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H1B 2020 Approval Notices – Regular, Premium – Shared by Users

Many of you are going through the H1B process for the first time, as you applied for H1B Visa 2020 Season earlier in April. Some of you may be wondering, how does an H1B approval notice look like ? What information does it have ? How does the official approval look like ? How does a H1B approval notice with I-94 look like…Our readers, keeping anonymous for privacy reasons,  have been kind enough to share their approval notices of H1B that they applied this year. Thanks a lot to them for sharing with the community. Below are those samples. If you would like to share your sample as well, please email to redbus2us@gmail.com or you can post in yourself at User Experiences

If your H1B is pending with USCIS, to understand processing times, you may read H1B Visa Regular Processing vs Premium Processing Timelines

H1B Approval Notice I-797A for FY 2020 – Official Copy

H1B Case Details : Filed as Change of Status (COS), Masters Quota, Premium Processing.

You can see the case is approved for full duration of close to 3 years. As it is Change of Status, you can see that there is I-94 at the bottom of the H1B approval copy. Also, I-94 date is 10 days more than the approval date as grace period. The I-94 format is almost same as paper I-94 card, that you get when you arrive in US by road. But, if you arrive by flight, the I-94 card is electronic and you do not get anything from CBP officer. Check Sample Electronic I-94. You can check your current Electronic I-94 online as well.

H1B Visa 2020 Approval Notice - Change of Status - Sample - Premium Processing

H1B Approval Notice I-797C for FY 2020 – Courtesy Copy

H1B Case Details : Filed as Change of Status (COS), Masters Quota, Regular Processing. The official copy is yet to arrive in mail. But, this at least indicates that Regular processing petitions are also getting approved.

You can see the below case was also approved for full duration of close to 3 years.

H1B Visa 2020 Approval Notice - Masters Quota -USA COS-Regular Processing

H1B Approval Notice I-797A for FY 2020 – Official Notice

The below H1B approval notice is for the same case, that you see above in the courtesy notice. You can check the dates. As you can see, it was filed with Change of Status and there is a I-94 Attached at the bottom of the approval notice.

H1B Visa Sample Notice - 2020 Season - With I-94 Sample


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  1. Hi,

    I was working on H1B1 Visa ( this is for Citizens of Singapore and Chile). In 2019, I got selected for H1B Visa, but the validity date given was only for 6 months. I could not travel then due to COVID situation. I remained in US. I have just returned to India. Is there any way to use the H1B approval and go for stamping?

    Thank you

  2. Hi,

    Today I had my H1B VISA interview at Chennai consulate office but my client letter was 1yr old so they gave me a form and told me to submit latest client letter to a particular mail ID. They returned my passport.

    What does it mean? Are they going to process it? Do I need to give again VISA interview?


    • Santosh,
      They will process it, if you give them new client letter. Honestly, it is a blunder to carry a letter that is one year old…Anycase, you cannot change it now, submit the letter and work with your employer.

  3. Hi,
    I have received my Approval notice which says valid from 11/20/2019 to 06/30/2020.
    As I am currently in UK so company is not going to send me to US and I will get a chance to go in year 2021.

    My queries are as below
    1. As my approval notice will expire in 2020 and I have not travelled at all so can I still get this same petition extended out of CAP in year 2021 and travel to US or I need to go for a fresh H1B.
    2. Is it mandate to get stamping done and travel to US within the validity period to keep the petition active so that it can be used later.

    Thanks and Regards
    Saurabh Gupta

    • 1. You may be able to extend, if it is the same company….this is slightly grey area for transfers as cap exempt. talk to your attorney.
      2. If you can, it is better…if you can get stamping and go before expiry, at least you will be cap exempt for future even for transfers…

  4. Hi Kumar,

    i received H1B petition approval notice today, with validity 31-dec-2019. My organisation said will for CAP Exempt, but my account renewing sow every 6 months.
    If we go for CAP exempt with 6 months SOW validity, the same problem may happen, Please suggest on this. Thanks

  5. Hi,
    I have got approval notice from USCIS. I m planning to go for interview soon. I proffered to go Chennai embassy for interview. Many suggesting not to go Chennai as many rejections are there. I am basically from South India I was convenient to go Chennai but now i am literally worried because of this comments. So kindly suggest me your thoughts.


