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H4 Biometrics + EAD, Approval Samples – CSC Experience, H4 Dropbox

With New I-539 form Biometrics process, there are delays in H4 and EAD processing. We even have H4 EAD Processing Delays Lawsuit that is filed by some. So far, many of our users have shared only cases that are from Vermont, check H4 Biometrics Experiences, Timelines . One of our reader filed at California Service Center (CSC) and got approval of the same, including H4 EAD card, while they went to India and were going through H4 Dropbox.  Thanks a lot to our reader ( anonymous for privacy) for sharing their CSC filing experience of H4, H4EAD, including copies of their H4, H4 EAD approvals and EAD card with the community for everyone’s reference.  We really appreciate the user’s time and effort to share it with community ! You can send your experiences to redbus2us@gmail.com or post in User Experiences Section

H4 Biometrics + EAD Filed at CSC Background, Timelines  – California Service Center.

  • Filing Status: Applied H1B Extension, H4 Extension and H4 EAD Extension all together in premium processing in April 2019
  • Service Center: California Service center
  • Approval Time of H4, H4 EAD : 1 month and 13 days after giving Biometrics

Timeline of H4 + EAD processing with Biometrics

  • USCIS Received date:  04/26/2019 for H1 Extension, H4 Extension and H4 EAD Extension in premium processing
    •  USCIS Notice date: 04/29/2019 (receipt notices i797c for H1 Ext, H4 Ext and H4 EAD Ext)
    • H1B Approved: 05/06/2019 for 3 years until Aug 2022.
    • Biometrics Notice Received: H4 biometric notice received on 05/10/2019.
    • Biometrics Given Date: Actually scheduled biometric appointment for 05/24/2019 but we did direct walk in on 05/13/2019. So, we did biometric 9 days before actual scheduled appointment date. After my H1 approval and biometrics, we were waiting like any others for H4 Ext Approval and H4 EAD Extension approval.
      • Left USA to India : We had to travel to India when H4 Ext and H4 EAD Ext where in pending state, our travel was un avoidable. So, we both left the country on 05/25/2019.
      • H4 + H1B Dropbox – India :  We both did  drop box in India for h1 stamping on 3rd June.
      • H1B Approval, 221g for H4 : I got H1 stamped in drop box, spouse got email  about 221g asked to come in for in person interview in Hyderabad Consulate. We got this email after 11 days from the day we dropped our documents. In the same email , we were asked to login back to the UStraveldocs website and check.
      • H4 Interview after 221g Interview, Visa Approved : When we logged in to USTravelDocs website, it prompted automatically with a list of dates which were 2 week away from the current day and we choose the first day on the list and appeared for the 221g in-person interview for H4 in HYD consulate . In the 221g interview at HYD asked some basic questions. We were told that visa approved but was also told admin processing will take time. H4 Visa was approved about 5 days after the interview and Passport arrived with H4 Visa stamp on it on July 10th.
    • H4 + EAD Processing, when we were out of the Country :  Many people told that our H4 and H4 EAD are going to be considered invalid as we traveled outside the country when h4 and H4 EAD were pending. I came back in to the country. Once I reached home, I see approval notices in mail box for H4 and H4 EAD (i765).
      • H4 + H4 EAD Approvals: Approval notice dates for H4 and H4 EAD (i765) was 06/25/2019. Which is like 1 month and 13 days after biometric. Approval for H4 and H4 EAD is until August 2022. My H1 is also approved until August 2022 on 05/06/2019
      • H4, EAD USCIS Online Status : Online case status shows correctly for H4 EAD but not for H4. For H4 Case status says application received when i have an approval H4 i797A original in my hand. I also have the i94 copy for H4 approval.

Copy of H4 EAD Card with New Biometrics Process

H4 EAD Card C26 Category

Copy of H4 Approval Notice after Biometrics

H4 I-797 Approval Notice - WAC - California after Biometrics

Copy of H4 EAD Approval Notice with Biometrics

H4 EAD I765 Approval Notice - CSC


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  1. I gave my biometric by walking in early at the ASC. My kids application was applied with my h4. My kids bio is till not done.

    So does that mean that my h4 & h4ead will not be adjudicated unless my kids bio is done?
    Please help. I was able to give my bio after waiting for 7 months. Now i am desperate and anxious thinking mine will still be stuck due to my kids bio not done.

  2. Hi,

    Do you have detailed steps about how to file H4 and H4 EAD together? This is will be an initial application, not with H1B extension.
    In addition, do we have a requirement that the future effective date cannot be more than 180 days from now? say if I apply for them now, can I put the future effective date as July 1, 2021?

    Any information about the process or timeline would be highly appreciated.


  3. While H4 extension pending and H1B approved, if travelling abroad, I guess it’s no issue and H4 visa will be stamped and I94 will be given at port of entry which number will be different then I797 approval notice attached I94.
    Question is that I94 at the port of entry will be like small white slip attached with passport or it will be like regular I797 attached paper.
    Can someone share the sample of I94 for h4 extension given at port of entry?


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