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How to get I-94 Extension in US – 6 Options, 18 Experiences – Complete Guide

Depending on the type of US visa you get at the US Consulate, you may get it issued beyond your passport validity.  But, when you enter the US at a Port of entry, your current passport expiry date is used by the CBP officer to issue your I-94 Expiration date. If your passport is expiring before the US Visa expiry, then you will get I-94 validity until the end of your passport expiry. You may read  I-94, Sample, how to fill, if you are not familiar with I-94 

Now, when you renew your Passport in the US, you need to make sure you update your I-94 expiration as well to be in valid legal status in the US. Just having a valid visa in an old passport is not sufficient. In this article, we will review all the options to get the I-94 updated, when you renew or re-issue your passport and also share User Experiences.

Before you understand options, it is important for you to have all your documents ready. Below is check checklist

Overview of all options to get I-94 Extended

There are about 5 options to extend your I-94 in the US when you renew or re-issue your passport. While there are mixed opinions on some of these options, we will try to give all of those so that you can choose what works for you. Below are the all different options.

  1. Cross the US Border by land and return
  2. Fly out of the US to Mexico or Canada and return
  3. Visit the nearest SENTRI enrollment center
  4. Visit any CBP office at a US Port of Entry
  5. As your attorney to file an extension application with USCIS
  6. Call CBP Deferred Inspection Sites, send an email, and get updated.

Let’s look at each of these options in detail.

Option 1: Extend I-94 by Crossing US Border by Land

The option to exit and re-enter the US at a border checkpoint is probably the most straightforward one and seems to work most of the time. It is also confirmed by many of our readers. The process is simple as described below.

  1. You go to any US Port of entry border crossing, where you can walk or drive from the US to Mexico like Otay Mesa, Laredo, etc.
  2. Cross the US border by land
  3. Get an immigration stamp on your passport from the country you are entering such as Mexico or Canada by telling the reason for your travel, which is to update your I-94. Sometimes they do not stamp as well, so not very consistent.
  4. Re-enter the US at the port of entry border crossing by land.
  5. Once you re-enter US, you will fill out respective paperwork for new I-94. The duration of I-94 is updated during this process.

If you have a vacation planned for another country or you live close by the state to the port of entry border crossings, this works well. The goal is to exit the US and re-enter.

There are some occasions, where some users are turned back by the CBP Officers saying one of the below reasons

  • They have too much time left on the I-94 before the extension. For example, if your I-94 is expiring in December 2022, you show up at the border to extend I-94 in October 2022 or earlier.
  • Sometimes, the CBP officers say that they cannot extend the I-94 as they say that it is not a “meaningful departure”. Usually, some say that a meaningful departure is when you exit the country and get a stamp in the arriving country with a purpose. It could be anything like staying for a day to visit a place or anything.

If you cannot get I-94 extended based on this option in the first try, you can go back to the port of entry again the next day or a few days later. If not, you can try option 2 below or other options.

Also, you can join I-94 Extension Community Telegram Group to share, exchange

Option 2: Fly out of the US to Mexico or Canada and return

If you cannot get I-94 extended at the US border crossing, one of the best options that seem to work most of the time is taking a flight out of the US to either Mexico or Canada. The good part is, you do not need a valid US Visa if you are traveling for less than 30 days.

You can leverage the Automatic Revalidation option if you have a valid I-94 issued by USCIS/DHS. The only catch is you cannot apply for US Visa when you use Automatic Revalidation

Usually, one of the suggested options is to stay for a day or two in Mexico or Canada and then take a flight back. The main reason for it is to make your exit a ‘meaningful exit or departure’. When you take the flight back, at the airport you land and enter the US at the port of entry, you can show your I-797 approval notice that has longer validity and have the CBP officer issue you I-94 until that date.

Option 3: Extend I-94 by Visiting Nearest SENTRI Enrollment Centre

SENTRI stands for Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection. SENTRI enrollment centers do a variety of things related to US-Mexico border CBP processes. You may be also able to update or extend I-94 at a SENTRI enrollment center. This totally depends on the center. Some had successes and some could not update I-94 due to closures or the officer not allowing it. So, it depends on the officer and your luck.

If you use this option, you do not really need to cross the border, but you can get your I-94 update done on the US side itself at any of the designated SENTRI Enrollment Centers. The only catch is that SENTRI enrolment centers are only in the states of  Arizona, Texas, and California and you probably need to drive or fly to the nearest one. You can check for the nearest SENTRI Enrollment Centers list on CBP Website.

Process to extend I-94 at SENTRI Enrollment Center :

  1. First, before you go to any center, call them beforehand and verify, if they are allowing I-94 extensions or updates.
  2. If they allow it, it is very straightforward. You need to walk into the enrollment center and go to the Permits section. But, before that, you can pay $6 USD at the cashier (carry cash ).
  3. Depending on the line, your name will be called by the officer and he may ask questions about your status. You need to tell that you need to extend your I-94 as you got a new Passport.
  4. They will ask for the documents, you show them and answer basic questions they ask and your I-94 should be updated. Many users shared their experiences in the past updating I-94 positively at “SENTRI / Global Entry – Otay Mesa Enrollment Centre, 2500 Paseo Internacional, San Diego, CA 92154 “

Option 4: Visit any US Port of Entry CBP office at Airport

This is probably the best option to extend an I-94, if it works out. But, this option has mixed opinions, few have got success, and many have not got success. When you call the airport CBP office, sometimes they say, they cannot update I-94. While some have reported that I-94 was updated when they visited in person. It all varies by state and location.  

How to get your I-94 updated at Airports

  1. First, call the CBP office at International Airport closer to you and verify, if they do I-94 update or extensions.
  2. If they say yes, try to go there and try out your luck. If you have time, you can directly visit them as well and try your luck.
  3. You can look up for a Port of Entry on CBP website that is nearest to where you live and go to their office and get the I-94 update.
  4. As I said, there are mixed opinions here and most of the times, you may get a No from them.

Option 5: Attorney to file Extension with USCIS to extend I-94

If your approval notice from USCIS is about to expire (i-797 Approval Notice) within 6 months for certain visas like H1B or L1 then you can ask your employer and work with your Immigration attorney to file the relevant extension petition for the same. Also, if you plan to move to another status by change of status(COS) or plan to apply for an extension on your own, you can try this as well.

If your petition is not close to expiration, your employer may or may not file an extension. Also, if you are on visas like F1, H4, or L2 visas, the processing times for the extensions are really long like 8 to 10 months for some centers and you need to wait…This can be a risky option to wait with an expired I-94 as your status is unclear at that time. Read what is US Visa vs. Status for more info.

You need to speak to your Immigration attorney for this option and make a call.

Option 6: Call CBP Deferred Inspection Sites, Email

This option had little success, only a few users reported they had success. One of our readers had an expired US Visa, so they could not travel out of the country. They called a few CBP Deferred inspection site phone numbers and eventually they had success with San Diego CBP office. Phone: (619) 491-2680 or (619) 491-2625.

  • The officer gave the user an email id and asked them to send an I-94 correction request to that email id. 
  • There is an automated response to that email that has a form attached that you needed to fill and send along with the old/new passport info page, US visa, I-797, and last US entry stamp in the passport.
  • After some time, you get an automated response that the I-94 is updated. You can check online on I-94 website to see the update.

Some users were able to directly email the CBP Deferred inspection site and get it corrected…worth trying it.

Documents Checklist for I-94 Extension in USA

  • Passports: Both old and new passports(including the one that has US Visa Stamp)
  • Approval Notices of your Visa Status: USCIS approval forms are tied to your visa status. E.g. I-797 Approval Forms, if on H1B, H4, L1, L2 approval notices
  • Address Proof: Your current proof of address in the US, where you reside like Rental Agreement, Utilities Bills, etc.
  • I-94 Card: Your Current I-94 Card/ Info printed from I-94 Online System
  • Supporting Documents based on Visa Status: Depending on your status in the US, you need to carry additional supporting documents.
    • If you are on H1B Visa: Current H1B LCA that is tied to your petition.
    • If you are on H1B, L1, or other work visas:
      • Employment Verification letter from the Employer
      •  3 to 6 most recent Pay Slips / Stubs showing your proof of employment in the US
      • (optional ) Copy of I-129 from your employer
      • (optional ) Your Resume
    • If you are on H4 or L2 and working on EAD :
      • Employment Letter
      • Most recent 3 to 6 pay stubs.
  • Cash: $6 USD Cash to pay for the I-94 update. You may pay online ahead of time, but need to carry that printout and confirmation.

