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Single Parent – How to Apply for Indian Passport for Baby or Minor ? Process ?

We have had many users ask regarding applying for a minor or baby passport, if you are a single parent. There were misconceptions in the past that you need consent of both the parents.  If you are a single mother and you do not have access or do not want to have the biological father name on the passport, it was very difficult in the past. In December 2016, Ministry of External Affairs – Indian Govt. announced a press release indicating the changes based on committee’s recommendations, where they clarified that single parents can apply for passport without consent from spouse/biological father/mother.  Before we get into process, lets look at the documents required.

Documents Required for Applying for Minor Passport as Single Parent in India  
The documents checklist is same, if you are applying as a single mother or father. It also is same, if you are applying as guardian as well.

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  • Proof of Date of Birth (DOB): Birth Certificate issued by Municipal Corporation or similar government office that can issue birth certificate. If you do not have birth certificate, apply for birth certificate and get it ready to avoid issues. It will really make your life easy, if you have all the spellings correct in the birth certificate.
    • Adopting Child : If let’s say you are adopting the child and applying as single parent, and the birth is not properly documented, then You need a letter in the form of “A declaration given by the Head of the Orphanage/Child Care Home on their official letter head of the organization confirming the Date of Birth of the Child”
  • Proof of Present Address :  You need current address proof of where the child would live along with the parent/ guardian, who is applying for the passport. Some of the acceptable documents are like Water Bill, Electricity Bill, Proof of Gas connection, Aadhar Card, Rental Agreement, Parent’s passport copy with the same address,  etc.
  • Declaration – Annexure C : You need to print out Annexure C from Passport office website on plain white paper and fill out the details and sign the same to submit when you visit the Passport Seva Kendra. There is no need to go to any officer or notary to get this signed. You just need to sign it yourself as the parent or guardian.
  • Baby Photo : If you are applying for young child or baby below 4 years of age, you need to carry a passport photo ( 4.5 X 3.5 cm) of your baby with white background. It will be mentioned on your appointment letter.
  • Copy of Parent’s/ Guardian’s Passport : if you have passport, you can carry a copy of your passport and sign it as well. This is not a mandatory document, but sometimes they may ask.

Step by Step Guide to Apply for Minor Passport as Single Parent:

Step 1 – Register Account : Create an account on Indian Passport Seva website . You can click on Register Now link on the home page to create an account. If you already have an account from your past passport application, you can use the same and create a new application in the same.

Step 2 – Create Application : Once you login, you need to create a new application for your child/minor by  selecting option “Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of  Passport “ . It looks like below.Single Parents applying for baby passport in India

Step 3 – Complete Application : Once you select the above option, you will get option to either fill out the application online or download a PDF form and then upload the same form, which will fill out the online application. I recommend using the PDF form as you can download it fill in detail and then upload. You do not need internet all the time. When you fill the application there are some questions that you can get confused, below are those answers :

  • For Employment Type field, you can select “Not Employed”
  • For Education Qualification, 7th pass or less, if you are applying for baby or young child
  • For “Are you eligible for Non-ECR Category”, you should select “YES” as minors under 18 years are classified as Non-ECR Category.

Once you have completed the form, you will need to upload the form and select the required documents Proof of Address and Proof of Date of Birth based on documents you will be submitting. It will look like below. Make sure you select the check box with Annexure C that says “One parent not giving consent” and then click upload on the bottomIndian Passport for Minor as Single Parents Documents Checklist

Step 4 – Payment and Appointment Booking : Once you complete the above steps, you will be asked to complete the payment and book the appointment for going to PSK office. You can choose any PSK that is closer to where you live. There are no restrictions as such like, you have to apply in the same city where the baby was born.

Step 5 – Go to Passport Seva Kendra : Once you have a confirmed appointment, you show up at the PSK on the required date and time with the documents listed above : Date of Birth Proof, Address Proof, Passport Photo, Annexure C and a copy of your passport, if you have one. Carry your original passport as well, just as a backup to be safe.  The process is pretty straightforward with 3 sections and very smooth process. Read Process at PSK Center for Applying Indian Passport.

Overall, there is nothing to worry or panic, if you are a single parent. Govt. of India has amended rules based on couple of court cases’ judgement and made it more friendly for single parents.

If you look at above, the process is exactly same as the general minor passport application, just the documents vary. To get more details, you can read How to Apply for Baby or Minor Passport in India – Documents, Process

What was your experience applying for Minor Passport as Single Parent ? Your thoughts  ?

References :  India Ministry of External Affairs Announcement – Passport Rule Changes


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  1. No it’s not true!! Today, 27th March 2023 , I went PSK, Bangalore, Laalbagh with all the necessary documents for my 7 year old. I’m a single parent and I had all the documents and even the court decree that I have the residential custody of the child. I cleared all the three sections by waiting for long time. But at the end they sent me to APO office, where she’s asking in front of my child “where is the father?” . How insensitive they are. When I have clearly stated everything in Annexure C and D , why don’t they understand. Then she told you have to visit to the RPO and it’s only here that single parents are granted children’s passport.
    The confidence with which you said about the smooth process, it ain’t that smooth. They don’t even consider giving first preferences to old and kids.

    • Hi Sheetal, I too went for exactly the same case and scenario for my 5 yo on 29 September 2023 but now have been routed to RPO. What is the deal? Do they do anything extra at RPO and issue the passport for minor?

  2. The passport process for single parents isn’t easy. They always ask to visit RPO after spending hours at the passport seva Kendra stating such cases are only dealt at RPO. Why give appointments at passport seva Kendra if they are not equipped to handle such cases?

  3. Absolutely horrifying experience. I applied for passport renewal of my 7 year old child in Bangalore and they refused saying I need both parents consent in the form of passport and signature on form. The authorities are doing absolutely nothing to help instead they are creating additional impediments restricting a minor’s mobility.

    • Krishna,
      Sorry to hear about the situation. Where exactly was it in Bangalore? Can you share a little more context for users, so that they can be prepared?

  4. Maine minor passport apply kiya tha.. Main apne husband se alag rehti hn… Kanooni tor pr koi proof nhi h to kya minor passport bn skta h ya nhi..

  5. Hi there, I have been legally divorced and have full residential custody over my child. The legalities also that state I am free to reside in any country with my child without further approval of the father. As a foreigner I assume this would be sufficient to apply for a
    Indian Student Visa for my child considering she is still a minor. Thanks !

  6. I’m a foreigner with OCI, now a single parent of a minor girl child. I went to passport office and simply I was asked to get a guardian with the same address as the child or to wait until she is 18 years old.
    I don’t know what to do now. I don’t have anyone with the same address. And as she is indian child, my country consulate can’t do anything about it. Any thoughts?

  7. Can i changed my ECR to convert in ECNR….????
    Please update the details…which documents required…bcoz bymistake submit only ID proof…


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