3 — i-94 extension at CBP worked for me and it saved me from crossing US border. This article has been a blessing for me. Trust me these options will never be revealed by your lawyer(not sure if they are even aware of these many options or not).
    Thank you Mr.Kumar for sharing detailed and extremely helpful information.
    God bless you for helping people !

    1. administrator

      Great to hear. Would you mind sharing more details on how you did it ? Called them before or ? It will help others.

    2. Manoj A

      Hi Kanika, Could you please share , how you got this done, what is the process followed? I need to get the I-94 extended for my son. Which location you went , SFO ?

    3. KK

      Hello Kanika,

      Could you please update on the process you followed, it will be great if you share the information with others. Thanks! -KK

  14. Gargi Ghosh

    Thanks for this great article! My I-94 is expiring in Nov 2019 and I have a couple of question.
    1) I am planning to try out Option 2. Did it work for anybody in the community here?
    2) If Option 2 doesn’t work, I plan to try out Option 1. Is crossing the border and back seriously risk-free, or did anyone experience any issues during this? I am a little wary of getting stuck in Mexico.
    3) What do we mean by paper I-94 – just a printed copy from the online records?

    Thanks a lot for your time!

  15. MaruChan0000

    Hello. Thanks for the forum.
    My I94 is valid till my old passport expiry date. I got a new passport and want to get my I94 date extended to match my stamped H1 visa date. I am planning to travel to Canada in the morning and return in evening to USA. Can anyone share their recent experiences for I94 extension at Canada US border? I have a Canadian PR. Thanks in Advance!

    Will I be issued a paper I94 at border?
    Is it ok to pay I94 fees online in advance?

    1. administrator

      Usually you pay the fee, if you plan to use the CBP facility for corrections. In your case, you would just cross the border and come over, so may not be applicable. Yes, if it is by road, you do the Paper I-94 process. Also, Please share your experience with community here after you travel out and come over.

      1. MaruChan0000

        Thanks for your reply.

        My PERM is currently in process.
        Will travelling outside US when PERM in process affect PERM approval?

        1. administrator

          It should not have any impact. But, as always, I suggest you check with your attorney and then only travel.

  16. Ganesh

    I got H1B extension for 3 years to 2022, but a passport is expiring in 2021, Current Visa is expiring in Oct 2019. If I travel after in Nov – 2019, Visa expires in Oct 2019 and get the stamping done, they will give the stamping till the date of passport expiring in 2021, instead of based on I-94 date.

    When I come to the US, will they give I-94 based on Visa expiring date – 2021 on passport or I-94 on Petition expiring Date of 2022 (I have the petition approval) fo I-94?

    If I renew my a passport close to expiring date in 2021, how can I update my I-94 to 2022 date, so that I don’t have to travel again 2021 for stamping to get 2022 date.

    1. administrator

      They will usually give it until the passport expiration date, if it is not valid until the petition expiration date. That’s the whole point of the article, read it again.

  17. Raj

    Hi, Thank you for sharing this information.
    My son’s I-94 needs to be updated due to passport renewal, but it is kinda impossible for us to use Option 1. As for Option 2, I just called one of SENTRI enrollment centers (the one at San Diego) and the operator lady told me that they don’t update I-94 there!! I
    I just wanted to see if anyone has recently updated I94 in one of the SENTRI centers and maybe more details on the process. It is a very long drive for me to go and check personally and I just want to go if they really do it for me. Thank you for your help in advance.

  18. Appanna

    Hi There,

    It was a piece of very useful information. Thanks for that.

    I am on the L1B visa status and is valid until December 2019. My passport was due for expiry as of Sep 2019. During my last port of entry, I was issued with an I-94 matching my passport expiry, i.e Sep 2019. Now that I have my renewed passport, I am considering option 3 to extend my I-94 until visa expiry date. The catch here is, my employer applied for H1B this year and fortunately got picked up in the lottery. My attorney suggested to apply for L1B extension to fill the gap between Sept 2019 and Oct 2019 (H1B effective date) to ensure am not going out of status, whilst I also have an option of getting my current I-94 extended from CBP office. Which option is considered to be best or safest here. Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. administrator

      Well, all are pretty much the same. You can try option 3, if it does not work out and they say they cannot do it, then try option 2. It does not matter, where you get it from, it is the same thing.

  19. Ravi

    We have visa till Sep-2020. But my wife I-94 will ended on jun-19, because of passport expire. Now, I applied and got new passport.

    We are plan to visit Canada on Aug-19, after her I-94 expired.
    What should I do now for her I-94 extension.

    1. administrator

      You should get her I-94 extended before you travel to Canada as she will be considered not in status from June-19 as her I-94 would not be valid. You can use the above listed Option 2 on how to get it fixed.

  20. Arjun


    I just realized my I-94 expired for more than 180 days due to the passport expiration date when I entered US. But I have the valid H1-B and I-797. Anyone has an idea how to resolve the conflict? Thanks in advance.

    1. Nina

      Hi Arjun,

      I’m in the same situation now, because I didn’t realize I’m out of status until recently when my employer getting ready for my H1B amendment and extension.

      Can you please share if your situation resolved?

      Thank you,


      1. administrator

        There is an option called Nunc pro tunc that you can use and file with USCIS requesting that it was an honest mistake. Discuss with your attorney on your options and then act accordingly.

  21. Guru Prasad


    My son’s I-94 validity is based on his passport expiry in June 2019, while my H1-B visa is valid till August 2019.
    I believe, my employer should apply for my visa extension before August 2019. Do you think my son’s passport number and I-94 can be updated while filing for an extension along with my H1-B.


  22. Sharma

    Hi, I have my i-797 valid till 2019 Aug but i-94 is valid till Nov 2018. I got my password renewed, so i would like to understand I94 extension and H1b extension are the same or they are different? What is the success rate if my employer would file the extension? Would i get new i797 with new validity or it would remain same till 2019?

    1. administrator

      In general, when you extend your H1B with in US, you will get a new I-94 Attached with the approval notice…If you get a new passport before the extension, then you need to follow the above process.

  23. sriraj

    My visa (I94 and Stamping) expiring on march 31 ,I got new offer from different employer .
    now my question is :
    1) can i go for transfer in this case.
    2) any known issue if we transfer current visa and staying on 240 period.

    Note:i am already in USA.

  24. Ice

    How does this work for a dependant. I have filed a renewal of my current visa thinking that it will validate and extend my daughter’s I-94, but if the renewal is rejected i have some time on my i-94 that i want my daughters i-94 updated to match mine.

    is the process still the same?

      1. Lakshman

        Hi Kumar/others
        My L1 visa expired in 2018 and I have a valid extension with I797 and an attached I94 till Feb 2020. I am renewing my passport now as it expires in June 2020. Does this situation warrant an i94 extension?

        Thanks for the help

        1. administrator

          Well, technically when you get a new passport, they will invalidate and cancel your old passport. So, you need to make sure your new passport gets tied to your records, that’s the end goal. I would suggest you check with the CBP office by calling them and get it updated so that you have it all clear.

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