I-94 Extension in US – 18 Experiences by Users

Few of our users have been kind enough to share their experiences updating I-94. Below are their experiences.

Common FAQs for I-94 Extension in the US

Let’s look at some common questions about I-94 update or extension in the US.

I-94 Extension / Correction Fee Option – Cash or Online Payment ? 

You can pay for I-94 using Cash or pay Online on the CBP website. The only catch is that you need to visit within 7 days from the day you do this online and you need to carry a printout of the same. If you do not visit within 7 days, there are no refunds. You can pay online for I-94 at the CBP’s DHS.Gov Website. In terms of which is better, sometimes the line for Payment at Counters can be long…so, it is a better idea to pay online and carry a copy of the printout of the confirmation.

What are I94 Extension Interview Questions by CBP officer?

For the I94 extension or update, you will meet the CBP officer and the interview is the same as the one you have at a US Port of Entry process when you enter the US either by Flight, Ship, or Road.  You need to be prepared to answer questions about your employment, working, living in the US, etc.

Do you get a Physical I94 Card? Online system get updated too?

Yes, you will get a paper I-94 printed and given when you do an I-94 extension or update by crossing the border. Check Sample I-94 Cards given at the US Port of Entry.  Yes, the online system is updated as well. Usually, they staple the new I-94 card with your passport, you will need to show that when entering back into the US at border, so keep it careful. You can check online after you come back in the online system too regarding your I-94 for the recent entry, it is updated in real-time.

For I-94 Update, should I cross the Border or will be done without it?

Well, this all depends on the immigration officer and the process at the Land Port of Entry. Sometimes, you get lucky and you may not be asked to cross the border and everything is done at the port of entry office in the US….you may be asked to cross the border and re-enter.  Many users have shared that they ended up crossing Mexico Border and re-entering when they did this at Laredo, Texas or  San Diego, CA.

Is the I-94 update process different for H4 vs H1B Holders?  L1, L2, etc.?

The process to update/ extend I94 is the same for everyone as described above. You can use any of the three options. If does not matter, if you are on H4 or H1B visa…You will need to carry all your relevant documents and supporting documents.

What has been your experience updating I-94? Share your thoughts? Anything I missed ?


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  1. Hi,
    I am on H4 and my I94 is expiring in Sep due to passport expiring. I have received my new passport now and I have visa stamped till Feb-2020. I have few questions and it will be great help if someone can answer this.

    1. Can I still go to nearest Mexcio Land border SENTRI office for it? Are they open consider COVID and will they allow H4 people after recent EO??
    2. For SENTRI office, do I have to go on Week days only or can I go during Weekend too??

      • Hi Shirish,
        I feel it’s quite risky to do such things now after the latest proclamation from Trump. Have you discussed this with your lawyers?

      • Hi Shirish,

        We ended up going today. I will try to write my experience here.
        We reached early morning around 9.30 to Nogales, parked car just before Border. There are 3-4 lot for that. $5 per car.
        We walked to the Border office, there is a permit office which is upstairs.
        Officer verified all documents and he did ask me to cross the Border. Which was not too bad.
        You just have to cross the border and come back.
        Here starts the little challenge due to new orders, officers are not clear on what to do, they took my documents and took around 30 minutes to verify everything and then asked me why did I cross. I told me that the officer in permit office asked me to. On that they said that I didn’t needed to. So basically it all depends on your luck and officer if he ask you or not.
        They took me back to Permit office and officer gave me new I-94. Depending on how many people are coming from other side, time may varies. It took us total 1.30 hour.
        If you are on H1, make sure to take all your documents since officers are still not clear on what to do.
        Let me know if you need any other information.

        • Hello,
          I’ve been to Laredo Permit office on 6/27/2020. Officer asked reason for entry. I said work in Atlanta. I was given new I-94 No questions asked and I was not asked to cross the border as well. I went there at 7:45 in the morning . Whole process took me under 5 minutes.
          Hope this helps. Thanks .
          Please note : I’ve parked at Valero gas station , followed the direction for “permits”

          • No it’s on the Texas side of the border. Here is the address for Valero :
            619 Farragut Street, Laredo, TX

          • Hi Varsha,
            Thanks for the response. It would be nice if we can have a short telecon. But I don’t want to disobey the rules of the site either. Do you see how I can be able to contact you?

          • Hi Varsha,

            Did you call them ahead and checked if they can update the i94? if yes then can you please share the number that you called? I am planning to go to Laredo TX CBP very soon and I have been trying to reach them for the last few days but it is going into vm.

          • Hi Vicky,
            My attorney called and confirmed that they’re doing the I-94 updates. Not sure which number they contacted.

          • Hi Varsha,
            Thank you for update. Could you please confirm the office you visited 0 Lincoln Juarez Bridge
            Building 2
            Laredo, TX 78040? If yes, I see working hours are only from Monday-Friday. you mentioned you visited on 06/27?

          • I don’t remember the building number. The CBP office I’ve been to is open 24*7 . Once you park the car in Valero gas station(address mentioned above) you can see the sign across the street which says port of entry . It’s 2 minutes walk across the street. Follow signs for Permit.

        • Hi Latika,

          Did you carry your original i797 or a copy of it? Apart from old and new passports what other documents did you carry with you? I am planning to go to Laredo TX CBP next week to update my i94 which is going to expire at the end of July.

          • I Carried Below documents.
            1. Passports
            2. Approved I-797 both H1 and H4
            3. Copy I-94 print from online
            4. Recent Paychecks And H4 EAD if you are H4
            5. Driving License
            6. Copy of H1 stamp on passport.
            If you are H1, carry everything you must carry during any Port of entry. ( LCA and employee letter or more)

      • I went to Laredo, TX on 06/29/2020, my experience was rather eventful, I parked my car at Valero gas station and requested CBP officer to update my i94, she told me to cross the bridge ( gave instructions to do so) and made sure I had a stamped visa in my passport.

        At the border:
        Went to the mall, parked my car, crossed the bridge on foot, when I came into the US, they asked me if I was there for i94 update, I said yes, couple of officers took me inside to update my i94, there was an officer there who was looking into my documents and was a bit rude, he said I’m not carrying original i797 but a copy so he wouldn’t update my i94, I’ve always carried that i797 even for my stamping, but I was like whatever and left from there.

        Back to CBP office:
        Before I leave the town I wanted to try my luck again at the CBP office, I went back there and met the same woman who gave me instructions to cross the bridge, told her the whole story, she said she’d update i94 for me and she did, it reflected online in couple of hours and I’m good.

  2. How will the H1B and L1 ban until end of year affect the extension of I94? Will CBP still extend the I94 for those who have future visa expirations, but with a soon to expire I94 date? Would they even allow them to enter back in the US if they crossed the border, just for the purpose of extending I94?

      • To enter back, you need a Visa stamped in the passport. If you have a Visa already stamped, but just the I-94 expiring before the validity of Visa, you can just go out and enter back and your I-94 will be updated naturally. If you do not have a valid Visa (just here on extension with a petition) then you cannot. With the current EO, you need to think about extending your I-94 using another process or consult an attorney if you do not have a Visa stamped. Always remember, an approved petition is only valid 1. to continue your stay as long as you are here 2. Or apply for a Visa if you get out of country. You cannot use a petition (which is not a Visa) to enter the country.

  3. I am planning to give a try in visiting CBP office in person to see whether they can extend i94.

    I see there are two different CBP offices in my location -1. CBP deferred inspection office , 2. CBP POE office. Which should be the right place to stop-by or should both be tried one after another ?.

    One more question – Apart from the 4 options listed above, is there any option like emailing USCIS for i94 extension ?. (just curious)

    Please comment if anyone has answer for any of these questions.

    Thank you!

    • Hi,
      I was actually planning to do that. One of my attorney friends gave that option but I haven’t seen that in any forum so far. And therefore do not know the success rate of it. But in principle that should work. Until at least Trump stops all H1B, L1 and J1 to enter US. I am planning to try every one of these options. Still figuring out the sequence as my passport renewal is still ongoing. Please let everyone know the USCIS response if you try to mail them.


      • Thanks,Kumar. Regarding the first question, CBP deferred office & CBP POE office – which office would be the better one to visit in person first to give a try on i94 extension ?