    • Kesav,
      Do NOT worry what other people tell you. There is absolutely no data, it is all perception of people. It does not matter where you go…stay positive and carry all documentation. You should ideally go to the location that is nearest to you…if VO asks, you may need to clarify, why you choose other location too…

  6. Hi kumar I went for fresh h1 visa interview , I had all documents except client letter as it’s my first time h1 and I have not joined there yet so I Dnt have client letter but VO kept asking tat letter and gave me 221g blue slip , and retained my passport with him and told me to submit required documents online , but in tat slip 2 documents are marked which I already had , there is no option of client letter in tat slip , now what should I do as slips says something and VO said something , really frustrated with struggle at each stage , please guide if know anything about it

    • Rabindra,
      Client letter is a very important document…If they have asked it verbally, then you should submit it or proof that you cannot submit due to some reason.
      I suggest you talk to your attorney and then take it from there…It can be frustrating, but paper work has to be clear…Your attorney knows your case best, work with them.
      Good sign is that they took your passport, so stay positive and act quickly.

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  8. Hi Kumar,
    My H1B Visa Extension(Premium Case) got approved on 9th August 2019. On USCIS website, I can see the updated status that my case has been approved and Approval Notice has been sent. But my attorney has not received my AN till date. Few days back my Attorney has raised Service request for the same. Is there any other way to check with USCIS regarding AN? As i have filed this case in premium so there should be some other way to expedite the process.

  9. Hi All,

    What is trend going for WAC-Regular case(non-advance)..?
    I checked everywhere website and tracker and yet not found any case for regular case(non-advance degree) approval for WAC Center.

    Anyone have any updates for WAC Center..?

      • Hi,
        Mine is WAC Regular case.
        Attorney filed premium processing on June 10. Got RFE for a minor error on June 24. Replied to RFE with corrected data by July 30. Got approval email by August 8. Received hard copy by August 21. Got consulate appointment in the mid September and interview went well with regular questions like job duties, designation, salary, location. Interviewer said Visa is approved.

        All the best to everyone.

        • Hi Kumar
          Last date for my RFE submission is 28/10/2019. But still my attorney yet to submit. What would happen if RFE submit beyond the timeline?

          • Hi Kumar,

            What if, after getting selected in the H1B lottery, my petition is denied? Will I have to reapply through the lottery system once again next year?

    • For the most part, yes, it is mandatory document and helps a lot. If you cannot get it, you need some sort of proof from client or additional document that offsets that. Talk to your attorney.

          • Hi Kumar,

            No, We are not submitted any additional document for Client letter, even my attorney said approval rate only 20% without client letter.

            But my petition validity is till 31-Dec-2019 only. i cant use this petition now,, Please suggest on this

          • You can use it to go for stamping, but you have hardly 10 days left, so no good. You need to apply for extension, if your petition ends by Dec 31st. Talk to your attorney and employer.

  10. Hi,

    I got my H1B picked in the lottery this year(May 11th). Since it is already Mid-September, does it mean my case has lesser chances of approval? Until when I can wait to hear back something positive.

    Regular processing-California Service center

    • No, regular processing has no estimated SLA, you can upgrade to premium, if you want results faster…just delay does not mean less chances for approval.

  11. Hi Kumar,

    I am currently working on h4 ead with company A and got my h1 picked with the same company in 2020 cap. Now i got an rfe. At the same time i got an offer from company b. Can i transfer to company b now as i am on h4 ead and then company b file an amendment on my h1b?

  12. Hi Kumar,

    I needed some advice on a specific scenario. Is it possible to physically work at a client site in US on h1b and get paid in another country? Any other legal routes to achieve this?

  13. One of my is working in US since 1.5 years with an Indian MNC and later changed his employer and transfered his h1b petition. The transfer petition got RFE and later denial. When we check with the old employer (Indian MNC) seems the petition is already withdrawn. When he verified with the new employer, he is telling that he will file one more petition. What will be his status now? He is confused. Will he be out of status ?