  4. Hi All,
    My H1-B and my wife’s H4 is Valid till July 2022 but my I-94 and my wife’s I94 + H4EAD is expiring in Nov 2020 (same as my passport expiration date). Passport has been renewed and I would like to update I-94 for both me and my wife. I had Canada Visa before and applied for renewal but all ASC’s are closed for biometrics, so crossing Canada border is not an option (we live in New York btw). Have spoke to CBP as Newark and JFK airport but they only do corrections. Also called land border offices but they said you will have to cross border when they re-open. One option is to fly to Texas or California and cross Mexico border but that is very risky due to COVID-19, since cases are rising in Texas and Cali plus Air travel is risky too. What are the other options?

    • Chirag,
      Unfortunately, there are not many options. Some of the users flew from Chicago to San Diego to get it done. Check the experiences links in above article to know more.

    • Hi Chirag,

      I am in the same situation as you. I live in NY and wanted to extend by I94. And i don’t have Canada VISA. Did you try to get your I94 extended in any of the Canada borders. I am planning to travel to Champlain, NY–St. Bernard de Lacolle, Canada Border Crossing. Any information would be appreciated. Can i take the risk to make U turn without Canada VISA. I was told, i can get Administrative refusal at Canada border and come back to US Border to get US VISA. Please help.

      • Hi Govindaraj, I have Canada Visa and I did went to Champlain Border this weekend (didn’t cross the border – though have canada visa), Officer was very nice, he checked all my documents and told me I don’t have to update my I-94 since date on my I-797 is the valid proof of legal status (I am not sure if thats correct) Attorney asked me to file for H-1B extension but I told him to wait till July 21st. I was about to travel to Austin and get it updated on Mexico border but cancelled my plan since Covid cases are rising in Texas and we have 14-day quarantine if we arrive from Texas.

        • Hi Chirag,

          Thanks for your immediate response. Highly appreciated.

          How did you manage without going to Canada border. Did you make U turn before the Canada border or went to Customs and Border Office. I am planning to go tomorrow. I need few more details. If you call me @678-780-0141, that’ll be great.

          • Govindaraj Kesavan,
            What happend with your situation ? Did you manage to extend it ? Share your experience.

  5. Hi All,
    I am sailing the same boat – myself & my Spouse have Visa stamping until June 2021 but during our last port of entry into US, we both got i94 until December 2020 (based on my Passport expiry date). Please note my spouse H4EAD card is valid until visa stamp date (June 2021)

    My question is – Keeping Covid situation in mind, If I go for option 4 (applying visa extension), how that would affect H4EAD, will my spouse be able to continue to work until H4EAD card validity date or should I apply EAD card extension too along with i94 extension ?. Appreciate if anyone has answer for this. (forgive me if this question is not supposed to be posted in this forum)

      • Thanks for the reply, Kumar. i94 is expiring in December 2020 for both of us (planning to apply visa (H1&H4) extension before i94 expiry). EAD is expiring in June 2021. So while H4 visa/i94 extension is in process, H4EAD can continue working after December 2020. Is that correct ?

        • Mania,
          As long as the card is valid and H1B holder is maintaining status, you can. The logic is, even though your petition is pending for H4 and H1B, you spouse is working on H1B and on H1B status, so you can continue your H4 as well as your status would be technically H4. I suggest you check it with your H1B immigration attorney as well to be safe.

  6. Hi,

    Thank you so much for your help!

    I’m in the same situation where my I-94 is expiring before my I-797 and H-1B visa. My I-797 is valid till May 2022 but my I-94 is expiring in January 2021 which is the same day as my current passport expiration date.

    My employer is planning to file H-1B extension as my I-94 is expiring soon, my question is how different is this extension process from H-1B renewal process? If they file an extension, does that mean it will consume 1 additional chance of filing H-1B extension (assuming we can file for an extension only once after the initial petition is approved, 3 + 3 years), and once this extension is approved, do you know what will be the expiration date of the new I-797? I understand that the H-1B extension will solve my I-94 issue, but will that shorten the total time allowed on H-1B (6 years).


    • MJ,
      No, there is no concept of chances one or two as such. All they care is you using up all 6 years, you can file as many extensions or amendments as you can. No, it will not shorten the H1B time from less than 6 years directly as long as your extension has documentation for all required time.

      • Great! Thanks much for you response.

        One more question, once my employer files an extension and I get a new I-797, does that mean I need to stamp my passport with new H-1B the next time I travel internationally? Or my old passport which has a H-1B stamp valid till May, 2022 is valid for travels even if get a new I-797? Thanks once again

        • MJ,
          In general, if your H1B stamp is valid, no need to go for stamping again. You need to carry all relevant current documents to port of entry supporting your H1B visa.

          • Hi Kumar,
            I’m having similar queries as MJ.
            Does the I-94 extension gets denied by any chance? Does it have any approval or denial process like it is before getting our Visa stamped or it should be approved if the person is having valid H1B visa till 2022.
            Thanks in advance!

          • Shraddha L,
            Well, it is technically your US entry, if they deny I-94 extension. As you know, US visa is only for you to come to border and at Port of Entry, CBP decides to allow you or not…It is the same case with I-94 extension…There are some risks, but usually very low, unless there is fraud…

  7. Our Visa expires 2022 Feb 23rd and both me and wife are fine through with passport validity. My kid’s passport is due renewal now and applied through Indian Consulate / CKGS. But when I checked all our I-94s through online I-94 card site, even his date shows same as ours, though with just expired passport (Feb 23rd, 2022). So do we need to update his I-94 when his new passport arrives?

    • Jay,
      You may need to as it would be linked to your old passport. I am not sure though. Talk to CBP office or your attorney on this.

  8. MY passport expiring on Sep 2020 hence My I-94 is expiring on same day but when i applied for passport renewal i lost my passport in FedEx so I need to get new passport but how can i get my I-94 extension?

    I have valid L1B visa till 2022 and i travelled to US on Nov2019.

    Can i extend I-94 without visa stamping? if so how?

    If I need to get my visa stamping how can i get it ?

    • JayaKrishna,
      I am not sure how it will work as you do not have the old passport. Your old visa and passport are lost, so you will need a new visa, if you have to re-enter. US State Department has process on this. Check Travel.State.Gov Link
      Talk to an attorney on this. Also, update community here for everyone benefit on how you handled the situation.

  9. Hi

    Wanted to add my experience. On June 8th 2020 I got mine and my dependent I94 Updated in Laredo, TX. The Officer/Staff were very understanding and updated my I94 without having to walk through the border probably as i had 1 year old with me or probably due to COVID. Initially while about to enter the Queue inside the office, one officer recommended this is not required as the H1b Petition says validity for than the current I94 (as per old passport expiry date). Once i explained my discussions with my attorney and requested to update the same i was asked to stand in a different queue and at the counter no questions were asked and helped with the I94 update.

    Hope this helps somebody.


  10. Hi Kumar/others,

    I am also in the same boat like everyone here and my i94 is going to expire in first week of Aug.
    Has anyone tried to extend i94 through USCIS OR discussed with your attorneys about it?
    Do you know which application to be filed for extension?

    I consulted my attorney and they said they will file i102. I read about it on USCIS website and nowhere it is mentioned that it could be used for i94 extension but in i129 section it is mentioned. My attorney is not ready to listen to what I read on the USCIS website and he is saying he has lot of experience in filing i129 and it cant be used for filing i94 extension . So I am little worried now.

    I stay in NC and I didn’t want to travel to Mexico or Canada border because of Covid 19. So I don’t want to take that option.

    • Vicky,
      I have not seen many use that form i-102, as you can read on USCIS website, it has specific purpose and it does not seem to reflect for I-94 extension. So, I am not sure..
      Do take second opinion on this from other attorney that is third party. If not, exit and re-enter, you still have few more weeks for it and very likely you maybe be able to travel out soon.

  11. My wife finally got her i-94 updated by flying into Mexico City airport.

    Her i-94 expired in March 2020 due to passport expiry, and we could not travel around that time due to COVID. We reached out to CBP sites and emailed them, but were told the same thing that her only option was to meaningfully depart the country and re-enter.

    (Important note: If a person is out of status for more than six months, then USCIS blacklists the person for three years, and one cannot enter the US for three years).

    Our current L1 petition is valid till mid-June, so the trip had to happen now. We decided with everything else closed, the only option was to fly to Mexico or Canada (but she doesn’t have Canadian visa).
    She flew to Mexico City on Friday, told the real reason for her visit to the Mexico City immigration personnel, and was allowed the entry. She stayed at one of the airport hotel overnight, as there were no feasible flights back the same day. The next day she flew back, and her port of entry was Atlanta. Again, she told the real reason to the immigration officer and got the entry.

    Few notes on travel itself:
    * Air travel – There was no social distancing maintained on smaller airplanes with 2×2 seating configuration. The middle seat was unoccupied on 3×3 seating airplane. However, again no social distancing while boarding or de-planing. So you need to be extra careful.
    * Hotel – There is a Courtyard at Mexico City international airport, which is 5 minutes walk from security check/baggage claim. There is a skywalk bridge that connects Terminal 1 to the hotel. The hotel also provides a free shuttle to Terminal 2. Note: You need to call hotel directly to do booking as the Mexico government has restricted reservations through travel portals or websites due to COVID19.

    • Thanks Rahul for sharing this information! Really helpful!

      Was the I94 expiring due to passport expiry? Were you able to renew the passport from Indian consulate/embassy in March/April?

      Thanks again,

      • Hi Vijay,
        I-94 actually expired in March because of passport expiry. We were able to get new passport in Feb but could not get I-94 renewed in time due to travel restrictions.

    • Hi Rahul,

      As far as I know, Mexico currently has travel ban for non-essential travel. So how did your wife explain to the immigration officers at the airport so they could let her enter Mexico?

      Thank you so much for your sharing!


    • Hello Rahul, I’m same boat my I94 expired on 23-may-2020. Did you have to go through Mexico city immigration ? If s, What documents did Mexico city immigration ask for ?..
      I’m thinking of travelling back and forth on same day, so that I can avoid additional exposure in hotels. PS: I’m based out of Atlanta flight time is 3 and half hours

    • Hi Rahul,

      Did you travel to Mexico after the I94 expiry ? Please reply. I am in emergency situation, and looking for guidance. Any help is appreciated.

  12. Hi All,

    I’m trying to pay the fee for I-94 form online and have a clarification related to it. On “Apply New I-94 for land border crossing only” , there is line item for entering your visa information. It calls for “* Visa Date of Issuance:” but the notes on the (?) next to it is mentioned as “Enter the Expiration Date as they appear on your U.S Visa”. There’s a conflict on the information provided and I wanted to check what needs to be entered in the field (visa issuance date or expiration date). Any clarification of it would be helpful.

  13. Hi All,

    My kids I-94 is expiring in Aug-20 as their passport expiry. I got the new passports for my kids now. We (myslef, wife & both kids) are having VISA stamped until July-2022. Myself and my wife are having valid I-94 until July-2020. I am from Chicago. Could you please let us know what are my options to extend kids I-94.

    Thanks for your support.

    • Venkat,
      You may try the Detroit to go to Canada border, but it seems to be pure luck…Check the experiences link that I added to the article above, it has Otay Mesa and Detroit Canada border experiences by Users.

  14. Hi VJ,

    Is there a way I can talk with you? I am in a similar situation and am also in Chicago. Please let me know if I can call you.

    • AG,

      I don’t know how it works with the community rules here (regarding sharing personal information), and how safe that option is. However, feel free to write down your questions here, and I will try my best to answer them with detailed responses.

      • Hi VJ,

        Regarding your update #2 at San Diego, what was the experience of crossing the border? Could you please explain that a bit more. Was it that you exit US, go to Mexican officials, they stamp and then you go back to US Poe? Or do you not have to go and talk to Mexican officials and can walk back to US Poe? What did Mexican officials ask? Did they stamp your passport ?
        I’ve been trying to look up videos to see how the whole process is (enter Mexico and then enter USA immediately) so if you could please elaborate on that it would be awesome.
        Appreciate your help!

        • Update: Got it done at Otay Mesa CBP. Pretty much the same experience as Manish. Thank you to everyone for the updates.

          • Hi Suresh,

            Did you had to cross the border ? Also, were you alone or with dependent ? And what all documents needed ? Can you provide address pls ?


          • DJ,

            Did not cross the border. No dependents.

            Docs (for my case) – Expired passport with valid H1-B Visa, New passport, I-94 payment receipt (I did online but can be done in person once you get there), approved and valid I-797, proof of residency and proof of employment.

            Search for Otay Mesa SENTRI, even though we have to go to Otay Mesa CBP. They are both in the same building. Please look at Manish’s experience here for detailed info on this: https://redbus2us.com/i-94-extension-with-passport-renewal-in-usa-experience-during-covid-19/

          • Thanks Suresh for valuable inputs. Also, overall how much time it took for the complete process once you reached there. I am planning to go in first week of June.


          • Hello,

            I called the SENTRI center customer service and they informed as I cannot get i94 status corrected there. Should I still take a chance and visit ?

          • Hi Suresh,
            Did ur i94 expire before u visit there? Do they require valid visa stamp to enter US? I have a new passport and 797 petition expires end of next year. But my i94 expired more than 180 days. Will I trigger the auto ban of 3 years if I go to ostay sentri to update? Thanks very much

          • jing,
            If your I-94 expired before 180 days, why did you not get it extended ? If you go now to any of the CBP centers, you can be deported. Talk to an attorney immediately and sort this out. You need valid I-94 at all times, when you are in US.

        • Hello,

          I have shared my entire experience with Kumar. Have tried to include all the details.
          He should be putting up all the details soon.
          PS – I was asked to cross the border. But it was pretty smooth. And restricted movement helped a lot. Else the process could take hours to complete.

  15. Anyone planning to travel to Mexico by air, as it seems to be the only viable option besides applying for H1B renewal. The land travel and CBP offices seem to be hit and miss.

    • I think my wife will have to do this. I don’t know if there are some restrictions at the Mexico airport due to COVID, like health screening, quarantine, etc. , but guess that is the only option now as she needs to have an updated i-94 before the expiration of her current visa next month.

      • Planning to fly to Cancun from Philly first week of June. As per my research, there doesn’t seem to be any restrictions for air travel. Will update my experience here.

  16. Hi All,

    Today I got my I-94 updated over email!! Yes, you read it right.

    My passport is expiring in June and even though my I-797 is valid till 2022, I got I-94 valid till my passport validity date. I got my passport renewed. My attorney asked me to call CBP Pheonix (my last US entry where I got shorter I-94) deferred inspection center and request to update I-94.

    I called Pheonix CBP deferred inspection center but nobody responded, it was going in voicemail.
    Then I called San Francisco CBP, the officer denied the request, and asked me to file I-129.
    then I called San Diego CBP, the officer asked me to send all the documents and correction form over email and updated my I-94 within an hour.

    My best experience so far!

    Here is link, there is San Diego CBP details

    • Hi Vandana,

      Thanks for the information. I am in similar situation. My passport is expiring in Dec 2020, and my i-94 is tied to that date while my visa is valid till 2022. Do you think it will be worthy to call and send email to San Diego CBP deffered inspection site ?


      • Hi Vandana,

        Also, Isn’t it necessary to have the i94 stamp physically on the passport ? Can you share the email id for sending the documents and infromation to cbp deffered inspection site in San Diego.


        • DJ,

          I got it done today, and it took me total of 2 Hours’ time.

          Call CBP San Diego Deferred center, I have shared a link that has San Diego deferred inspection center number. Explain in clear words what is your situation. Officer will give you email id and ask you to send all the documents (list will be in the automated email that you get in response to your first email).

          • After update you can check your renewed I-94 online here:

          • Thanks Vandana.

            In my case, Me and my dependent have visa stamped till 2022, and i94 is till dec 2020 for both of us matching my old passport expiry. I have renewed my passport and wanted to update i94. Since current pandemic scenario, we don’t want to expose to risks and take our little kids with us by travelling to san diego to extend i94, I wanted to get it done via email. Do you think they would consider the scenario ?


          • Hi Vandana,

            Can you provide the email id that you got from the officer. I tried similarly but was given chicago cbp email address which I had already tried and was asked to file i-539.


          • Hi Vandana,

            I tried calling in today but they mentioned to contact my nearest CBP deffered site which is SFO. When I contacted SFO, they mentioned that they cant do that and the option is to file extension.
            Do you think I should be retrying ?


          • Hi Vandana,

            I tried calling in today but they mentioned to contact my nearest CBP deferred site which is SFO. When I contacted SFO, they mentioned that they cant do that and the option is to file extension.

            They mentioned that i94 matching expiring passport date is not an error and hence can’t corrected. To update it, either need to travel to PoE or file extension.