  14. Hi,

    I got H1b approval from USCIS under COS. Currently I’m on H4 visa which is expiring on August 31. I filed for extension of H4 visa in April, however, I havent received approval yet. In case I dont get H4 extension approval till August 31, can I travel to my home country and come back here in Oct on H1b? Will there be any issue in this?

    • Yes, you can go and come back on H1B. When you leave the country, write a letter of withdrawal for the H4 petition, so that USCIS is aware of it and can withdraw your H4 petition that is in progress. Work with your attorney on this.

  15. Do you know if anyone already received the rejection? I haven’t heard any update of my case at this point so I guess I wasn’t selected for the lottery, but wondering when I am going to have an official rejection to loose all my hopes and try to do something else

    • There are few users, who got reject notices. They arrive until end of the July and can even extend, USCIS will announce on the same. Plan for backups…

  16. Hi Kumar,

    I still have not heard from USCIS on the receipt. I have not got the rejection notice as well. Any chance, even if less, on getting a receipt notice in July? Has anyone in the past received receipt notice in July ? I am from a service company and they wont check for cheque encashment status.

    • Well, very unlikely, there were few exceptions in the past, but very much less chances…You can wait for the reject letter to be sure…still we have time to get reject notices.

  17. Hi Kumar,

    I received mail that my H1B got approved(Non-Ad/regular). LCA role is given as L2 and position applied is showing as L3. Will it be a problem when I go for visa stamping
    Thanks in advance

  18. Hi Kumar

    My wife’s petition was filed as Non AD/REGULAR/VT. Her petitioner informed today that check has been cashed in June but receipt notice not received yet.

    USCIS send notices till July? When can we expect the receipt notice?

  19. Hi there, My petition is selected but when I’m checking my file number on uscis website, it says invalid number. I didn’t get any update on approval though.

    What could be the reason? When can I expect a response from us is as its more than 1.5 month now after lottery? Thanks

    • Well, the error on the USCIS online system is pretty normal dont worry…If you have seen the receipt notice and it has your name on it, you are fine. Just work with your employer or attorney to get the latest update.

  20. Hi Kumar,

    I got an RFE from USCIS asking for the consulate post from which I plan to apply. Have you seen this in the past? Why would USCIS need my consular post before making a decision?

    Thanks for your help!

    AD/PP/CA —- Consulate Processing

  21. Hi Kumar, How are you?

    I’m still waiting for the USCIS response about my h1 visa. My OPT expires next week, Do you know if I’ll be allowed to work after it expires? or until when I can work?
    Thank you,

    • If you have a copy of the receipt, then you can request for OPT extension by sending it to DSO, otherwise DSO may not extend it. Sometimes, some of them do it, but some do not do it…If you do not have the I20 extended for cap gap, you cannot work.

  22. Hi Kumar,

    I have a query for you. In 2018 I applied for a B1 Visa in the month of June and it was rejected as the duration is for 4 weeks. Later I again applied in Sep2018 and it was approved. Now my h1b is picked and during filling of DS-160 should I mention that I was denied a Visa earlier ( There is a column where in the form it will ask about the details of all your previous Visa details. Denied/Rejected)

    What I need to mention in that column. Can you please help on this part.

  23. My employer haven’t received anything from USCIS till now. With this,I can confirm that my petition has not picked in lottery?

  24. I applied for H1B Change of Status (F1/OPT to H1B) as Premium Processing in April but I haven’t received anything yet. No receipt notice, no rejection notice. Is this common? Shouldn’t I have received something since I applied for the first round of Premium Processing? Should I assume that my application was rejected on the lottery? Would appreciate any input you could provide!

  25. Non-AD/Regular/Indian MNC

    My application was selected in the draw taken on April 11th and I got the status report by May16th. Still waiting for the Approval notice. When can we expect the notice and what will be the timeline for the regular candidate.

    On April 11, 2019, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EACXXXXXXXXX, and sent you the receipt notice that describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your receipt notice by May 11, 2019, contact the USCIS Contact Center at www.uscis.gov/contactcenter. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

  26. Hi
    I have received from my employer, my H1B petition is selected in lottery and status is “Case Was Received” . when will i get approved petition or any other update ?


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