            Do you think I should be retrying ?


          • Hi Vandana,

            Post I94 update ,whether its reflecting against new passport or old passport in I94 website ?

            quick response would highly appreciated .

          • Hi Vandana, my name is also Vandana:-) I have a similar situation of I-94 extension for my minor daughter whose passport has been renewed recently. But we came to Newyork airport and can we email her documents to any other state?or it has to be where you live.please confirm.

    • Looking at other’s experiences, I feel I just got lucky. In my case my 3 things helped:
      1) I got a very considerate officer at San Diego CBP.
      2) My US visa stamp on the passport was expired and so crossing border was not an option.
      3) India has a travel restriction in place so I could make a point that I couldn’t travel to home country.

      I think it is still worth trying to call San Diego CBP (San Francisco CBP is useless) before planning a trip to San Diego. I am based in North California.

      • Hi Vandana,

        Thanks for reply. I tried searching for San Diego CBP Deffered inspection site i-94 correction email address but could not find it. There are other CBP’s like Los angeles and SFO who have similar email address when sent, it gives automated reponse with list of documents,etc. It will be really helpful if you could provide email id for San diego CBP Deffered inspection office.


    • Hi Vandana,

      Thanks for all the info. I tried contacting the San Diego CBP and they directed me to contact SFO CBP because my current address comes under their jurisdiction. SFO CBP asked me to send all the documents through email and they replied back saying “CBP Deferred Inspection Offices are not responsible for providing extensions on admissions that were limited due to passport validity”.

      I had asked if I can visit the San Diego Pedwest center and not sure if the offices are open for in-person visit. No response so far. Can you send me the san diego i94 email id where you mailed the documents and maybe I can try it once there. With the covid situation and the borders closed to Mexico till June 22nd, not sure even if we goto CBP office “U.S. Customs and Border Protection – San Ysidro Port of Entry (PedWest)” will help because in case the BCP officer asks you to cross the Mexico border, will they allow you to get back to US?


  17. Irshad Ahmed
    Hello Everyone,

    I am on H1 B VISA and got stamped. My I 94 expiry date was till my passport expires. Now I got my passport renewed and my I 94 is going to expire tomorrow, i.e, 5/18.
    What is the best option to get my I 94 Renewal . I checked with CBP at Newark International Airport and they will only make the correction to I 94 and will not renew.

    Appropriate any help to get the best solution.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Hi Irshad,

      what did you end of doing? I am in same boat and would like to get my i-94 updated without having to cross border or fly in this situation! Nearest CBP is Newark International Airport and as you said they only do corrections. Any help would be appreciated

  18. Hi Kumar,
    My employer has submitted H1B extension last month and my passport is getting expired by Oct 2020 and current I94 is expiring on 22-May 2020. I just got my passport renewed today. Do I need to share the share my new passport details with my attorney or I do not need to take any action until my petition is approved?

    • Junaid,
      Yes, you should share your passport info with attorney and ask them to work with USCIS, so that you get new I-94 beyond your old passport expiration. Talk to your attorney.

  19. Hi Kumar,
    First of all, thank you so much for the great service you are providing!

    My Issue: With great difficulty I got my renewed passport (it was stuck in embassy for over 50 days owing to Covid Scenario). I have VISA valid until Aug 2021

    Now, my I-94 was tied to my old passport expiry ( July 2020). I am based out of Illinois . Given the current uncertainties, Option 1 (crossing the border), and Option 2 SENTRI (air travel due to high risk) seems ruled out.

    So, do I have any other option, other than being at the mercy of CBP officials (Option -3) ? They aren’t picking up the phone (may be they are off too). Should I just take a risk and visit them in person? What other options to I have? Thank you so much in advance.

        • Hi Kumar,

          My most recent entrance to the U.S. was May 2019 on H1B and my I-94 is admitted until 6/2/2020 (expiration date on my previous employer’s I-797). Since then I have gotten a new job and the new I-797 is valid until 2022. The I-94 number in the lower left half of the I-797 Approval Notice is the same as I-94 online record. The Approval Notice says it’s valid until 2022. However, I-94 record from CBP website still says “Admitted Until” 6/2/2020. Just want to confirm, even though I-797 with the same I-94 number is valid through 2022, I still have to update the I-94 “admitted until date” by using one of the methods in this article, right? Additionally, if the methods don’t work right now due to COVID-19, I will need to file COS (e.g. change from H1B to B2) if I want to remain lawful presence, right? Thanks a lot!

        • Thanks Kumar for creating this post. Really appreciate it, this is helping many people.

          Hi All,
          I have renewed my I-94 @ Detroit Windsor Tunnel border crossing today May-13-2020.
          I drove to Windsor tunnel and crossed Canada border. Officers interviewed me and guided me to go back to the US ( US-CANADA non-essential travel restrictions in place. They won’t allow inside Canada, but you are good to take U-turn and come back to US side). Upon Re-entering Windsor tunnel POE, officer interviewed me (normal POE interview) and sent me to field office to get the new I-94.
          Officer inside the building interviewed me and gave me new I-94 matching to my VISA end date. I told them the real reason to cross the border i,e Renewal of my I-94

          P.S : I had called both Detroit CBP and Canada border agency before and they both agreed to let me enter Canada as well as Re-enter due to this Covid-19 pandemic.
          For the benefit of other state folks, I have even confirmed with Otay Mesa & San Ysidro land POE as well as Laredo Texas gateway bridge CBP office. They also agreed to renew I-94, but condition is you have to cross the border and re-enter.

          • Hi Vinod, Thanks for the update. I am planning to do the same. Do i need to have any canadian visa(visitor’s) ?

          • Hi Vinod,

            I live in California and wanted to go to Otay Mesa / San Ysidro POE for this purpose. I am trying to reach them on phone but the phone is not reaching. Can you confirm on which numbers to reach to and what exact was the conversation so I can also try and plan on going.


          • Vinoda, Thank you so much for the update. You are a savior!

            Staying in Illinois, I guess Detroit-Canada Border is the safest/shortest option for me too. I will probably do it over the weekend (hope they’re allowing the inter-state drive from IL-MI). I am guessing they are open 24×7 and 7-days a week, right? Just one ques : Do I need to call them (CBP/Canda Border) and inform them in advance about my plans, or should I just cross over in my car? Thanks a lot!

          • Hi… this is really great information. I am planning the same but in the current scenario where non essential travel is stopped, canada would essentially return you back. Would thst be ok on the us side to extend the i94 even though canada returned you back?

          • Hi All,

            Thanks a lot for sharing the information. Our I94 is expiring next month and planning to visit Otay Mesa POE. Our visa stamps are expired but we have valid I94 until 2022. Sentri enrollment centers are closed until 1st June, so we are not sure if we should wait until 1st June for it as in that case we wont have to cross the border. As visa stamp is not valid, Sentri option was preferable.
            Do you know if there is any issue crossing border with expired US visa but valid I94 and I797? I came across these articles for automatic visa validation for Canada and Mexico short trips.



            Does anyone has any experience with automatic visa revalidation?

            Abhishek Jain

          • Thank you Vinod for sharing ! I have posted your experience as article, it will help the community a lot.

          • Thanks, Kumar, Vinod for help to this community.
            when you crossed the border via Windsor tunnel to have a U-turn, Did you have a Canadian Visa with you ?

            I am planning to go from Chicago this week, your inputs would really helps as i do not have a Canadian visa. thanks


          • Hello Everyone: A quick update on my case. I drove all the way from Chicago to Detroit (Detroit-Windsor tunnel), however, I wasn’t successful in getting my I94 updated. Felt I was a bit unlucky. I did cross the US border, entered Canada, and explained my situation. They were nice, polite, and agreed to send me back after some verification (took about 30 min). On returning I was stopped in the Detroit checkpoint, and the officer politely admitted me WITHOUT renewing my I94. On explaining the situation, the officer said, since I was not technically Admitted into Canada (just turned back from border), I never really left US, and hence cannot be issued a new I94. The devil lies in the details. I Returned from Canada checkpoint, however since I wasn’t admitted in Canada, It is counted as , I never left US. Weird. But this is what happened. Looks like it is at the sole discretion of the CBP officer at the checkpoint.

            Please note: I had called the officers on both sides of the border, explained my situation 2 days ago, and was given a green signal, and hence I made the journey. However it turns out, the decision is made by the officer on duty and there isn’t a standard protocol.

          • VJ,
            Sorry to hear, you were unlucky… It is ironic that it is subject to discretion in this pandemic situation. I have added your experience to Vinod experience, so that people know that it has some uncertainty.

            Do share for community, once you get it renewed in other ways. Good Luck !

          • UPDATE#2:

            After failing to get my I94 renewed at Detroit-Canada border, I flew to San Diego and got my I94 updated at the Otay Mesa Border. This wouldn’t have been possible without invaluable inputs from Kumar, Vinod and Abhishek. Thank you!

            Feel free to reach out to me in case any of you have any questions/concerns, and I would be happy to help. I was asked to cross the border and enter from Mexico to US, but it wasn’t complicated at all. The process was smooth and I could get the job done in less than 45 minutes. Of course, I had to fly from Chicago to San Diego and I had planned my return on the same day, which was cumbersome .

          • VJ,
            Glad to hear it finally worked out. That’s pretty hectic for day, but it is good to hear it is all sorted out.

          • Thanks Kumar for creating this post.

            Hi VJ,
            Did you drove to Mexico border and returned back to US and got the new i94 ? I have read posts where people have just walked across the Laredo Texas border and came back to US, but I am not sure if that is true.
            I would most probably be flying to Texas to get my i94 updated so I won’t have my car with me. Also do I need to have Mexican visa to cross the border, I currently have h1b visa.

          • Hi Vinod,
            I am also having similar issues. I-94 expiring in Sep 2020 due to passport expiry. I have not yet got the renewed passport. Can I check with you if your new i-94 was based on the visa end date or your petition end date? Maybe both are same for you?

          • Hello Vinod,

            Me too live in Troy, MIchigan and my son is facing the same problem you had.

            What did you tell to Canada CBP, same as i94 issue?

            Since, they refuse the entry Will it impact anything in future ?

            Please call me if possible @ 2486306280

      • Hi ,

        This is SD staying in chicago , I have also same situation , I have VISA till may 2021 , but my passport is going to expire on JULY 2020 , I have my new passport handy but need to update in I94 soon . Please guide me .

    • VJ,
      Try to email them. Reach out to multiple locations. If nothing works, it is your best option to visit them. Do it before your I-94 expires. You cannot go to CBP officers after I-94 expires, then you are technically out of status and can be deported. So, explore all options. Do update here, how it goes for community benefit. Good luck !

      • Hi,
        I am on the same boat. I did drop an email to cbp and they mentioned to file i539. I also asked them is that an option for h1b? They said yes. This is called inland passport update. Is anyone aware of it?

    • Hi Everyone, I am in the same boat. My son got i94 until Apt 2021 but having valid visa and stamping until July 2022.

      Currenlty living near Detroit and having Canada Visitor Visa too. Please confirm travelling to canada through Tunnel works.

      I am thinking only due to COVID travel restirctions ..

      Please clarify,

  20. Hi Kumar, I have a quick question: My i94 expiry follows my old passport expiry date. I traveled to Mexico and reentered US with my new passport. However when I try retrieving my i94 online, I am unable to do it with the new passport details. But when I try with my old passport details , I am able to and it shows my latest entry which I entered with my new passport. Is that going to be a problem?

    • Anil,
      It is not going to be a problem. Your Visa would have been issued on the old passport, so it would always be tied to that until the visa is valid. Nothing to worry. Always carry both passports…

  21. My wife is currently on h4 visa and her Passport has expiry till Sep 2020. Since she have filed for h4 extension in Aug 2019 due to my employer change, and got I797A validity till 2022 and I 94 but tied to old passport.

    When i download the I94 online, it is showing the validity till March 10 2020 ( According to my prior I797A) which got updated during port of entry in 2018. The visa stamping on my passport is of my old employers.

    I have renewed my passport in feb 2020 . Do i need to get the I94 updated even though the I797A has validity but tied to old passport . Can you please help me with my options? If the option is to exit the country and come back, should i go for visa stamping as well since my passport has visa stamped till Feb 2020 ( tied to my old employer).

    • bharath,
      Yes you need to update the I-94, even though you have the I-797. The above article has all the options to update your I-94, you can pick any of the options. You can try to call the CBP offices or SENTRI centers as listed in above article. You do not need to go for new stamping, unless you plan to exit the country, it is not mandatory to have stamping as long you are maintaining status and have valid I-94.

  22. Hi,
    My wife’s i-94 expired on March 10, 2020 as it was linked to her old passport. We were planning to travel abroad but could not go due to COVID-19. She has valid L2 visa effective through mid-June. Now, as we cannot leave the country due to travel restrictions, what is the best course to get the updated i-94? Can we file for the extension under exception circumstances or through form I-102?

    • Rahul,
      Well, it is difficult now as I-94 is expired. If you go to deferred inspection site or CBP office, they can deport you as you do not have valid status. Please talk to an immigration attorney immediately and get this sorted out. Do update here for community benefit their suggestion.

    • Thank you for this Post.
      I have exact similar situation here. I am in Michigan and My I-94 is going to expire on June-15-2020 because of my passport expiry date. I do have new passport with me now and my I-797 till 2021 august. My plan was to go to Canada and re-enter with old and new passport to get new I-94. With this covid-19 pandemic and international travel restrictions I cannot do this. I see there are few options in California SENTRI locations but those locations are also closed for in-person visits.
      Does anyone know SENTRI Otay Mesa location email address? I read in forums like if you go in person and pay $6 fees they will update your I-94 record with new passport reflecting I-797 dates.
      We do not have SENTRI locations in Michigan.
      Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

      Note: I have already approached CBP deferred inspection location and POE in Detroit and they said they cannot help in this regard because this is not an error from their side.


      • Vinoda,
        Did you try to call them ? If not, see contact info here https://www.cbp.gov/contact/ports/otay-mesa-california-2506 and call them. Do update here.

        • Hi Kumar,
          I had called SENTRI office but they said personal visit is suspended until June1st in all SENTRI enrollment centers. Tried two times with I-94 correction Detroit office email but they did not entertain. US-CANADA border is closed till May 21st. I am waiting for that to open. Otherwise planning to visit one of the SENTRI location after June1st.
          Worst case, I am planning to fly to India hoping international travel ban is lifted by then.

      • Hey Vinoda,

        Thank you for your post. I am in a very similar situation, and my I-94 expires in July. And of course, no options here in Illinois too (as in Michigan).

        Any luck with your issue? I am going to blindly follow your advise. Thanks!

        • Hi VJ , Let me know if you find the solution. I am also in similar situation where in my i797 valid till 2022 but I 94 expiring in aug 2020 due to passport expiry

          • Hey Kingshuk,

            My employer suggested I got for an extension, but sounds a little risky for me (since I have more than 1 year of approval time left). Extension typically leads to RFE and then its a dangerous game.

            I am inclined to go to Otey Mesa center for I-94 extension (if that is open for now). I was hoping Vinoda would let me know his case (comment above). This option involves air-travel as as there’s nothing much I can do in Illinois. Let me know your thoughts too.

          • Hi Vj, your situaton is similar to mine. My visa validity is till May 2022 and if I go more extension there are chances of rejection. How about going to el paso Texas. There we can cross mexico border by walk and get our i94 renewed. Also if we can drive to Texas that will b
            e good. That is the only option left I guess currently for us.

          • I’ve been trying to call the SENTRI center (Otay Mesa). It looks like they are closed for in person appointments/services until June 1. I’ve head that’s the most reliable place to go. Haven’t heard many stories about Texas or Arizona.

        • Hi VJ,
          I am sure many of us are in same Boat. Nobody had thought situation will go this bad. No, so far no luck. Waiting for US-CANADA border to open on May21. SENTRI locations will open on June1st ( per CBP website).

          • Cool. Thanks for the update. The opening of US-Canada border is still being contemplated, so I am not sure if I can count on that.

            I am planning to give SENTRI center a try when it (hopefully) opens in June 1st week. Else, I will have to file for an extension.

            Anyone interested in going to SENTRI location (California), do let me know. We can plan it together. Thanks.

          • VJ,
            Did you manage to try the SENTRI location ? Do share your experience here or in other article that has new experiences from Vinod and Manish. It will help community.

        • Hi VJ,

          I am looking to go to SENTRI in california San Diego otay mesa area once shelter-in-place is removed maybe by jun 1st week.

          Let me know if u planning to go same time.

      • Hi Vinod, what about flying to one of the Mexico airports, and fly back the same day? Of course this includes flying, and the risks associated. But, is this an option at all?

        • Hi Rahul,

          YES. I thought of this plan, because US-MEXICO travel ban only for land border, there are no restrictions for air travel. However, I am considering this one as last option. Thanks.

  23. Thank you for this post. I have a quick question. My I797 extension was approved on 27th Jan 2020 (till 2022) but I was out of country when the approval notice came. I entered back using the old I-797 (expiring June 2020) on 29th Jan 2020, thus my i-94 is valid only till June 2020.
    Can I get it updated at CBP deferred or at a SENTRI post? Especially as I cannot travel now due to COVID restrictions?
    Please Advise.

  24. Hello,

    My daughter’s I-94 was expired on April 5th but 1797 is valid till Oct 2020, I actually realized just few days before to expiration date but due to COVID-19, we couldn’t cross the border. Can you suggest what is the best option to extend her I-94.


    • Vijay,
      There is no other option other than you exiting the country and re-entering.
      The tricky part of going to CBP office is that as I-94 expired, technically your daughter stay is illegal and maybe subject to removal…if they want to…
      I-94 date is more important, not just I-797.
      Talk to an attorney on this immediately and see, if there is any other option… Do update here on the outcome for community benefit.

  25. Hi,
    My Visa/I94 will be expiring on May 22, 2020 and my passport is going to expire by Oct 2020. My attorney have filed I94 extension with current passport(which is expiring on Oct 2020). Will USCIS consider my passport expire date for extension.

    Note: I have applied for my passport renewal and it is getting delayed due to Covid19.

    • Junaid,
      Usually, they look at the passport date for I-94 validity issuance. But, for the actual petition, it should not matter, they usually would give it until the full term.

  26. Hello Kumar,
    Thank you for an informative thread.
    Can you please help me sort my current situation ?

    Visa stamped in my old passport till Nov 2020. Old passport expired Oct 21, 2109 and along with it the I-94. I got the new passport on Oct 26, 2020.

    can I still go to the CBP at the mexican border and get it stamped ? what other options do I have ?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    • MaVen,
      If your I-94 has already expired, you are out of status now…If you go to CBP center, you will be placed for deportation as you violated status. You should talk to lawyer and immediately exit the country to avoid issues as you do not have valid status. Read US Visa vs Status to know more on this.

    • Hi Kumar,
      My employer has submitted H1B extension last month and my passport is getting expired by Oct 2020 and current I94 is expiring on 22-May 2020. I just got my passport renewed today. Do I need to share the share my new passport details with my attorney or I do not need to take any action until my petition is approved?

      • Junaid,
        You need to get your I-94 extended before it expires, otherwise, your stay is considered unlawful. Talk to your attorney and the best thing to do is to visit CBP office or SENTRI center and get it renewed like other users shared. Talk to your attorney as well.

  27. Hi,

    I’m in a weird situation here that’s not been addressed in the article. My i94 expiration does not match my passport expiration. My passport expires May 2020 but my i94 expiry is set to expire in July 2021. With coronavirus lockdown in SF, if I cannot get my passport renewed in time, will I have to leave the country?

    Thanks for writing the article and helping people out.

    • Robby,
      These are extreme situations for everyone, there can be some exceptions, but you cannot just rely on them.
      You still have about one month to renew passport. I suggest you contact the embassy of your country and start the process as it is emergency. Once you get passport renewed then you can get the I-94 corrected. You can call CBP and then ask them to update the same.

  28. Hi,
    I am in L1-B and my and my depandants I-94 is expiring on 31-Mar-2020. My employer is in process of filing my extension but it is taking time.If it pass 31MAR2020 then I will be out of status.Currently my wife medical condition are not suitbale for travlling back to India. We have medical reords too.Can we get the i-94 extension till she will be fine for travle.


    • Sunny,
      You need to either file it before March 31st or apply for COS to B2 visa to stay after that date. You can submit the medical records and then request for B2 COS. Try to expedite on the employer side indicating the issue.

  29. Hi,

    To get i-94 extenstion after passport renewal, will I need to cross border at Mexico or everything can be done inside US border at San Deigo ? My H1-B and my spouse’s H4 i-94 validity has been tied to my passport expiry though the Visa are valid till 2022.

    Apart from visiting the San Diego border, is changing an employer an option which should provide a new i797 with new i94 ?


    • Keerthan,
      You can do it insider border to at the CBP center. The article has all options, read it.
      Well, that is an option for sure…but, why would you do that, unless you plan to change job…It is your choice..

  30. I recently travelled to India and got visa renewed (company change) with new i797 (apr 2022) but when I entered US, since my passport was valid till 6 Dec 2020, my i94 is valid till 6 Dec 2020.

    I am in the process of getting passport renewed. Is it safe to travel to CBP office in San Diego and get extension ? I am planning to go in the next 2 months.

    Kindly advise.

      • Hi Kumar,

        My immigration attorneys have suggested 2 options :

        1. Visit the local CBP deferred inspection office or contact them and request them to correct/update the I-94.

        Please note that it is at the discretion of the officer to honor the request.

        2. Travel is the another option.

        Also to remember sometime officer at the border do not update the I-94 when we travel to the neighboring countries for less than 30 days under automatic validation rule.

        Do you have any idea about option 1 ? Kindly advise.

        • Hi Kumar,

          How early can one go to extend i94. My i94 is till Dec 2020 and I have renewed passport so plan to go to Mexico border.

          Also, what is difference between otey Mesa sentri enrollment and San Ysidro POE ?

          • Raj Kumar,
            You can go do it anytime, as your passport is renewed. If you plan to travel out of the country anytime, before that no need as you will anyways leave the country and re-enter. SENTRI is a program that offers expedited clearance, that wis the Mesa center, other one is a normal POE. I am not sure, if it matters for your case. Call them beforehand and then get it clarified or email them at least…

  31. I’m on H1B visa, my I-94 is expiring on March 2020 according to my passport expiration date. But my visa is expiring on October 2020. I had already renewed the passport. I spoke to my attorney and they gave 2 options
    1) I have to travel outside the United States.
    2) Applying for H-1B extension before March 2020.
    Please advice what should I do?


  32. 1. My Current Stamped Visa and I-94 is valid till Aug 2020
    2. Since I changed the employer I got the I797 approval till Dec 2019 and my extension is in progress and in normal processing only.
    3. My passport is expiring in March 2020, And applied for new and got one.

    My question is
    1. I don’t have approved I797 for my extension now, In that case how can i update my I-94 records.
    2. Should I update my I-94 on or before my first passport Expiry which is March 2019 ?

    Please let me know your view.

    • Sanjay,
      Technically, your I-94 is valid till Dec 2019 as you did transfer and you got an updated I-94 until then… what was given in the past may not be relevant as you moved employers. Now, you can ask your employer to upgrade the extension and get decision faster so that you can update your I-94. I would suggest you discuss with your employer and their attorney and take care of this.

  33. Hi Kumar,

    I just found out even I have a valid I-797 till next 09/2020, but my I-94 expired in Feb, and my H1B visa stamp expired in 07/2019. How can I extend my I-94?

    Thank you,


    • Nina,
      How can your I-94 expire, when you haveI-797 until 9/2020 ? When did you get your I-797 – when you were in US or outside ? If you were in US, you would have got I-94 slip attached at the end. Check sample H1B approval notice . Did you talk to your attorney ? What did they say ?

      • Kumar,

        My old passport was going to expire in 02/2019, so when I entered the border, LA custom gave me I-94 to 02/2019. I went back to my home country last July and came back in two weeks, just because of the expiration date on my passport, LA custom didn’t give me the I-94 to match my I-797. Also, that officer didn’t tell me I need to do anything to correct it……

        And happy thanksgiving!


        • Nina,
          I-94 validity date is the key thing that defines your status. If your I-94 was valid only till Feb 2019, then you had to fix that before that expired or after you got new passport in Feb 2019. As you did not had I-94 valid, you were not in proper status all along since Feb 2019. You need to talk to an immigration attorney immediately and get this sorted out. Not trying to scare you, but the reality is you always need to have I-94 valid to stay in status in US…Do not delay…do update after you speak to attorney.

        • Hi Nina ,

          Did your i-94 extended ? Whats the processed you followed..some how my case is also similar to you .

          Please help ..any input will help me a lot .


  34. Hello,
    I have stamped visa valid till march 2021 .But my I797 is valid only till March 2019 and my I94 valid till May 2019. can I extend my I94 based on Stamped visa at CBP Office?

    • Swati,
      What visa are you in ? In general, you do not extend the I-94, you extend the visa tied to your application by sending extension application to USCIS, they will issue you new I-94 with extended dates.

      • Hello Kumar,
        I am on H4 Visa.I left to India and got my visa stamped until May 2021.But at point of entry they updated my I94 till my passport expiry.Now I renewed my
        passport and trying to extend my i94 till my husband’s visa expiry.I am trying to find out what documents are needed to get I94 validity updated.Whether can I get it updated using my husband’s I797 and my stamped visa or whether it require my I797 from the h4 extension.

        • Swati,
          They will use your H4 Visa stamp valid till may 2021 to extend it. Yes, you also should carry approval notice of your spouse supporting the same. Your I-797 is not relevant as you got stamping done based on your spouse’s H1B approval. Do update your experience here after you go to CBP office.

  35. Hi, I got my son passport renewed last week but I-94 is valid based on old passport expiry which is 02/20. Pl. suggest the options to extend i94 expiry date based on visa expiry date. I am living in Los angels county…

  36. I’m on L1B Blanket visa. My I129 expired date is Aug 2020, I94 expire date is Aug 2020 as well. But my passport expire is Feb 2020. Now, I have a renewal passport. Am I still valid stay until 2020 or I have to update I94 with new passport information.

    • Well, if your I-94 is valid, in general, you should be ok. But, I would suggest you check with your attorney on this to make sure you are in good state. The simple thing to do is to exit and re-enter by going to Mexico or other place, so that you get new I-94 tied to the new passport.

    • Hi Srilak,
      Could you please provide more detail, I need to go for my son’s i-94 update. I went today to San Francisco BP office, They didn’t do it 🙁

      -Manoj A

  37. I have my I094 given till August 2020 as per the current passport at Detroit Windsor border. I got my new passport now and have valid I797 till 2021. Can i cross the border and extend the I-94 as per I797 date or I am required to attend a visa interview in canada as my US visa expired on Spet 9,2019?

  38. Thankyou for sharing this article.
    Option 3 — i-94 extension at CBP worked for me and it saved me from crossing US border. This article has been a blessing for me. Trust me these options will never be revealed by your lawyer(not sure if they are even aware of these many options or not).
    Thank you Mr.Kumar for sharing detailed and extremely helpful information.
    God bless you for helping people !

    • Hi Kanika, Could you please share , how you got this done, what is the process followed? I need to get the I-94 extended for my son. Which location you went , SFO ?

    • Hello Kanika,

      Could you please update on the process you followed, it will be great if you share the information with others. Thanks! -KK

  39. Hi,
    Thanks for this great article! My I-94 is expiring in Nov 2019 and I have a couple of question.
    1) I am planning to try out Option 2. Did it work for anybody in the community here?
    2) If Option 2 doesn’t work, I plan to try out Option 1. Is crossing the border and back seriously risk-free, or did anyone experience any issues during this? I am a little wary of getting stuck in Mexico.
    3) What do we mean by paper I-94 – just a printed copy from the online records?

    Thanks a lot for your time!

  40. Hello. Thanks for the forum.
    My I94 is valid till my old passport expiry date. I got a new passport and want to get my I94 date extended to match my stamped H1 visa date. I am planning to travel to Canada in the morning and return in evening to USA. Can anyone share their recent experiences for I94 extension at Canada US border? I have a Canadian PR. Thanks in Advance!

    Will I be issued a paper I94 at border?
    Is it ok to pay I94 fees online in advance?

    • Usually you pay the fee, if you plan to use the CBP facility for corrections. In your case, you would just cross the border and come over, so may not be applicable. Yes, if it is by road, you do the Paper I-94 process. Also, Please share your experience with community here after you travel out and come over.

      • Thanks for your reply.

        My PERM is currently in process.
        Will travelling outside US when PERM in process affect PERM approval?

  41. I got H1B extension for 3 years to 2022, but a passport is expiring in 2021, Current Visa is expiring in Oct 2019. If I travel after in Nov – 2019, Visa expires in Oct 2019 and get the stamping done, they will give the stamping till the date of passport expiring in 2021, instead of based on I-94 date.

    When I come to the US, will they give I-94 based on Visa expiring date – 2021 on passport or I-94 on Petition expiring Date of 2022 (I have the petition approval) fo I-94?

    If I renew my a passport close to expiring date in 2021, how can I update my I-94 to 2022 date, so that I don’t have to travel again 2021 for stamping to get 2022 date.

    • They will usually give it until the passport expiration date, if it is not valid until the petition expiration date. That’s the whole point of the article, read it again.

  42. Hi, Thank you for sharing this information.
    My son’s I-94 needs to be updated due to passport renewal, but it is kinda impossible for us to use Option 1. As for Option 2, I just called one of SENTRI enrollment centers (the one at San Diego) and the operator lady told me that they don’t update I-94 there!! I
    I just wanted to see if anyone has recently updated I94 in one of the SENTRI centers and maybe more details on the process. It is a very long drive for me to go and check personally and I just want to go if they really do it for me. Thank you for your help in advance.

  43. Hi There,

    It was a piece of very useful information. Thanks for that.

    I am on the L1B visa status and is valid until December 2019. My passport was due for expiry as of Sep 2019. During my last port of entry, I was issued with an I-94 matching my passport expiry, i.e Sep 2019. Now that I have my renewed passport, I am considering option 3 to extend my I-94 until visa expiry date. The catch here is, my employer applied for H1B this year and fortunately got picked up in the lottery. My attorney suggested to apply for L1B extension to fill the gap between Sept 2019 and Oct 2019 (H1B effective date) to ensure am not going out of status, whilst I also have an option of getting my current I-94 extended from CBP office. Which option is considered to be best or safest here. Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Well, all are pretty much the same. You can try option 3, if it does not work out and they say they cannot do it, then try option 2. It does not matter, where you get it from, it is the same thing.

  44. We have visa till Sep-2020. But my wife I-94 will ended on jun-19, because of passport expire. Now, I applied and got new passport.

    We are plan to visit Canada on Aug-19, after her I-94 expired.
    What should I do now for her I-94 extension.

    • You should get her I-94 extended before you travel to Canada as she will be considered not in status from June-19 as her I-94 would not be valid. You can use the above listed Option 2 on how to get it fixed.

  45. Hi,

    I just realized my I-94 expired for more than 180 days due to the passport expiration date when I entered US. But I have the valid H1-B and I-797. Anyone has an idea how to resolve the conflict? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Arjun,

      I’m in the same situation now, because I didn’t realize I’m out of status until recently when my employer getting ready for my H1B amendment and extension.

      Can you please share if your situation resolved?

      Thank you,


      • Nina,
        There is an option called Nunc pro tunc that you can use and file with USCIS requesting that it was an honest mistake. Discuss with your attorney on your options and then act accordingly.

  46. Hi

    My son’s I-94 validity is based on his passport expiry in June 2019, while my H1-B visa is valid till August 2019.
    I believe, my employer should apply for my visa extension before August 2019. Do you think my son’s passport number and I-94 can be updated while filing for an extension along with my H1-B.


  47. Hi, I have my i-797 valid till 2019 Aug but i-94 is valid till Nov 2018. I got my password renewed, so i would like to understand I94 extension and H1b extension are the same or they are different? What is the success rate if my employer would file the extension? Would i get new i797 with new validity or it would remain same till 2019?

  48. My visa (I94 and Stamping) expiring on march 31 ,I got new offer from different employer .
    now my question is :
    1) can i go for transfer in this case.
    2) any known issue if we transfer current visa and staying on 240 period.

    Note:i am already in USA.

  49. How does this work for a dependant. I have filed a renewal of my current visa thinking that it will validate and extend my daughter’s I-94, but if the renewal is rejected i have some time on my i-94 that i want my daughters i-94 updated to match mine.

    is the process still the same?

      • Hi Kumar/others
        My L1 visa expired in 2018 and I have a valid extension with I797 and an attached I94 till Feb 2020. I am renewing my passport now as it expires in June 2020. Does this situation warrant an i94 extension?

        Thanks for the help

        • Well, technically when you get a new passport, they will invalidate and cancel your old passport. So, you need to make sure your new passport gets tied to your records, that’s the end goal. I would suggest you check with the CBP office by calling them and get it updated so that you have it all clear.


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